TER_ The erotic review
$33 a month membership, or 2 review submissions


The virtual voice of City Girls here again with a jaw-dropping announcement:

Just in case, TER stands for The Erotic Review. Our account has been blocked and we cannot log in. This means that we also cannot post weekly tour advertising of our models which you all look toward and we cannot update profiles of models.

TER login banned

Why has City Girls been banned by TER?

Probably, because we featured on our website a special arrangement with BestGFE members to promote TOFTT*, available only to BestGFE members and apparently, TER does not like that.

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What is TOFTT?

TOFTT stands for ‘Take One For the Team’ and offers a special $250 hourly donation: when a gentleman has dated an independent escort who has not yet received any escort reviews. TOFTT protocol is a fair and balanced approach to supporting both hobbyist and independent escort: a win-win situation. He respectfully highlights his encounter with fellow hobbyists within the community whether his experience was off the charts, mediocre or a one-time wonder. In following TOFTT philosophy, he has rated his experience by putting the word out to his fellow hobbyist comrades. In turn, the model receives a review, strengthening her reputation.

Is TER feeling okay?

This past summer of 2015, TER had their chance to participate in our TOFTT program which we so graciously extended. Out of the blue, they voluntarily requested to be excluded from our promotion on the basis of a moral conviction: offering a $50 hourly discount is unethical. Seriously?

TER offers FREE VIP Membership for writing reviews

Hmm. Cat got your tongues, TER moguls? Offering a free VIP membership (a value of approximately $33) for writing two reviews sounds similar to the very TOFTT program which they declined to endorse!

What TOFTT really does for its VIP members

Let’s get real, folks. I think we all know that TOFTT is not a movement to coerce our VIP members or ask our independent escorts to do anything that they wouldn’t do otherwise. About this we have always taken a transparent position.

Membership is FREE. Save $30/month. Join NOW!

The elephant in the room

Could it be that TER is bothered by the fact that BestGFE participates in the very TOFTT arrangement that they declined? A bit psycho, but seems to point to why they have banned us.

A parallel situation occurred with EROS

We used to advertise on EROS and decided to implement a marketing technique that promoted an RS2K (Room Service 2000) special refund granted upon completion of their verification process. On October 29th, 2012 we released a post on our blog talking about this RS2K promotion. Five days later, EROS contacted us announcing that they had removed us from their advertising.

City Girls will NOT be bullied

If TER carries through with the act of banning us from their site, this is a BAD thing and will cast a shadow upon them. We stand on a solid foundation of character and integrity – virtues by which our members have come to rely. Will City Girls quit? Never!!!

Breaking up with EROS GUIDE

As you all know, I am the virtual voice of City Girls. Recently, there have been some significant changes to our marketing efforts and some eye-opening realizations that I’d like to share with all of our trusted Members, VIP members and new friends.

Maybe you haven’t noticed City Girls’ ads on EROS-Guide in the last few days. For reasons beyond our rationale, we received a phone call from EROS-Guide management announcing that the

“…City Girls website has become competitive with EROS Guide…”

and that they will no longer allow us to advertise there, effective immediately. In essence, we were kicked off EROS-Guide. You can imagine how we felt. The impact was the equivalent of being dumped by your significant other when you thought everything was going great. Our whole team was really depressed and moped around for the whole day. Phone calls started to pour in from our VIP Members and other clients asking if City Girls’ ladies were still coming their way because they missed our ads on EROS-Guide. We stuttered and stammered, no knowing how to respond because we still had hopes of negotiating a meeting of the minds with EROS-Guide (trying to get back together). That didn’t happen. The break up was eminent.

All of us at City Girls are rather like-minded and simply don’t have the personality types to candy coat a situation. So, we felt it best to tell folks the plain truth because that’s just the way we are. The support was overwhelming. Almost all of you saw this dilemma as EROS-Guide’ loss.

So, we started thinking, maybe this isn’t a loss at all

I remember when Orbitz Travel broke up with Hilton Hotels. Go here to read about it. Ultimately, Orbitz was the loser, actually driving traffic away from their website to other sources that do feature Hilton Hotels such as Kayak, Expedia or even Roomkey.


which is in contrast to ours. First of all, the word ‘competition’ does not exist in our vocabulary. There’s plenty to go around for everyone. In fact, we actually see what some might consider competitors as friends and have even promoted our friends on review boards, escort malls, as independent escorts and agencies.

Our VIP Members rank number one in our minds. If someone inquires about scheduling a date through City Girls in an area that we don’t frequent, we always recommend an alternative such as an agency or another independent escort not a part of the City Girls’ family. We’ll never leave you hanging! We’re not the greedy type and actually feel really good knowing that we helped a client and his date find each other. In turn, everyone is happy.

As you can imagine, this whole situation opened our eyes about just where City Girls’ business is really coming from

So we did some research and through our analysis, came up with these surprising data:

  • EROS-Guide yielded only about 15% of all monthly traffic;
  • The rest of City Girls’ business comes from different sources (mostly review boards like TERBigDoggie, ECCIE etc.); and
  • 80% of all advertising expense has been allocated to EROS-Guide (this is kind of an embarrassment).

What an epiphany! In light of this knowledge, we want to encourage our readers to visit the following websites to stay abreast of what City Girls is doing in your respective areas:

Review Boards 

  • TER is a well known review website with a solid presence all over the country. Every Sunday you can find our visitation schedule in each of the Regional Ad Boards sections. We highly recommend becoming a VIP member of TER in order to indulge in all of the juicy details;
  • BestGFE is another great review site known mostly in New Jersey, New York City, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. BestGFE is expanding into other areas around the U.S. and since most of the City Girls have feedback on those forums we recommend registering with them even if you are located outside of their areas;
  • BigDoggie is another prominent review website.City Girls will begin featured advertising in the next few days. It’s best to purchase their VIP membership to take advantage of all of the available features;
  • ECCIE is a forum where we’ve been advertising for a while now. You can follow our weekly posts on Sundays and Thursdays in the following cities: Washington, D.C., St. Louis, Richmond,Raleigh and Kansas City;
  • SouthernGFE features our tour updates every Sunday in the cities of Charlotte, Raleigh,Richmond and Virginia Beach; and
  • TNAReview is in the same network as BigDoggie. We will begin advertising there soon. 
Verification Sites and Escort Malls 
  • RS2K is a fantastic source for following not only Members and activities of City Girls, but other escorts as well. We find RS2K to be the best website for advertising in the Chicago area. City Girls offers FREE membership with their verification service. Go here for details;
  • CityVibe is a website where we’ll begin advertising next week based upon recommendations from hobbyists. You will be able to see City Girls in all the locations we tour;
  • Date-Check is another new advertising website for us. Until now, we didn’t accept Date-Check for verification purposes because we require the full, legal name of a client and this information is not verifiable through their service. However, we have decided to accept Date-Check as additional proof of verification though we still need to verify your legal name and identity. We will be advertising on Date-check after next week; and
  • Geisha Diaries, Verified Playmates and My Provider Guide are blogs and forums on which City Girls will have a presence starting next week.
Others Marketing Methods 
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Starting yesterday, we launched an urgent project to completely revamp our presence in search engine results. See you all on Google!
  • Word of Mouth – at the end of the day, referrals to City Girls have become quite popular. An influx of new members has been booking with us because their friend, coworker or business partner recommended us. It comes natural to us and where we have emphasized most of our attention in striving to make each and every appointment a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are ever so grateful for our VIP Members spreading the word and considering what we can do to show our appreciation!
  • is of course, our website URL. 1/6 of our website traffic comes in the form of returning visitors who type our web address directly into their computer browsers. Through it all, this was the main statistic that brought smiles to our faces.
Mailing List Subscriptions

is a great way to receive updates twice a week. Don’t worry. Our emails are neither annoying nor flashy, but plain and simple. You will receive two updates: one every Sunday which will list all the ladies scheduled to visit your subscribed city including a summary about our weekly blog article and one every Friday talking about who will be in your respective city for the weekend.

We are turbo boosting our advertising efforts on all of the aforementioned websites. We still have room in our budget for more so if you have any recommendations where you would like to see City Girls listed, let us know.

Life goes on and we are most grateful for everyone’s support!