Happy Birthday to Us!

Get the CG Celebration Special

City Girls is turning five! We are so excited and have a very special promotion that we’d like to share with our members. But first, we want to extend a huge thank you to all of our loyal VIP members and heavenly bombshell escorts for making City Girls the go-to Club for extraordinary dating. We are honored by your patronage and could not have achieved such phenomenal growth and success without you all!

with gift box

A very special gift for you

On September 25th any of our participating City Girls’ independent escorts for only 250 per hour. Yes, you read right. You see, it’s not the support staff behind the scenes whose birthday we are celebrating but rather the beautiful angels who represent our amazing club. If it weren’t for these luscious muses, what would City Girls be? It is their birthday. Time to bring on the gifts, gents!


How to gift the birthday date

She’s your favorite siren of all time and holy smokes! Is that woman gorgeous? Or what! We bet that you’re aching to know what she wants for her birthday. The best way to find out is to visit her profile page here on our website. Perhaps a bottle of her favorite perfume (Chanel, maybe?); or a gift card to her favorite boutique (Victoria’s Secret?). Oh heck, if you cannot decide she’ll be just as thrilled receiving a Vanilla Visa gift card, we’re sure.

Just imagine her dazzling smile beaming from ear to ear when you present that beautifully wrapped token of your affection. She’ll jump up and down with those well-endowed curves bouncing about and shroud you with a delicious thank you. Who knows what will happen next but we’re pretty certain that gift will keep on giving.

Gents’ you’ve got $50 to spend!

To get this incredible 250 per hour birthday deal, put 50 toward a gift for your birthday date (250 per hour 50 to purchase your birthday gift). Yes, this is the condition because we want our lovely treasures to be celebrated. After you have selected your diamond of a date and scheduled your engagement with the folks at City Girls, make a mad dash to the mall to purchase your gift. And don’t forget to tie it with a big, silky bow!

Your Date is Cancelled

What about ‘cancelled’ do you not understand? Well, probably our version of the definition, for starters. No one comprehends better than City Girls what it’s like to take candy from a kid. Fraught with monumental disappointment, the thought of that gorgeous babe of an independent escort not showing up at your door is simply staggering. Go ahead and let it rip. Cry those tears of disillusionment for the child in all of us is salivating to taste the sweet essence that was to have been your date.


It’s not going to happen

That wild flower of a muse was sure to rock your evening starting with her luxuriously curvaceous body feasting on yours in a haze of pleasure. Not. Crushing, we know. Now that you’ve calmed down, we’d like to talk about why your date was cancelled. With your best interest at heart, City Girls maintains clearly defined standards by which your lovely muse did not abide. Whatever the reasons, she was not a good fit for the Club and had to move on. This is not as harsh as it sounds. Though the advantages are many, being a touring independent escort is not for every girl. As we see it, the loss was less than your frustration would have been at the end of the engagement. It is more ethical to save face and your happiness by re-scheduling with another bombshell of an escort.


When a tour is cancelled

For a sneak preview behind the CG scene, a symphony of details must resonate for a tour to happen. When any detail is out of tune, we face the possibility of a cancellation. In the event that a tour is cancelled, most likely another beautiful enchantress will be scheduled to visit your city giving you the possibility to schedule a date with her.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining
When you chose to make friends with City Girls, you accepted our high standards knowing that you’d always be able to rely on us. We stand behind our VIP members, never compromising our commitment to integrity at the expense of your satisfaction. If your date is cancelled, be very happy because another first class independent escort is most certainly coming your way.

An Easter Special – Celebrate with Us!


During this season of reflection, we are celebrating a new life as the winter chill melts into Spring. It is a time of rebirth, an invigorating new beginning of the continuation of our success and we’re passing along a tidbit to you.

An eggs-tra special day!

We salute our models and hobbyist friends who plan to indulge in this year’s moveable feast with a token of our affection. For VIP members, tucked inside your proverbial Easter basket is an exclusive City Girls Special — that is — $250 per hour on Sunday, March 27th only!

Hot chicks struttin’ down the bunny trail

Whatever your plans for Easter Sunday, make time for some private festivities with one of our luscious independent escorts. Select from a host of gorgeous creatures with an abundance of charms certain to arouse the King in you. Oh the thrill of a springtime goddess in all her show stopping splendor as her unrelenting naughtiness entices you is almost too much to fathom.

Sport your Sunday best

In the spirit of Easter, dress to impress, gents. Regale yourself in fine linens and perhaps bestow a sweet treat upon your lovely date to set the evening off to a hoppin’ start. You can be sure that she will be full of surprises beneath her joyous ensemble. Beyond a shower of hypnotizing caresses to initiate the greeting, your 24-carot enchantress will reveal an intoxicating display of curve-kissing lingerie that will undoubtedly get your jelly beans in a knot.

Some bunny loves you

That’s only the initiation into a sensual Spring celebration. You see, Easter symbolizes new life and in this case, total rejuvenation of your manhood. A lovely muse of monumental beauty will wash over you with trinkets of affection, consuming all of your senses while seducing you in the most luxurious of ways. In her zeal to please, she’ll set off your siren a multitude of times in soft hues of passion until you can take no more. Now that’s what we call an Easter extravaganza!

Egg hunt, anyone?

Now that your buns are all hot crossed and bothered, it’s time to pick up the phone and let your desire do the talking. Easter is a hop and skip away and you deserve to have your pick of the chicks. Schedule your date now before someone else does!

St. Patrick’s Day Special!

St. Patrick’s Day Special!

In observance of St. Patrick’s Day, we would like to pay tribute to the patron saint of Ireland by offering a special one-day donation of $250 per hour to our VIP members. Whether you are Irish or Irish-at-heart, now is the time to take advantage of this generous treat by booking a date with any of our lovely independent escorts.

st patricks day girl beer

What began as a religious day of feasting has since become a festive celebration of Irish culture, dancing and indulging. As rivers turn green around the world, so do dream girls of passion dance around their men in flirty threads of green silk and lace. Let’s have a look at what will be happening behind the scenes of this cheerful celebration should you, Mr. VIP Member, be lucky enough to partake:

On the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, greet your lithe-bodied beauty with a lime green chrysanthemum

as a token of your affection. Not only will you impress this lovely companion with your impeccably dashing green regalia (assuming you are of a spirited nature), but you will charm her with your flawless etiquette. Most certainly, a pot of gold awaits on the other side of your rainbow.

Perhaps you and your sexy date will head out for an evening of dining

that includes corned beef, cabbage and a few pints of ale (remaining within your limits, of course) at a local pub. Naturally, she’s a head-turner so don’t get your knickers in a not if a few inebriated patrons pay a bit too much attention. After all, you’re the fine chap who’s going to get lucky at the end of the evening.

She’s bound to show you some green beneath her velvet bodice

as she catwalks in honor of the saint and your good fortune. Jaw droppingly gorgeous, your succulent little leprechaun wears expressions of ‘kiss me’ written all over her face and most certainly green means go. The shamrock in you is now in full form as you rise to the occasion during this private Irish jamboree!

Aaaah, the memories that will resound as you float on romantic clouds of joy

for the months that remain during the rest of this leap year. But wait! Why seal your intimate good fortune by stopping at just one date with one of our beautiful independent escorts? While St. Patrick’s Day will most certainly prove to bless you with boundless pleasure, we have a banquet of tantalizing muses that come in a variety of flavors that will certainly suit your fancy. Get the party started now so that you can warm your jets before the actual St Patty’s day celebration begins.

Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day

In between another green beer and a delicious, scantily clothed escort snuggling in your arms, let us take a moment to reminisce a bit about St. Patrick’s Day.

Legend has it that he chased snakes out of Ireland during a 40-day fast on top of a hill Were the snakes fake? Why yes. Yes they were. The tale is more suggestive of an allegory in that they were linked to heathen practices during that time. Saint Patrick’s dramatic act of snake eradication may actually be a metaphor for his Christianizing influence. Whether snake, lizard or pagan, the creatures did and do not exist in Ireland. According to Irish folklore, Saint Patrick used the three-leaf shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans. By 1996, Saint Patrick’s Day had turned into a 5-day gala of festivities. Fast forward to the present.

St Patricks day girl

What’s your celebration?

Mr. Hobbyist, there is no need for you to spend the rest of this weekend with your lonesome. A lovely handful of independent escorts here at City Girls are waiting with their shamrocks in hand to cook up a sexy storm with you tonight. Chances are excellent that you will have a very difficult time choosing which sensual vixen to grace your presence.

st patricks day beer blonde girl girl alot of beer

Why not plan a slumber party?

Even though tomorrow is technically a work day for most of you hobbyists, it will also be a day filled with parades, Irish traditions and decadent brunches. Just imagine waking up to the fresh, floral scent of an erotic angel tangled around you. You might call in sick immediately, put your phone on silent and create a little bed in breakfast of your own.

TOFTT is always living it up at City Girls!

We’ve definitely got the party attitude around here. Always have. That’s why City Girls members are constantly offering specials to VIP members. We live in the land of opportunity here in the States and our TOFTT rates exemplify just


that. If not during this Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, then sometime in the near future select a feminine morsel of TOFTT-participating club members to dazzle your mind and person. But be prepared to come down hard after your date. Erotic excellence is the only way to describe our luscious independent escorts, my friends. These succulent ladies will leave you drunk with bliss. We’re sure of it.

Constantly getting it on… Chloe xoxo

st patricks day girl beer

How to Stay Calm on Your First Date

Scheduling time with an exceptionally beautiful lady does not preclude a gentleman from feeling nervous. The notion of time spent with such a stunning goddess can hold him back. His stomach may churn if for nothing more than excitement of the unknown. Concerns about making a good first impression on a first date, fear of rejection or even performance anxiety can be a bit intimidating.

date tonight

If you are a hobbyist reading these words, how do you combat ‘gorgeous date anxiety’? We spoke to a few of our top VIP members and this is what we summarized:

Focus on your date

Listen to what you date talks about. Pay attention to her words, body language (well, this one may be obvious), smile and eye contact. Communicate with her. Stay outside of yourself and downplay internal reactions. In other words, try not to get stuck on thoughts or opinions. Make an effort to absorb what she talks about.

Optimistic Word Cloud Concept in red caps with great terms such as hopeful, upbeat, happy and more.
Optimistic Word Cloud Concept in red caps with great terms such as hopeful, upbeat, happy and more.

Be open minded and optimistic

Companions come from all walks of life. Focus on the positive possibilities of your date by suspending judgment and not dwelling on trivial details. Set aside personal assumptions, beliefs and thoughts and allow yourself to enjoy the moment! Be optimistic and open. As a result, you will notice a warm interaction, perhaps exchange a few jokes and opinions.

Identify the positives and opportunities

Independent escorts (and even random strangers) have something unique and interesting from which we can learn. Keep an open mind and take an interest in understanding who she is and where she is coming from.

Practice curiosity

It will remove you from your head and help see the positive aspects of your encounter. You will feel more social, enjoy better conversations and get to know your date just a bit more. Look for ways that will help the two of you connect. The act of exchanging perspectives, experiences and opinions can be a great segway to intimacy especially if you are the nervous type. Identifying a sense of familiarity can go a long way in breaking the ice and lead to a fabulous time together.

Romantic egg couple
Romantic egg couple

Keep in light and flirty

Focus on happy topics of conversation and avoid talking about dramatic, traumatic or negative events. However, if you are a gentleman seeking emotional fulfillment through a true girl friend experience, you may be more inclined to approach deeper subjects and needs. If you sense chemistry, chances are that you will see her again. You can then feel more at ease taking the time to establish a sense of familiarity during your first engagement. Then, your second date will be better than ever! The goal is to be ‘growth oriented’, to play and have both people enjoy time spent together.

Diminish worry and anxiety

No matter the scenario, dating a beautiful escort can be riveting at best, nerve racking at worst. Your encounter should be beneficial, enjoyable and memorable. Beyond the obvious, finding the fun in your date can enrich your experience by volumes! When both hobbyist and independent escort connect, there are no limits to gratification.

Love, Chloe xoxo

A Christmas Gift from City Girls

We enter this splendid holiday season bearing a delicious gift to all of our VIP members. Now it might come as an epiphany to some that we at City Girls are a truly generous bunch. We really do love to spoil our friends. But if you are skeptical, just ask around. You are sure to receive tidings of good joy!

beautiful sexy girl wearing santa claus clothes
beautiful sexy girl wearing santa claus clothes

The gift that keeps on giving

Wrapped in proverbial red foil and tied with a lacey, golden bow, we present our VIP members with a scrumptious gift available only on December 20th. This is the last day before our vacation kicks in. Only on this blessed day will gentlemen and hobbyists alike be able to spend glorious time with a select number of our independent escort bells of desire at a special donation of $250 per hour. If that isn’t a sexy stocking stuffer, we don’t know what is!

Young attractive sexy Santa isolated on white background
Young attractive sexy Santa isolated on white background

Our luscious independent escorts are hot with sensual jolly

December 20th is not a day that Jack Frost should be nipping at your lonely heels. These lovely morsels of companionship are excited at the prospect of spending a few fervent hours with new and existing hobbyist friends. Snuggle up together with some steamy, apple cider and plum pudding. Sing a few carols in front of the fire. Don’t blame us if the two of you get ‘caught up’ under the mistletoe, lost in passion. Embrace the holiday spirit, my friends. That’s what it’s all about!

City Girls is the bringer of peace and well… a few other magical trinkets

As you enter this season of festivities, mark December 20th on your calendar. Contact us right away to claim your gift. Count the seconds knowing that your nocturnal cravings will be fulfilled. On this very special day sexy, sugar plum fairies are sure to dance about, sharing their own gifts of ecstasy privy only to you.

Kisses…Chloe xoxo

Celebrating the Divine Miracle of Chanukah

As we enter into another splendid holiday season, the glorious year of 2013 is about to fold. For patrons of the CG blog and devoted lovers of our independent escorts, it should come as no surprise that we hold utmost respect for all of our club members across every culture, worldwide. We see no lines that separate race or creed for we were all created equal.

Happy jewish man dance with donuts and injoy hanukkah
Happy jewish man dance with donuts and injoy hanukkah

Chanukah, the Festival of Lights or Rededication, is an eight-day festival beginning on the 25th day of the Jewish month, Kislev or the eve of the 28th of November in the secular calendar. Many non Jews think of this holiday as the Jewish Christmas and it is felt among the Jewish culture to carry far less religious significance than that of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot,Passover, and Shavu’ot. In the 2nd century BCE, during the time of the Second Holy Temple and reign of Antiochus IV (successor of Alexander the Great), two groups of Jews joined forces in a revolt against oppression and desecration of their Temple led by the Selucid Greek government. According to tradition as recorded in the Talmud, success of the revolt led to rededication of the Temple. Oil was needed to light the menorah (candelabrum) but only enough was found to burn for one day. Miraculously, it burned for eight days thus commemorating the miracle declared by this eight day festival. The Hebrew word Hanukkah means “dedication.”

Enriching the lives of hobbyists and independent escorts with pure intimacy

Pleasure and entertainment marks the pinnacle of our private club. We are dedicated to catering to the needs of our VIP members with sumptuous independent escorts of a caliber second to know other club in our league.

If you are a reader who celebrates Chanukah

Know that we are thinking of you as we move forward into the month of December. When you desire a little sensual cheer to brighten your evening with a memorable girlfriend experience, remember your friends at City Girls. We are looking out for you.

Warmest Wishes, Chloe xoxo

Thanksgiving and What City Girls is Doing for You

In a world of give and take fraught mostly with taking, we like to give to those in our circle. What better day than on Thanksgiving to celebrate the fruits of the year by giving thanks to our VIP members? This Thursday, November 28th is a day to spend with family, friends and lovers feasting, laughing and watching football or parades.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” In 1863 he declared Thanksgiving as a national holiday, a day of thanksgiving and praise. And that is just what we are offering to our VIP members and hobbyists! Read on, friends…

Thanksgiving holiday, pumpkin still life decoration with candle on the wooden table, greeting card with text space, harvest concept
Thanksgiving holiday, pumpkin still life decoration with candle on the wooden table, greeting card with text space, harvest concept

“Thanks be to our Friends” holiday special

All day long on Thursday, November 28th, City Girls will offer an incredible companionship donation of $250 per hour to spend heavenly time with a gorgeous angel. Give new meaning to your holiday celebration that will leave your friends asking why that smile is plastered on your face from ear to ear! Whether you indulge in turkey and stuffing followed by pumpkin pie or sizzle up some popcorn and crack open a beer, snuggle up by the fire with a lovely independent escort this Thursday, November 28th.


“Black Friday Lover’s Gala” holiday special

This day is the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season. What shopper does not purchase something for himself? All day long City Girls member are offering a super special of pure intimacy spent for $250 per hour. How can you go wrong? The smart hobbyist will avoid mall craze and take advantage of our gift instead!

Black friday 3d crossword puzzle (design element for christmass sales)
Black friday 3d crossword puzzle (design element for christmass sales)

“Blue Monday it is Not” holiday special

Most folks will awake lethargic and depressed at the notion of having to go back to work after a long holiday weekend of over eating. Awake with bells on your toes and count the seconds knowing that you get to binge on one of City Girls’ devoted independent escorts for only $250 per hour. There is simply no better way to welcome the new week!

Cyber monday sale design.
Cyber monday sale design.

Enjoy a side of City Girls with your turkey dinner

Though we regularly celebrate thanksgivings of all sorts, we at City Girls are always drumming up new and creative ways to make your dating experience just a little spicier! We have all kinds of tricks up our sleeves for the remainder of the holiday season so please be sure to check our Specials Page often.

Many kisses, Chloe… xoxo

Reflections of a Hobbyist

The creed of pleasure – We invite seekers of the sweet life for we represent the pinnacle of happiness. The hobbyist who follows his bliss is the one who opens sensual doors that lead to enthralling companionship. Groundbreaking intimacy is experienced by the gentleman who opens his mind, body and soul to the fervent nuances bestowed upon him by a bewitching girlfriend.

Philosophy laid the conceptual groundwork for principles and values that shaped the possibility of world peace – democracy, human rights, justice and equality. For centuries, philosophy has opened doors for new concepts and ideas and creativity across global cultures. World Philosophy Day is a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) initiative created in 2002 and celebrated every November. It draws people around the world to engage in reflection on contemporary issues. We have our own set of beliefs here at City Girls that we would like to share with our readers, namely our VIP friends and hobbyist and independent escort – club member.

A front black car
A front black car

Living the sensuous lifestyle

Such a gentleman knows that his faculties will spiral to heightened levels of ecstasy on a regular basis whenever he revels in the ethereal presence of a lovely, independent escort. He becomes the beneficiary of her love affair with life, lust and spirituality. In turn, he learns to worship her body and what it can do to his. This amplified standard of living is an addiction of sorts, much like the compulsion of driving a luxury automobile or craving of fine cuisine and vintage wine.

vip member
vip member

Ethos of a VIP member

Put quite simply, these gentlemen set the gold standard of hobbying. In exchange, they expect the epitome of independent escorts who are made of erotic dreams hallowing them with pure gratification. Such a man knows that gentility is the cornerstone of character that brings to life all of the juicy confections offered by his independent escort. He believes that anything less than refined conduct will smolder the crackling chemistry that he seeks with his companion.

What are our moral beliefs?

In order to maintain the platinum level of pleasure that is shared between devoted hobbyists and committed companions, we abide by a strict standard of excellence. We care about our VIP members and independent escorts from the first moment we connect right down to the last letter that is typed on our website. Delicious memories that linger in the diary of the mind are intangible bonuses that we strive to exalt upon our members. When this occurs, the dating process has been sanctified and everyone is happy!

Love, Chloe xoxo