Categorizing the Hobbyist

From our perspective, there are all sorts of hobbyists who choose to see independent escorts. Their reasons vary greatly.

They are not necessarily hobbyists though many do fit the ticket. Then of course, there are the exceptions that are not shaped by any mold. We thought it would be interesting to consider the types that City Girls encounters often.

A green nametag sticker with the words Hello I Am New for a rookie, trainee, new staff hire, newbie, beginner or apprentice
A green nametag sticker with the words Hello I Am New for a rookie, trainee, new staff hire, newbie, beginner or apprentice

New girl client

In our case, we see this gentleman often. That’s because many of the independent escorts who are a part of the CG Club fall under the guise of TOFTT (Take One for The Team). They are spectacular and come highly recommended. However, they may still be considered ‘new’ to many men in the world of adult entertainment. Perhaps more common in controlled establishments (City Girls is a private club), new girls may fall victim to the Bottom Fish Client (see below). These hobbyists may attempt to exploit the new girl and even abuse her and endanger her life. Having not been around long enough to get her ‘escort wings’, she’s finished before she’s begun. Naturally, City Girls turns their back on these types of guys. We tend to shield our independent escorts with as much knowledge and guidance as possible.

Cartoon Ball and chain. Just married man with ball and chain
Cartoon Ball and chain. Just married man with ball and chain

Married man

He chooses the company of a companion not because his marriage is happy. Most often, he and his wife co-exist in a glorified roommate situation. The marriage is loveless and totally lacks intimacy. Or, the ties that bind are financial in nature and there might be children involved in a household where divorce is unconscionable. So the marriage dwells in a hapless state. This gentleman seeks emotional, physical and psychological fulfillment from a beautiful provider. She is the best in her field offering intimacy and camaraderie in a genuine capacity. It is common for these male types to be endlessly romantic, seeking the most genuine of girl friend experiences. The lines between a professional arrangement and love relationship are sometimes blurred. While he may not fit the structured definition of a sugar daddy, the relationship may naturally flow into a hybrid version.

Beautiful woman wearing the United States flag bikini holding a football isolated over white background
Beautiful woman wearing the United States flag bikini holding a football isolated over white background

Natural asset lover

This hobbyist seeks the company of an independent escort for sport. Her physical criteria are his primary focus. While he may date only a handful of girls, he remains emotionally detached. Gratification is his main objective. He enjoys her much like he would a football game and drinking a couple of beers. Marital status does not apply.

fetish man

Fetish man

The term fetish is in a class by itself. Though we have written about the topic before, there exists a vast range of unusual interests. It could include a specific fixation on an object, body part or material facilitated by a companion who makes no claim as a fetish expert. Or, it could be a more sophisticated, psychological obsession that requires a highly specialized dominatrix.

Disguised hobbyist reviewer
Disguised hobbyist reviewer

Bottom fish client

Unfortunately, they exist. They are the ones who give the hobby a bad rap. They are the ones who will never grace the presence of City Girls’ Club of independent escorts. At the risk of sounding haughty or negative, these men may be of a belligerent nature, motivated by a desire to exploit a provider. Often, he is a woman-hater with a sketchy or unethical past. He may try to take advantage of her and in the worst case, may hurt her. Inflicting pain is not just limited to the physical. He may falsify a bad review of their encounter, knowing very well that doing so will jeopardize her career. Imposing such vengeance on the reputation of a provider can be the kiss of death and end her career. He knows this.

Businessman in classic vest against row of suits in shop
Businessman in classic vest against row of suits in shop

Perfect client

This type of gentleman is most familiar to courtesans. He seeks true companionship on a higher level. Such a courtesan is acutely aware of who she will and will not spend time with. She will turn down a client if she does not sense a genuine connection. She truly enjoys her profession and usually spends time with a handful of suitors who shower her with utmost respect, gifts and travel excursions. This man is not a hobbyist per say and his is extremely discreet. He tends to maintain his relationship for a long time, sometimes even years. They might become very close friends and he may even assist her in financial endeavors. We have heard of cases where marriage resulted.

City Girls is in no way biased toward any person

We support freedom of individuality. Every hobbyist, independent escort or sugar daddy/baby is totally unique! We recognize the good in folks and encourage that everyone practice higher ethics through virtuous behavior. Do unto others as you would have them do to you!

Many kisses, Chloe xoxo

Celebrating the Divine Miracle of Chanukah

As we enter into another splendid holiday season, the glorious year of 2013 is about to fold. For patrons of the CG blog and devoted lovers of our independent escorts, it should come as no surprise that we hold utmost respect for all of our club members across every culture, worldwide. We see no lines that separate race or creed for we were all created equal.

Happy jewish man dance with donuts and injoy hanukkah
Happy jewish man dance with donuts and injoy hanukkah

Chanukah, the Festival of Lights or Rededication, is an eight-day festival beginning on the 25th day of the Jewish month, Kislev or the eve of the 28th of November in the secular calendar. Many non Jews think of this holiday as the Jewish Christmas and it is felt among the Jewish culture to carry far less religious significance than that of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot,Passover, and Shavu’ot. In the 2nd century BCE, during the time of the Second Holy Temple and reign of Antiochus IV (successor of Alexander the Great), two groups of Jews joined forces in a revolt against oppression and desecration of their Temple led by the Selucid Greek government. According to tradition as recorded in the Talmud, success of the revolt led to rededication of the Temple. Oil was needed to light the menorah (candelabrum) but only enough was found to burn for one day. Miraculously, it burned for eight days thus commemorating the miracle declared by this eight day festival. The Hebrew word Hanukkah means “dedication.”

Enriching the lives of hobbyists and independent escorts with pure intimacy

Pleasure and entertainment marks the pinnacle of our private club. We are dedicated to catering to the needs of our VIP members with sumptuous independent escorts of a caliber second to know other club in our league.

If you are a reader who celebrates Chanukah

Know that we are thinking of you as we move forward into the month of December. When you desire a little sensual cheer to brighten your evening with a memorable girlfriend experience, remember your friends at City Girls. We are looking out for you.

Warmest Wishes, Chloe xoxo

It’s Veteran’s Day!

We at City Girls ask our readers and members to join us in taking a moment of silence to honor the heroes our great country, the United States of America. On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918, the armistice ending of World War I went into effect. A year later, President Wilson proclaimed November 11th as the first commemoration of Armistice Day. 36 years later, it was renamed Veteran’s Day to honor those who have served in armed service (not to be confused with Memorial Day, when we remember those men and women who died while serving our country).

Who are our personal heroes here at City Girls? Because our private club is maintained on a foundation of politeness and decency, our motto is simple: those who subscribe to our philosophy become our heroes.

veterans day written in the blank space of a heart sign made with the hands patterned with the colors and the stars of the United States flag
veterans day written in the blank space of a heart sign made with the hands patterned with the colors and the stars of the United States flag

Respect and dignity are paramount

Every human being is equally accountable for their attitudes and actions; nature does not discriminate. Neither the fatness of your pocket book, the magnitude of your muscles nor the grandeur of your notoriety account for much when void of esteemed conduct. Put quite simply, good manners and moral posture are qualities we look for when pairing our hobbyist club members with our independent escort club members.

Politesse separates the gentleman from the man

Do not even think of setting foot in certain countries such as France where minding your Ps and Qs are as essential as the passport that got you there. ‘Please’, ‘thank you’, holding the door for your date, opening the door of the car for her and seating her at the dinner table are just a few gracious gestures that characterize a gentleman.

Live it up but maintain your decorum

While public displays of proper behavior are highly admirable and expected, letting your hair down and cutting loose behind closed doors is something that we expect of our private club members. That is not to say that hobbyist and escort should fall victim to disrespectful or hostile interaction when no one else is around (unless you are both into your own little world of unique fetish role playing).

A demure disposition is important in public

Subtle, understated behavior is the best way to go in the world of hobbying and escorting. Your personal escapades are no one’s business and should forego passersby. Ostentatious displays of affection by a hobbyist with a drop dead gorgeous companion are frowned upon. It is best to reside beneath the radar when hobbyist and escort meet in public places in terms of fashion and body language. Save the enthusiasm for later!

When we think of a hero, we think of you

Whether you are a hobbyist, sugar daddy or gentleman looking for a fabulous date, stand tall with values and respect your lady friends. In this regard, every day is Veteran’s Day for us. But first and foremost, we pay tribute to those veteran’s who helped make this country what it is today.

Defining the Authentic Escort

Independent escorting is all about the art of relationships. Some companions are more talented than others, bestowing gratification that will mildly faze you or better yet, permanently alter your being. Whether your encounter is brief or extended, how can a hobbyist detect which lady is going to make his day verses the one is going to rock his universe?

Fashion portrait of young elegant woman in bed

How genuinely sensual is she?

There are ladies who are born sirens and others who rise to sensual epiphanies due to life circumstances. The truly erotic woman is one who knows how to handle herself and takes her profession seriously. She understands that the objective of her business lies in satisfying clients by calling upon all of their senses. In short, she enjoys being with people on a deeply intimate level. She is intuitive, patient, balanced and oh so physical. She is a ‘therapist’ of sorts, maybe not licensed but her wisdom cuts to the core of humanity as we know it. She is indescribably humane, sharp and shrewd when it comes to whom she will entertain. At City Girls, we know well about that which we speak!

Her bio should tell all

Scanning for a quick fix will land you a little pleasure but probably not nirvana. A sugar daddy is versed in reading the content of a potential sugar baby’s biography because he is interested in taking on a more fulfilling relationship. As a gentleman in the hobby, learning about your companion is part of the deal. Surprisingly, a lot can be learned by absorbing the mood and tonality of what a provider has written in her biography. A tremendous amount of insight can be gained by reading an escort’s bio!

Pictures tell the visual

There are escort photos that are straightforward and undeniably attractive. There are other escort images which are well, beautiful but may cause the viewer to question their authenticity. Photoshop comes to mind. Will you recognize her when you meet? City Girls private club and agencies tend to feature recent images but with independent websites, one must search a bit. The professional escort will most certainly post images that were taken within the last six months. If the descriptions in her escort reviews match what you see in her photos, all is good.

Customer reviews in speech clouds or bubbles for people sharing their review of products or services

To review or not to review

Escort Reviews are like little insurance policies that your investment into time spent with an independent escort will pay off. Nowadays, a trend is growing toward escorts who wish to maintain a sense of anonymity when it comes to clients detailing their encounters. City Girls offers alternatives that equal the same sense of confidence as any review.

City Girls is not about women who choose to escort as a means to an end

Our ladies Club members are authentic entertainers who happen to radiate dazzling beauty and truly enjoy the company of their gentleman counterparts. Independent escorts at City Girls are all about the art of sensuality which is why our ladies are so highly revered.