Black Friday Specials 2016

What better way to ring in the Christmas season than with a bit of TLC from one of our ravishing independent escorts? Not only is it Black Friday but it is also the beginning of one of the most festive times of year and City Girls has a special gift just for you.


Why such a dark name for such a special day?

The term ‘Black Friday’ was first used back in 1869 referring to the crash of the U.S. gold market caused by two ruthless Wall Street financiers. As the story goes, the phrase then re-surfaced in Philadelphia in 1961 to represent the day after Thanksgiving when retailers began taking profits from being ‘in the red’ to being ‘in the black’. No matter its meaning, we think black is a terribly sexy color and one of our favorites when it comes to slinky lingerie.

We are feeling the love!

On the busiest shopping day of the year we have a delicacy of a deal that will make your mouth water even before your date begins. For 250 an hour on this day only, make sensual history with any of our most desireable escorts. Just after Thanksgiving has come to a close, the doors of the holiday season are bursting open with scrumptious escorts sweet as candy and naughty as sin.

The CG special is available to all club members

You’ve got the day off and we have an array of captivating muses ready to entertain and indulge you in mega pleasure. Whether you are a new friend or VIP member, take advantage of this fabulous offer as Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

What’s in store for you?

Hands down, City Girls is the baron of buxom beauties with killer bodies and lovely personalities. Whether you are into petite blondes, frisky redheads, passionate brunettes or all three, we have an arresting array of dazzling ladies that will knock your socks off.

tmp_32455-screenshot_2016-11-25-10-52-441382962364For all of our turkey-stuffed club members shopping for bargains
Look no further than City Girls for a bonanza of luscious treasures who specialize in intimacy. Before you descend into the winter holiday splurging on all those gifts for loved ones, why not do something nice for the champion in you? Treat yourself to a provocative prowess that will blow your mind with ecstasy for only 250 per hour. Hurry! Before it’s too late.

Columbus Day Special


Remember that swashbuckling voyager Christopher Columbus who sailed to the Americas in 1492? Though you, oh lover of gorgeous independent escorts, may not have the day off, we’ve decided to extend a very special treat in the name of this historical day. But first, a few morsels of history about this European adventurer and how he happened upon the New World.


Columbus and his contemporaries weren’t aware that the Pacific Ocean existed
But most Europeans knew that the world was round. Backed by Spanish monarchs King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, Chris set sail for China, India and the Spice Islands only to land instead in the Bahamas. Not such a bad thing if you’ve ever been there, translucent turquoise waters and scantily clothed babes running around in the sunshine. Later that month, Columbus discovered Cuba and thought it was China. Sounds like Chris could have used a GPS to better navigate the new terrain but it was a bit early in the century.

What’s your feminine fancy to commemorate the celebration?

Especially if you are from New York and are Italian or Catholic, you might think of Columbus Day as an incentive to spend an evening with one of our very own City Girls’ succulent muses. We are giving you every reason to say ‘yes’ to a night of festive frolic that will undoubtedly affirm your manhood. Whether your pleasure is a blonde, petite prowess that fits neatly in your arms, a buxom brunette endowed with delicious curves or a daring siren of a redhead, we’ve got an entourage of entertainment just waiting for your attention.


Columbus Day revelries begin with the City Girls holiday special

For a smashing $250 per hour, you can live it up like a bandit and get a little sinful with an electrifying tryst of your choice. You heard right. City Girls gets super generous around the holidays but the special applies only on Columbus Day. So gents, you snooze, you lose! Plan your communion with oneness with your favorite angel of delight before someone else does.

Sensual frontiers are yours for the taking

$250 per hour with a resolutely stunning woman of sheer perfection is almost too good to be true. Even Columbus would have eagerly jaunted across the Atlantic if he knew that one of our spicy flames of perfection was waiting for him with bated breath. When it comes to pleasure, City Girls is your procurer of passion, hands down.

Let’s get this private parade started!

Happy Birthday to Us!

Get the CG Celebration Special

City Girls is turning five! We are so excited and have a very special promotion that we’d like to share with our members. But first, we want to extend a huge thank you to all of our loyal VIP members and heavenly bombshell escorts for making City Girls the go-to Club for extraordinary dating. We are honored by your patronage and could not have achieved such phenomenal growth and success without you all!

with gift box

A very special gift for you

On September 25th any of our participating City Girls’ independent escorts for only 250 per hour. Yes, you read right. You see, it’s not the support staff behind the scenes whose birthday we are celebrating but rather the beautiful angels who represent our amazing club. If it weren’t for these luscious muses, what would City Girls be? It is their birthday. Time to bring on the gifts, gents!


How to gift the birthday date

She’s your favorite siren of all time and holy smokes! Is that woman gorgeous? Or what! We bet that you’re aching to know what she wants for her birthday. The best way to find out is to visit her profile page here on our website. Perhaps a bottle of her favorite perfume (Chanel, maybe?); or a gift card to her favorite boutique (Victoria’s Secret?). Oh heck, if you cannot decide she’ll be just as thrilled receiving a Vanilla Visa gift card, we’re sure.

Just imagine her dazzling smile beaming from ear to ear when you present that beautifully wrapped token of your affection. She’ll jump up and down with those well-endowed curves bouncing about and shroud you with a delicious thank you. Who knows what will happen next but we’re pretty certain that gift will keep on giving.

Gents’ you’ve got $50 to spend!

To get this incredible 250 per hour birthday deal, put 50 toward a gift for your birthday date (250 per hour 50 to purchase your birthday gift). Yes, this is the condition because we want our lovely treasures to be celebrated. After you have selected your diamond of a date and scheduled your engagement with the folks at City Girls, make a mad dash to the mall to purchase your gift. And don’t forget to tie it with a big, silky bow!

Happy Sexy Fourth of July!

On this Fourth of July, celebrate the red, white and blue with a gorgeous hottie wrapped in your arms for only $250 per hour. Get your groove on with some brisk affection from any of our participating escorts for as long as you like with this special offer. Fireworks are sure to explode as you celebrate your manhood and our Nation’s birthday with this awesome Independence Day special!


“…Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” We take this view, most notably promoted by Abraham Lincoln, as an inspiration to honor our country’s freedom with a few patriotic hotties.

On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed
by the Second Continental Congress freeing the thirteen colonies from the Kingdom of Great Britain. The Declaration justified the independence of the United States. Woo! Hoo! There are plenty of ways to celebrate our liberty, starting with a few gorgeous independent escorts dedicated to your happiness.

Sparkling muses with allegiance to pleasure are waiting for you
On this fine, Fourth of July holiday it is only fitting to mark the occasion with a curvaceous bombshell showing off her American spirit. While you are tossin’ back a few brewskies at the poolside cookout, your illustrious escort will sport a barely-there string bikini, rendering you the envy of all your comrades. Those electrifying curves atop mile-high stilettos are bronzed in Bain de Soleil and you can’t keep your hands to yourself. Temptation reigns as the two of you disappear for an irresistible quickie only to return to the party with smiles from ear to ear.


Give yourself the gift of romance

Drenched in silken threads of red, white and blue, your date is a picture of mouthwatering desire. Already, fireworks are going off and you’ve barely begun. Those mounds have more oomph than you can handle and it is safe to say that her star spangled kitty is hot and bothered. Don’t blame us if you miss out on the festivities all together because you’re busy succumbing to attraction!

This midsummer holiday brings passionate escorts who will do you proud
Radiating lust and longing, this symbol of sensuality will flaunt her assets as the seduction begins. We’re talking about a spirited commemoration that welcomes an evening inspired by ecstasy. Unrelenting gratification will follow, the kind that is fit for a king. Now that’s what we call major fireworks!

Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day

In between another green beer and a delicious, scantily clothed escort snuggling in your arms, let us take a moment to reminisce a bit about St. Patrick’s Day.

Legend has it that he chased snakes out of Ireland during a 40-day fast on top of a hill Were the snakes fake? Why yes. Yes they were. The tale is more suggestive of an allegory in that they were linked to heathen practices during that time. Saint Patrick’s dramatic act of snake eradication may actually be a metaphor for his Christianizing influence. Whether snake, lizard or pagan, the creatures did and do not exist in Ireland. According to Irish folklore, Saint Patrick used the three-leaf shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans. By 1996, Saint Patrick’s Day had turned into a 5-day gala of festivities. Fast forward to the present.

St Patricks day girl

What’s your celebration?

Mr. Hobbyist, there is no need for you to spend the rest of this weekend with your lonesome. A lovely handful of independent escorts here at City Girls are waiting with their shamrocks in hand to cook up a sexy storm with you tonight. Chances are excellent that you will have a very difficult time choosing which sensual vixen to grace your presence.

st patricks day beer blonde girl girl alot of beer

Why not plan a slumber party?

Even though tomorrow is technically a work day for most of you hobbyists, it will also be a day filled with parades, Irish traditions and decadent brunches. Just imagine waking up to the fresh, floral scent of an erotic angel tangled around you. You might call in sick immediately, put your phone on silent and create a little bed in breakfast of your own.

TOFTT is always living it up at City Girls!

We’ve definitely got the party attitude around here. Always have. That’s why City Girls members are constantly offering specials to VIP members. We live in the land of opportunity here in the States and our TOFTT rates exemplify just


that. If not during this Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, then sometime in the near future select a feminine morsel of TOFTT-participating club members to dazzle your mind and person. But be prepared to come down hard after your date. Erotic excellence is the only way to describe our luscious independent escorts, my friends. These succulent ladies will leave you drunk with bliss. We’re sure of it.

Constantly getting it on… Chloe xoxo

st patricks day girl beer

A Christmas Gift from City Girls

We enter this splendid holiday season bearing a delicious gift to all of our VIP members. Now it might come as an epiphany to some that we at City Girls are a truly generous bunch. We really do love to spoil our friends. But if you are skeptical, just ask around. You are sure to receive tidings of good joy!

beautiful sexy girl wearing santa claus clothes
beautiful sexy girl wearing santa claus clothes

The gift that keeps on giving

Wrapped in proverbial red foil and tied with a lacey, golden bow, we present our VIP members with a scrumptious gift available only on December 20th. This is the last day before our vacation kicks in. Only on this blessed day will gentlemen and hobbyists alike be able to spend glorious time with a select number of our independent escort bells of desire at a special donation of $250 per hour. If that isn’t a sexy stocking stuffer, we don’t know what is!

Young attractive sexy Santa isolated on white background
Young attractive sexy Santa isolated on white background

Our luscious independent escorts are hot with sensual jolly

December 20th is not a day that Jack Frost should be nipping at your lonely heels. These lovely morsels of companionship are excited at the prospect of spending a few fervent hours with new and existing hobbyist friends. Snuggle up together with some steamy, apple cider and plum pudding. Sing a few carols in front of the fire. Don’t blame us if the two of you get ‘caught up’ under the mistletoe, lost in passion. Embrace the holiday spirit, my friends. That’s what it’s all about!

City Girls is the bringer of peace and well… a few other magical trinkets

As you enter this season of festivities, mark December 20th on your calendar. Contact us right away to claim your gift. Count the seconds knowing that your nocturnal cravings will be fulfilled. On this very special day sexy, sugar plum fairies are sure to dance about, sharing their own gifts of ecstasy privy only to you.

Kisses…Chloe xoxo

Thanksgiving and What City Girls is Doing for You

In a world of give and take fraught mostly with taking, we like to give to those in our circle. What better day than on Thanksgiving to celebrate the fruits of the year by giving thanks to our VIP members? This Thursday, November 28th is a day to spend with family, friends and lovers feasting, laughing and watching football or parades.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” In 1863 he declared Thanksgiving as a national holiday, a day of thanksgiving and praise. And that is just what we are offering to our VIP members and hobbyists! Read on, friends…

Thanksgiving holiday, pumpkin still life decoration with candle on the wooden table, greeting card with text space, harvest concept
Thanksgiving holiday, pumpkin still life decoration with candle on the wooden table, greeting card with text space, harvest concept

“Thanks be to our Friends” holiday special

All day long on Thursday, November 28th, City Girls will offer an incredible companionship donation of $250 per hour to spend heavenly time with a gorgeous angel. Give new meaning to your holiday celebration that will leave your friends asking why that smile is plastered on your face from ear to ear! Whether you indulge in turkey and stuffing followed by pumpkin pie or sizzle up some popcorn and crack open a beer, snuggle up by the fire with a lovely independent escort this Thursday, November 28th.


“Black Friday Lover’s Gala” holiday special

This day is the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season. What shopper does not purchase something for himself? All day long City Girls member are offering a super special of pure intimacy spent for $250 per hour. How can you go wrong? The smart hobbyist will avoid mall craze and take advantage of our gift instead!

Black friday 3d crossword puzzle (design element for christmass sales)
Black friday 3d crossword puzzle (design element for christmass sales)

“Blue Monday it is Not” holiday special

Most folks will awake lethargic and depressed at the notion of having to go back to work after a long holiday weekend of over eating. Awake with bells on your toes and count the seconds knowing that you get to binge on one of City Girls’ devoted independent escorts for only $250 per hour. There is simply no better way to welcome the new week!

Cyber monday sale design.
Cyber monday sale design.

Enjoy a side of City Girls with your turkey dinner

Though we regularly celebrate thanksgivings of all sorts, we at City Girls are always drumming up new and creative ways to make your dating experience just a little spicier! We have all kinds of tricks up our sleeves for the remainder of the holiday season so please be sure to check our Specials Page often.

Many kisses, Chloe… xoxo