What do You Think of City Girls’ Virtual Makeover?

It was long overdue. But Rome wasn’t built in a day and we’ve been diligently working behind the scenes to make our little slice of the internet a better place for all of our friends. And the results are amazing! We’ve come up with a new website structure that will blow your socks off. We’re talking functionality that will practically schedule a date for you. Since the new website was released two days ago, we have received tons of positive feedback from our members. Let’s talk about what the new site means for our club members.

Getting into bed with our users

Can you say ‘user friendly’? Wow! The new CG site is super dynamic and the design is… well…just about as gorgeous as any of our independent escorts. As flattered as we are from all of the compliments, we would like to put the spotlight on structure of the new site and how it improves the user experience.


There is a method to our madness

Out with the old, in with the new! Sometimes change can be a uncomfortable in the beginning. The old CG site showed our models in a different format. The new site showcases our models in a much more versatile layout. Whereas before we had one page for independent escorts, now the website has options. The new ‘Independent Escorts’ page features all profiles whether active or on vacation searchable by category. What fun! Every model who is currently available real time is shown on an index page by pressing ‘Locations’ on the main menu. You can even search dynamically by setting dates and cities and who will be when and where…

The new site is totally user-friendly

As much as everyone loved our previous independent escorts page layout, all website changes are for the good. Notice that we are showing ‘past tours’ on city pages under the section ‘Visited Recently’. Why? So new members may get an idea of the types of models that have visited his area. The user can also filter by his preferred type (let’s say, blonde) to see how many blondes have visited his city and voila! Decide to join our club.

No man is an island

Though City Girls has been virtually sanctioned by every advertising and escort review board in existence,  we thrive with happy clients. That is no easy feat. We attribute our agility and strength to cutting edge marketing techniques and super strength SEO. Now, our website is squeaky clean and functions at lightning speed while enjoying top rankings on Google. How cool is that? At the end of the day, we are still good ol’ City Girls, with only visual changes.


How to schedule a date

At the top of the site, note ‘Toll Free’, ‘Hobby Phone’ and ‘Email’. You’ve got options, my man! Click any of these buttons and follow directions to be in touch from your phone application. If you click ‘Hobby Phone’, you will be asked to use Acrobits App if you have it installed and had a hobby phone number setup within our system; if you click ‘Email’ the site will automatically open your email client. The new user experience doesn’t get any easier.


New requirements for escorts joining City Girls

As independent escorts, newbies can no longer join on their own. Sorry, ladies! Now, a companion must be a referral from a hobbyist or other reputable independent escort to join our Club.

Future goodies on the way

Soon, City Girls will feature “un-locking” option that for those who qualify will unveil extra features and additional options to enhance their user experience. Stay tuned for more good things coming your way!

11 thoughts on “What do You Think of City Girls’ Virtual Makeover?”

  1. I just love the new format. While strolling through the independent provider section I noticed Eve!
    Is Eve ever going to visit Minneapolis/Bloomington, MN?
    She looks like perfection!!!

  2. Love the new site !!!!!!!!! Much more professional looking.
    About the last minute deal. I get them sent to my email and phone, but it does not say what time they are for. Is this something that is still being worked on?

    1. Thanks. When you click on the link from text message or email, you will be redirected to the page, where it will show all the information. For privacy reasosns we decided to remove details of the offer from the body content of the message.

      1. Hello Frank, thank you for commenting. I reviewed your case and your previous cancelations and they were always in timely manner. Emergencies happen. Your VIP is restored. No need to take your business nowhere else;)

  3. I am very unhappy with city girls. I had to cancel an appointment last minute due to emergency work issues and I could not reschedule. I then received a message saying my VIP status would be revoked until I completed 2 more appointments, basically give them $100. I have been with about 8 to 10 different city girls and a few multiple times. If city girls doesn’t appreciate my business, I’ll take it else where. Have a nice day

  4. I like the ability to sort girls by various characteristics, and I notice that one of the options is to search for mature ladies, which seems to be defined as late 20s and up.
    Will you be adding additional age-range options?

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