Black Friday Specials 2016

What better way to ring in the Christmas season than with a bit of TLC from one of our ravishing independent escorts? Not only is it Black Friday but it is also the beginning of one of the most festive times of year and City Girls has a special gift just for you.


Why such a dark name for such a special day?

The term ‘Black Friday’ was first used back in 1869 referring to the crash of the U.S. gold market caused by two ruthless Wall Street financiers. As the story goes, the phrase then re-surfaced in Philadelphia in 1961 to represent the day after Thanksgiving when retailers began taking profits from being ‘in the red’ to being ‘in the black’. No matter its meaning, we think black is a terribly sexy color and one of our favorites when it comes to slinky lingerie.

We are feeling the love!

On the busiest shopping day of the year we have a delicacy of a deal that will make your mouth water even before your date begins. For 250 an hour on this day only, make sensual history with any of our most desireable escorts. Just after Thanksgiving has come to a close, the doors of the holiday season are bursting open with scrumptious escorts sweet as candy and naughty as sin.

The CG special is available to all club members

You’ve got the day off and we have an array of captivating muses ready to entertain and indulge you in mega pleasure. Whether you are a new friend or VIP member, take advantage of this fabulous offer as Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

What’s in store for you?

Hands down, City Girls is the baron of buxom beauties with killer bodies and lovely personalities. Whether you are into petite blondes, frisky redheads, passionate brunettes or all three, we have an arresting array of dazzling ladies that will knock your socks off.

tmp_32455-screenshot_2016-11-25-10-52-441382962364For all of our turkey-stuffed club members shopping for bargains
Look no further than City Girls for a bonanza of luscious treasures who specialize in intimacy. Before you descend into the winter holiday splurging on all those gifts for loved ones, why not do something nice for the champion in you? Treat yourself to a provocative prowess that will blow your mind with ecstasy for only 250 per hour. Hurry! Before it’s too late.

Putting the Tickle in Your Tax Day

Procrastinators, listen up! This tax season we can all thank President Abraham Lincoln for three extra days of scrambling to get your tax returns filed. For some of you pussyfooting hobbyists, this federal delay could present an opportunity to have some escort-lovin’ fun.

Happy Emancipation Day, America!

It’s called D.C. Emancipation Day, that holiday known by few outside of the District. Emancipation Day marks the signing by President Lincoln of the Emancipation Act of 1862 which abolished slavery. Since D.C. will celebrate on Friday, April 15th, the 2016 tax season deadline has been pushed forward to Monday, April 18th. We think the arrangement provides a great incentive to get a little patriotic with a bodacious blonde with a sizzling hot bod.

tax d

When you just can’t be bothered

Or perhaps you will be bothered all night by that delicious brunette independent escort and don’t have the time to file your returns in which case think ahead and file for an extension. You’ll be needing that IRS form 4868 which your CPA should know all about. You gents whose returns stack more than three inches know what we’re talking about. If your tax returns pile high, chances are excellent you own at least a business or two, maybe more and Uncle Sam is waiting with open hands (we’re waiting with two yummy dames). If you’ve got the accountant in your back pocket as you should by now, he’s sure to pinch and scrimp here and there, shaving off enough bucks to fuel a night on the town with a few of our shapely babes. Can you say… ménage à trois?

Make good on your two-day tax reprieve

A jaw-dropping muse with tight curves and hellacious mounds is waiting to celebrate Emancipation Day with you. Chances are excellent she’ll be adorned in star-spangled lingerie displaying a tremendous amount of skin smooth enough to freeze any bank account. As we take this time of year to bow down to the omnipotent IRS, your lady will bow down to the almighty wonder that is your manhood. What an experience to savor!

For those folks who really drag their feet

The IRS is not going to take a rain check if you do not file your tax returns on time. Rather, they’ll hit you up with a penalty which you could otherwise spend on taking your lovely date to dinner. If you are a delaying tax payer, your best bet is to find a post office in your area that closes late so as to acquire the necessary April 18th date stamp on your manila envelope. Put a hop in your step by scheduling a midnight rendezvous immediately following deliverance at the post office. If you contact us early enough, we’ll arrange a date with one of our exquisite blonde bombshells who will spend the earlier part of the evening primping herself to your liking. Grab a bottle of fine bubbly on the way and she’ll greet you with open arms and a sensual hug. What a fabulous way to bid farewell to the IRS and set sail for another fiscal year!

Talking About Bikini Zones

How do you like your ladyscape? We are talking below the beauty belt, the most highly coveted of all luxury femme spots. This juicy diameter of sensual real estate is the most highly sought after of all love zones where a man likes to nestle his netherrod as frequently as possible. We’ve heard from hundreds of hobbyists about how they like their vajayjays and this is what they told us:

Completely bare doesn’t grow there

The Brazilian


Also known as the Hollywood or the Sphinx, The Brazilian is the Queen of all waxes. Bagging the bush is definitely the preferred style for the majority of gents who date our velvety-smooth, independent escorts. As soft as a baby’s butt is the resulting texture of a lady’s most Southern region with not a fuzz to be found. Period. The muse that regularly waxes her well-appointed mound and areas found further below bares the most erotic of looks sure to drive her man out of his honey-lovin’ mind.

No lady garden left unattended

Waxing doesn’t exactly tickle and therefore isn’t for the faint of heart. For many escorts, there is an alternative method of maintaining a clean conejo that produces the same delicious sans carpet style that you all love. Shaving has evolved into an art form, an intimate ceremony between a lady and her flower that if ever witnessed by you kitty-obsessed dudes would surely get you off with hardly a stroke. The attention with which she pays her hoo-hee starts with a long soak in a hot bath (just imagine her curves glistening through the suds as she massages herself so as to soften the skin prior to trimming). She then proceeds to groom her fleece until it is no more. She will conclude with yet another massage of perfumed oil to preserve this most succulent of areas in preparation for the fun to follow.


zone types

Trimmed and tidy

Well-manicured muffs

For the man aroused by a subtle shade of au naturel, this is the way to go. Of course, an escort must never style her canyon coiffure without first knowing her final destination. If she is especially creative, she may opt for a heart, floral or triangular shape for some extra added surprise. If she is of the brunette variety, that frisky shape will peek right through her lacy lingerie, beckoning immediate attention from who other than her admirer of the evening.

The Landing Strip

A glimpse of natural womanhood is the theme for this well-intentioned look quite arousing for the gent who loves his independent escort to catwalk in nothing more than her stilettos. It is a calculated groom, angular in nature and requires a mirror for accuracy. To achieve a precision look, many escorts opt for a partial Brazilian wax which implies to her date that she really cares about making a good impression.

Beauty bling for lady bits

Ooh la la! For the poon aficionado who likes his punani sparkling with jewels, the Vajazzle is the macdaddy of looks. Foofed out with a delicate flower, butterfly, heart or the like, her pelvic area is adorned with a delicate decoration that delivers one message to her inamorato: come and get me you big, handsome hunk. What man on this pink mink earth could resist?

pubic hair

How do you like your honey pot?

As you all know, City Girls would not be the Club that it is today if we didn’t poke and probe our VIP members for their valuable opinions. This is why we want to know what your preference is!

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An Easter Special – Celebrate with Us!


During this season of reflection, we are celebrating a new life as the winter chill melts into Spring. It is a time of rebirth, an invigorating new beginning of the continuation of our success and we’re passing along a tidbit to you.

An eggs-tra special day!

We salute our models and hobbyist friends who plan to indulge in this year’s moveable feast with a token of our affection. For VIP members, tucked inside your proverbial Easter basket is an exclusive City Girls Special — that is — $250 per hour on Sunday, March 27th only!

Hot chicks struttin’ down the bunny trail

Whatever your plans for Easter Sunday, make time for some private festivities with one of our luscious independent escorts. Select from a host of gorgeous creatures with an abundance of charms certain to arouse the King in you. Oh the thrill of a springtime goddess in all her show stopping splendor as her unrelenting naughtiness entices you is almost too much to fathom.

Sport your Sunday best

In the spirit of Easter, dress to impress, gents. Regale yourself in fine linens and perhaps bestow a sweet treat upon your lovely date to set the evening off to a hoppin’ start. You can be sure that she will be full of surprises beneath her joyous ensemble. Beyond a shower of hypnotizing caresses to initiate the greeting, your 24-carot enchantress will reveal an intoxicating display of curve-kissing lingerie that will undoubtedly get your jelly beans in a knot.

Some bunny loves you

That’s only the initiation into a sensual Spring celebration. You see, Easter symbolizes new life and in this case, total rejuvenation of your manhood. A lovely muse of monumental beauty will wash over you with trinkets of affection, consuming all of your senses while seducing you in the most luxurious of ways. In her zeal to please, she’ll set off your siren a multitude of times in soft hues of passion until you can take no more. Now that’s what we call an Easter extravaganza!

Egg hunt, anyone?

Now that your buns are all hot crossed and bothered, it’s time to pick up the phone and let your desire do the talking. Easter is a hop and skip away and you deserve to have your pick of the chicks. Schedule your date now before someone else does!

How to Give Gifts to an Escort

Many hobbyists find the notion of giving gifts to their escorts quite romantic. It could be on the first date or several dates after they have established a sense of familiarity with the same lady.

Naturally, a polite and well-mannered companion will be content with the mere gesture of receiving a man’s token of affection no matter his gift of choice. We have come up with some helpful tips and guidelines for gift-giving guys to follow in hopes of brightening their dates and the smiles of many beautiful ladies who adorn them with their presence.

champagne flowers gift for escorts

How mundane are flowers, champagne and wine?

Although they are considered your average and most obvious gifts of choice, any one or combination is sure to please. Unless you know specifically what type of flower she favors, stick with classic and elegant red roses and champagne. Every woman loves flowers and will be thrilled to toast to a sip of champagne even if she does not drink the entire glass. Some independent escorts are more particular about what flowers they like (orchids, tulips, lilies, etc.

escorts gift lingerie

Dare to get a bit more intimate!

Giving lingerie is always an exciting prospect which every woman can put to good use (always to the visual benefit of the gift giver himself!). However, it might be a wise and safe decision to wait until after you have seen her a few times and gotten a flavor for what she likes and the sizes that she wears. Unless she informs you otherwise, black is a safe bet. Unless she clearly educates you on such lacy details, stay away from risky colors such as red, brown, burgundy, turquoise, pink and white until you know her better. Certain colors may clash with her skin tone or she simply may not favor your choice. Keep the styles simple and do your best to select sizes that you believe will fit her (um, spy on her bra and panty size when she’s not looking).

Go out on a limb with something really practical

Many independent escorts feature well-prepared wish lists on their personal websites that put to rest any question about the ideal gift that will make her day. Without that lifesaver of a guideline, what’s a gentleman to do? For starters, take note of her obvious personal belongings (without prying, of course) such as her computer, cellular phone, interest in music, favorite day spa, preferred destination, frequently flown airlines and the list goes on. Because so many ladies rely solely on their livelihood as independent escorts, they prefer to receive practical gifts. This is where gift certificates carry a lot of weight. Does she like to shop at Whole Foods? Would she get excited by a household shopping spree at Bed, Bath and Beyond? How about a year’s supply of special pet food for her dog or cat? Some ladies are thrilled when their gentlemen friends contribute to a charitable organization of their choice.

gift certificate present for escort

How pricey can you get?

For the truly enamored suitor, there is always Agent Provocateur, a top-of-the-line lingerie retailer. This sophisticated, glamorous boutique may be accessed online for discreet selection. Obviously, you have to purchase in advance with a destination and delivery date in mind. The world of AP has a gentleman’s best interest in mind with their virtual, personal shopper to ensure the perfect purchase with delicious hints of fantasy to add savoir faire to your date. AP is not for the financially faint hearted so have your pocket book ready. For the financially well-endowed sugar daddy who feels confident about his relationship with his sugar baby, perhaps a new car or investment in her entrepreneurial venture becomes you. We’ve heard of such occurrences on several occasions!

Everyone loves receiving gifts

At the end of the day, even a small box of chocolates will tug at the hearts of most companions. Women are just that way though many independent escorts tend to be a wee bit extravagant. Perhaps the thrill of a dainty necklace ‘accidentally’ nestled between succulent truffles isn’t a bad idea!

Scrumptious kisses, Chloe xoxo

Be Mine You Sultry Valentine

Happy valentines day banner

February is a month of romance. If you are a hobbyist with a passionate heart who thrives on the girl friend experience then this is the day for you! How do you love her? Let us count the ways! Aristotle said that love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. When you are strongly attracted to someone on an emotional and/or sexual level it is called love. There are many different types of love.

Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age.” Anais Nin

The legend of Saint Valentine

According to the Catholic Church, legend has it that Saint Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II declared that single men made better soldiers than those married with families, he outlawed marriage for young men. Realizing the injustice of the decree, Valentine defied Claudius by performing secret marriages for young lovers. Later, Claudius ordered that Valentine be put to death.

 “Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.” Zora Neale Hurston

sexy valentines gift, rose
sexy valentines gift, rose

What love will do to a person

There are those hobbyists and gentlemen who fall head over heels in love with a companion. We have heard many stories about independent escorts who develop deep feelings as well. When such a situation occurs, a companion may let her emotional guard down and allow herself to be known on a personal and intimate level. She may even retire from her profession and actually marry her client.

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Whether you fancy love, lust or simply the company of a beautiful lady friend, it is best not to wait until she might be unavailable on this very special day. Ask your desired companion to be your valentine as soon as possible, if you have not done so already! What gift will you give to her? If it is red roses, call your local florist and reserve your bouquet as soon as you finish reading this article. Begin the evening by toasting a glass of champagne (ask her for her favorite bubbly or take a bottle of Veuve Clicquot). Build the romance by taking her to dinner at a spectacular restaurant (again, make that reservation as soon as possible). For those hobbyists who really want to create an evening that neither of you will ever forget, plan to spend the entire night together.

valentines day gift surprise
valentines day gift surprise

It’s your party – wear what you want!

If you are a sugar daddy who is feeling exceedingly romantic and wants your sugar baby to shimmer with delight, lingerie is the answer. But not just any lingerie. Agent Provocateur features stunningly seductive, lacey ensembles that are second to none in quality, elegance and originality. What an inspiration for love of epic proportion! Once again, place your order after you have finished reading this article and order overnight delivery. While we have talked about this subject in past articles, selecting red lingerie even in honor of this romantic holiday should be carefully considered. Red is a rather fickle color and does not compliment every independent escort’s figure. Pink is a safe and black is guaranteed!

Emphasize details that bring out the naughty of the night

Chances are very good that she will plan nuances of the evening. As a hobbyist, you can contribute by communicating your plans for the evening, where you will be taking her, what you might desire her to wear, etc. Will your hotel suite feature a fire place? Will there be a balcony? Separate sleeping quarters? Plenty of space that the two of you can explore from top to bottom? Last but by no means least, what will the morning bring? Plan to have toothbrush and mouthwash waiting in the bathroom to leave you minty fresh in preparation to greet her sleepy kiss at daybreak.

Some of the most romantic and memorable experiences are enjoyed between hobbyists and independent escorts

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to give and receive delectable gifts of pleasure. As you create riveting bouts of love and lust remember your friends here at City Girls!

A Gentleman’s Guide to Purchasing Lingerie

Gentlemen, during this Christmas season giving the gift of lingerie can be risky business. Even in the world of adult entertainment, you never know for sure if you are purchasing the appropriate garment.

Will it fit her? Will the size you choose offend her? Master both challenges during this cozy holiday season and reap the rewards. My masculine friends, City Girls is here to turn your questions into answers!

Brunette tawny lady wearing sensual, black lingerie
Brunette tawny lady wearing sensual, black lingerie

Noir is known to please

Can you say black? It’s about as safe and flattering as it gets. Think passion, drama (the good kind), and contour. Every independent escort loves black lingerie and has at least one piece in her collection. All at once, black is sophisticated, mysterious and sexy. Moreover, black is the best friend of every woman as it enhances shape and perfects size. No woman can ever have too much black lingerie. If your pocketbook allows, look for black silk whether lace or satin. Silk is the platinum of lingerie.

red lingerie

What is red hot?

A sexy cut in the right tone of red equals an irresistibly spicy piece of lingerie. However, not every independent escort is into red. We recommend purchasing red lingerie only to the hobbyist who is familiar with the likes and dislikes of his companion. Whether her style is classic, contemporary or retro, an entire ensemble should be included. One piece of red does not stand on its own so easily. Complete the look with a bra, panty, suspender and stocking combo. Getting overwhelmed, guys? Simplify your shopping with a super silky slip coupled with a pair of matching boudoir mules and be on your way.

Beautiful escort in sexy lingerie over white background
Beautiful escort in sexy lingerie over white background

Dream of a white Christmas

An entire universe separates white and winter white. White is like pure snow while winter white is more like ivory. Not every woman is into white which necessitates a little investigation in advance. Done right, white lingerie can look quite elegant and alluring. Done wrong, it can look cheap and tacky. If white is the way to go, a silk robe or kimono is a safe bet. Include a white silk panty and some matching pom pom mules and you’ll have yourself one sexy angel!

leather lingerie

When to get kinky

If you are a sugar daddy who knows your sugar baby well, you just may qualify to give the gift of kink. For the hobbyist enamored with his companion, look to her wish list for guidance. Latex, leather and themed outfits cross the line that separates convention and fetish. We strongly caution hobbyists against purchasing such unusually specific lingerie gifts without first knowing what a companion is into.

Buy first for her and second for you

It’s time to get selfless, gents. Purchase lingerie motivated by your desires and run the risk of disappointment. As we have discussed in previous articles, visit a small boutique where customer service is the focus and insure her satisfaction. However, if you still not feeling the confidence, take her on a Christmas shopping spree. Target a [high end] boutique and schedule an intimate appointment with a consultant. Complete the afternoon with a lovely champagne-filled lunch and watch her fall all over you.

Only fervent kisses, Chloe xoxo

How a Hobbyist Purchases Lingerie

The language of lingerie can be a confusing one, especially when a hobbyist is unsure about what lacy objects to gift his lover. What is the best selection for her? When he gives underwear, garter belts or a corset that she likes it will make her hot for him and she will emblazon him with fiery fits of passion.

Target a few specialty boutiques in your area and plan to spend a few hours of shopping. City Girls understands that when the right lingerie praises the body of a hobbyist’s companion, all of his seductive dreams will come true to the tenth power!

When it comes to lingerie, size matters

Cardinal mistake: guessing what size bra and underwear your companion wears. With all due respect, most men do not accurately guess what sizes a woman wears. A hobbyist’s best bet is to take a private peek at the size of her undergarments when she is not looking. Still, not all designers craft their garments uniformly. One size small may not be equal to another designer’s size small. Most often, lingerie (especially underwear) is non returnable. Take note of the size of her undergarments. When it comes to bras, purchase a size larger if you are unsure. With underwear however, purchase a size smaller if you are unsure.

Match the style with her personality

The differences between trashy, sexy and elegant do not click in the minds of most men. In this case, it’s best not to follow one’s instincts because the purchase is a gift for her and not for the man (well, in the end he is the beneficiary!). It is important to take into consideration her personality and personal style especially if a hobbyist is into the girl friend experience. Every independent escort is different. Notice the designer name on the tag: Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, Fredericks of Hollywood, Sonata, Fair Verona, etc. Now a gentleman has an advantage!

Purchase any color except nude

The color of lingerie that most women tend to purchase for themselves is nude. It is a safe tone that goes with most outfits on a day-to-day basis. Giving the gift of lingerie in the color nude is a bit too practical and ‘everyday’. Further, flesh-toned or beige lingerie lacks individuality (unless of course, she purchases it on her own).

Go all the way with red

Fire it up, baby! Red done right rocks! But red is a brilliant color and not so easy to accomplish a look that screams stylish and sophisticated. A lot of red lingerie tends to look, well, cheap. Better to purchase the high end stuff as opposed to the cheaper choices. You will be glad you did and so will she!

Black is always a safe bet

Black looks good against all skin tones and almost always causes a woman to feel thinner and sexier. Black is classy and elegant in practically any style. Plus, it looks so wonderful piled in a heap on the floor next to the bed!

Chloe, City Girls, xoxo

Irresistible Things That Escorts Do

Beyond the dangerously hot lingerie and heavenly evil good looks, what do hobbyists find most irresistible about their independent escorts? Subtle episodes discovered mostly in the girlfriend experience are what cause a hobbyist to feel like a million bucks.

Looking up at you with those big, sexy eyes

And you experience an immediate transformation into superman, every hobbyist’s kryptonite! It is a moment of sublime intimacy when bliss has its way and a warm fuzzy takes over. The conversation is light and sweet, peppered with an aftermath of smooches. When suddenly, you look at her as she and her phenomenal figure are wrapped around you and eyes lock as she looks up at you. Good Lord and the heaven’s above! This woman is a luxurious rhapsody and you are God. Truly.

Putting on a tight pair of jeans

The independent escort who dares wear jeans on a date is sure to give new meaning to the fitted material and she knows it. Ever steal a glimpse of your date pouring herself *back* into her denim after the fact? Oh, my. What a site to behold! Long tresses tossing about, arms flexed tugging the fabric against gravity and that derriere obeying her efforts to fit it all in. Could be that those 30 seconds of eye candy equal the 40 minutes of frolic in which you just engaged!

When she holds your bicep

You do not have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to relish this one. You’ve just enjoyed a fabulous evening of dining and are walking on clouds between sips of champagne. If you thought she looked stunning at dinner, she is simply mouthwatering for desert in her bits of lace and mile high stilettos. She sits down next to you talking and laughing as she gently places her hand on your bicep. Suddenly, you flex and if you haven’t worked out you definitely think about it but it doesn’t matter. It could be your first date or your tenth. Her touch ignites a new found manliness and you are smitten times ten. She is the epitome of a girl friend experience, you are sure.

A natural hip sway

The night is young but those intimate moments are timeless as she breaks
away from the sofa amidst soft music and steamy kisses to fetch more fruit and wine. You promise yourself to commit the scene to memory as her tight and shapely posterior sway their way to the mini bar. But she is not trying to tempt you at this point. Her mannerism is pure and natural and that is what sends you over the edge!

City Girls believes that details matter

Priceless little nuances in life always make a difference. They are not necessarily those moments that we describe with words but the ones that underscore our experiences with details that words cannot describe. Hobbyists who engage with independent escorts who live the girlfriend experience can expect to be showered with irresistible charms! That’s what we are here for.

How to Buy Lingerie for Her

A hobbyist who knows how to buy lingerie for his companion is one who will win her affection. But where does he begin? As a man, if you have ever visited the lingerie section of a major department store you probably felt like a speck of dust in an infinite universe.

The experience can be daunting, lonely and defeating. You are finished before you even begin. The only thing worse than not giving thegift that delivers endlessly is delivering lingeriethat she dislikes or does not fit. Take a deep breath and relax! As a woman, I will simplify the process with easy-to-follow steps for the hobbyistwho desires to purchase lingerie for his companion.

Size matters

The gifted panty that is too tight or bra that is too big will launch any independent escort into a deep depression. Hobbyists should understand that we women are very sensitive about our bodies whether perfect or not. With a keen eye take note of her proportions. This is important because not every 34d-24-34 escort is built the same. Furthermore, every woman has fibbed about her weight and dimensions at least once. If you can, discreetly notice the sizes of her undergarments, dress andshoe. Since dimensions vary from designer to designer, armoring yourself with as much data as possible when you set out for shopping will ensure multiple kisses when your gift fits her like a glove.

Match her style

As tempted as you might be to select lingerie that fires up your libido, buy for her, not for you. In other words, get what she likes not what you like. Is she practical with a timeless flair for fashion? Is she trendy, leaning toward bright colors and patterns? Is she into designer labels? Mostindependent escorts are and even if they’re not, going with a recognizable label (“made in Italy” is always impressive) will score big points for the lust struck hobbyist.

Boutiques are better

Steer clear of mega lingerie departments where there is a one-to-thirty ratio between clerks and customers. Lingerie boutiques tend to carry intimate apparel that is much more refined and original. Further, you will be greeted immediately by a friendly clerk (usually a woman) with an engaging smile and a willingness to assist you in your endeavor. She will practically hold your hand from start to finish while guiding you through the process of selecting the perfect lingerie for your companion. To top off the entire experience, she will shroud your sultry gift in lovely wrap and a silky bow that will almost compete with the lingerie itself! Don’t forget to gather the gift receipt.

Classy is better than trashy

European silks, linens and laces will impress any woman no matter her personal style. Stay away from boutiques the likes of Trashy Lingerie or Fredericks of Hollywood. Those stores are better attended by hobbyist and companion together as anaughty, fantasy outing on a Saturday night. Underscore your originality by accompanying your classy gift with a bottle of her favorite champagne and caviar or delectable fruits and cheeses.

City Girls has the sexy solution!

As a hobbyist, if you are a dire conservative (which is a kind way of saying that you are scared to death) when it comes to purchasing lingerie, splurge with a gift certificate to Agent Provocateur (Google it) and watch the girl friend experience light up your love life!