Is the FBI Reading Your Emails?

If the thought of it makes you weak in the knees, it should. Is it possible that the Federal Bureau of Investigation along with its sidekick the National Security Agency (NSA) is snooping around in your emails to see what you’re up to? If your email client is Yahoo, then the answer is a resounding YES.


Yahoo caved to the U.S. government

When the big kahuna came knocking at Yahoo’s door and demanded that they grant them the authority to scan all of Yahoo’s emails, Yahoo said okay sure, no problem. Yahoo then proceeded to secretly (as in, Yahoo email users didn’t know about it) build a custom software to search all of its customers’ incoming emails. Yikes!

Have all of your hobbying secrets been revealed?

Apparently, Yahoo’s software uses selectors that have the capability to zero in on specific information, keywords or key phrases within emails. According to former government officials and surveillance experts, this is not the first time something like this has happened with U.S. phone and internet companies. But it is the first time that a software or wiretap, if you will, was built to surveille such a broad collection of real time web data. Are you a Yahoo user who has contacted City Girls’ Call Center to book an appointment with any of our lovely independent escorts? The thought is chilling…


So….what are other email providers up to these days?

If former Yahoo employees leaked this troubling information, what will Google and Microsoft do when the NSA comes nipping at their heels? Of course, they say they’d never do that – expose all of our personal information that is contained in our emails. Who knows? At the behest of the U.S. government, anything’s possible.

The Fourth Amendment Right to Privacy says, NO WAY

The implications of the invasion of privacy are alarming. I think we all agree that U.S. intelligence is acting in the name of terrorism. But still. The act of Yahoo divulging millions of private emails tells us that no internet communication is private, the reader’s email included.


What City Girls has done to ensure your privacy

You can take comfort knowing that we tech gurus behind the scenes implemented a system back in 2013 to ensure safety and privacy of your messages when contacting Call Center. Our system safeguards your correspondence ensuring that no trace of it remains in your inbox, trash or even on Yahoo servers (where Yahoo keeps all of your deleted messages as required by law). Here’s how it works:

When you receive email correspondence from Support, you get an email with just a link in it. Only if you click on that link and visit the page can you read the message. That same message is secured by an autodestruction feature which renders the links found in the history of your emails inaccessible after destruction. Heavy sigh on the part of the reader!


As always, City Girls has got your covered

In light of the Yahoo email scandal, we think it fair to mention that communicating with City Girls is a rather invisible action, a fortress of guaranteed safety. We have taken privacy and discretion to a whole new level virtually unknown in the hobbying world. When you couple that with inexplicably gorgeous independent escorts who regularly blow the minds of our VIP members, why go anywhere else?

The Truth About City Girls VIP status and Other Tidbits

Here at City Girls, we receive more than 15 VIP applicants per day and that figure is steadily rising. Approval is a rigorous process manually completed by our staff. Mind you, not everyone is approved. Obtaining VIP status gets your foot in the door. Maintaining VIP status is the Golden Rule and in today’s discretion-driven world of hobbying outstanding etiquette is key to remaining in the Club.

This article talks about the points of interest to keep at the forefront of your mind for as long as you partake in the many benefits that City Girls has to offer.

What VIP status really means

  • It means that your stellar reputation with the ladies qualifies you to apply for VIP Membership with City Girls;
  • It means that we should receive positive feedback from every CG lady that you date;
  • It means that otherwise, your VIP status can be disabled at any time for failing to maintain your stellar reputation.

If you are thinking that City Girls is being stuck up, think again. The hobby is a fragile world built on a delicate foundation of discretion, privacy, safety, trust and good behavior. Or at least, it should be and these are the principles to which we religiously adhere. So really, we are looking out for you. In the end, you will experience indescribably phenomenal dates with women who are simply too beautiful. Do I hear any complaints?

Why does my City Girls VIP application take so long to get approved?

That’s a really good question. It’s sort of like going to a five-star restaurant. Your meal is not going to be prepared instantaneously. But chances are excellent that it is going to be delicious and well worth the wait. If you go to a fast food chain your food will be prepared instantly but will taste like a bald, rubber tire. Think of City Girls as your gourmet option in the hobbying world, well worth the wait.

As stated previously, each and every application is processed manually by our staff. Now, don’t run off with your tail between your legs. We want to make sure that all City Girls’ ladies are complimented by dates with true gentlemen. We process more than 15 VIP applications per day but this doesn’t mean that we don’t care about each individual. So if you haven’t heard back from us within a few days, by all means contact our support line. Our staff are always ready to help.

VIP login system improved

We’ve received feedback from some of our VIP Status Members about passing through the security point of the login system. We are responding with bells and whistles. Some members’ networks are not accepting text messages from our service provider. In response, our developers are constructing a script which will place a call to your cell phone with the code and should work with any operator. The caller ID will be blocked and placed only at the time of your log in process.

I know what you’re thinking and extend many apologies in advance. At City Girls, privacy and safety prevail over a user-friendly website. That’s just the nature of the beast wherein privacy is critical to the well being of our Club Members. When you put things into perspective, actually receiving the phone call with the code and entering the code where requested only takes a few moments of your time. This little shroud of added security enables City Girls to offer the added benefit of viewing exclusive content.

Escort video is forthcoming

Who said City Girls is not on the cutting edge? The video section is on its way. We are looking toward the beginning of 2013.

City Girls Loyalty Program, individual provider rates and discounts

There seems to be a wee bit of misconception floating amongst our VIP Status Members. To clarify, not all City Girls’ Club Members participate in the CG Loyalty Program. It is totally optional. Remember, they are all independent escorts. Some offer discounts while others do not. Donations are also independent, as well. Not to worry. Both discounts and donations are always confirmed at the time that you are scheduling your appointment so there is never any confusion.

Don’t forfeit your VIP membership!

It’s a beautiful thing. Don’t wait to appreciate what you had until after you’ve lost it. If you must wonder what could cause you to lose your coveted VIP status, then I recommend a crash course on gentlemanliness. Lack of respect is the main issue. For goodness sakes, guys, treat a lady like a lady or how you would like to be treated! It all goes without saying. There are many other reasons which shouldn’t have to be explained.

I rest my case.

6 Principles of Escorting

“Principles? But I’m only an escort!” may be your first thought. The truth is that escorting is a real job just like any other whether you are full or part time. At City Girls, when you take your business seriously and make the most of your skills you will be successful. Recognizing and following a basic set of standards can get you there.

  1. Making the mental break – City Girls understands the importance that psychologically you must be able to handle being an escort. If you think you cannot, it’s best to find another job. You must be able to maintain an emotional separation between being intimate with men whom you’ve never met before and your personal life. Escorting is a glamorous and exciting job that can reward you richly. But there will be days when you don’t feel like doing your job as an escort. Maybe it’s that time of the month and you have the blues. Those are precisely the types of moments that will challenge you emotionally and you won’t want to work. However, you must be able to put on your game face and entertain your date because escorting is after all your job and you work to make a living. Never mix your personal life with your business life. As an escort, your date is your client and no matter how charming and persuasive he seems he is really not paying for your time to hear about what a rough week you had or that your son needs braces. He is there with you to be entertained and to enjoy what you do best. Even though he may appear interested in your personal life, accept it as flattery and button your lip. Be smart and always resist the urge to share any details about your private affairs.
  2. How to be a good conversationalist – The intellectual disposition of your client may be unknown until the moment you make his acquaintance. Are you prepared to talk about most anything? Becoming a good conversationalist is really not as scary as it may sound. With a little bit of preparation (which can be really fun in the process!) you can make your job much easier by expanding your flexibility to talk about most subjects especially if you are attracted toupscale clients. Stay on top of current events by watching the daily news (Fox News and CNN News will give you a well-rounded scope) and browsing a variety of magazines (Forbes, People, Vogue, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The New Yorker, Conde Nast Traveler are just a few). This doesn’t mean that you should read every publication cover to cover and you could go into the poor house subscribing to all of them. Make a habit of going to the book store or library, grab a latte and have some fun browsing headlines and breezing through a few articles. You’ll be surprised how much knowledge you’ll pick up in a short period of time. And it’s a great way to expand your communication if English is your second language!
  3. Using humor to your advantage – A small dose of wit will warm any situation. This doesn’t mean that you must be a comedienne or feel forced to deliver contrived jokes or always be funny. But when you are comfortable with yourself and the situation, your body and job, a light, whimsical attitude will take over and lend a sense of ease to the environment.
  4. Taking care of your physical being – Your body is your temple. City Girls believes in taking great care of one of your greatest assets – you! Beautiful women come in many shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be as skinny as a pencil to qualify as gorgeous and desirable. Most important is to maintain your body to the best of its ability with exercise, a healthy diet, vitamins, supplements and spa treatments (or simply a good exfoliant and moisturizer at home). It shows when a woman takes care of her physical appearance. Soft, supple skin is a huge asset. Drink lots of water every day and go easy on salt and alcohol especially the day before a date.
    City Girls is a strong advocate of regular physical examinations to stay on top of your health when it comes to escorting. If you don’t have private health insurance, locate a good health care center in your area. Meet the doctors or registered nurses who will attend you. Since you will be visiting your caregiver regularly, make sure that you are comfortable seeing this doctor or nurse as he or she may assume that you are an escort (some escorts are comfortable disclosing within the privacy of the doctor/patient relationship that they escort for a living). The time to find a good caregiver is not when you need to go. Do your research as soon as possible. Ask other escorts in your area for referrals.
  5. What about family? There are escortswho openly share with their families what they do for a living. Those instances are uncommon. Escorting makes you lead a secret life guided by discretion. Some ladies escort well into their forties (and even some into their fifties). However, it is more common thatescorts retire at a much younger age and take on another career. Think about the impact on your family if you feel compelled to tell them about your glamorous job as an escort. They may not understand all of the benefits as escorting is still conventionally unaccepted and even considered taboo by most of society. You won’t be escorting forever but the notion that you did could make an adverse impact on your family that could cost you indefinitely. City Girls says think twice before you publicize your secret life.
  6. Protecting your privacy – You will meet clients who adore you, worship the ground you walk on. This is flattery at its finest. Soak it up and allow it to reinforce your confidence as anescort. But the buck stops there. As an escort you are an entertainer, a master at creating an illusion of happiness which is why you get paid good money. Resist the temptation to divulge your private phone number, home address, details about your day job, names and locations of relatives and children. By all means, never give out your social security number! Creating a persona is the first step in building a shroud of protective privacy around your personal life. While you will build deep, intimate friendships with some clients, stay in control and always be able to walk away from your job as an escort and go back to the privacy and sanctity of your private life.

City Girls maintains a high standard of ethics required to be met by its Club Members and VIP Members. In doing so, an environment of safety and professionalism is automatically created. In this regard, we have no reservations looking out for our members with honest, upfront advice and knowledge about what escorting really entails. It is this sense of comradery that draws our Club Members to join the family. If you want to take your business as an independent escort to the next level backed by the professional support that you need to get there, join City Girls. You won’t regret it.

Hobbying: How to Survive as a Hobbyist

No matter how long you’ve been involved in the hobbying, there are prevailing factors to consider on a regular basis.

Whether you are single, married, divorced or retired, discretion and conduct are the keys to safe and enjoyable involvement with companions.

At City Girls, we’ve heard from many of our VIP members who all seem to echo the same factors about hobbying. We decided to organize a set of guidelines based upon what we’ve heard the most.

Principles of Hobbying

After you’ve gotten a little experience with escorts under your belt, be practical and decide what you want to do with the hobby and how far you want to go. Below are a few things to consider:

  • The frequency with which you would like to see a companion – once a week, once per month, sporadically on business trips?
  • To what extent you would like to get involved – are you looking for an occasional girl friend experience or a regular companion?
  • Match your personal economics with your hobbying desires – to be quite blunt, decide what you can afford without neglecting your finances.

As with anything, planning according to your lifestyle is critical. Without a plan, your involvement as a hobbyist as well as other areas of your life can go awry getting you into personal or financial trouble. 

Define your philosophy

We have five words for you: hang on to your knickers! While there are a few hobbyist/providerrelationships that have turned ‘conventional’ and even led to marriage, that scenario is definitely the minority. Release yourself and indulge in your fantasies as if there is no tomorrow. However, hold on to your emotions and maintain a healthy balance with your psychology. Respect is always important. While intimacy can color a conversation, an interaction or more, partaking in the ‘girl friend experience’ with a companion is an ideal situation, intensified to the max. When you part ways, it’s over until the next encounter, should you decide to go there.

Hobbyists have goals, too!

Define parameters of companion dating and stick to them. On a day-to-day basis, things to consider are work hours, your spouse, family and other extracurricular activities (do you golf with your buddies, attend a book club with your wife and mutual friends?). Your hobbying schedule should not interfere with any of these at the risk of creating suspicion. Moreover, it should be structured in such a way that your hobbying activities are totally under the radar so that no one is aware of your actions. Advance preparation should be planned delicately and with utmost importance.

What’s your privacy policy?

Proper discretion and forethought about your emotional and physical conduct will take you far in the hobby. The lack of either can ruin your life. The hobby is about pursuing intimacy in your spare time and if you don’t play your cards right you can lose big. Run don’t walk from a provider who doesn’t require screening. By the same token, check references and look for good reviews. While the majority of escorts will uphold your privacy and even feature trustworthiness as part of their service, a hobbyist must still proceed with caution. It is always a good rule of thumb to keep your endeavors under your belt. Even though you may just have had the experience of a lifetime with a goddess of a woman and beaming from ear to ear, mind you tongue. Bragging (or even mentioning) your hobbying affairs to others could lead to your demise if shared with the wrong person. And how can you be sure at the moment of sharing that they are not going to turn around and gossip about your secret?

You have to live with yourself

Whether you decide to play occasionally or regularly, City Girls has the best interest at heart for all of its VIP members. Thinking smart, playing safe and keeping your wits about you are the best methods of conduct when managing your hobby. At City Girls, we make it our job to establish a safe and professional environment, paving the way for our VIP members to make the most of their dating experiences!