Screening-The Danger and Uncertainty of Reference Checking, Part I

Screening of hobbyists and providers is a critical process that is not to be taken lightly. Otherwise, you are swimming in turbulent waters by placing every aspect of your life deadcenter in the hands of a stranger when meeting with a person whom you do not know. Even if you have met with that person before and the date was a success, their true identity is not guaranteed. Or is it?


At one point, City Girls was the new kid on the block

Sure, we were experienced in the field of professional dating, but we lacked the trust of our peers because no one knew where we came from. Faced by skepticism of others in the industry, we relied upon reference checking, verification services and other methods, processes that were anything but reliable. It is a confession that we cringe to admit. A surefire method, employment verification was a process that we only dreamed about.

Why bother with employment verification?

Still green in the tedious process of verification, we weren’t really interested in this method. Reference checking seemed sufficient. Why not? Everyone else was doing it — and still is, for that matter. But at some point, the problems began.

Old school verification methods guarantee risk

With a growing sense of uncertainty came the decision to review our verification policies. Because reference checking is not a foolproof answer to safety, problems naturally surfaced. Most notably was an incident involving a moron that had been ‘verified’ by an Asian-run agency in New Jersey. It was the year 2013. Upon entering the hotel suite to greet his date, this idiot proceeded to ransack the room for anything he could grab. The independent escort screamed at the top of her lungs for help which scared him away, but not before he took off with her mobile phone. Thank you, Asian agency for opening our eyes to the perils of reference checking! We were terribly relieved that the escort’s life was not endangered.


An incident that could have cost lives and our Club was the moment of truth
What if that creep had been a psychopath? Sexual predator? No one wants to think about the potential consequences. Through this crisis, we realized that all information provided by this jerk was false. Moreover, we certainly had to consider the disturbing possibility that the entire predicament was a scam orchestrated by the Asian agency in an effort to jeopardize the good standing of City Girls! It was at this point that we banned the entire reference checking process.

Renee, owner of Après Vous Agency enlightened us

It was a booming year for City Girls as we were calling everyone in their mother for reference checks. Après Vous was no exception. Just imagine the volume of outgoing calls when you consider the fact that we were verifying hundreds of hobbyists on a monthly basis. We recall our first and only phone conversation with Renee that is forever seared in our memories. Keep in mind that this female business owner is kind, respectful and patient. But on this occasion, she was annoyed by the volume of our incoming calls (around ten per day) we were imposing upon her staff, often during peak business hours. What other solution did we have to verify our members? During our fifteen minute conversation with Renee, we learned vital information that set the course of the future for City Girls Club: rather than bogging down phone lines with bothersome calls for references, why not use employment verification? Thank you, Renee! The rest is history.

City Girls discovered the silver lining of that dangerous occurrence

Every member’s name had to be verified before scheduling a date and every member’s identification had to be shown at the beginning of an appointment. Subsequently, things felt right. Authenticity ensures accountability when you know a gentleman’s true identity. Such a method breeds trust between two people who are meeting for the first time. Without this obligation, a gentleman is not liable for his actions in that he is given free reign to violate or worse, harm an escort and thereby capable of vanishing without a trace. What recourse would we have had with the agency reference who verified this dude? None.


The shocking truth revealed after verification policy change

A statistical pattern surfaced:

About 90% of names were either fake or modified;
Nine out of ten guys used names different than the names that showed on their IDs.

Wow! Where was the safety in reference checking if in fact, none of the data provided was accurate? We were mortified to learn that had we continued to use the reference checking process, we might have under minded the confidence of thousands of City Club members who entrusted us with their loyalty and safety. Since then, we have not encountered any issues with the security of our members.


Stay tuned for our next article about screening

Part two in a series of three, look for our next article about The Secure Method of Employment Verification. See you there!

Are You a Peculiar Hobbyist?

There are gentlemen in the hobby with uncommon characteristics. They may have idiosyncrasies that separate them from the ‘average’ hobbyist in the form of physical, psychological or circumstantial conditions. Here at City Girls, we consider every person as an equal, no matter their persuasion, ethnicity, physical state or social status.

This article reaches out to such hobbyists while also speaking to independent escorts who may spend time in the future with these unique gentlemen.

Disabled man in suit with bouquet of flowers

Physically disabled hobbyists

Such a gentleman may be bound to a wheelchair, rely upon medical devices/equipment or struggle with diabetes, obesity or excessive weight. Despite his physical limitations, he has needs just like every other man. It takes an independent escort with a compassionate and empathetic personality to accommodate him both on physical and emotional levels. As a result of his physical restrictions, this hobbyist may require a handicap-accessible location and special attention to an environment that will address his condition. He may not be able to perform like other men and will benefit from an escort who can bend her policies and services while retaining her personal and professional comfort level. His self-esteem may be delicate and require a gentle companion who can reinforce his confidence. A companion who spends time with a disabled hobbyist has a lot to think about in advance and should consider every detail very carefully.

Hobbyists with mental challenges

An independent escort should carefully consider her ability, desire and safety when entertaining a gentleman with any sort of clinically mental issue. Does this hobbyist deal with a neurosis? If so, what symptoms characterize the illness? Is he bi-polar, paranoid or schizophrenic? The right provider will accept his disorder as part of a normal lifestyle for him and place special emphasis on friendship and understanding. He will value her companionship and might even become a very loyal client.


The importance of diet and medication

An escort should never entertain a client without first confirming his physical

and mental dispositions and any dietary limitations and medicinal requirements. A hobbyist who fails to take his meds can present a life and death situation to an independent escort, thereby placing her livelihood and safety at risk. If he has severe allergies, she should know about them in advance. If he is diabetic, she should ensure that she offers him appropriate snacks. She must confirm in advance and at the time of greeting that he has taken any required medication on a timely basis. Further, she should rely upon her intuition, her ‘gut instinct’ if you will, whether or not she feels that he is being truthful.

Hobbyists with physical deficiencies

Physical birth defects, deformities from arthritis, malformed limbs, and scars from burns or car accidents alter the physique of this hobbyist. A companion should be secure within herself, knowing and accepting that he is human with feelings and needs just like every other person on this planet. Never should she judge him or form a negative opinion. Part of her job as a professional companion is to reassure him that she accepts him for the person he is.


Hobbyists accompanied by others

A gentleman may request an escort to visit him in his home if he is a caretaker. There are actually some hobbyists who either care for elderly parents or are elderly persons themselves. The situation may be perfectly safe. However, an independent escort should use extreme caution in ensuring that the arrangement will not adversely impact her safety, discretion and privacy. Though this type of occasion seems unusual, it is probably perfectly realistic for the client who will appreciate his companion’s services. Again, an escort must always exercise good judgment when determining the truthfulness of her client and the authenticity of the encounter.

Achieving a successful date with special circumstances
A hobbyist should fully disclose any uncommon physical or mental challenges to his companion. In turn, an escort should do her homework educating and preparing herself in advance. The hobbyist should not take advantage of his escort and neither should get emotionally attached. When both parties are prepared, the groundwork will be in place for a fantastic encounter.

Managing Emotions in Escort Dating

What is the true nature of a meeting between a hobbyist and an independent escort? While discretion is paramount, a companion’s emotional warmth should be sincere yet measured within a zone that feels safe to her. Not all providers may agree with this as there are those who keep clients at far more than an arm’s length. All being said, how an escort and a hobbyist choose to manage their emotions is purely subjective.

The decent and trustworthy gentleman who deserves a little more

He is a companion’s best client. He demonstrates his patronage by requesting the pleasure of her company often. He revels in her presence and there is a sense of loyalty about him. She may recognize him as a gem and even a friend. One would suspect that such an ideal hobbyist/provider relationship deserves extra recognition because there is value evident on both sides. Perhaps such a scenario should allow for genuine warmth and a certain amount of trust.

Screening is important
Portrait of the man in a hood against an urbanistic wall – stranger. Screening is Important!

The green provider who ignores her instincts

Independent escorts who are new to the industry should learn to recognize men who take advantage of naïve providers. In this situation, an independent escort who is not backed by a club or agency may be placing herself in harm’s way without properly screening potential clients. In this case, possessing good common sense is critical. Without such, she may override her instincts for the mere sake of scheduling an appointment. Regrettably, there are plenty of providers who exercise poor judgment and place their reputations or even lives in danger as a result.

Where to draw the line with empathy

The genuine girl friend experience illustrates a perfect circumstance. When a hobbyist finds himself in a state of emotional neediness due to divorce or marital problems, he may be vulnerable. An independent escort who feels a sense of kinship and genuine compassion to this man may open the doors to sentiment. Her sincere intentions as well as his unguarded disposition make the recipe for feelings gone awry. She should never lose touch with her professionalism and always keep her focus on the client/provider relationship.

sugar relationship
Male and female legs during a date

Managing a sugar relationship

While neither man nor companion may refer to themselves as sugar daddy or sugar baby respectively, many such interactions take on all the characteristics defined by sugar. It is rare that a married man with ties to his family will leave his household to fully devote himself to his sugar baby. Therefore, a companion turned sugar baby should keep her wits about her and never fail to recognize the relationship for what it really is – one with benefits and boundaries.

The hobby can be richly rewarding or devastatingly damaging

It is not always easy to keep the mind and emotions separate for they often run parallel. Wisdom in navigating the hobby is truly about safety on every level: hygiene, emotion, reputation and even death. Whether you are a hobbyist or a provider, you should always keep your wits about you, never ignoring your instincts. There is always that little voice whispering deep down inside. It generally knows best.

Many kisses, Chloe xoxo

How to Smell Seductive on Your Date

How important is scent to a woman? Well. Let me tell you, lovers. A captivating scent can make the difference between hitting a home run with an escort and just getting to first base!

Don’t go overboard, guys. Smelling seductive on a date is a fine blend between your pheromones shining through and triggering desire with scent. Leave your lover wanting more!

Taking a shower is super sexy

While this topic may sound redundant to many hobbyists (oh Chloe! We’ve all heard this a thousand times), I guarantee that by the end of this article, you will have a new perspective on how to be sexy! Being attractive is not limited only to an escort. Start by taking a nice, hot shower and wash with a neutral soap or body wash that is not scented. When you are all finished, your body will be a fresh palate upon which you will dab your scent in places that matter.

Use a neutral deodorant

I hate to say it but the only thing worse than a hobbyist that reeks of body odor is one that smells of a pungent, repulsive deodorant. Using an unscented deodorant/antiperspirant combo works great eliminating bacterial odors. If you tend to sweat or perspire a lot, your doctor can prescribe something stronger.

Do not select just any cologne!

Visit a reputable store that excels in customer service and a broad selection of fragrances such as Nordstrom. For those hobbyists comfortable enough with their companions to join them go for it! It always helps to get your partner’s input. The best time to shop is in the morning when your body chemistry is fresh and your sense of smell uncluttered by a day’s worth of contamination by smog, exhaust, restaurants and the like. Before you hit the stores, decide on a few adjectives that best describe your personal style and the scent you would like to exude. Personally, I always select a fragrance that is spicy and earthy. Whether as a hobbyist your style is musky, sweet, grassy or earthy, your description will eliminate many choices and make the clerk’s life much easier! I highly recommend spending a bit more and purchasing a high end fragrance. They are quite pure, more unique and last much longer! An exotic fragrance is a sex magnet for every escort. I do not lie!

How to apply your scent

Is just as important as what scent you select. It is critical not to ‘drown’ yourself. Immediately following your shower when the skin is damp, dab your cologne in target areas. Keep in mind where your companion’s lips may be drawn and do not go there! While an intoxicating scent can be a powerful aphrodisiac, tasting it can be repulsive. Some good areas include behind the ears, the backs of the knees, wrists and a little on the chest. Be cautious about applying or spraying cologne on to your clothing as many scents can stain.

Wear clothing that doesn’t suffocate

Don’t spoil it all by wearing garments that do not breathe. Whether you live in a hot, cold or humid climate, threads matter. For all you hobbyist gents who think that I’m getting complicated, hold onto your shorts! Once you get this knowledge under your belt, your sensual life will become much easier. Cotton blends are the best, especially if your clothing is clingy. Synthetic blends such as polyester do not breathe and may actually promote perspiration. If you live in a cold climate layer your clothing. If you live in a warm climate, beware of linen shirts as they are suckers for [body odor] stain.

Fresh breath is just as important as wearing an expensive cologne

Two words for every hobbyist and every independent escort: avoid garlic. While you may appear like a Greek god, sport deep pockets and drive a car fueled with testosterone, the bubble is sure to burst if your breath smells like a culinary sewer. For any escort, there is simply no greater turn off next to body odor and rudeness for that matter. Obviously, you must adapt a certain level of awareness as it pertains to your diet when considering fresh breath that actually attracts your companion. If the garlic and onions somehow find their way into your diet due to a company dinner, have on hand some good breath supplements which you can pop immediately following that decadent meal (orderable online or purchasable at your local health food store). Fortified with parsley and other effective ingredients, they are sure to do the trick and eradicate that foul breath. Prior to your date, brush well and gargle with mouthwash. Carry a traveler’s pack in your car for spontaneous use. Avoid the following ingredients on your date: garlic, onions and any cuisine that is heavily spiced. Consume plenty of water during your date with your companion. Simply put, smoking is a no no! Ugh. Yuck. Gross.

City Girls wants you to smell like success

Where can hobbyists find lessons in etiquette? Right here at City Girls! If your masculinity is beating at your chest, quell that manly whisper and know that we care about the quality of your love life. Follow our words of wisdom and you will thank us!

Hannah – The Girl Wonder of Providers

She’s a natural beauty, adorable, fresh and angelic. She could easily be mistaken for a Victoria’s Secret supermodel. She’s wearing a baseball cap, long, clingy skirt and tight little t-shirt. Her hair is still damp from the shower but falls in tresses down her shoulders as though it had just been styled.

Even though she is unassuming, I can tell that she is the envy of any woman and the craving of every man. She could not be any more casual or any less perfect. We’re meeting at Starbucks as she greets me with a big, sisterly hug and all of the formalities of a well-bred, proper young lady. I catch myself marveling at her captivating features but am soon caught up in her warmth and genuineness. My intuition kicks in and I can tell that she is not only a prodigy for all providers but for women in general. She is simple, insightful and smart. Hannah is the kind of woman I want to get to know because she is so witty, down-to-earth and real. Who could ask for more? Here’s what we talked about:

  • What do you enjoy most about being a provider?
    Hannah: I love learning new things from new friends! It doesn’t matter if those things are simple or complicated. Knowledge is so important to me and even the most unimportant things can be profound.
  • What attracts you most in a client?
    Hannah: A man who is truly well-mannered and polite brings me to life! When he’s funny and humorous, I get even more attracted. But when he sincerely cares about people and shows that side to me, I’m head over heels!
  • What do you like most about yourself?
    Hannah: I feel that I’m naturally mature. Sure, I love to be silly and have fun but I never forget my responsibilities whether it’s about friends, family or other things. I’m a faithful and committed person. I am dedicated to my relationships because that’s how I was brought up. Life is a toy store! How could I ever get bored? Even when there’s nothing to do there’s something to do.
  • Would you consider yourself an exhibitionist?
    Hannah: No. But I do like it when my partner gets excited watching me when we’re in private. That really turns me on! (Hannah turns two shades of pink as she blushes from the question.)
  • What is your favorite thing to do when you have private time?
    (Hannah’s eyes drop as she chuckles and I can tell she’s going to talk about something revealing – a quality I’ve already fallen in love with.) I take pleasure in simple things like washing my clothes, reading funny stories (they make me feel good), observing my “friends” when we’re together, taking long walks. In Moscow I enjoy going to karaoke with my best girl friend. I sing very badly but I don’t care. I love it! Back home I like to take care of my plants and flowers. It’s like meditation for me. Usually by the time I get back home after touring, I see how they grew up without me as if they were wild and independent. I see how many of them I have and sometimes it even seems to me that I find myself in the film Jumanji in the scene with live, wild plants. But after my current tour here in America, I’m afraid I might find a cemetery of plants and that makes me sad but I try not to think about it.
  • What qualities in a person will win your heart?hannah
    Hannah: I love that question! It is a person with a big, open heart who is attentive and kind to me and other people; someone who is a leader, but modest and exacting at the same time; a man who is diplomatic because he understands compromise. He is calm and forgiving. When I meet such a man, I am so grateful and want to win his heart!
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
    Hannah: In 5 years I see myself by the side of the man I love, starting a family and raising our children.
  • Why did you decide to become an escort?
    Hannah: Right now, life is about having fun, traveling and meeting new people from all over the world. It makes me so happy! Plus, I’m not in a relationship so the timing is perfect.

Dynamics of a Threesome (couple)

The energy between a man and two women can be delicate, especially when the woman is his wife. If you as a couples escort have been approached to spend time with a married couple, City Girls believes that paying careful attention to details and subtle nuances will result in a successful encounter. Let’s explore a few:

When it comes to a trio, the psychological impact that beauty and appearance make on a woman can be quite different than the impact they have on a man. It is your job to ‘read’ your new friends to stay in control of the situation by keeping them comfortable and at ease with you. They contacted you because they found you quite attractive. Most likely, the husband will orchestrate the encounter. When the three of you finally meet, your appearance will make a split second impression. The first words that fall from your mouth will pretty much seal that impression. Never ‘out dress’ or ‘outdo’ the wife. It’s a good idea to communicate with the couple prior to your meeting to determine if the engagement is a good fit (you want positive memories to resound long after your engagement). In doing so, you will gain a good sense of what to wear and how to present yourself, thereby matching the energy of the wife. If not handled elegantly, beauty becomes a liability whereas you’ve always felt it to be an asset. Don’t leave your psychology hat at home! Read on…

Who calls the [emotional] shots?

While this may be a generalization, usually it’s the wife. If the husband is smart, he’ll hang on to his knickers, sit back and allow the two of you to get comfortable. Play into her hands and get on her good side immediately. Get to know her. When she feels in control of the situation, all three will ease into harmony.

Bonding with the wife

As an independent escort, you are a professional entertainer. Whether you go for a walk in the park, attend an affluent social event or meet for cocktails in the intimate setting of a private suite, it is your job to quickly assess and constantly monitor the emotional and psychological dispositions of your clients. On the outside, you are approachable, easy to talk to and emanate a sense of safety about your presence. On the inside, your brain is a machine working a mile a minute. What is she thinking? How is her body language? You can be sure she has summed you up in the first minutes of your meeting. What does she want and need from you? Is she nervous? Does she want you all to herself or did her husband persuade her? The eyes in the back of your head are watching the husband’s behavior all the while. Once you have made these realizations, you can proceed to bond with her. Find her innermost beauty and essence and become best friends if only for the moment. Like her. Win over the wife and you’ve already succeeded. Carry it through to the end of your date and you’ve got repeat clients.

Achieving harmony in the trio

It is critical to pay close attention to the dynamic between you as an escort and the energy that’s crackling between the husband and wife as a couple. It is a balancing act equivalent to juggling 4 beach balls. Always be alert and never let your persona falter. They want you to transform them to another realm not present in their marriage. They are relying on you and despite how things may appear, it is your professional responsibility to take them there and give them the times of their lives.

Make them fall in love with you

When you have mastered your beauty to work to your advantage, determined who the leader in the relationship is, bonded with the wife and achieved harmony between the three of you, this couple who are your clients will fall in love with you. They will reminisce and fantasize about the experience long after the occasion. Your success as an independent escort entertaining a married couple then becomes a magical potion that will stimulate the quality of their marriage.

City Girls believes that the successful escort is one who spends time with her clients with the intention of turning them into long term clients

That is one of the secrets of increasing the stability of your job. When you have repeat clients your time is freed to focus on making new friends. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Rebuilding a Broken Man

A close friend of mine recently went through a divorce. Even an amicable breakup is fraught with transitions and painful on some level (been there, done that). After 22 years of marriage, my friend and his wife decided it was time to part ways.

The kids had completed college. The romance had long ago dried up and the only things left were the mortgage on the second home and severing investment accounts. While his ex-wife gleefully went about her new life traveling and having tea with her female friends, Tomás found himself lonely and incomplete from a life that seemed to have dumped him at the side of a curb in a foreign city.

Ongoing demands of his business absorbed his attention but evenings and weekends settled in with loud silence mocking his new independence

Tomás grew to dread his solitude, parched for attention, longing for a woman’s appreciation. But how to meet someone new? He felt handicapped by expired dating skills, not having been ‘on the scene’ for decades and a little emotionally awkward.

One Saturday, Tomás called me, nervously tripping over his words as he inquired about what I do (which he already knew). I sensed where he was going with the question so I carefully suggested that perhaps he should consider scheduling a date with one of the escorts at City Girls. Relieved by my proposal, he agreed.

Two weeks and three dates later, Tomás and I met for coffee after the gym. I didn’t recognize the man. He was smiling with a glow on his face and practically bouncing with a light and easy demeanor. Gone was the heaviness that had consumed him following the divorce. Tomás knows he can talk to me about anything. Our friendship is that solid. We don’t judge each other. Over espresso, he recounted the story of Anna as I sat in awe at the resurrection of a broken man. He granted me permission to share some of the details with my readers. I am giddy with excitement.

Tomás perused the City Girls website and came across the profile of a woman who appealed to his physical tastes and he hoped his intellectual preferences. For sure, she had to be a consummate GFE for Tomás needed emotional nurturing and reinforcement of his manhood.

Good Lord in heaven, the man had been revived!

Tomás was transformed, re-invented with a new lease on life. Anna’s womanly skills as a friend, lover and confidante had renewed Tomás with assurance I hadn’t seen in years. Not to mention, he recited in vivid detail aspects of her beauty, positively sensual figure and nonstop erotic energy. Their physical escapades called upon Tomás’ stamina from years of working out. But I really think more than anything her fresh, candid personality returned youthfulness to Tomás which had waned throughout the demise of his marriage.

The time Tomás spends with Anna is totally private

He is a kind and generous person with utmost respect for women. A modest man, he prefers to keep his affairs under his hat. I think he is planning to take Anna to the Bahamas soon for a weekend getaway. Has Tomás become a hobbyist? He’s the type who will probably see Anna extensively over a long period of time so it remains to be seen. I wouldn’t exactly call him a sugar daddy either. He did become a VIP Member of City Girls, inspired by Anna. In any event, I am thrilled for him and pleased that I could be there as a friend to share his happiness.

Mechanics of a Good Hobbyist

I was recently talking with a girlfriend who is a very successful companion in Boston, Massachusetts. For the sake of privacy, I shall refer to her as Brit. Brit ranks among the top 100 providers on TER, nationwide.

She has an attractive website and fantastic photos. What’s more, she’s a kind person with a heart of gold – you can tell in the first few minutes of speaking to her. She knows exactly what kind of man she likes. She even uses Google Analytics to track statistics on her website. She is a true professional, independent companion. Yet, she voiced some concerns and frustrations about the type of clientele attracted to her lately. She has been questioning what she might do differently. She will be joining the Club at City Girls. But then we got to talking about the gentlemen in her life and the types that she is attracted to. Together, we came up with many traits that she believes characterize a good hobbyist. Here’s what we discussed:

A gentleman should abide by a companion’s method of contact

Brit is very particular about how a hobbyist contacts her. She will not hesitate to disregard an inquiry from a potential, new client if he sends her a cryptic email instead of completing her contact form. She feels strongly about her preferred method because she is more of a dinner date/overnight type companion and is very selective. Yet, she struggles with this rigidity, wondering if she’s doing the right thing or selling herself short. Recently, she responded to a gentleman who contacted her by email. Hesitant to make the exception, she met the new hobbyist anyway. Reportedly, he was one of the best looking men she has ever met. Ladies, above all, listen to your intuition!

He should appreciate you and desire to see you beyond one date

I think we all know when we are being disrespected or unappreciated. As an independent escort, just because you are a professional entertainer does not mean that you must compromise your ethics or values for the sake of a date. Brit believes that because she has upheld her standards she has attracted a higher quality clientele. Now, one of her midterm goals is to increase the number of repeat clients whom she sees so that she can devote more quality time on a longer term basis. In Brit’s case, less is more.

Look for chemistry and harmony

Brit identified chemistry as one of the most important requirements when deciding whether or not to see a hobbyist. She emphasized that she must like her clients. And by ‘like’ she meant getting along well with them, sharing similar interests and being able to sustain a conversation. She looks for these features in a new hobbyist and feels that in doing so she is more likely to establish a longer term relationship. This also means that Brit turns down potential suitors. As a result, Brit has slowly transformed her business into one abundant with travel to exotic destinations, upscale dinner dates and really, pure enjoyment of life. Way to go, girl!

A man should pay attention to payment protocol and avoid negotiating

If ever a guy wants to ruffle the feminine feathers of a companion, all he has to do is insult her by discussing donations or the forbidden – negotiate. In Brit’s case, she will immediately end a date and cease from ever communicating with the hobbyist again. Stick to your guns, chicas!

A gentleman practices good hygiene that way you do

What woman finds attractive the hobbyist who shows up stale or stinky, not just freshly showered with minty breath and neatly shaven? It doesn’t take long for a man to groom himself and he most certainly takes less time than us girls. So what does it say about the man who smells from the day’s stress? It says a lot, my friends. We at City Girls believe that you shouldn’t compromise on such a standard because an ill-kept hobbyist is also one who does not respect you enough to take a 10-minute shower.

Your date should understand screening and adhere to your boundaries

At City Girls, an escort does not have to worry about screening because clients are pre-screened before she sees them. However, an independent escort such as Brit bears the burden of screening clients herself if she is to look out for her safety (another reason why she is joining City Girls). Assume your client has passed your screening process. Now, you must ensure that he understands and respects your boundaries. I talked about this in a previous article. Go here to find out more.

Question the legitimacy of gift-giving

I mean no offense to any gentleman who is wishes to embellish his date with the generosity of a gift! What girl will not be flattered? However, in the best interest of the girls, I am talking about the hobbyists who gives a gift laced with ulterior motives because he desires to manipulate her into doing something that she wouldn’t otherwise do. Brit talked about this. In fact, she does not accept gifts at all. I personally find that to be a bit extreme but it works for her. She prefers to avoid any complications, whatsoever. On the other hand, a gift given in all sincerity but denied by its recipient can offend the giver. It’s all about paying attention to the subliminal messages during your date.

What’s the formula for defining the perfect date?

Well, there is none. Wait! Before you get disappointed, re-read this article and others linked within. You will begin to see a pattern that emerges based upon your personal style and goals. Yes, escorting is a real job and therefore should have pre-defined goals. As your goals take shape, so will the quality of your clientele improve. These are words coming from Brit, a lady who has definitely carved her niche at the top in the world of independent escorting.

Excellence in Escorting

Setting personal guidelines

The opposite of harmony is chaos. Chaos is disorder or confusion and that’s what you risk if you as an escort don’t set some personal guidelines by which to conduct your business. In the world of escorting, knowing where you stand ethically on a date can minimize jeopardizing your safety.

What hobbyists think of boundaries

Boundaries and personal guidelines both imply similar things. Whether or not a hobbyist frowns upon the notion of boundaries they are vital for every escort. Your personal guidelines should be in place long before you meet with your date. As an independent escort, you are the one in control of your life and when it comes to your date you set the mood and progression. Contrary to some opinions, whether or not he realizes it ahobbyist needs to get a sense of what your boundaries are. Otherwise, how will he know if you are the provider for him? Example: should he try to reach you by phone and you don’t answer because you only communicate by email he may get frustrated if you haven’t established your method of contact. I’m not suggesting that you hand your client a list of personal dos and don’ts. To name just a few, some of your personal guidelines might include:

  • Only communicating by email or text messaging (talking by phone is off limits for many escorts)
  • Not offering GFE (and knowing what the meaning entails)
  • Only offering PSE (and knowing what the meaning entails)
  • Meeting a client in a public place before proceeding with your date
  • Not allowing your client to video tape the two of you during your date
  • Not emailing personal photos to clients and knowing how to handle the requests
  • Not negotiating with your date (being prepared to end the date right then and there should you be placed in such a compromising position)
  • Requiring your client to be thoroughly screened even though he tries to persuade you otherwise (remember, as a Club Member of City Girls, your clients are automatically screened)
Armoring your emotions

You’ve just concluded a date with the man of your dreams. You are on cloud nine for he has showered you with attention and flattering gifts. What’s more, he’s the consummate gentleman, wealthy and debonair. What more could a girl ask for? But wait. Escorting is your job which excludes your heart! There is a fine line between what you ‘feel’ for a gentleman and ‘falling’ for him. Escorting, especially if you offer the girl friend experience, can be charged with emotions as you spend intimate time with your date, perhaps even connecting on an emotional and/or intellectual level. A smart escort knows where to draw the line at the moment she senses that her client may be getting a grip on her heart because she has established her personal guidelines in advance. These guidelines give her the confidence and perspective she needs to armor her emotions and navigate through the date as the professional that she is.

Your home is a safe haven

If you are one of those escorts who maintains an incall in your personal home, more power to you. Remember, that your home should be your sanctuary totally private and separate from escorting. As an escort, you are offering your time characterized by intimacy, deep communication and visual appearance every time you date a client. Not allowing clients into your home much less letting them know where you live is a personal guideline that City Girls strongly recommends for reasons surrounding your personal safety and livelihood. You never know when a client could get over zealous in his attraction to you and show up on your doorstep causing a potentially embarrassing situation or worse stalks you (no offense to gentlemanly hobbyists!).

Allowing a client to push your limits

Unfortunately, there are men who will test your limits. Adhering to your personal guidelines could save you from getting trapped in a precarious situation that could escalate into something more. (By the way, being a Club Member of City Girls is one of the best ways to minimize this risk to your personal safety as our VIP Members abide by high standards!) When an escort has established personal guidelines in which she truly believes, she is less likely to be intimidated by a man who overwhelms her by trying to push her limits. In the end, she will stand tall with dignity and respect.

Saying ‘No’ can be appealing

As we’ve talked about in previous articles, an escort who exudes self confidence is ultra sexy. City Girls believes that an independent escort who asserts her personal guidelines is more likely to attract a higher caliber of gentleman and maintain a repeat clientele. You must always consider your personal safety and guidelines first and foremost as your guiding factors. Nervously and frantically deciding in the moment to do something that a client has asked you to do with which you don’t feel comfortable is dangerous. When you have already established your personal guidelines, you prevent this crisis from happening. City Girls believes that you should not risk or sacrifice your dignity or safety in any way, shape or form! The most we can do is lend a helping hand with our sincere advice and insight. As an independent escort, the rest is up to you.

Escort Etiquette, Part I

As an escort, your date begins way before you meet. It starts when a client is drawn to your photos on the City Girls website.

It continues when he reads your biography. By the time you are face to face, he has already built a sexy, romantic image of you in his mind. As a provider, it is up to you to manifest that image, making his dreams of you come to life. Closely observe the needs of your client from the first seconds of your encounter. Paying attention to detail – his body language, the manner in which he greets you and how he speaks to you and responding accordingly, will set the pace for a successful engagement.

Always prepare yourself before a date

You may be surprised that most men pay attention to seemingly little details such as well-manicured hands, toes and soft feet; your bikini line (especially!); well-shaped eyebrows (get them professionally waxed or plucked if needed); whether or not your body is in the best shape that it can be; the style and condition of your hair and here’s the big one: the softness and suppleness of your skin. So, preparing yourself ‘before’ a date begins long before the actual date. What I am talking about is a way of life in regular maintenance of your physical and emotional being.

Dress like the bombshell that you are

I myself am a huge advocate of jeans and own at least five pairs. I’ve seen women who can make a $30 pair look like a million bucks especially regaled with the right pair of heels, flattering blouse and accessories. But unless your date specifically requests that you wear jeans (or you are going to a sporting event, park or walk on the beach), I strongly recommend expanding your creativity and wearing something else unique to your personality and style especially on your first date with a hobbyist. I never met a man who didn’t react favorably to an escort adorned in a sexy dress, skirt or other type of classy pant. When your date arrives, never answer the door wearing a robe with a towel on your head. Believe it or not, I’ve heard of some ladies who do!

Look like the girl in your photos

Unless you slip a magic potion in the beverage of your date, he will adversely react if you look very different from the girl in your photos. Chances are, you’ll get through the evening and he may even be satisfied. The worst that can happen is that he writes a negative escort review of you which then becomes part of your indelible branding and reputation as a provider who has falsely represented herself. Don’t get me wrong. The whole purpose of a good photo is to make you shine! But don’t use Photoshop as a tool to look considerably thinner or younger than you are.

Open gift receipt is a no-no!

Open discussion, or receipt of your donation should remain a business policy that is staunchly forbidden under any circumstances! Your client should know the protocol with regard to your donation. Never compromise your standards, ethics or safety if he acts otherwise. If your date attempts to engage you in discussion of your donation or gives you a hard time it is in your best interest to regrettably end the date right then and there, all with style and class, of course.

Often, a client knows immediately if he wishes to see you again

First impressions resound. Naturally, the course of your date, how you conduct yourself and whether or not your client leaves with a smile on his face impact the evening. As an independent escort, you should approach every engagement with the intention of converting your client into a repeat client because he loves to spend time with you. They are the bread and butter of your business.

City Girls endorses you!

As a provider, you need support and backing. Whether it’s from a network of friends, associates or City Girls, no woman is an island. Stand on your own as an independent escort but think smart and get the foundation that you need. City Girls is here for you!