Why City Girls: Part 1- Safety for both provider and hobbyist.

When navigating the world of adult entertainment, safety of well-being should always be top priority as an independent escort and hobbyist. Relying on a false sense of security because someone guarantees your discretion can get you into a host of troubles, to say the least. Complacency or outright reckless hobbying or providing can cost your reputation, marriage, family ties and even your life.

safety first city girls

There are a lot of imposters out there

Whether they be modeling agencies, independent escorts, or undercover agents. The industry of professional dating is an invisible one shrouded in discretion and anonymity. Two people must feel absolutely safe with each other to ensure the integrity of their date. But how do you really know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your privacy and safety will not be jeopardized?

City Girls invented the science of secure adult internet dating

Safety is our middle name; security our mantra by which every daily action of the dating process must pass. The best friend of a safe environment is a user-friendly environment within a seamless screening method required of all providers and hobbyists. Thanks to our appointment processing system, every act of communication is automatically encrypted, minimizing email trails about appointment arrangement details in your email Inbox. No stone is left unturned; no detail is overlooked when it comes to ensuring a smooth meeting arrangement that clears the way for pure, unabashed entertainment.

security science

Why City Girls?

In April, 2016, Geisha Diaries through its affiliate Vertical Kitty interviewed our management team in what turned out to be quite a provocative article. As an icon in the adult industry known worldwide for its pragmatic and often times edgy commentary, Geisha Diaries put the spotlight on the ‘true colors’ of the City Girls business model and the breathtaking and genuine beauty that characterizes our independent escorts, no holds barred. Geisha Diaries noted that equal to the lockdown security measures practiced religiously to ensure CG members’ and providers’ safety is the staggering sexiness of our models that leave our VIP members star-eyed on a regular basis. What is the secret behind City Girls’ sustainability? Read the article in which Geisha Diaries reveals it all.

This is the first in a series of articles

Stay tuned for our next article about Quality and what it means to become a City Girls’ avid follower.

Managing Emotions in Escort Dating

What is the true nature of a meeting between a hobbyist and an independent escort? While discretion is paramount, a companion’s emotional warmth should be sincere yet measured within a zone that feels safe to her. Not all providers may agree with this as there are those who keep clients at far more than an arm’s length. All being said, how an escort and a hobbyist choose to manage their emotions is purely subjective.

The decent and trustworthy gentleman who deserves a little more

He is a companion’s best client. He demonstrates his patronage by requesting the pleasure of her company often. He revels in her presence and there is a sense of loyalty about him. She may recognize him as a gem and even a friend. One would suspect that such an ideal hobbyist/provider relationship deserves extra recognition because there is value evident on both sides. Perhaps such a scenario should allow for genuine warmth and a certain amount of trust.

Screening is important
Portrait of the man in a hood against an urbanistic wall – stranger. Screening is Important!

The green provider who ignores her instincts

Independent escorts who are new to the industry should learn to recognize men who take advantage of naïve providers. In this situation, an independent escort who is not backed by a club or agency may be placing herself in harm’s way without properly screening potential clients. In this case, possessing good common sense is critical. Without such, she may override her instincts for the mere sake of scheduling an appointment. Regrettably, there are plenty of providers who exercise poor judgment and place their reputations or even lives in danger as a result.

Where to draw the line with empathy

The genuine girl friend experience illustrates a perfect circumstance. When a hobbyist finds himself in a state of emotional neediness due to divorce or marital problems, he may be vulnerable. An independent escort who feels a sense of kinship and genuine compassion to this man may open the doors to sentiment. Her sincere intentions as well as his unguarded disposition make the recipe for feelings gone awry. She should never lose touch with her professionalism and always keep her focus on the client/provider relationship.

sugar relationship
Male and female legs during a date

Managing a sugar relationship

While neither man nor companion may refer to themselves as sugar daddy or sugar baby respectively, many such interactions take on all the characteristics defined by sugar. It is rare that a married man with ties to his family will leave his household to fully devote himself to his sugar baby. Therefore, a companion turned sugar baby should keep her wits about her and never fail to recognize the relationship for what it really is – one with benefits and boundaries.

The hobby can be richly rewarding or devastatingly damaging

It is not always easy to keep the mind and emotions separate for they often run parallel. Wisdom in navigating the hobby is truly about safety on every level: hygiene, emotion, reputation and even death. Whether you are a hobbyist or a provider, you should always keep your wits about you, never ignoring your instincts. There is always that little voice whispering deep down inside. It generally knows best.

Many kisses, Chloe xoxo

Escort Etiquette, Part II

In this article, we will dive a little deeper into cultivating your clientele and growing your business as an escort.

Last month we talked about how to conduct yourself as an independent escort. Quality of life is just as important as making money because the two combined will empower you as an independent escort with the freedom to pursue other interests. Escorting can be a turnkey business in that a lady can pretty much start making money tomorrow if she’s prepared. However, an escort’s business not managed properly can leave her financially starved or worse, endanger her life.

Know your client profile

As your entertainment skills become more refined, you will see a pattern emerge of characteristics in men whom you attract – if you are paying attention. If you are an established independent escort and are unsatisfied with the quality of your clientele, it’s time to re-assess and profile the clients who don’t work for you (also known as weeding your garden). In order to enjoy what you do it is important that you like [most of] your clients. Escorting is a highly personalized job calling upon every aspect of your being. Some ladies go so far as to cherry pick their clients, turning down many in the process of accepting the ones who appeal to them. Knowing yourself and what type of man you would like to attract is a huge step in the right direction. Steering clear of those who don’t interest you or worse, those who you may find offensive is a bold step in the right direction.

TIP: Wealth and affluence is not always an accurate gauge for targeting the right client. Often, the gentleman who appears to be ‘worth less’ than the ‘affluent’ man may excel in generosity and passion with which he approaches the hobby.


Become a stickler for screening

If you truly care about your safety and the longevity of your business, screening is one of the most important practices in your job as an independent escort. If you are part of the City Girls Club of Independent Escorts, well then, this tedious task is taken care of for you! But if you also see clients as an independent escort on your own, don’t slack on screening. Keep it official and never rely exclusively on the ‘vouch system’ (where you receive referrals from other providers). Always use a third party service to verify clients.

TIP: If a client cannot be 120% verified, move on!

Seek mentors

If you are an attractive escort with a rockin’ body and sparkling personality, you are way ahead of the game. In your job as a companion, you will swim in a sea of many different types of providers. Beware! Not everyone has your best interest in mind and there are those who will take pleasure (and even aspire) in watching you go down. Don’t let that happen! If you can befriend a lady with a stellar reputation who is seasoned in the business and you humbly follow her advice, your fate as a successful provider will be sealed.

Understand and implement basic marketing skills

Often in life, simple gestures resonate the loudest. After a date, send a carefully crafted and sincere email reflecting the pleasure you took in spending time together. It doesn’t need to say much and you certainly don’t have to be Pulitzer Prize winner to send it! But make sure you run a spell check. Develop a data base of your clients (even if you only have three!) and systematically email them to say hello. Talk about what you’re doing, where you’re going and how you would like to see them (never sound desperate or needy). If you feel comfortable attach or enclose a recent photo because visuals are very important. In other words, stay at the forefront of your clients’ minds. Maintain a daily presence in the chat rooms and escort forums. Make sure your comments and posts sound natural. Diligence is the key to good marketing skills. Give it some time to cultivate and you will reap the rewards!

Choose your friends wisely

When you become a companion, you will come across many ladies whether in the chat rooms, forums or meet and greet parties who may pose as your friends. Proceed with caution. A true friend is an asset to your world and has your best interests at heart. Never reveal too much of yourself to quickly. The only person who can protect yourself is you.

TIP: While this may sound totally cliché (and it is), friends are like wines: they take time to cultivate and that process is a one-way street with no shortcuts allowed. Before you totally reveal yourself to a new acquaintance, she/he must withstand the test of time to qualify as a friend. Any time sooner and you risk jeopardizing possibly your safety and reputation.

City Girls realizes that women have a gift for intuition

Make good use of it! No matter your age or where you are in the world of escorting, when the tiny voice at the bottom of your stomach whispers (and it will), by all means, listen! It is the most valuable gift that we have as women and we shouldn’t be afraid to heed that tiny little voice. It is very powerful.

Mechanics of a Good Hobbyist

I was recently talking with a girlfriend who is a very successful companion in Boston, Massachusetts. For the sake of privacy, I shall refer to her as Brit. Brit ranks among the top 100 providers on TER, nationwide.

She has an attractive website and fantastic photos. What’s more, she’s a kind person with a heart of gold – you can tell in the first few minutes of speaking to her. She knows exactly what kind of man she likes. She even uses Google Analytics to track statistics on her website. She is a true professional, independent companion. Yet, she voiced some concerns and frustrations about the type of clientele attracted to her lately. She has been questioning what she might do differently. She will be joining the Club at City Girls. But then we got to talking about the gentlemen in her life and the types that she is attracted to. Together, we came up with many traits that she believes characterize a good hobbyist. Here’s what we discussed:

A gentleman should abide by a companion’s method of contact

Brit is very particular about how a hobbyist contacts her. She will not hesitate to disregard an inquiry from a potential, new client if he sends her a cryptic email instead of completing her contact form. She feels strongly about her preferred method because she is more of a dinner date/overnight type companion and is very selective. Yet, she struggles with this rigidity, wondering if she’s doing the right thing or selling herself short. Recently, she responded to a gentleman who contacted her by email. Hesitant to make the exception, she met the new hobbyist anyway. Reportedly, he was one of the best looking men she has ever met. Ladies, above all, listen to your intuition!

He should appreciate you and desire to see you beyond one date

I think we all know when we are being disrespected or unappreciated. As an independent escort, just because you are a professional entertainer does not mean that you must compromise your ethics or values for the sake of a date. Brit believes that because she has upheld her standards she has attracted a higher quality clientele. Now, one of her midterm goals is to increase the number of repeat clients whom she sees so that she can devote more quality time on a longer term basis. In Brit’s case, less is more.

Look for chemistry and harmony

Brit identified chemistry as one of the most important requirements when deciding whether or not to see a hobbyist. She emphasized that she must like her clients. And by ‘like’ she meant getting along well with them, sharing similar interests and being able to sustain a conversation. She looks for these features in a new hobbyist and feels that in doing so she is more likely to establish a longer term relationship. This also means that Brit turns down potential suitors. As a result, Brit has slowly transformed her business into one abundant with travel to exotic destinations, upscale dinner dates and really, pure enjoyment of life. Way to go, girl!

A man should pay attention to payment protocol and avoid negotiating

If ever a guy wants to ruffle the feminine feathers of a companion, all he has to do is insult her by discussing donations or the forbidden – negotiate. In Brit’s case, she will immediately end a date and cease from ever communicating with the hobbyist again. Stick to your guns, chicas!

A gentleman practices good hygiene that way you do

What woman finds attractive the hobbyist who shows up stale or stinky, not just freshly showered with minty breath and neatly shaven? It doesn’t take long for a man to groom himself and he most certainly takes less time than us girls. So what does it say about the man who smells from the day’s stress? It says a lot, my friends. We at City Girls believe that you shouldn’t compromise on such a standard because an ill-kept hobbyist is also one who does not respect you enough to take a 10-minute shower.

Your date should understand screening and adhere to your boundaries

At City Girls, an escort does not have to worry about screening because clients are pre-screened before she sees them. However, an independent escort such as Brit bears the burden of screening clients herself if she is to look out for her safety (another reason why she is joining City Girls). Assume your client has passed your screening process. Now, you must ensure that he understands and respects your boundaries. I talked about this in a previous article. Go here to find out more.

Question the legitimacy of gift-giving

I mean no offense to any gentleman who is wishes to embellish his date with the generosity of a gift! What girl will not be flattered? However, in the best interest of the girls, I am talking about the hobbyists who gives a gift laced with ulterior motives because he desires to manipulate her into doing something that she wouldn’t otherwise do. Brit talked about this. In fact, she does not accept gifts at all. I personally find that to be a bit extreme but it works for her. She prefers to avoid any complications, whatsoever. On the other hand, a gift given in all sincerity but denied by its recipient can offend the giver. It’s all about paying attention to the subliminal messages during your date.

What’s the formula for defining the perfect date?

Well, there is none. Wait! Before you get disappointed, re-read this article and others linked within. You will begin to see a pattern that emerges based upon your personal style and goals. Yes, escorting is a real job and therefore should have pre-defined goals. As your goals take shape, so will the quality of your clientele improve. These are words coming from Brit, a lady who has definitely carved her niche at the top in the world of independent escorting.

Excellence in Escorting

Setting personal guidelines

The opposite of harmony is chaos. Chaos is disorder or confusion and that’s what you risk if you as an escort don’t set some personal guidelines by which to conduct your business. In the world of escorting, knowing where you stand ethically on a date can minimize jeopardizing your safety.

What hobbyists think of boundaries

Boundaries and personal guidelines both imply similar things. Whether or not a hobbyist frowns upon the notion of boundaries they are vital for every escort. Your personal guidelines should be in place long before you meet with your date. As an independent escort, you are the one in control of your life and when it comes to your date you set the mood and progression. Contrary to some opinions, whether or not he realizes it ahobbyist needs to get a sense of what your boundaries are. Otherwise, how will he know if you are the provider for him? Example: should he try to reach you by phone and you don’t answer because you only communicate by email he may get frustrated if you haven’t established your method of contact. I’m not suggesting that you hand your client a list of personal dos and don’ts. To name just a few, some of your personal guidelines might include:

  • Only communicating by email or text messaging (talking by phone is off limits for many escorts)
  • Not offering GFE (and knowing what the meaning entails)
  • Only offering PSE (and knowing what the meaning entails)
  • Meeting a client in a public place before proceeding with your date
  • Not allowing your client to video tape the two of you during your date
  • Not emailing personal photos to clients and knowing how to handle the requests
  • Not negotiating with your date (being prepared to end the date right then and there should you be placed in such a compromising position)
  • Requiring your client to be thoroughly screened even though he tries to persuade you otherwise (remember, as a Club Member of City Girls, your clients are automatically screened)
Armoring your emotions

You’ve just concluded a date with the man of your dreams. You are on cloud nine for he has showered you with attention and flattering gifts. What’s more, he’s the consummate gentleman, wealthy and debonair. What more could a girl ask for? But wait. Escorting is your job which excludes your heart! There is a fine line between what you ‘feel’ for a gentleman and ‘falling’ for him. Escorting, especially if you offer the girl friend experience, can be charged with emotions as you spend intimate time with your date, perhaps even connecting on an emotional and/or intellectual level. A smart escort knows where to draw the line at the moment she senses that her client may be getting a grip on her heart because she has established her personal guidelines in advance. These guidelines give her the confidence and perspective she needs to armor her emotions and navigate through the date as the professional that she is.

Your home is a safe haven

If you are one of those escorts who maintains an incall in your personal home, more power to you. Remember, that your home should be your sanctuary totally private and separate from escorting. As an escort, you are offering your time characterized by intimacy, deep communication and visual appearance every time you date a client. Not allowing clients into your home much less letting them know where you live is a personal guideline that City Girls strongly recommends for reasons surrounding your personal safety and livelihood. You never know when a client could get over zealous in his attraction to you and show up on your doorstep causing a potentially embarrassing situation or worse stalks you (no offense to gentlemanly hobbyists!).

Allowing a client to push your limits

Unfortunately, there are men who will test your limits. Adhering to your personal guidelines could save you from getting trapped in a precarious situation that could escalate into something more. (By the way, being a Club Member of City Girls is one of the best ways to minimize this risk to your personal safety as our VIP Members abide by high standards!) When an escort has established personal guidelines in which she truly believes, she is less likely to be intimidated by a man who overwhelms her by trying to push her limits. In the end, she will stand tall with dignity and respect.

Saying ‘No’ can be appealing

As we’ve talked about in previous articles, an escort who exudes self confidence is ultra sexy. City Girls believes that an independent escort who asserts her personal guidelines is more likely to attract a higher caliber of gentleman and maintain a repeat clientele. You must always consider your personal safety and guidelines first and foremost as your guiding factors. Nervously and frantically deciding in the moment to do something that a client has asked you to do with which you don’t feel comfortable is dangerous. When you have already established your personal guidelines, you prevent this crisis from happening. City Girls believes that you should not risk or sacrifice your dignity or safety in any way, shape or form! The most we can do is lend a helping hand with our sincere advice and insight. As an independent escort, the rest is up to you.

Hobbying: How to Survive as a Hobbyist

No matter how long you’ve been involved in the hobbying, there are prevailing factors to consider on a regular basis.

Whether you are single, married, divorced or retired, discretion and conduct are the keys to safe and enjoyable involvement with companions.

At City Girls, we’ve heard from many of our VIP members who all seem to echo the same factors about hobbying. We decided to organize a set of guidelines based upon what we’ve heard the most.

Principles of Hobbying

After you’ve gotten a little experience with escorts under your belt, be practical and decide what you want to do with the hobby and how far you want to go. Below are a few things to consider:

  • The frequency with which you would like to see a companion – once a week, once per month, sporadically on business trips?
  • To what extent you would like to get involved – are you looking for an occasional girl friend experience or a regular companion?
  • Match your personal economics with your hobbying desires – to be quite blunt, decide what you can afford without neglecting your finances.

As with anything, planning according to your lifestyle is critical. Without a plan, your involvement as a hobbyist as well as other areas of your life can go awry getting you into personal or financial trouble. 

Define your philosophy

We have five words for you: hang on to your knickers! While there are a few hobbyist/providerrelationships that have turned ‘conventional’ and even led to marriage, that scenario is definitely the minority. Release yourself and indulge in your fantasies as if there is no tomorrow. However, hold on to your emotions and maintain a healthy balance with your psychology. Respect is always important. While intimacy can color a conversation, an interaction or more, partaking in the ‘girl friend experience’ with a companion is an ideal situation, intensified to the max. When you part ways, it’s over until the next encounter, should you decide to go there.

Hobbyists have goals, too!

Define parameters of companion dating and stick to them. On a day-to-day basis, things to consider are work hours, your spouse, family and other extracurricular activities (do you golf with your buddies, attend a book club with your wife and mutual friends?). Your hobbying schedule should not interfere with any of these at the risk of creating suspicion. Moreover, it should be structured in such a way that your hobbying activities are totally under the radar so that no one is aware of your actions. Advance preparation should be planned delicately and with utmost importance.

What’s your privacy policy?

Proper discretion and forethought about your emotional and physical conduct will take you far in the hobby. The lack of either can ruin your life. The hobby is about pursuing intimacy in your spare time and if you don’t play your cards right you can lose big. Run don’t walk from a provider who doesn’t require screening. By the same token, check references and look for good reviews. While the majority of escorts will uphold your privacy and even feature trustworthiness as part of their service, a hobbyist must still proceed with caution. It is always a good rule of thumb to keep your endeavors under your belt. Even though you may just have had the experience of a lifetime with a goddess of a woman and beaming from ear to ear, mind you tongue. Bragging (or even mentioning) your hobbying affairs to others could lead to your demise if shared with the wrong person. And how can you be sure at the moment of sharing that they are not going to turn around and gossip about your secret?

You have to live with yourself

Whether you decide to play occasionally or regularly, City Girls has the best interest at heart for all of its VIP members. Thinking smart, playing safe and keeping your wits about you are the best methods of conduct when managing your hobby. At City Girls, we make it our job to establish a safe and professional environment, paving the way for our VIP members to make the most of their dating experiences!

Provider Benefits, Part I

Provider Benefits, Part I

What’s the best way to say this. We missed you! At City Girls, we took the summer off and caught up on some much needed rest and relaxation. It’s been an awesome season but we are happy to be back! During our time off, we came up with some incredible features to benefit our Club membersthat cannot be found anywhere else. We’d like to share them with you.

eTravel Organizer – a golden tool for the touring provider

Especially nowadays, touring is a great way for a provider to build clientele and increase profitability of her business. Waiting for folks to come your way doesn’t always happen at your desired pace while in the meantime you could be missing out. Don’t wait for your phone to ring! Pack it up and hit the road. Remember, you’ll be traveling which means you’ll get to see new places, wear lots of nice clothes and have loads of fun. What greater incentives does a girl need?

However, a tour that is not well thought out can prove to be disastrous and actually cost money, defeating the intention of making a profit. Paying attention to detail is key and that’s where we come in. At City Girls, we realize that our Club members will benefit from all the help we can give them and that’s why we’re here. eTravel Organizer is a *free* tool available around mid September 2012 to all of our Club members. What’s more, you can apply eTravel Organizer to plan your independent tours as well!  Here are a few of the perks using the eTravel automated system to populate your tour:

  • View and itemize your travel expenses;
  • View your accommodations with pricing;
  • Explore the best cities to tour;
  • Save money by selecting the most cost effective transportation;
  • Discover the best days of the month to tour; and
  • Organize your mobility by streamlining your transportation – how to get from city A to city B.

These are just a few of the benefits that eTravel Organizer offers Club members of City Girls. A successful, profitable tour that flows succinctly may only amount to a few hours per city and then you are on your way to the next stop. If organized properly, the tour will flow like water and you will reap the rewards. eTravel Organizer is your new best friend! Remember, it’s free. If you want to increase your business, City Girls is the way to go for the modern day provider.

Consider City Girls your new personal assistant 

When you are self-employed you are running the whole show and tend to wear about fifty hats on any given day. Suddenly, Mondays merge into Fridays because as an independent person, you tend to work around the clock. You are the manager, receptionist and dish washer. And that’s before you even get started with screening, booking and entertaining clients! Good Lord in heaven, how can a girl do it all? Hiring a personal assistant is a glorious and luxurious concept but costs money. How can you spend money on your business when you are trying to make money with your business? When you join City Girls we do it all for you. Basically, you take care of your beautiful self and then just show up to meet with your client while we take care of the rest. There is no out-of-pocket cost to you. End of story.

Screening can make or break a provider

If you are a new provider, consider what we are about to say as written in blood. If you are an established provider, you have stopped reading this article and are on another screen of your computer emailing City Girls to join the Club immediately. Lack of thorough and proper screening can be the kiss of death, literally, for you know not with whom you meet. Proper screening takes time, effort and requires access to the proper resources. So, imagine receiving your clients pre-screened, so that you don’t have to deal with all of this paraphernalia. This benefit alone should fuel your hot little fingers to email City Girls pronto. Because this is our expertise, City Girls makes sure that clients have passed the screening process, protecting all of our interests in the process. And, when your client is a VIP member of City Girls, they have not only been screened but have a proven track record with City Girls’ Club members. How can you go wrong?

Booking Schedule Synchronization

All City Girls’ Club members are independent escorts. Some do their own advertising and bookings while simultaneously booking clients through City Girls’ Highly Secured Call Center. If you are already a Club member, you know what we are talking about.

How do you juggle two separate schedules? You have your own private bookings plus your bookings through City Girls. We have the answer! Schedule Synchronization incorporates both schedules so that you can be totally organized at all times. As an independent escort, you can continue to book your own appointments while booking appointments through Highly Secured Call Center.

City Girls gives you a website with a photo gallery

You may or may not have your own personalized website. If you do not, then you will receive your very own profile when you become a Club member of City Girls. If you already have your own website now you have two. What’s the benefit? In both cases, you have an increased presence on the world wide web which is how clients find you. All Club member profiles are written by a professional writer and feature your very own exclusive photo gallery, celebrating your availability! You can use your City Girls url on other websites such as TER.

City Girls is your home away from home

Becoming a Club member of City Girls provides you with all of the resources to practically guarantee an increase in your business. We genuinely care about our members and are constantly tinkering behind the scenes to simplify your business and improve your experience as a provider. We know that if we can provide you with the kind of support that a successful provider needs, you will excel and that will make all of us happy!

We welcome with open arms independent escorts to join the Club. We are your new home while you carry on with your independent business outside of City Girls. Seriously. You will be kicking yourself for not joining sooner.

What to Look for in an Escort

“Today’s world of escorting is saturated with choices that can be overwhelming. The hobby is more sophisticated than ever, with promises of gratifying experiences far greater for those who know what to look for.”

When selecting an independent escort, City Girls encourages its VIP members to consider more factors than just appealing photos. A VIP club member who has defined a clear profile of the type of escort he wants to see is more likely to enjoy a thoroughly unforgettable experience.

At the same time, a professional escort who is serious about her business should look in the mirror. Who and what does she see? What type of suitor does she want to attract? She needs to fearlessly define her persona before she sets foot into the hobbyist arena. Without a clear footprint, she could draw clients who do not compliment her style and develop burn out very quickly. City Girls helps its club members stay focused on their business while reinforcing their efforts with free marketing and appointment coordination from A to Z.

Hobbyists, profile your ideal escort

Some of the best ideas in the history of time were scribbled on a napkin. It’s a good idea for a hobbyist to literally write down all of the characteristics of his ideal escort before setting out to find her. Every City Girls’ member features a complete profile that provides a well-rounded description along with fabulous photos. When a match is found (and there may be several!) contact Highly Secured Call Center. They will walk you through the process of scheduling your date.

Look carefully at an escort’s photos

Images whether good, mediocre or bad, tell a story. They don’t need to be perfect. But they should reflect her personality and sensuality and provide a decent sense of her physique. A talented photographer who can capture the beauty in female anatomy will position his or her escort to display her most appealing assets. Will she resemble her photos when you meet her? That’s the million dollar question. When viewing photos, look for ones that speak to you.

Donations – today’s escort industry is not the same as it was 3 years ago

There are a few standards of which to be aware. Economic times have changed and escort rates have been duly impacted. When times got tough several years ago, the market became flooded with jobless ladies looking to make a living via escorting and younger ladies looking for a turnkey way to make ends meet. Both invaded the market, crowding the more seasoned, traditional escorts and competition escalated. It’s no longer as simple as categorizing a provider based solely upon her requested donation. Set your budget remembering that a higher donation (unless you’re getting into the realm of elite courtesans) does raise the bar for the experience delivered, but less is not always less. When looking at City Girlsindependent escort profiles, review everything they have to say. Eventually, patterns will emerge that closely resemble the profile that you have defined and you’ll be ready to contact Highly Secured Call Center to schedule an engagement.

Who does an independent escort cater to?

When you go to a department store looking for a new suit (maybe to wear on your next dinner date?), you don’t want the clerk to show you swim trunks, sneakers and blue jeans. You want to see suits and don’t want to waste your time looking at items that are not of interest to you. When viewing a City Girls’ club member profile, look for an overall mood of who she’s catering to. Do you recognize yourself? Does she seem like a good fit? How do her photos appeal to you? City Girls features a variety of club members who are all independent escorts. You are bound to find ladies with whom you are a good fit.

Escort reviews are a two way street

Look for an independent escort who has good escort reviews. They are the bread and butter of her business. All City Girls’ club member profiles feature escort reviews. A hobbyist who is a VIP member can also post tasteful reviews on City Girls’ club member profiles which is a great way to build a good reputation. This is a powerful tool for a club member looking to increase the number of her reviews and therefore business and a great way for a VIP member to build relationships with other escorts whom later may provide personal references for him.

Screening for hobbyists

Screening is kind of like passing through security at the airport. It’s really no big deal but if you resist or have something to hide, you can forget traveling. By the same token, beware of the escort who does not require screening. That says something about her. At City Girls, a hobbyist doesn’t need to worry because Highly Secured Call Center makes sure that the screening process goes smoothly and with total privacy. On the other hand, the hobbyist who resistsscreening is raising a red flag about himself and the word will spread among fellow escortswherever he goes. The hobby is a world where safety, privacy and security comprise the foundation and City Girls upholds that philosophy 100%.


Compatibility between escort and hobbyist

A hobbyist might be looking for true companionship in the form of the girl friend experience or something lighter such as a casual date. After an engagement has been coordinated by Highly Secured Call Center, both escort and hobbyist alike are ready to get to know one another. Both should make very clear to each other their expectations and even talk about boundaries, what makes them comfortable and what makes them uncomfortable. If both see eye to eye, a good match has been made!

Finding the right escort is a lot like regular dating

There might be some sampling as a hobbyist gets familiar with his likes and dislikes. As we all know dating can be a frustrating experience as can be finding the right escort who accommodates your needs. It is a huge


help to have a club like City Girls on your team who understands and facilitates your desires with quality club members.

A hobbyist who is familiar with his own standards is going to be a lot more satisfied than thehobbyist who blindly engages the company of an escort. An escort who knows and makes clear the type of gentleman who


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Written by Chloe, City Girls’ Membership Coordinator