Happy Birthday to Us!

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City Girls is turning five! We are so excited and have a very special promotion that we’d like to share with our members. But first, we want to extend a huge thank you to all of our loyal VIP members and heavenly bombshell escorts for making City Girls the go-to Club for extraordinary dating. We are honored by your patronage and could not have achieved such phenomenal growth and success without you all!

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A very special gift for you

On September 25th any of our participating City Girls’ independent escorts for only 250 per hour. Yes, you read right. You see, it’s not the support staff behind the scenes whose birthday we are celebrating but rather the beautiful angels who represent our amazing club. If it weren’t for these luscious muses, what would City Girls be? It is their birthday. Time to bring on the gifts, gents!


How to gift the birthday date

She’s your favorite siren of all time and holy smokes! Is that woman gorgeous? Or what! We bet that you’re aching to know what she wants for her birthday. The best way to find out is to visit her profile page here on our website. Perhaps a bottle of her favorite perfume (Chanel, maybe?); or a gift card to her favorite boutique (Victoria’s Secret?). Oh heck, if you cannot decide she’ll be just as thrilled receiving a Vanilla Visa gift card, we’re sure.

Just imagine her dazzling smile beaming from ear to ear when you present that beautifully wrapped token of your affection. She’ll jump up and down with those well-endowed curves bouncing about and shroud you with a delicious thank you. Who knows what will happen next but we’re pretty certain that gift will keep on giving.

Gents’ you’ve got $50 to spend!

To get this incredible 250 per hour birthday deal, put 50 toward a gift for your birthday date (250 per hour 50 to purchase your birthday gift). Yes, this is the condition because we want our lovely treasures to be celebrated. After you have selected your diamond of a date and scheduled your engagement with the folks at City Girls, make a mad dash to the mall to purchase your gift. And don’t forget to tie it with a big, silky bow!

Scent of Sensuality

Whether dangerously sweet or daringly spicy, an alluring scent can act as a powerful aphrodisiac. It can truly represent a man’s personality when properly selected. It can be vexing when applied in excess or hazardous to the health when worn around a sensitive person. In the latter two cases, fragrance can be a deterrent with adverse effects on a hobbyist and his date. Scent is just that potent!

Less is more

We have talked about this before. Are you a gentleman who drowns himself in less expensive cologne that happens to be made with alcohol? Perhaps out of nervousness, you may feel inclined to apply excess the likes of taking a shower in an overexerted effort to capture the bouquet. Thank the stars above that such fragrances quickly evaporate from the skin. Bless the nostrils that grace your presence in the meantime because they will be overpowered.  Better to invest in a pricier fragrance (check out the men’s department at Nordstrom for their customer service works great with the clueless). The scent will be far more original and only require a few dabs here and there (uh, ‘there’ is entirely up to you) to flatter not irritate your companion.

Elegant sensual young woman holding perfume, golden tones, small amount of grain added
Elegant sensual young woman holding perfume, golden tones, small amount of grain added

Fragrance tastes repulsive

The reader will pardon me for taking this particular section a few steps down South. If you have ever kissed, licked or otherwise mingled your taste buds with skin tainted by the bitter, chalky flavor of deodorant or body spray, you know what I’m talking about. Ugh. There is no better way to shock the libido into non existence. Hobbyists and independent escorts alike, I’m talking to you: apply your perfume where you wish but exercise caution. Those hungry lips searching for the back of your neck or certain areas of the chest may be greeted by the sour surprise of your delicious fragrance turned evil. Perfume can be your friend or foe so best to get to know what it can and cannot do for you. Apply to areas least likely to meet with saliva – backs of your wrists, hair, knees, sides of your waist, underarms.

Consider your dating environment before applying

Taking a long drive to reach your dining destination? Enjoying a romantic, candle lit evening within the tight quarters of a one-room hotel suite? Attending the opera? Any scent beyond a subtle whiff is going to mock the senses of your date and wreak havoc on your evening. To be quite blunt, one of you may even get pissed off and say something you will both regret. It is better to be safe than sorry and forego the creed that scent is compulsory. As an alternative, purchase some aromatic, organic shampoo, conditioner and/or body wash. Aveda has a fabulous line for men. Both parties will be highly appreciative and might even get lucky.

Burden lies with the person with the sensitivity

Ladies and gentlemen, if any of you are highly sensitive to artificial scent, the onus is on you to inform your date! Personally, there have been times when my nose has met with the foul-smelling perfume that the wearer sadly considered to smell fine. Worse yet, if any of you have asthma or allergies, inform your date in advance that he or she should arrive unscented. Be specific about shampoos and hair products if your condition is that severe. Scent is a sensual thing and should be revered for its power whether it is perfume, the lingering aroma of fresh bread, sizzling garlic or the musk of just-loved bodily oils. The aspects of desire and physical appeal rely heavily on what adorns your skin. Make yourself impossible to forget. If you want to capture your date’s attention, whisper.

Many succulent kisses, Chloe xoxo

Love Clichés According to Hobbyists & Escorts

Love, if only for a minute, can encapsulate you with desire and reveal incomprehensible delight. Join me in exploring different idioms and sayings that ring true in the intermingling of hobbyists and escorts!

Flaming with lust

Such is the hobbyist who encounters an independent escort blazing with sensual exhilaration. He sees her as the sum of total excitement: clingy dress that hugs her curves; silky hair that falls softly around her shoulders; sweet scent that raptures him; radiant smile that melts his worries.

God is in the details

A consummate companion thinks of every last nicety to please her man. She knows intuitively that paying attention to specifics makes the difference between a great encounter and a fabulous encounter. She is all about the girl friend experience and all that she does is done thoroughly.

Clothes make the man

Like it or not, a lady will quietly assess a gentleman beginning with his manner of dress. His attire is smart and suits his style; his hygiene is fresh and his grooming is neat; he does not wear sneakers to a five-star restaurant.

young man in sneakers

As the actress said to the bishop

Often, the content of an escort’s website is peppered with hidden implications that can be read into by the viewer in a positive manner.

Play the field

One could say that a hobbyist is a man who engages in relationships with many companions. Hopefully, he is genteel and charismatic in his endeavors!

Man of parts

A sugar baby seeks the ideal sugar daddy who is talented in a number of different ways. He is a success in business, a master at treating his lady well, a seasoned traveler and gifted with intelligence. In short, he is a connoisseur of the good life.

Head Over Heels:

Whether it is love, lust or infatuation, an overpowering attraction takes hold of a man’s world and he is smitten with spell binding affection. Many independent escorts possess such carnal abilities that leave hobbyists spinning in desire.

To be hung up on someone

I’m talking about unshakeable memories that linger in the heart and mind of a gentleman who spent time with a ravishing escort. He breathes her perfume; wraps his arms around her in his dreams; tastes her essence with every sip; becomes a prisoner of time freed only by his next encounter with her.

City Girls is in the know

We want to enhance the good times by adding sensual weight to your gravity! Walk with us into a universe that will transform your mundane lifestyle into a sweet paradise where fantasies come true.

The Amorous Game of Preludes & Conclusions, KamaSutra Part II

Whether or not you are into the girl friend experience, affection should surround your experience, in turn creating a bond and indelible memories. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

An independent escort goes to great lengths to create a sensuous environment

She begins by preparing herself with a hot bath and dressing in a way that will overwhelmingly entice her date. Her hair is fresh and soft, her skin smooth and succulent to the touch, her finger and toes perfectly manicured. She perfumes the air with the radiant scent of candles or incense and fills the room with soft music. She seals the mood with delicious morsels such as fruits, cheeses and chocolates and wine. In honor of her efforts and with desire for an explosive engagement, a hobbyist should greet his datefreshly showered and well dressed. While not necessary, it is advantageous for a gentleman to arrive with a small token of his affection whether it is flowers or a pocket-sized gift.

A hobbyist should awaken pleasure by amusing his date

On any level, romance and intimacy is a two-way street. An independent escort will make every effort to entertain and pleasure her date and will almost always succeed. However, a gentleman should not rely on her efforts exclusively if he truly wants to gain the most out of his experience. He should ignite true passion and desire by amusing her with interesting conversation, gentle laughter, touching and caressing her softly and whispering naughty nothings in her ear. Such actions will set the prelude to an earth-shattering experience free of inhibitions.

Both should adapt their moods and express affection

What happens after acute passion has been fulfilled? Once desire has been satiated, many couplesfind themselves weakened and at a loss for interaction feeling almost like strangers. Snuggling, caressing, gentle massage and quiet conversation in a fresh location are great ways to continue the mood. Showering and refreshing is a great way to refresh the romance. Add beauty to the moment with wine [or your favorite beverage] and a snack and those special moments will carry on!

Practice sensuality without barriers

A hobbyist should not be reserved about expressing his sentiments toward an independent escort in good taste, of course. There are many factors that contribute to erotic excitement expressed through all of the senses.

The mind is the territory of desire from which all things develop – sight, hearing, smell. Reflecting these sensations brings experiences into reality! City Girls takes into consideration every nuance that forms the mosaic of love (or lust if you prefer) to awaken desire in its full form.

The Confident Hobbyist

Sometimes even the most confident man can be painfully shy. Couple that with being a worrier and the combination spells stress! How does a hobbyist overcome this poisonous combination when he has a beautiful, head-turning escort waiting for his arrival in less than two hours?

Since you deserve to enjoy your time together, we at City Girls personally spoke to several of our lovely ladies and got their feedback. Below is real advice from amazing girlfriends who have experienced firsthand helping their hobbyist friends overcome shyness and increase their confidence in the dating realm.

Truly relaxing will solve half the battle

I know. You’ve heard it a million times. But it’s true. Calming and quieting the mind promote relaxation which in turn dissolves stress and anxiety associated with shyness or lack of confidence. Many of our independent escorts practice yoga on a regular basis and this is what they have shared. While you may not even be able to touch your toes, you do know how to breathe and this is the key. Before leaving for your date, sit down in a quiet room in a relaxed position with the television, radio and cell phone off and out of reach. Close your eyes and focus on long, deep breaths. The second your mind runs away (and this will be the challenge), gently direct your thoughts back to your breath as you slowly inhale and exhale. Do this for about ten minutes or as long as you can. If you’ve got an alarm clock on your cell phone, set it. That way you won’t have to wonder how long you’ve been sitting there breathing. Ten minutes might seem like an eternity if you’re new to this form of meditation. Try.

Dressing and smelling well are major confidence boosters

Don’t get complacent about your wardrobe or the senses. Women love a well-dressed man and that is the overwhelming consensus with all of our City Girlsindependent escorts. This doesn’t mean that you need to blow off $2,000 at Gucci for a pair of loafers and a tie (unless you want to, of course). A neatly dressed, stylish look with well-coordinated accessories will get you bonus points with any escort. If your shirt or pants are baggy and ill-fitting, get them tailored. If your shoes are scuffed or worn, either have them professionally polished or invest in a new pair. Most of all, dress for your date in an ensemble that is known to compliment your looks. If you are stressing because you don’t have a clue about fashion go to the men’s department in Nordstrom and seek the assistance of a *female* employee. Nordstrom has a reputation for stellar customer service. Next stop: the perfume counter. Forget about the cheapy stuff. Ugh. If you want to sign up for charisma, a compelling perfume on a man is a major aphrodisiac for a woman. There are some incredible scents on the market for men. The high end fragrances are pure and resonate so that the scent doesn’t fade. Our ladies guarantee they will be all over their men who smell like heaven, lust and a million bucks all rolled into one!

Bag the physical looks

That’s right. Many of our companions consider looks secondary to all else when it comes to compatibility. That’s just how we women are. In fact, many ladies don’t want their men to be too good looking (that’s subjective, of course). When you are dressed well, scented like the elixir of all mankind and relaxed, you will be transformed into the poster child for the most wanted hobbyist.

Real flattery will get you everywhere

Since all of our independent escorts work hard at maintaining their beauty and physique, most are accustomed to receiving compliments. But flattery goes way beyond, “you look beautiful” or “that dress looks great on you.” It’s about, “that nail polish is a stunning color that goes perfectly with the pink tone of your dress.” Or, “that lipstick really brings out the blue in your eyes. I love it!” Scan your date and make a five-second assessment. You’ll notice those details and paying attention is what any woman really loves. When you deliver a sincere compliment, your date is sure to melt and the ice has been broken! The rest is history and you will be crowned king.

Perhaps your date is shy, too!

Let’s face it. She’s human. Maybe she struggles with shyness though you might not ever know it. Shyness is not a sign that we wear on our backs. In fact, it’s something we try to hide and often blunder in attempting to do so. But it can be painful. The fact is you do not know if she is shy so assume that she may be. Realizing this very real possibility will give you an instant advantage because suddenly you are not alone and will have boosted your confidence by ten notches.

No matter what, chemistry must prevail

At City Girls, we have to acknowledge that the psychology behind dating is a delicate balance. No matter how hard you try (or don’t try) and despite all of your concerted efforts to becoming the genteel hobbyist sought after by all independent escorts, if chemistry doesn’t flow, it’s simply not meant to be. And it’s not your fault. It just means that there is another escort waiting in the wings who is right for you and that is what we are here for.

Susanne Brend, Heart to Heart

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Susanne Brend over a cup of coffee on an early Sunday morning. She’s a busy girl! Expecting the glamorous, sex kitten that we’ve all seen in her photos, I was met by a friendly, outgoing girl wearing no makeup and even more beautiful than her pictures.

Susanne Brend stood tall, lean and casual in a light pink terry, sweat outfit with a slightly exposed navel and a peak of cleavage. I couldn’t help but notice heads turn as she approached for very few women can pull off a stunningly fresh and natural look with little effort. She greeted me with a generous hug, emanating a soft confidence surrounded by a light floral perfume, a young lady not afraid to show her true colors. Her genuine smile warmed the mood and we launched into an easy conversation like long lost girlfriends. I was flattered by her candor and the sweet nature of her personality. I had a curious collection of questions which she was eager to answer.

  1. How did you get into the adult industry and become a porn star?
    Susanne Brend: This may sound simple but it’s the way it really happened. A girlfriend invited me to participate in a lesbian sex scene. At first, I was reluctant, but she was so hot and gorgeous that I couldn’t resist. After that episode, I sort of got addicted. I mean, more opportunities came my way and I was having such a good time that the next thing I knew, I kind of fell into becoming a porn star.
  2. What do you like best about what you do as a porn star and as an escort?
    Susanne Brend: Being a porn star is exciting. I just love it! Maybe that sounds weird to some people, but the action, the cameras, the men, they all add up to an unforgettable chapter in my life. Escorting is a little different because I’m not in front of the camera. It is a glamorous and exhilarating way to meet a variety of people from different nationalities and walks of life.
  3. Describe your likes and dislikes.
    Susanne Brend: I’m a bit of a risk taker! I just love a thrill and if I’m going to do something crazy it’s skydiving or driving a fast car. I love music because I can always express myself in a song that reflects my mood and passion. I’m into the arts, especially theatre, because the actors are so raw and performances are uncut. When it comes to cuisine, I have a palette for Latin food with its big, rich flavors. I must confess that I’ve been afraid of lightning since I was a little girl! (She giggles). I know it sounds kind of silly and I don’t know why but anytime there’s a thunder storm I just want to snuggle up under the covers. Forget horror movies. They scare me, too! I’m up for a drama or comedy. And chocolate? Way overrated. Give me a juicy piece of fruit or a creamy sorbet and I’m your friend for life. I’m sure sunrises are beautiful and I’ve seen a few. But you might find me a bit grumpy in the early morning. A girl needs her beauty sleep!
  4. What do you think of the girl friend experience?
    Susanne Brend: I think it provides a nice comfort zone for the man. He has a chance to get to know his partner and form a sort of emotional bond. It creates a more intimate kind ofrelationship, if only for the moment and sometimes longer.
  5. How do you manage your personal life as a porn star and escort?
    Susanne Brend: I don’t really have time for a personal life (Susanne laughs). I have friends to hang out with and my work has never affected my personal life.
  6. Talk about some of the similarities and some of the differences between being a porn star and being an escort.
    Susanne Brend: I mean, I see the whole thing pretty simply. There isn’t too much difference between being a porn star and being an escort. Working in the porn industry is different in that I’m in front of the camera which I love and in front of the world; escorting is all about privacy and discretion.
  7. How does being a porn star affect your job as an escort?
    Susanne Brend: Being a porn star increases the requests that I receive for companionship.
  8. Have you ever gotten attached or involved with any of your clients?
    Susanne Brend: Bringing emotions into escorting would be very unprofessional. While I truly enjoy spending time with my gentleman friends, I never get attached.
  9. What advice would you give to a newbie just entering the scene?
    Susanne Brend: She should try to have a relaxed, friendly attitude along with a somewhat outgoing personality. In the beginning, it might not be easy but will improve with time. She must enjoy the company of men. She needs to be willing to give more of herself because escorting is often about the social time spent with a client. You may be surprised how important this is to most men.