Welcome to the White House! President Donald J. Trump

Friends, it’s time for change! And City Girls is ringing in the 45th Presidency of the United States with one of our signature HOLIDAY SPECIALS. Read on, patriots, for the juicy details that apply to this special for today ONLY.


What does this election mean for our country?

American policy at home and abroad is going to be turned upside down and the swamp that we know as Washington, D.C. is going to be drained. It’s about time we have a watch dog in the White House, a political outsider and deal maker without a personal agenda who sincerely cares about making America great again. Beneath the flamboyance that we’ve come to recognize as Mr. Donald J. Trump is a man who was elected by the people of the United States in a landslide victory against Hillary Rodham Clinton. Folks, we are witnessing a revolution of epic proportion! Despite the shock and awe, we are thrilled and have got something cooking in our agenda.

Celebrate the triumph with our $250 per hour special!

What better way to commemorate this historical victory than with a dazzling escort in your arms? If you ask nicely, perhaps she’ll adorn herself in satin stars and lacy stripes wrapped around her lean curves. Just imagine that charismatic smile, luscious red lips and glittering bedroom eyes as the two of you toast to our new Commander in Chief.

The CG Special applies to every citizen of the land

Whether you call yourself Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Independent, our $250 per hour special applies. Your political ideology does not matter to us. The CG Special is good for our VIP members, regular members and new friends alike. On this historical day, November 9, 2016, all new appointments and confirmed appointments (those already booked for today) will be $250 per hour for as many hours as your heart’s desire. After today, regular donations will apply.


Book your date now!

With resounding vigor, grab your mobile device and schedule an engagement with one of our gloriously sexy independent escorts. From blonde to brunette to redhead, our ladies are known for their stunning good looks, sparkling personalities and remarkable talents. On this day that marks a new chapter in American history, you can’t afford to miss this amazing special!

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