Goodbye TER.

Virtual voice of City Girls here again with more TER drama but in a good way.

We were wondering whether it is true that all breakups end with pain and loneliness. Perhaps for most ‘relationships’ but City Girls is certainly the exception. As the association with The Erotic Review took its last breath, CG pleasantly discovered the silver lining after only five short days sans TER.

TER ascending

Numbers talk, right folks?

According to statistical tracking, our models have seen a 5-10% increase in dates since the day before getting dumped by TER. Why is that?

Let the truth be told

In our last article, we announced the banning by TER. Less than 24 hours later, we received a windfall of feedback from loyal hobbyist friends in the community. Voicing their commentaries on our blog, seems that some of our prior members had been cut loose from City Girls due to misunderstandings related to the TER rating system. Consequently, many member statuses were restored followed by immediate bookings. Now that’s what we call a blessing in disguise. We do not agree with the TER rating system but that topic is reserved for a subsequent article. The mere fact that some memberships were restored following this discrepancy only underscores our separation from TER.

Rebounding from TER

At first, business contracted in the form of canceled engagements, putting our reputation at risk. Being that our presence on TER literally disappeared overnight stirred a perception of problems in the public eye. However, our immediate news release enlightened our friends and things quickly settled down to a normal pace. Now, we are enjoying the traffic coming from and to BestGFE.

Business as usual

What touched our hearts was everyone’s support. We have heard from many who canceled their TER accounts and opened new accounts with BestGFE. Someone even submitted a complaint to TER support. Interestingly, TER responded that they are waiting for additional information from us and might possibly restore our account and profiles. How is that possible when after opening a new account in an effort to communicate that account was banned as well? Such feedback that TER is ‘waiting for additional information’ is false.

City Girls salutes our friends!

We are incredibly thankful for a loyal following that has proven to sustain our business through this transition. We only ask that everyone cease and desist from approaching TER support any longer. We plan to send them an official request to remove all of our information from their database for as we see it, TER is not a partner that we can depend upon and there is no turning back.

Free Membership. Save $30/month.

Exit TER, enter Best GFE

In the upcoming days, we will complete a seamless transition to Best GFE to the delight of all of our friends. Details will be released in our Wednesday blog article. Stay tuned.

gift card for BEstGFE
A surprise for our friends

If you haven’t yet registered on Best GFE, take a few minutes to do so. It’s super easy and we’re giving you an incentive. Be ready for a little surprise after your registration is complete.

Happiness and the Art of the GFE

The art of the GFE can be compared to traits of the art of the courtisanerie. In Italy during the Renaissance, the original courtesans were known as cortigiana onesta. These cortigiana were ‘honest courtesans’ in that many were regarded as intellectuals. They were well-educated, worldly and often maintained other careers. A highly refined GFE is an independent companion with traits and characteristics similar to original courtesans.

Psychology of a GFE

There are different layers within the girl friend experience that vary from escort to escort and from culture to culture. A GFE in the truest and deepest sense hones a relationship with her client on a longer term basis. She realizes that contentment is a state of mind out of reach for some gentlemen. Therefore, his happiness becomes her focus. She specializes in all aspects that characterize a true relationship zoning in on the desires and emotional needs of her client.

Young passionate couple of escort and hobbyist holding hand
Young passionate couple of escort and hobbyist holding hand

Is the GFE fantasy or reality?

In most cases, the GFE experience offered by an independent escort is pure fantasy. She spends an hour or two or three with her client and takes him on a euphoric ride to ecstasy. At the conclusion of their engagement, they part ways and he rides a sensual high of fulfillment with memories of her for days to come. He is surrounded of satisfaction, smiling from ear to ear. The GFE experience offered by the companion or courtesan is expressed on a longer term basis. Time spent together spills into reality. She becomes more of a confidante, friend and even travel liaison. He comes to rely on her in certain ways further defining her role as his companion. She fills a void in his life, sometimes many. She completes him, bringing a sense of happiness that in some relationships can last for years. However sacrilegious this may sound to convention, his relationship with her may facilitate the continuation of his marriage and therefore the structure of his inner family.

hobbyist hygiene
Hobbyist washing face with clean water and representing hygiene concept

Where is the art?

A true GFE is refined, intelligent, social, supportive and sensual. She is articulate, often bi- or multi-lingual and might have an alternate or full time career on the side. Her hygiene is impeccable and her physique at its best. Though her attributes and characteristics come natural, she harbors a strong awareness as a courtesan to constantly maintain and improve herself. She cures her image as the ideal companion for upscale gentlemen who seek the company of such a lady. She is sophisticated in the sense that her suitor desires to spend regular and lengthy amounts of time with her. This is because she incites normalcy in his life as the companion that she is by evening out those areas in which he lacks. She instills happiness more as a measured lifestyle rather than a short term burst of excitement. Together, they build meaningful memories. She brings meaning and satisfaction to his life.

Connecting Deeply Through the Girlfriend Experience

Ever wonder if there are hobbyists who seek companionship for connection deeper than just a few hours of frolic? Many beautiful relationships are shared between independent escorts and hobbyists who seek meaning that delves beyond skin deep.

Understanding the role of a companion

Many companions serve different roles in diverse capacities. Spending an hour or two with a gentleman to entertain him is probably the most common. But there are companions and independent escorts whose roles in the lives of their hobbyist friends extend far beyond a quick tryst. These ladies are well acquainted with passion. They are confidantes whether gentlemen express their deepest feelings or taboo desires. A courtesan understands the psychological composition of her client. She is nurturing in an emotional aspect. She caters to his physical needs much in the same way a massage therapist ‘feels’ the physiological needs of her patient. No matter her label, a provider is a master of men. Her expert tuition lovingly and compassionately nurtures his physical, emotional and psychological whims according to his needs and requests.

What circumstances lead a gentleman to an escort?

It is true that many men seek the company of an escort because they want to have a good time. Motivation is different from man to man. Perhaps he is single and is looking for a thrill. He may be lonely and desire to confide in a companion who pampers him and takes care of him in many ways. He might come from a troubled marriage and seek healing in total confidentiality. Perhaps his needs are of a fetish nature and he secretly desires to explore them. On a different note, there are women, girlfriends and wives with cravings to explore introduction of another woman into their relationships. In all cases, sensual openness is the main component in assisting ladies and gentlemen to understand and fulfill their needs.

Deep connection
Deep connection

Defining the deep connection

Establishing chemistry moves beyond stunning lingerie, a good time and a few laughs. There is a strong sense of openness, a flame that is ignited, a kindling of the spirits that turns a date into an ongoing affair. It might take two or three encounters to seal this kind of connection. As with any relationship, qualities build from there. As a result, there are those hobbyist/escort interactions that evolve into sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangements. There are also gentlemen who re-discover intimacy with their wives through interacting with an independent escort. They talk about their marriages in a therapeutic form. And there are couples who seek to explore their relationships with the guided hand of a companion.

closeup picture of man and woman's hands with gift box
closeup picture of man and woman’s hands with gift box

The girlfriend experience is a multi-faceted one

It means different things to different people. Just the same, different factors draw hobbyists to independent escorts for different reasons. Most certainly, it is the emotional familiarity of the experience to which they connect and often even nostalgia that men seek. There are many different layers of love. Marriage represents one of them. Some hobbyists fall in love with their companions as a result of the connection. Regardless, intimacy seems to be the missing link in marriages or relationships that lead gentlemen to find the girlfriend experience within the company of an independent escort.

Fervent kisses, Chloe xoxo

Tolerance in the World of Hobbying

Escorts and Hobbying are no exceptions in a world rich with cultural diversity and individuality. Respecting the opinions and behaviors of others should be an attitude inherent in every situation whether in the hobby, office, family or every day civilian life.

A state of respect

A gentleman should not date any escort (or any woman for that matter) if he cannot show deference toward her. Those men with hateful attitudes who date companions, inflicting their hostility should find another hobby and instead put their dollars toward therapy to improve the health of their psychological dispositions. We at City Girls have heard incredible stories of amazing independent escorts who continue to enrich the lives of their hobbyist friends with kind personalities and generous abilities to restore their senses of self worth.

Heart and Arrow Symbol on computer key
Heart and Arrow Symbol on computer key

A portrait of female humanity

Companionship really can encompass so much. Of course, there are those trite encounters – wam bam, thank you maam – that quench urgent yearnings associated with the company of a beautiful escort. But today’s modern courtesan has the ability to offer depth. There are sugar daddies that enrich the lives of their sugar babies with higher standards of living. But there are also amazing companions who instill not only satisfaction in their friends but confidence, self-worth and reinforcement of their significance as human beings.

She has undeniable cachet

Is it so unusual that a beautiful female with a magnificent body and the ability to drown your desires with ethereal pleasure also be blessed with distinctive qualities unbeknownst to most? Perhaps the main stream would prefer to dispel same but I will shout it out. Seek the woman who meets the aforementioned description and you as a gentleman will pleasantly discover that she exists in shapes and sizes to satisfy every masculine need (and feminine for that matter!).

The archetypal woman

She is a masterpiece of delicate creation, a dichotomy of strength and gentleness. She worships her man yet advocates equal rights for her gender. She cares deeply for her family (not always blood-related) and stands with authority for ethics and values. She dances to her own tune but harbors a sensitive side often overshadowed by her undying vigor. She is profoundly mindful of the temple that is her body and is aware that her presence may intimidate or confuse other females. Her energy is contagious and unwavering but never gets in the way of her relationships. She is a bouquet of pleasure from the most mundane to the most spiritual and erotic of episodes.

Adore the escort who graces your life

The sphere of ladies who entertain and enrich for a living is broad with flavors for every appetite. Select your company with prudence and then indulge in a decathlon of pleasures bestowed upon you. Remember that your memories compose a mental diary forever etched in your mind. Enjoy accordingly.

Why Women Like Other Women

Society used to underscore the notion that a woman could only find satisfaction from a man whether sexual, economic or otherwise. Today, things are different.

Alternative relationships are celebrated and bisexuality is hip. In the world of hobbying, many independent escorts get charged by doubling up with a girlfriend, offering a hobbyist the experience of a lifetime. What is the mystique that one woman finds in another?

Many women are bisexual whether they admit it or not

Despite a common social misconception that providers ‘are only in it for the money’, there are plenty of independent escorts who sincerely enjoy what they do from start to finish. In fact, many escorts are drawn to companionship specifically because they get license to explore that inner part of themselves that longs for expression. They enjoy the company of a man and a woman whether separately or together (threesomes or ménage a tois). When such independent escorts are in the good company of a gentleman (or lady) who appreciates these qualities the sky is the limit!

Can a hobbyist tell if she is faking it?

Unless a provider features her duality or that she will entertain couples, she is probably not into women. There are straight companions who will comply with a hobbyist’s request to bring along one of her girlfriends on their date. Just imagine dining with two sizzling hot beauties! Such a hobbyist would be the envy of every man (and I guarantee you – several women!) But when it gets down to the nitty gritty, how does she perform? Is she hungry for her? Or does she simply tolerate the intensity of the dynamic? In a frenzy of ecstasy, some hobbyists may overlook this falsity, overwhelmed by the realization of their fantasies. But should they? In all her genuineness, the independent escort who loves to taste the art and sensuality that embodies the female form offers an epiphany in the love life of a hobbyist. Now that my friends, is priceless!

Dynamics between two women are different

If you think one woman gives you enough depth, putting two together will catapult your pleasure to the tenth power! Beware: female energy is rich and powerful, intuitive and instinctual. In the case of lesbian relationships or [female] friends with benefits, the bond can be noticeably intense. Women understand each other better. We get being female. Romantic friendships between women are glorious and supercharged with sexual implications whether or not the relationship ever ventures into the physical realm. While each gender brings something different to the table, heterosexual relationships will always be characterized by the ‘men are from Mars, women are from Venus’ phenomenon at some point in the juncture. There are plenty of toys out there for women in same sex relationships that simulate the likeness of a man’s person, enabling the two lovers to find masculine fulfillment in the absence of a man. I believe the reader knows what I am talking about.

Sexuality is more fluid than ever

Ever spot two spectacularly feminine women screaming sexiness while holding hands in public? With all of that bursting cleavage, long flowing hair, lean legs in 4-inch stilettos and mini-skirts, what head wouldn’t rotate? God bless the man who is seated discreetly at a table for the standing ones are sure to pitch prominent tents down South and severely piss of their wives! However, the smart wives will take advantage of that free visual stimulation and capitalize on the obvious fantasies of their husbands and satisfy their own physical needs. Why not!

Women are irresistible to both genders

While she may not admit it, every female at some point in her life has been attracted to another to some degree. Women have the capability to be just that electrifying. When a woman takes care of herself and is confident that she is attractive (both externally and internally), her aura of sexual energy radiates. When that same woman is open minded enough to partake in the company of another woman, together they form a sensual powerhouse defining the essence of why women like other women.

KamaSutra: Living the Sensuous Lifestyle, Part 1

It is true that The KamaSutra is a sex manual instrumental for those who want to get it on with their partner. But it is much more than that.

The KamaSutra is not only the Hindu guide to lovemaking, but considered a masterpiece about human sexual behavioretiquette and relationships. It is the perfect point of reference for every independent escort and hobbyist who want to become connoisseurs of sensual pleasure. There are several themes that weave the fabric of The KamaSutra. Let’s take a cursory look at some of them:

Confidence prevails over sexual prowess

It is not about how good a man is at pleasing his lover but about how he can build confidence in hispartner. A man who builds confidence in his partner will make her more receptive to his advances. This is his primary responsibility when seducing his lover. Roles are reversed with regard toindependent escorts. The KamaSutra believes that courtesans (or companions) are necessary components of society to build men’s confidence (this subject will be explored in a future article).

Persistence will win a woman

The KamaSutra preaches persistence over “easy” love, natural mates and biological instinct. Whether a hobbyist or not, a man should realize that every woman requires persistent attention to break down her defenses and win her over. What better way to enhance intimacy? While viewed as discriminatory by some, learning the lessons of The KamaSutra will enable a man to get any woman he wants.

Love is a game

Winning the affection of your partner is a sort of dance, a game to be played wherein loversmanipulate each other. While a man should show off in front of his woman and pretend not to like her, he should persistently offer signs of affection to build her confidence. On the other hand, an independent escort should shower a hobbyist with attention to demonstrate that he is the only one for her as long as they are together. It is even better when her affections are natural!

The four types of love

There is love by habit, love by imagination(possibly infatuation), mutual love and love that is not categorized. The latter is considered to be the most powerful of all. I would venture to say that love by imagination characterizes someescort/hobbyist relationships in the form of intoxicating lustful infatuation.

Learn the principals that support living a sensuous lifestyle

City Girls believes that understanding the inner workings of human sexual behavior taught by The KamaSutra will ultimately enhance and enrich relationships between independent escorts and hobbyists. We can all benefit from a sense of freedom that exists when our sexuality is liberated!

Hobbying: How to Survive as a Hobbyist

No matter how long you’ve been involved in the hobbying, there are prevailing factors to consider on a regular basis.

Whether you are single, married, divorced or retired, discretion and conduct are the keys to safe and enjoyable involvement with companions.

At City Girls, we’ve heard from many of our VIP members who all seem to echo the same factors about hobbying. We decided to organize a set of guidelines based upon what we’ve heard the most.

Principles of Hobbying

After you’ve gotten a little experience with escorts under your belt, be practical and decide what you want to do with the hobby and how far you want to go. Below are a few things to consider:

  • The frequency with which you would like to see a companion – once a week, once per month, sporadically on business trips?
  • To what extent you would like to get involved – are you looking for an occasional girl friend experience or a regular companion?
  • Match your personal economics with your hobbying desires – to be quite blunt, decide what you can afford without neglecting your finances.

As with anything, planning according to your lifestyle is critical. Without a plan, your involvement as a hobbyist as well as other areas of your life can go awry getting you into personal or financial trouble. 

Define your philosophy

We have five words for you: hang on to your knickers! While there are a few hobbyist/providerrelationships that have turned ‘conventional’ and even led to marriage, that scenario is definitely the minority. Release yourself and indulge in your fantasies as if there is no tomorrow. However, hold on to your emotions and maintain a healthy balance with your psychology. Respect is always important. While intimacy can color a conversation, an interaction or more, partaking in the ‘girl friend experience’ with a companion is an ideal situation, intensified to the max. When you part ways, it’s over until the next encounter, should you decide to go there.

Hobbyists have goals, too!

Define parameters of companion dating and stick to them. On a day-to-day basis, things to consider are work hours, your spouse, family and other extracurricular activities (do you golf with your buddies, attend a book club with your wife and mutual friends?). Your hobbying schedule should not interfere with any of these at the risk of creating suspicion. Moreover, it should be structured in such a way that your hobbying activities are totally under the radar so that no one is aware of your actions. Advance preparation should be planned delicately and with utmost importance.

What’s your privacy policy?

Proper discretion and forethought about your emotional and physical conduct will take you far in the hobby. The lack of either can ruin your life. The hobby is about pursuing intimacy in your spare time and if you don’t play your cards right you can lose big. Run don’t walk from a provider who doesn’t require screening. By the same token, check references and look for good reviews. While the majority of escorts will uphold your privacy and even feature trustworthiness as part of their service, a hobbyist must still proceed with caution. It is always a good rule of thumb to keep your endeavors under your belt. Even though you may just have had the experience of a lifetime with a goddess of a woman and beaming from ear to ear, mind you tongue. Bragging (or even mentioning) your hobbying affairs to others could lead to your demise if shared with the wrong person. And how can you be sure at the moment of sharing that they are not going to turn around and gossip about your secret?

You have to live with yourself

Whether you decide to play occasionally or regularly, City Girls has the best interest at heart for all of its VIP members. Thinking smart, playing safe and keeping your wits about you are the best methods of conduct when managing your hobby. At City Girls, we make it our job to establish a safe and professional environment, paving the way for our VIP members to make the most of their dating experiences!