Be Mine You Sultry Valentine

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February is a month of romance. If you are a hobbyist with a passionate heart who thrives on the girl friend experience then this is the day for you! How do you love her? Let us count the ways! Aristotle said that love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. When you are strongly attracted to someone on an emotional and/or sexual level it is called love. There are many different types of love.

Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age.” Anais Nin

The legend of Saint Valentine

According to the Catholic Church, legend has it that Saint Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II declared that single men made better soldiers than those married with families, he outlawed marriage for young men. Realizing the injustice of the decree, Valentine defied Claudius by performing secret marriages for young lovers. Later, Claudius ordered that Valentine be put to death.

 “Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.” Zora Neale Hurston

sexy valentines gift, rose
sexy valentines gift, rose

What love will do to a person

There are those hobbyists and gentlemen who fall head over heels in love with a companion. We have heard many stories about independent escorts who develop deep feelings as well. When such a situation occurs, a companion may let her emotional guard down and allow herself to be known on a personal and intimate level. She may even retire from her profession and actually marry her client.

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Whether you fancy love, lust or simply the company of a beautiful lady friend, it is best not to wait until she might be unavailable on this very special day. Ask your desired companion to be your valentine as soon as possible, if you have not done so already! What gift will you give to her? If it is red roses, call your local florist and reserve your bouquet as soon as you finish reading this article. Begin the evening by toasting a glass of champagne (ask her for her favorite bubbly or take a bottle of Veuve Clicquot). Build the romance by taking her to dinner at a spectacular restaurant (again, make that reservation as soon as possible). For those hobbyists who really want to create an evening that neither of you will ever forget, plan to spend the entire night together.

valentines day gift surprise
valentines day gift surprise

It’s your party – wear what you want!

If you are a sugar daddy who is feeling exceedingly romantic and wants your sugar baby to shimmer with delight, lingerie is the answer. But not just any lingerie. Agent Provocateur features stunningly seductive, lacey ensembles that are second to none in quality, elegance and originality. What an inspiration for love of epic proportion! Once again, place your order after you have finished reading this article and order overnight delivery. While we have talked about this subject in past articles, selecting red lingerie even in honor of this romantic holiday should be carefully considered. Red is a rather fickle color and does not compliment every independent escort’s figure. Pink is a safe and black is guaranteed!

Emphasize details that bring out the naughty of the night

Chances are very good that she will plan nuances of the evening. As a hobbyist, you can contribute by communicating your plans for the evening, where you will be taking her, what you might desire her to wear, etc. Will your hotel suite feature a fire place? Will there be a balcony? Separate sleeping quarters? Plenty of space that the two of you can explore from top to bottom? Last but by no means least, what will the morning bring? Plan to have toothbrush and mouthwash waiting in the bathroom to leave you minty fresh in preparation to greet her sleepy kiss at daybreak.

Some of the most romantic and memorable experiences are enjoyed between hobbyists and independent escorts

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to give and receive delectable gifts of pleasure. As you create riveting bouts of love and lust remember your friends here at City Girls!

Putting the Sexy Between Hobbyist and Halloween

Halloween is the eve to toss aside all righteousness and honor your appetite for unspeakable desires! Let the spookiest holiday kick off the hottest time of year. If you are a hobbyist with a flaming hot date tonight, don’t fear. We’ve got you covered with a little hocus pocus.

Halloween sexy girl

Last minute Halloween costumes for escorts

It’s the eleventh hour and if you are anindependent escort who hasn’t a clue what to be, we’ve got some ideas for you! Forget resorting to pre-fab drug store costumes. If you are a companion with a flair for originality, we’ve got some tips to add pizzazz to your Hallow’s Eve regalia.

Fashion Art Girl Portrait. Punk Style
Fashion Art Girl Portrait. Punk Style

The instant glamor girl

Most independent escorts have a long gown of sorts hanging in their closets (prom dress, bridesmaid dress or anything formal). If your dress looks like it’s from the 60s (a narrow sheath), go as Audrey Hepburn or Diana Ross.

If it looks like it’s from the 50s (full skirt, tight waist), dress up as Grace Kelly or Dorothy Dandridge. If your gown is black and strapless, dress as Rita Hayworth. If your dress is slinky, go as the 30s star Jean Harlow. If you are curvaceous and your dress is form-fitting, go as Mae West. Pile on the makeup and jewelry and voila! You’ll have a glittering look that will wet the appetite of every gentleman.


There’s nothing naughtier than a female pirate

If you are an escort with some sass and a devilish side, dare to dress as a sexy, female pirate. Most of what they wore was rags sewn together. Wear a nit hat or wrap a bandana around your head. Wear a man’s shirt with a vest on top. Wrap some material around your waist as a sash. Slide a wide leather belt across your torso as a baldric. Wear cropped pants or leggings that come to the knee and white knee socks. Pirates wore flat shoes but we’re suggesting high heel boots that lace up or some chunky heels to add definition to your shapely legs. Pop into a drugstore for a plain black eye patch and cement the look!

Celebrate with the sultry feline in you

If you are a companion with a black body suit and a lithe figure to go with it, you are a pussycat waiting to spring your sly self onto your date. Stuff a long black stocking with cotton or socks and you’ve got yourself a tail. Cut two triangles of black construction paper attached to a headband and you have kitty ears. Don’t hold back on plenty of black eyeliner, thick lashes, whiskers and red lips. Paint your nails black or red. Be prepared to turn plenty of heads!

What to do on Halloween

This holiday is not just for kids. Conjure up a little adult creativity of your own sprinkled with a little imagination. Your date will be impressed and sparks will fly!

Plan a private all-night party fest

If you are staying in for a cozy evening of sensuous loving, go the extra mile and set the mood with haunting romance. Illuminate the room with a plethora of scented black and orange candles. Done right, you won’t need any artificial light. Yummy nibbles, mini pumpkin pies and delicious chocolate morsels are perfect for feeding each other. Serve some spiked apple cider or rum punch and kindle the warmth between you and your date sealed with hot kisses. Share a few horror stories as your date snuggles up next to you for safety. If the two of you haven’t become hopelessly entangled in each other by then, play truth or dare or a fun, flirty game of strip poker!

The outcome of a game of strip poker with women's clothing strewn over a chair and table and a man's shirt on the right side.Two partly full glasses of wine are also on the table.
The outcome of a game of strip poker with women’s clothing strewn over a chair and table and a man’s shirt on the right side.Two partly full glasses of wine are also on the table.

Feast at a frightfully dazzling restaurant

If you are a sugar daddy with a dash of sophistication, wine and dine your sugar baby at an upscale restaurant that is celebrating Halloween with enchanting festivities. Call a few of your favorite culinary hotspots and ask what they are offering. Be sure to let your date know where you are going so that she can adorn herself accordingly. For pre-dessert (because we all know that the two of you plan to have each other as your final course), attend a haunted house tour. The anticipation is sure to incite supernatural ecstasy!

City Girls has your bag of tricks

We host a cauldron of ideas for every hobbyist and independent escort for every occasion. Unearthly pleasure reigns with us. So live it up and trick or treat baby!

Love Clichés According to Hobbyists & Escorts

Love, if only for a minute, can encapsulate you with desire and reveal incomprehensible delight. Join me in exploring different idioms and sayings that ring true in the intermingling of hobbyists and escorts!

Flaming with lust

Such is the hobbyist who encounters an independent escort blazing with sensual exhilaration. He sees her as the sum of total excitement: clingy dress that hugs her curves; silky hair that falls softly around her shoulders; sweet scent that raptures him; radiant smile that melts his worries.

God is in the details

A consummate companion thinks of every last nicety to please her man. She knows intuitively that paying attention to specifics makes the difference between a great encounter and a fabulous encounter. She is all about the girl friend experience and all that she does is done thoroughly.

Clothes make the man

Like it or not, a lady will quietly assess a gentleman beginning with his manner of dress. His attire is smart and suits his style; his hygiene is fresh and his grooming is neat; he does not wear sneakers to a five-star restaurant.

young man in sneakers

As the actress said to the bishop

Often, the content of an escort’s website is peppered with hidden implications that can be read into by the viewer in a positive manner.

Play the field

One could say that a hobbyist is a man who engages in relationships with many companions. Hopefully, he is genteel and charismatic in his endeavors!

Man of parts

A sugar baby seeks the ideal sugar daddy who is talented in a number of different ways. He is a success in business, a master at treating his lady well, a seasoned traveler and gifted with intelligence. In short, he is a connoisseur of the good life.

Head Over Heels:

Whether it is love, lust or infatuation, an overpowering attraction takes hold of a man’s world and he is smitten with spell binding affection. Many independent escorts possess such carnal abilities that leave hobbyists spinning in desire.

To be hung up on someone

I’m talking about unshakeable memories that linger in the heart and mind of a gentleman who spent time with a ravishing escort. He breathes her perfume; wraps his arms around her in his dreams; tastes her essence with every sip; becomes a prisoner of time freed only by his next encounter with her.

City Girls is in the know

We want to enhance the good times by adding sensual weight to your gravity! Walk with us into a universe that will transform your mundane lifestyle into a sweet paradise where fantasies come true.

Kick Up Your Chemistry with independent escorts!

No matter what any hobbyist says, beauty extends way beyond the smashing good looks of an independent escort.

Just because she jumped right out of Playboy Magazine and into your lucky lap does not necessarily mean that the two of you are going to hit it off (though a lean, tanned figure in mile-high heels is a damn good place to start!). Sometimes Cupid takes his sweet time shooting daggers of desire into the hearts and libidos of otherwise lustful lovers.

Do not fret, friends

Here at City Girls, we’ve identified the top four matters that consistently appear in red-hot relationships. To increase your sense of comfort on that first encounter, read on, fellas, read on.

Bag the bistro

Dining at a fabulous restaurant while sharing a superb bottle of wine promises a fantastic date that non of the independent escorts would deny. But hold onto your knickers, men. If it’s your first date, you are essentially dining with a total stranger. The possibility that either you as a hobbyist or your date might feel uncomfortable or self-conscious is too risky. Dinner dates are better left for the second or third encounter after you’ve gotten a flavor of her and her personality.

Beautiful girl with a wonderful smile, healthy mouth

Laughter is nature’s dope

Spending time with an independent escort is a luxury few can claim. So gents don’t take yourselves so seriously! Humor and playfulness are terribly attractive to independent escorts and will relax any social situation no matter how intimate. Laughing is powerfully effective at relieving stress, almost like having a cocktail or two (or meditating if you are into yoga, like some of us). Let your proverbial hair down and loosen up, guys. Watch the sparks fly!

Test your testosterone

So you are not a six pack poster boy of perfect physique. Independent Escorts and all women for that matter are aroused by other facets of a man’s personality beyond the body. But you want your ‘person’ to work, right? A little exercise will increase your libido (and stamina) without having to resort to medicinal supplements, if you catch my drift. Take a trip to the gym, get acquainted with the treadmill and do a few crunches. You will feel like a new man!

Eye Contact

Eye contact equals sexy energy

There are those hobbyists who specifically request from their independent escorts friends to lock eyes with them. Eye contact is a priceless trigger that guarantees transmission of warmth, receptiveness and the sought after connection especially if you’re into the girl friend experience. Small physical gestures such as a touch on the shoulder or a holding of the hand can also make a big impact in a gentleman’s favor.

City Girls believes in all kinds of relationships

Whether you will see your date once or several times it is usually the little things that count, as always in life. Understanding how chemistry works is a great tool in developing a sense of comfort with an independent companion or any woman for that matter. If our readers can pick up even one tiny tip from us, then we’ve succeeded!

Chloe xoxo

What Are You Looking for in an Escort?

As a hobbyist, whether you are just getting your feet wet or are a seasoned veteran, it is helpful to understand the different types of escorts when planning your engagements. The world of adult entertainment offers a supermarket of choices that can overwhelm a gentleman yet bestow blessings of enrichment and ethereal beauty before his very eyes where before he had none. Below are basic descriptions of the different types of independent escorts as we know them today.

The girl friend experience

While the phrase has become a bit relaxed these days with interpretation of what GFE actually entails, the traditional experience involves a highly personal interaction between an independent escort and a hobbyist. It is more of a comprehensive experience in an unrushed environment (though time limits still apply) wherein a lady displays all of the ‘nice girl’ behaviors associated with a real life boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. The girlfriend experience often begins with dinner at a nice restaurant followed by desert at her place (or location of choice) and then some.

Profile of a companion

A companion’s services extend beyond that of an escort. She is also confidante and friend. She is highly selective of her clients because their time together is more concentrated with heavy emphasis on repoire. Many of her clients are not actual hobbyists but gentlemen who seek the relaxed company of a lady who invests her valuable insight and understanding of men into their experience. Often, gentlemen who desire to be with a companion come from a variety of backgrounds and desire bonding on different levels.

The porn star experience

Can you say….naughty? The traditional PSE is wild, raw and insatiable with no intimate connection offered such as that through GFE. It is the fast track of sensual entertainment. The porn star experience is not for every hobbyist. Ladies who offer PSE have zero interest in connecting emotionally with their clients. Often, gentlemen looking for such a connection do not desire PSE. PSE is truly a different form of entertainment.

The sugar baby relationship

When a hobbyist discovers an independent escort who simply rocks his world and he cannot live without, he may consider a sugar relationship. Granted and this goes without saying, being a sugar daddy is a financial luxury because sugar babies are not cheap. A sugar relationship can be characterized by any of the above escort descriptions – GFEcompanion or PSE though sugar babies are usually GFE companions.

Whether you are a hobbyist looking to spend one hour with an independent escort or an extended getaway with a companion, City Girls believes that your choices are better made when they are educated. Look for reviews prior to booking your future date to find out if in fact you and your independent escort are a good match. Happy dating!

The Best Places for Intimacy of the Hobbyist

Whether you want to get down and dirty with your lover or cuddle up cozy with your companion, where are the best places to do it? The boudoir is probably the first setting that comes to mind for most hobbyists. A little creativity can really fan your fire  with explosive sensuality! Hobbyists and independent escorts, cultivate the girl friend experience with some of these frisky ideas:

Garages are not limited to parking

Remember the age of excitement when you were twenty one? Just the thought of your girlfriend(much less, any female) would send riveting thoughts through your person. Imagine the foreplay of flirty conversation in shadowy seclusion surrounded by soft music followed by a caress of her lips. This is not the place to manifest your naughty intentions which is exactly why your bodies will noticeably tingle while the car becomes stifling with erotic energy. Sometimes doing the forbidden is best!

The park takes on a new dimension beyond jogging and dog walking

The hobbyist and escort who believe that a little nooky in the bushes is tiptoeing on the edge of risk should think again. There are parks that span for acres where two lovers can all but remove themselves from the public eye. Plan your venture for a mid week afternoon versus a Saturday morning when the average folk is more likely to attend. Organize a picnic with delectable goodies, a bottle of wine, and a large blanket and watch nature run her course!

Restroom occupancy is for more than one

Ever visit a lavish restroom inside a well-appointed restaurant and wonder why you were there all alone? Especially if it is a private lavatory with a door that locks, why leave your date all by her lonesome at the dinner table? A little aperitif of your own concoction between the four walls of a private washroom can jolt your love life about twenty notches.

Airplanes are not always G-rated

I’m sure every hobbyist will chuckle recalling a story or two of the friend and his lady who could not contain their passion before landing time. Why not? If kink is your thing and the plane is rather empty, set free those nasty urges. It’s called fantasy, boys. The accompanying independent escort should wear a flowing dress or skirt to discretely hide your forbidden frolicking. There is no better way to rejuvenate your youth.

City Girls is a firm believer of fantasy turned reality

We have all heard the old age adage, “you only live once”. Perhaps that is why couples around the world allow themselves the liberty of living it up every now and then. I’m sure every independent escort who is into the girlfriend experience will agree. Emancipating your libido is the best medicine we can think of for well being!