Defining the Perfect Kiss

How was your last make out session? For an intense sensual experience, kissing exchanges a host of information about compatibility with your date. The more time you spend kissing the more your evening is primed for the time of your life. Kissing opens the doors to passion that builds naturally. Before you begin your next romp, consider the following:


First base equals facial intercourse

It’s the first time you’ve met and your anticipation is intense. The door opens slowly to reveal the most intoxicating escort you have ever encountered. Before any words are spoken, this buxom vixen takes you in her arms and delivers the most delectable kiss imaginable. As you embrace, the kissing only intensifies and things quickly advance to second base. Then, you awake and realize it was only a dream.

Kissing releases feel-good endorphins

Those full, moist lips gently glossed reveal a dazzling smile and promises of ecstasy. Did you know that saliva contains testosterone which triggers the libido ? Passionate, playful, long and hard is the kiss that speaks for itself.

What’s your favorite kiss?

Whether you have seen your companion several times or are just hooking up, what kind of kiss delivers the ‘I really want you’ message?


The French kiss

It is a timeless, passionate gesture done with lots of saliva. Tongues circle while hands exploring each other as the movement and excitement heighten. French kissing can continue for hours or lead to urgent ecstasy.

The single-lip kiss

Perhaps you have seen your date more than once and the affection is obvious. The single-lip kiss is where the mouth of one gently closes in on the top or bottom lip of the other. It is a soft, playful kiss that signifies romance.

The neck kiss

It is the kiss that takes your breath away and leaves you panting for more. It is a kissing motion full of caresses on skin that is sensitive and not generally touched very often. Generally followed by a luscious session of French kissing, neck kissing tends to release the wild side in both.

Preparing to pucker up

Before you engage in any deep kissing, a nice, close shave is best to remove any stubble followed by a few dabs of cologne. Freshen your breath by brushing followed with a swig of mouthwash. If you really want to sweeten the deal, gift a box of strawberries to your date to activate the sweet receptors in your mouths so that your sense of taste goes into overdrive. Be prepared for a grand slam!

Kissing is an art

And the key to intimacy. It is the ultimate in sensual excitement because you are completely engaged in one – lips, bodies and minds connecting. Allowing the hands to do a bit of exploring only intensifies the experience. You owe it to yourself to keep smooching!

What Goes into a Ten Rating?

Why does one escort who appears not quite as beautiful as the next repeatedly receive ten ratings? At a glance, she is certainly very attractive and fit, with curves in all the right places. You’ve read her escort reviews but still detect an elusive quality, a je ne sais quoi that you can’t quite put your finger on and you go for it. You book a date with this distinctly stunning companion and hope for the best.


You are an experienced hobbyist in the best of ways

You’ve had earth shattering encounters (especially through City Girls) with wondrous escorts who put conventional women to shame. As a love connoisseur, your palate for intimacy is rather sophisticated. You have experienced various shades of passion that fall somewhere between off the charts, excellent, good and not worth the time of day. At this point in your hobbying life, no lady of the night is going to pull the wool over your eyes.

It’s all in the fine details of the experience

When she answers the door, your jaw (and knickers) practically fall to the floor. She is scented with a floral aphrodisiac that envelopes you like a spell. Never mind her figure that absolutely no photographer could capture the essence of for this angel has mesmerizing eyes that speak to every ounce of testosterone in your being. Instantly, the chemistry is overwhelming not because you’re insanely attracted to her but because her soul speaks genuine craving and that smile places you squarely into her pleasure dome. Then, she greets you with the kind of kiss that whispers, “I can’t wait to please you.”

You’ve barely met and already feel like King of the universe

Holy mother of Jesus and all of the archangels above. It’s like someone suddenly cleaned the windows of your erotic world and for the first time ever you recognize a rare pleasure that you never knew existed. From an aesthetic standpoint, her appearance is flawless as you drink in the details of her physical splendor and the way her barely-there attire praises her feminine parts. Did this glorious knockout of a muse actually employ a professional stylist to compose her looks just for you? Coming back to earth, you recognize your compatibility because the conversation is so richly engaging that all you want to do is savor every last morsel of her. Her calm confidence and refreshing candor put you at ease and a sense of happiness washes over you. Quite expectedly, frissons of desire sizzle in your veins for she is now touching you in ways that are utterly arousing. But it’s the manner of her caresses that enliven your manhood for you can actually smell her pheromones. Suddenly, a surge of animalistic hunger pulls you into her and you feel beyond a shadow of a doubt that she wants you terribly.

Her affection is a feast of high ranking ecstasy

It’s like she cannot get enough of you and you’re barely inside the boudoir. Already, a river of wanting flows from her secret sanctuary and she needs to be satisfied. No doubt, the two of you are on the fast track to bliss. It is just incredible how turned on she is but even more extraordinary are her skills. Does this pinnacle of female essence have a manual on how to please you? What follows is a sometimes slow, sometimes voracious mélange of intimacy that several hours later renders you absolute, romantic mush.

She is actually an eleven

In this keeper of an escort you have discovered the pure embodiment of sensual eternity. You don’t want to leave. But then there’s the luscious goodbye which brings you full circle and somehow you find your way back to the car. Now you have a firm grasp on that pinnacle description that lies behind a ten rating for such gifted companions are far and few between.

How to Stimulate Your Stamina

Male testosterone is that mythical wonder that turns a memorable date into one exploding with stamina. You know testosterone, that good ol’ T that makes a man a man? The holy grail of male hormones, testosterone peaks around age 20, then gradually reduces by about one percent a year starting around age 30-40. If you are into dating resilient escorts with gym-sculpted bodies, keeping up performance-wise can only optimize your experience. There are heaps of things you can do to up the intensity of your T.

testosteron production

Lift the heavy stuff

Working out your body’s biggest muscles – the glutes and legs – packs a huge hormone hit. For heaven’s sake, get your hobbying butt in the gym and start lifting weights. For added motivation, picture that dynamite independent escort prettying herself for a delightful evening of intimate entertainment just for you. The thought will certainly put the incentive in your workout and may even add a few extra reps to your squat set. Don’t forget your cardio and use those kettle bells to strengthen the much needed core. Still lacking motivation? Hire a trainer of the blonde, bodacious type. She’ll get your gym shorts in a roar.

Fatten it up

Diets with higher amounts of monounsaturated and saturated fats have higher testosterone levels. We are not talking fried chicken, 40-ounce porterhouse steak or pizza. Check it out:
Monounsaturated – olive oil, almonds, avocados, peanut butter
Saturated – red meat, coconut oil, egg yolks, cheese

Young man exercising in gym
Young man exercising in gym

Get more sleep

Are you burning the midnight oil? Dealing with long days at the office or extended business trips in which you didn’t sleep a wink because of that passionate brunette with her curvaceous body wrapped around yours? Either way, lack of zz’s will tweak your T and you don’t want to fall asleep in the arms of that gorgeous creature, now do you!

Include these super foods in your diet

Maybe you’re a meat and potatoes man or perhaps even a vegetarian (in which case you’ll want to rule out animal proteins) but these yummy food items should become testosterone staples in your diet: bananas, mushrooms, black beans and acerola cherries.

Don’t believe the cholesterol myth

Did you know that testosterone is derived from cholesterol? There is a strong correlation between HDL cholesterol (the good one) and free testosterone (the one considered bioavailable, unbound to proteins and absorbable by tissue). Incorporating whole eggs into your diet can improve the lipoprotein profile for increased HDL cholesterol (and also improve or contribute to preventing a host of other health issues including heart disease). When you awake with a sleeping angel in your arms, pound a few poached eggs before you burst into morning recreation.


Sugar is the devil

Calling all sweetaholics – you know who you are! Research has found that sugar ingestion can cause a man’s testosterone to drop by up to twenty five percent. This is not good for performance when you have an epic evening planned with a gorgeous muse and you just chowed down on a candy bar driving to meet her. Keep in mind that sweet liqueurs are also loaded with sugar so when you go for that nightcap, think again. Are we getting the picture?

Ingest natural herbs and supplements to treat low T

While some of us are into homeopathy, the results are not always conclusive. On the other hand, ingesting natural, organic Chinese herbs can yield powerful results. If you are a man who wants to go the extra mile by increasing your libido and enhancing your performance, the following herbs are known throughout indigenous cultures around the world to increase testosterone levels: Fenugreek, horny goat weed (pun intended), Malaysian ginseng, puncturevine, Ashwagandha, yohimbe, DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), pine bark extract, arginine, zinc, vitamin D (go on…do some pool time!), D-aspartic acid, garlic (in pill form, will not taint your minty breath), Korean red ginseng, Chrysin, saw palmetto (every man with a prostate over the age of 40 should be taking this, no questions asked). Hold off on buying the silly stuff – proprietary blends that feature words such as ‘Extreme’ or ‘XXX’. If you’re not into doing the research, see a Chinese herbalist. They’ll hook you up with the right herbs that will have your libido doing summersaults in no time. Your date will thank you.

City Girls is all about the power of your testosterone

Impaired sexual function is not something that a man needs for reasons we all are aware of. Let’s not even go there. Combine our tips and put them into practice because if you do, the fruits of your efforts will blow your testosterone off the manly map and all of our delectable dames will be asking for dates with you!

Decoding the Big Boob Lover

What breed of bouncy breasts gives you a rise? Are you a man with a secret fetish (or with City Girls as your best friend, not so secret) for big bajongas? No matter how you take your honkers, I think we all agree that [almost] every man on this earth loves a set of good-sized chesticles. But what are the pros and cons of real lady lumps versus manmade funbags?


The natural breast also known as pillow heaven

Divinely soft to the touch as they overflow from your hands, sexily squeezable and practically begging for bratwurst, boobies au naturel are right up there next to a fine vintage wine and a Cohiba cigar. When these celestial bowls of jiggle are complemented by a slim torso and a firm derriere the chivalrous man in you transforms into a testosterone driven beast of epic proportion. Generously bestowed from the Maker himself, organic mammories will harness your attention whether their prominent cleavage is revealed through a silky robe, push up bra (seriously not needed), or peek-a-boo blouse.


Incomparably delicious for the man with a gluttonous appetite for shake, wiggle and wobble. Best resting on your chest or gettin’ their groove on cowgirl style, these malleable bags of delight are best experienced in your face.


Really? This is a tough one. But if you like your lady bells a little more on the firm side then pillow puffs are probably not the ones for you (hard to imagine). Depending on her tit to waist ratio, these majestic mounds may not look quite as proportionate in a fitted dress as their silicone counterparts.


The manmade breast known as the most reliable of racks

Aaah, the miracle of science that revolutionizes a woman’s otherwise invisi-ta’s into life-saving devices of ecstasy for the gentleman lucky enough to tour her majestic love mounds. Most independent escorts who opt for silicone love sacks usually take the lead with the fittest of rockin’ bodies. Done properly, pumping up their perkies into generous belles du jour commands attention from every passerby. Of the firm varietal, manmade hooters are most closely akin to that high school bombshell who was the first to sprout D-cups practically overnight. You got a boner every day during biology class staring at their largesse poking through that tight pink t-shirt and we all know what you did in the bathroom with your boy bits.


When paired with a round bum shaped clearly by squats, a chiseled navel and lean legs for days, how can any man resist such perfection? These knockers of resilience stand up to any outfit and defy gravity in a strapless anything. Ask her to wear a tight pink t-shirt because that high school fantasy is about to unveil the R-rated version that you painfully dreamed of during your pubescent years.


Notwithstanding the bounce factor, these steadfast balloons of bliss are simply not as pliable as their organic opposites. Though rather docile when it comes to pounding for pleasure, her suckle knuckles will call your name in ten different languages. Wait. Is that a con?

What’s your preference?

Whether airbags or globes, jugs or zeppelins, large melons are hands down, amazingly awesome. A man cannot function properly without the occasional play with luscious sweater stretchers every now and again.

More curious than anything, we would like to know...what puts the pump in your paradise?

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Talking About Male Menopause

To enjoy an outstanding love life, experts recommend vibrant health. Good diet and robust exercise are the best guarantors that your testosterone will remain at a healthy level. What could be more important for the active hobbyist dating bombshell escorts? But what is a gentleman to do as he moves into his 50s and 60s and things don’t ‘work’ the way they used to? It is good to know about something called andropause.

Male menopause as it is commonly known is different than ‘mid-life crisis’ which is a state of mind. Also known as viropause, it is the male version of female menopause. It means that a man’s ability to produce testosterone is diminished.

hobbyist swimming in the pool
hobbyist swimming in the pool

Does male menopause really exist?

Hobbyist or not, you may not like to admit that you are not feeling well. Men go to the doctor about 50% less than women and certainly talk far less about physical ailments or emotions. According to the Mayo Clinic, a man’s testosterone decreases 1% per year after the age of 30. You do the math. Such a shift can gradually cause physical, emotional and psychological changes. In truth, ‘male menopause’ as it is often referred, is quite different from female menopause (our hats go off to all of the lovely and mature, independent escorts in their 40s and 50s!). Menopause happens quite suddenly while male menopause can take decades while some men never experience it at all. Due to these differences, some doctors prefer to call this shift in male hormones andropause or androgen deficiency of the aging male.

Don’t fret about that wavering libido!

Low energy, fatigue, depression and insomnia can be symptoms of low testosterone. Doctors have found that there is also a close relationship between low testosterone and osteoporosis. Abdominal fat can also be a cause and an effect of low testosterone. Kind of like a classic chicken-and-egg situation, abdominal fat and low testosterone reinforce each other.

libido measure
libido measure

Reclaim that sexy life of yours!

While we here at City Girls are certainly not doctors, we tend to favor more of a homeopathic approach to ailments. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Healthy diet – in addition to an active lifestyle, a healthy, natural diet cannot be underestimated;
  • If you smoke, now is the time to stop;
  • If you are overweight, focus on losing those extra pounds with sports and exercise;
  • Ask your doctor about hormone replacement therapy for men;
  • Talk to a health care practitioner about natural supplements, herbs and vitamins that can help reduce symptoms of andropause (they are very powerful!).

If andropause has become a part of your life, it is time to reclaim your manhood. Beautiful escorts await your company. Allow these lovely companions to become your inspiration. Make it your goal to get re-acquainted with pleasure and sensuality. These sumptuous ladies may even be the answer to raising your testosterone.

Robustly yours, Chloe xoxo

How to Increase Your Stamina

If you are an average Joe who dates extraordinarily beautiful independent escorts chances are excellent that you are putting your performance capacity on the line every time. Whether your date is 60 minutes or overnight, loosing that spunk after twenty minutes of overwhelming ecstasy can disarm the ego of any man. What is the answer? Increase your stamina!

Young man exercising in gym

Hitting the gym can better your stamina

Weight lifting is your friend when it comes to increasing your sex drive. You do not have to be a body builder to get the benefit of naturally increasing your testosterone through this form of exercise. Throw in some pushups, sit ups and crunches for the perfect libido-enhancing cocktail! If you haven’t been to the gym in years, consider hiring a personal trainer to get your mojo back in action. As a result, your stamina will increase which is excellent toward, well, going the extra round with your companion!

Eat away at your libido

What follows are just a few culinary tidbits (stay tuned for a more expansive future article) that will increase your energy and in turn your libido.

We have all heard that oysters are the aphrodisiacs of sexuality. But there are other culinary gems that trigger desire. Stock up on your celery because it contains androsterone, an odorless hormone released through perspiration that turns women on. Eat it raw, gentleman! Oysters contain a high level of zinc which raises sperm and testosterone production. They also contain dopamine which is a hormone known to strengthen the libido. Munch on a banana chalk full of the enzyme bromelain which is believed to awaken the libido and reverse impotence. These yellow yummies are also great sources of potassium and B vitamins such as riboflavin which will raise your body’s overall energy level. Ever heard of the ‘testical tree’? That would be an avocado tree, gentlemen. Avocados contain high levels of folic acid which help metabolize proteins and give you more energy. They also contain vitamin B6 which increases male hormone production. Almonds are a prime source of essential fatty acids which provide the raw materials for a man’s healthy production of hormones which result in energy. Mind you, eating just one of these food items is not going to work macho magic but incorporating them into a regular diet plan will.

Oysters contain a high level of zinc which raises sperm and testosterone production

Walk in the morning to get the juices stirring

If you are not a morning person, then wee hour workouts may not be your thing. But getting a jump start on your energy is still vital to productivity, especially if you’ve got a hot date waiting for you at the end of a long day. When you awake groggy and grasping for coffee, take first a stroll around the block in your sweats and sneakers. Greet the crispness of the morning with a sleepy welcome and feel the cool air kiss your skin. Not only does an early a.m. walk rejuvenate the soul but it is better at awakening the self than any cup of java. Carry this earthly glow throughout the day and feel the results as they ripple into your evening.

Engage the mind, age-old originator of sexuality

Many hobbyists who need emotional TLC seek the company of independent escorts who specialize in the girlfriend experience often becoming sugar daddies in the process. Other gentlemen shyly seek the attention of GFE companions for their talents in drawing forth and ‘normalizing’ sensual needs considered socially taboo for men. The dance of sexual interaction begins with a tango of the intellect. With the right independent escort, stimulation of the mind can conjure your innermost secrets buried in the mental chambers of shame and convert them into erotic actions of freedom. Release those inhibitions, guys and allow your stamina to soar!

Professional dating should leave little to chance

Strengthening your stamina is a great way to get ‘more bang for your buck’. City Girls provides you with a tool box of tips that when put into practice will bring new meaning to your romantic encounters and a deeper understanding of human sexuality.

Kick Up Your Chemistry with independent escorts!

No matter what any hobbyist says, beauty extends way beyond the smashing good looks of an independent escort.

Just because she jumped right out of Playboy Magazine and into your lucky lap does not necessarily mean that the two of you are going to hit it off (though a lean, tanned figure in mile-high heels is a damn good place to start!). Sometimes Cupid takes his sweet time shooting daggers of desire into the hearts and libidos of otherwise lustful lovers.

Do not fret, friends

Here at City Girls, we’ve identified the top four matters that consistently appear in red-hot relationships. To increase your sense of comfort on that first encounter, read on, fellas, read on.

Bag the bistro

Dining at a fabulous restaurant while sharing a superb bottle of wine promises a fantastic date that non of the independent escorts would deny. But hold onto your knickers, men. If it’s your first date, you are essentially dining with a total stranger. The possibility that either you as a hobbyist or your date might feel uncomfortable or self-conscious is too risky. Dinner dates are better left for the second or third encounter after you’ve gotten a flavor of her and her personality.

Beautiful girl with a wonderful smile, healthy mouth

Laughter is nature’s dope

Spending time with an independent escort is a luxury few can claim. So gents don’t take yourselves so seriously! Humor and playfulness are terribly attractive to independent escorts and will relax any social situation no matter how intimate. Laughing is powerfully effective at relieving stress, almost like having a cocktail or two (or meditating if you are into yoga, like some of us). Let your proverbial hair down and loosen up, guys. Watch the sparks fly!

Test your testosterone

So you are not a six pack poster boy of perfect physique. Independent Escorts and all women for that matter are aroused by other facets of a man’s personality beyond the body. But you want your ‘person’ to work, right? A little exercise will increase your libido (and stamina) without having to resort to medicinal supplements, if you catch my drift. Take a trip to the gym, get acquainted with the treadmill and do a few crunches. You will feel like a new man!

Eye Contact

Eye contact equals sexy energy

There are those hobbyists who specifically request from their independent escorts friends to lock eyes with them. Eye contact is a priceless trigger that guarantees transmission of warmth, receptiveness and the sought after connection especially if you’re into the girl friend experience. Small physical gestures such as a touch on the shoulder or a holding of the hand can also make a big impact in a gentleman’s favor.

City Girls believes in all kinds of relationships

Whether you will see your date once or several times it is usually the little things that count, as always in life. Understanding how chemistry works is a great tool in developing a sense of comfort with an independent companion or any woman for that matter. If our readers can pick up even one tiny tip from us, then we’ve succeeded!

Chloe xoxo

How to Smell Seductive on Your Date

How important is scent to a woman? Well. Let me tell you, lovers. A captivating scent can make the difference between hitting a home run with an escort and just getting to first base!

Don’t go overboard, guys. Smelling seductive on a date is a fine blend between your pheromones shining through and triggering desire with scent. Leave your lover wanting more!

Taking a shower is super sexy

While this topic may sound redundant to many hobbyists (oh Chloe! We’ve all heard this a thousand times), I guarantee that by the end of this article, you will have a new perspective on how to be sexy! Being attractive is not limited only to an escort. Start by taking a nice, hot shower and wash with a neutral soap or body wash that is not scented. When you are all finished, your body will be a fresh palate upon which you will dab your scent in places that matter.

Use a neutral deodorant

I hate to say it but the only thing worse than a hobbyist that reeks of body odor is one that smells of a pungent, repulsive deodorant. Using an unscented deodorant/antiperspirant combo works great eliminating bacterial odors. If you tend to sweat or perspire a lot, your doctor can prescribe something stronger.

Do not select just any cologne!

Visit a reputable store that excels in customer service and a broad selection of fragrances such as Nordstrom. For those hobbyists comfortable enough with their companions to join them go for it! It always helps to get your partner’s input. The best time to shop is in the morning when your body chemistry is fresh and your sense of smell uncluttered by a day’s worth of contamination by smog, exhaust, restaurants and the like. Before you hit the stores, decide on a few adjectives that best describe your personal style and the scent you would like to exude. Personally, I always select a fragrance that is spicy and earthy. Whether as a hobbyist your style is musky, sweet, grassy or earthy, your description will eliminate many choices and make the clerk’s life much easier! I highly recommend spending a bit more and purchasing a high end fragrance. They are quite pure, more unique and last much longer! An exotic fragrance is a sex magnet for every escort. I do not lie!

How to apply your scent

Is just as important as what scent you select. It is critical not to ‘drown’ yourself. Immediately following your shower when the skin is damp, dab your cologne in target areas. Keep in mind where your companion’s lips may be drawn and do not go there! While an intoxicating scent can be a powerful aphrodisiac, tasting it can be repulsive. Some good areas include behind the ears, the backs of the knees, wrists and a little on the chest. Be cautious about applying or spraying cologne on to your clothing as many scents can stain.

Wear clothing that doesn’t suffocate

Don’t spoil it all by wearing garments that do not breathe. Whether you live in a hot, cold or humid climate, threads matter. For all you hobbyist gents who think that I’m getting complicated, hold onto your shorts! Once you get this knowledge under your belt, your sensual life will become much easier. Cotton blends are the best, especially if your clothing is clingy. Synthetic blends such as polyester do not breathe and may actually promote perspiration. If you live in a cold climate layer your clothing. If you live in a warm climate, beware of linen shirts as they are suckers for [body odor] stain.

Fresh breath is just as important as wearing an expensive cologne

Two words for every hobbyist and every independent escort: avoid garlic. While you may appear like a Greek god, sport deep pockets and drive a car fueled with testosterone, the bubble is sure to burst if your breath smells like a culinary sewer. For any escort, there is simply no greater turn off next to body odor and rudeness for that matter. Obviously, you must adapt a certain level of awareness as it pertains to your diet when considering fresh breath that actually attracts your companion. If the garlic and onions somehow find their way into your diet due to a company dinner, have on hand some good breath supplements which you can pop immediately following that decadent meal (orderable online or purchasable at your local health food store). Fortified with parsley and other effective ingredients, they are sure to do the trick and eradicate that foul breath. Prior to your date, brush well and gargle with mouthwash. Carry a traveler’s pack in your car for spontaneous use. Avoid the following ingredients on your date: garlic, onions and any cuisine that is heavily spiced. Consume plenty of water during your date with your companion. Simply put, smoking is a no no! Ugh. Yuck. Gross.

City Girls wants you to smell like success

Where can hobbyists find lessons in etiquette? Right here at City Girls! If your masculinity is beating at your chest, quell that manly whisper and know that we care about the quality of your love life. Follow our words of wisdom and you will thank us!