Defining the Perfect Kiss

How was your last make out session? For an intense sensual experience, kissing exchanges a host of information about compatibility with your date. The more time you spend kissing the more your evening is primed for the time of your life. Kissing opens the doors to passion that builds naturally. Before you begin your next romp, consider the following:


First base equals facial intercourse

It’s the first time you’ve met and your anticipation is intense. The door opens slowly to reveal the most intoxicating escort you have ever encountered. Before any words are spoken, this buxom vixen takes you in her arms and delivers the most delectable kiss imaginable. As you embrace, the kissing only intensifies and things quickly advance to second base. Then, you awake and realize it was only a dream.

Kissing releases feel-good endorphins

Those full, moist lips gently glossed reveal a dazzling smile and promises of ecstasy. Did you know that saliva contains testosterone which triggers the libido ? Passionate, playful, long and hard is the kiss that speaks for itself.

What’s your favorite kiss?

Whether you have seen your companion several times or are just hooking up, what kind of kiss delivers the ‘I really want you’ message?


The French kiss

It is a timeless, passionate gesture done with lots of saliva. Tongues circle while hands exploring each other as the movement and excitement heighten. French kissing can continue for hours or lead to urgent ecstasy.

The single-lip kiss

Perhaps you have seen your date more than once and the affection is obvious. The single-lip kiss is where the mouth of one gently closes in on the top or bottom lip of the other. It is a soft, playful kiss that signifies romance.

The neck kiss

It is the kiss that takes your breath away and leaves you panting for more. It is a kissing motion full of caresses on skin that is sensitive and not generally touched very often. Generally followed by a luscious session of French kissing, neck kissing tends to release the wild side in both.

Preparing to pucker up

Before you engage in any deep kissing, a nice, close shave is best to remove any stubble followed by a few dabs of cologne. Freshen your breath by brushing followed with a swig of mouthwash. If you really want to sweeten the deal, gift a box of strawberries to your date to activate the sweet receptors in your mouths so that your sense of taste goes into overdrive. Be prepared for a grand slam!

Kissing is an art

And the key to intimacy. It is the ultimate in sensual excitement because you are completely engaged in one – lips, bodies and minds connecting. Allowing the hands to do a bit of exploring only intensifies the experience. You owe it to yourself to keep smooching!

How to Build Confidence When Dating Beautiful Women

As you all know, City Girls takes gorgeousness to a whole new level when it comes to ravishing independent escorts. No matter where you select your next date, if you are the type of gentleman who gets weak at the knees in the face of beauty then this article is for you.

young couple hobbyist and escort at bar counter talking

Your pockets may be deep but your self-esteem is delicate

When it comes to financial net worth, you are a superhero! You are a money-making machine with the Midas touch — except when it comes to that stunner of an escort that you can’t resist dating. For some gents (and this just might be you), Junior does not speak big bucks and thus may opt to ‘take the night off’ just when you need him most. Since the male gender cannot fake performance, there are certain practices that will calm the nerves thus, opening the doors to that libido dying to get out.


Adopt a form of meditation prior to your date

You’d be surprised at the effectiveness of deep breathing before you get out of the car to meet that bombshell blonde. Simply close your eyes, turn off your phone and breathe slowly and deeply with all focus on the breath. Do this for approximately five minutes. Release the mind and tell yourself what a handsome gent you are. The results are profound. If you are the sipping type, toast over a glass of your favorite beverage after greeting your luscious muse, just to break the ice and ease the self. (We don’t condone getting tipsy so it’s best not to get out of hand.)

Accept your physique for what it is

Let’s face it. The average man is not the picture perfect cover boy of Men’s Health Magazine. Keeping long hours at the office and dining out frequently equal junk in the gut. Throw in happy hour every now and then with your colleagues and after some time, you might not like what you see in the mirror. Guys: life gets in the way of the ideals that we formed in our minds ages ago about how perfect we should look. The reality is that no physique is perfect. Women and especially independent escorts tend to be quite accepting of a man’s imperfections. You have permission to accept your body for what it is.

Pump up the hygiene

No matter how many muscles you’ve got (or don’t have), without stellar hygiene, you will be deemed unattractive by your date. This is a no brainer, folks and an area in which you can truly build confidence. Companions are more concerned about your hygiene than your six pack or lack thereof. Here are a few pointers:

• Start with a precision haircut done by an expert;
• Always be freshly showered and clean cut (North and South);
• Don’t wear cheap cologne. Invest in a bottle of designer something – Creed, Tom Ford, Armani, Versace (these high end scents are made with known aphrodisiacs and they work. Your date will climb all over you);
• Get a manicure. Seriously, dude. That succulent escort is going to look at your cuticles;
Brush your teeth and invest in a pack of minty gum to keep those kisses comin’ on.

hobbyist hygiene
Set of different Hobbyists cosmetics

Pay attention to [clothing] detail

The best way to increase your insecurity it to dress is a frumpy manner. If you are one of those gents who doesn’t place too much value in your appearance – news flash: your clothing matters and your self-esteem will sky rocket as a result. If you haven’t got a clue about fashion, visit a department store such as Nordstrom or Saks where customer service is tailored to suit your looks. If you are so inclined, splurge and visit a Gucci, Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren boutique and let them adorn you in manly attire that best matches your personal style. A nice pair of loafers and a neat belt are big assets, much like the ones on your evening tryst that you can’t wait to get your hands on. Thank us later.

Become the consummate gentleman

Aaaah, here we get to talk about the holy grail of your confidence and golden rule of successful dating. No matter how pimped out is your wardrobe, how buffed are your nails or how sizeable is your package, manners are the be-all and end-all of a prized engagement. Every single escort you will ever date looks for this and if you are that consummate gentlemen, she’ll rave about you. Let us turn you on to a few pointers:

• Greet her with a proper salutation – doesn’t have to be mushy or overly formal;
Open and hold the door for her;
• At dinner, when she has to visit the ladies room, stand when she does; when she returns, stand again and pull out her seat before she sits down;
• When strolling down the street, walk on the outside. Companions notice this detail especially;
• After your date ends, send a short text (if you have her mobile) later that evening thanking her for such a splendid evening.

Seek companions who are kind and empathetic

Gold diggers, shiny bimbos with plastic personalities and fakers who can’t wait to finish your date are probably not model escorts for you. You are the kind of man who benefits from a gentle touch from a companion who has compassion for people in general. Find an escort who actually enjoys being with you for the man that you are. When you find this combination, behold the sparks that will fly in the boudoir as your confidence soars to heaven. Again and again.

How to Stimulate Your Stamina

Male testosterone is that mythical wonder that turns a memorable date into one exploding with stamina. You know testosterone, that good ol’ T that makes a man a man? The holy grail of male hormones, testosterone peaks around age 20, then gradually reduces by about one percent a year starting around age 30-40. If you are into dating resilient escorts with gym-sculpted bodies, keeping up performance-wise can only optimize your experience. There are heaps of things you can do to up the intensity of your T.

testosteron production

Lift the heavy stuff

Working out your body’s biggest muscles – the glutes and legs – packs a huge hormone hit. For heaven’s sake, get your hobbying butt in the gym and start lifting weights. For added motivation, picture that dynamite independent escort prettying herself for a delightful evening of intimate entertainment just for you. The thought will certainly put the incentive in your workout and may even add a few extra reps to your squat set. Don’t forget your cardio and use those kettle bells to strengthen the much needed core. Still lacking motivation? Hire a trainer of the blonde, bodacious type. She’ll get your gym shorts in a roar.

Fatten it up

Diets with higher amounts of monounsaturated and saturated fats have higher testosterone levels. We are not talking fried chicken, 40-ounce porterhouse steak or pizza. Check it out:
Monounsaturated – olive oil, almonds, avocados, peanut butter
Saturated – red meat, coconut oil, egg yolks, cheese

Young man exercising in gym
Young man exercising in gym

Get more sleep

Are you burning the midnight oil? Dealing with long days at the office or extended business trips in which you didn’t sleep a wink because of that passionate brunette with her curvaceous body wrapped around yours? Either way, lack of zz’s will tweak your T and you don’t want to fall asleep in the arms of that gorgeous creature, now do you!

Include these super foods in your diet

Maybe you’re a meat and potatoes man or perhaps even a vegetarian (in which case you’ll want to rule out animal proteins) but these yummy food items should become testosterone staples in your diet: bananas, mushrooms, black beans and acerola cherries.

Don’t believe the cholesterol myth

Did you know that testosterone is derived from cholesterol? There is a strong correlation between HDL cholesterol (the good one) and free testosterone (the one considered bioavailable, unbound to proteins and absorbable by tissue). Incorporating whole eggs into your diet can improve the lipoprotein profile for increased HDL cholesterol (and also improve or contribute to preventing a host of other health issues including heart disease). When you awake with a sleeping angel in your arms, pound a few poached eggs before you burst into morning recreation.


Sugar is the devil

Calling all sweetaholics – you know who you are! Research has found that sugar ingestion can cause a man’s testosterone to drop by up to twenty five percent. This is not good for performance when you have an epic evening planned with a gorgeous muse and you just chowed down on a candy bar driving to meet her. Keep in mind that sweet liqueurs are also loaded with sugar so when you go for that nightcap, think again. Are we getting the picture?

Ingest natural herbs and supplements to treat low T

While some of us are into homeopathy, the results are not always conclusive. On the other hand, ingesting natural, organic Chinese herbs can yield powerful results. If you are a man who wants to go the extra mile by increasing your libido and enhancing your performance, the following herbs are known throughout indigenous cultures around the world to increase testosterone levels: Fenugreek, horny goat weed (pun intended), Malaysian ginseng, puncturevine, Ashwagandha, yohimbe, DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), pine bark extract, arginine, zinc, vitamin D (go on…do some pool time!), D-aspartic acid, garlic (in pill form, will not taint your minty breath), Korean red ginseng, Chrysin, saw palmetto (every man with a prostate over the age of 40 should be taking this, no questions asked). Hold off on buying the silly stuff – proprietary blends that feature words such as ‘Extreme’ or ‘XXX’. If you’re not into doing the research, see a Chinese herbalist. They’ll hook you up with the right herbs that will have your libido doing summersaults in no time. Your date will thank you.

City Girls is all about the power of your testosterone

Impaired sexual function is not something that a man needs for reasons we all are aware of. Let’s not even go there. Combine our tips and put them into practice because if you do, the fruits of your efforts will blow your testosterone off the manly map and all of our delectable dames will be asking for dates with you!

Managing Infatuation

It started as a date for the evening with a stunning independent escort. You both connected. The intimacy was riveting. You laughed and talked. Your libido spiraled to inexplicable heights. She smiled and bathed you in attention like you have never known. You didn’t want to leave.

When a riveting companion enters your life with such intimate force an overwhelming feeling of infatuation can set in. Even as an experienced hobbyist you may feel vulnerable and head over heels in love or lust!

She has entered your life

You schedule several hours with this delightful beauty. However, time becomes crowded because the evening is rich with not only intimacy but mental and emotional connection. You confirm spending the entire night with her because you cannot fathom leaving. You stay up all night talking and who knows what else. Eventually, you say goodbye because life prevails.

self confidence
A speedometer with red needle pointing to Yes I Did It, symbolizing self confidence

She has altered your life

Friends, colleagues and obligations fade into the background. Your thoughts dwell upon memories, her scent, her touch, her tenderness and her wildness. Others do not matter. People, places and time fade as though they never existed. Fueled by her affections, the future and life in general are unusually optimistic. Your self-confidence is inflated and your self esteem higher than ever. Such energy limits sleep and is replaced by an overwhelming lust and a super charged libido. In short, she completes you. Feelings of completion and wholeness set in, so you think.

When separation takes its toll

Anxiety sets in and you may feel down. Self-doubt crowds your mindset and energy drains. Concentration becomes difficult as thoughts of her consume all of you. Things might even reach the point of jealousy in which you grow suspicious of what she is doing and who she is seeing. Your mind plays tricks on you as you wonder if her feelings for you are the same. Any contact with her is equivalent to a boost of adrenaline.


What you are feeling

Infatuation triggers a huge surge of dopamine in your brain and changes the way you think. The pleasure center is activated and adrenaline is produced. Desire for your lover is intensified. You feel bonded to her along with a sense of trust and emotional attachment. All in all, a feeling of euphoria results which overrides logic. Concentration becomes difficult and you may even experience withdrawals clouding your thinking.

hand with pen drawing the chemical formula of Dopamine

Getting over infatuation

Try to focus on doing activities that you enjoyed before you met her. Remember the meaning that your life had at that time. The sooner you can restore your happiness the sooner you will overcome your infatuation. Even if you get down or have a tough day at the office, avoid reaching her. Call a friend instead or better yet, exercise!

Treat yourself to the girl friend experience

Seek the company of another lovely independent escort who is a GFE. She will not only console your emotions but will distract you. She may even cure your infatuation! Eventually, you will overcome these false desires and move on to a healthy, balanced enjoyment of engaging with a companion.

Many kisses, Chloe

Scent of Sensuality

Whether dangerously sweet or daringly spicy, an alluring scent can act as a powerful aphrodisiac. It can truly represent a man’s personality when properly selected. It can be vexing when applied in excess or hazardous to the health when worn around a sensitive person. In the latter two cases, fragrance can be a deterrent with adverse effects on a hobbyist and his date. Scent is just that potent!

Less is more

We have talked about this before. Are you a gentleman who drowns himself in less expensive cologne that happens to be made with alcohol? Perhaps out of nervousness, you may feel inclined to apply excess the likes of taking a shower in an overexerted effort to capture the bouquet. Thank the stars above that such fragrances quickly evaporate from the skin. Bless the nostrils that grace your presence in the meantime because they will be overpowered.  Better to invest in a pricier fragrance (check out the men’s department at Nordstrom for their customer service works great with the clueless). The scent will be far more original and only require a few dabs here and there (uh, ‘there’ is entirely up to you) to flatter not irritate your companion.

Elegant sensual young woman holding perfume, golden tones, small amount of grain added
Elegant sensual young woman holding perfume, golden tones, small amount of grain added

Fragrance tastes repulsive

The reader will pardon me for taking this particular section a few steps down South. If you have ever kissed, licked or otherwise mingled your taste buds with skin tainted by the bitter, chalky flavor of deodorant or body spray, you know what I’m talking about. Ugh. There is no better way to shock the libido into non existence. Hobbyists and independent escorts alike, I’m talking to you: apply your perfume where you wish but exercise caution. Those hungry lips searching for the back of your neck or certain areas of the chest may be greeted by the sour surprise of your delicious fragrance turned evil. Perfume can be your friend or foe so best to get to know what it can and cannot do for you. Apply to areas least likely to meet with saliva – backs of your wrists, hair, knees, sides of your waist, underarms.

Consider your dating environment before applying

Taking a long drive to reach your dining destination? Enjoying a romantic, candle lit evening within the tight quarters of a one-room hotel suite? Attending the opera? Any scent beyond a subtle whiff is going to mock the senses of your date and wreak havoc on your evening. To be quite blunt, one of you may even get pissed off and say something you will both regret. It is better to be safe than sorry and forego the creed that scent is compulsory. As an alternative, purchase some aromatic, organic shampoo, conditioner and/or body wash. Aveda has a fabulous line for men. Both parties will be highly appreciative and might even get lucky.

Burden lies with the person with the sensitivity

Ladies and gentlemen, if any of you are highly sensitive to artificial scent, the onus is on you to inform your date! Personally, there have been times when my nose has met with the foul-smelling perfume that the wearer sadly considered to smell fine. Worse yet, if any of you have asthma or allergies, inform your date in advance that he or she should arrive unscented. Be specific about shampoos and hair products if your condition is that severe. Scent is a sensual thing and should be revered for its power whether it is perfume, the lingering aroma of fresh bread, sizzling garlic or the musk of just-loved bodily oils. The aspects of desire and physical appeal rely heavily on what adorns your skin. Make yourself impossible to forget. If you want to capture your date’s attention, whisper.

Many succulent kisses, Chloe xoxo

You Want What?

Are you bored or lacking intimacy in your personal life? Have you fantasized about trying something new but don’t know who to approach or how to ask? Some men and women may find themselves knowing not where to turn with desires that they expect might be deemed weird, perverted or dissatisfied. Fear not! City Girls is here with suggestions that will ‘normalize’ those feelings. Read on, viewers, read on…

Embrace your sensuality with a little novelty

Spending moments with an independent escort is like taking time out from the daily demands of life. When she graces your presence, past and future are forgotten and only the present prevails with promises of fresh experimentation that leave ruts in the dust. The gates of sensuality are released and flood you with opportunity to explore every last novelty that you can think of.


Seek spiritual depth and release a hidden sweetness within

In many, a deeper urges lie sleeping in the nooks and crannies of the mind, where it all begins. Awaken those erogenous curiosities and explore, my friends! When you discover new frontiers with a companion who compliments you, your life will be permanently transformed. Taste the nectar of satisfaction and quench your curiosities expanding into new novelties that will blossom as a result.

Forgo the age factor

It doesn’t matter whether you are young, middle-aged or in your twilight years, age is not an issue when answering those carnal whims. Often, a gentleman in his retirement years feels finally free to pay attention to those harassing desires that nag at his person to be probed against all conventional standards. Remember that confidentiality is the medium in the world of escorting my gentlemen friends.

Your cup is half full

Whatever your flight of fancy, silly and impractical it is not. Navigating the psyche of sensuality is not always a cake walk when it comes to answering those seemingly forbidden questions that haunt the libido. Rich, fulfilling and often overwhelming are the answers and physical results, leaving you awestruck and wanting more. Often, realizing just a bit of a fantasy can bring tremendous satisfaction.

Mutual willingness will keep things light and easy

Setting is the key to opening the doors of romantic experimentation. As a hobbyist, meeting an independent escort in a location where you have not frequented is a fresh way to set the stage for trying something new. Keeping patience at the forefront of your mind will allow you to revel in pleasure and enhance the experience of exploring new loving frontiers.

A Hard Look at Why Men Cheat

Science says that men cheat because they want to. But there are logical (though perhaps unacceptable to some) reasons surrounding this ‘impulse’ why a man cheats or chooses to entertain the affections of another woman when he is involved in a marriage or committed relationship. He is not necessarily a hobbyist though his sensual findings may lead him to hone his escapades into a hobby within the world of beautiful escorts. As human beings we are taught from a young age to mate for life. Is this natural given that the divorce rate is so high in the States?

Upset young couple having marital problems or a disagreement lying side by side in bed facing in opposite directions ignoring one another. Interracial couple, Asian woman, Caucasian man.
Upset young couple having marital problems or a disagreement lying side by side in bed facing in opposite directions ignoring one another. Interracial couple, Asian woman, Caucasian man.

She’s not putting out

Often, something happens in a marriage or relationship in which both parties reach a stalemate in terms of sex. It happens often on the woman’s side where she simply looses interest in intimacy with her husband. It could be that she gains weight after mothering their children and feels undesirable, her husband becomes unattractive in her eyes after the newness wears off or the stress and anxiety of daily living withers away at her libido. While a wife may make peace within her sexless marriage, the husband may seek to quell his naturalistic needs with the girlfriend attention of a companion.

testosteron production

Underscoring your manhood

Something happens to a man when he reaches andropause, the change of life for males, the equivalent of menopause in women. In efforts to recapture his zest for life, he seeks to re-discover what once came so naturally in his virile years. There are many companions or courtesans who make a huge impact in the life of a gentleman in replenishing his self-confidence and restoring his old sense of self. Of course, there are always the likes of Viagra, cialis or levitra to aid in testosterone production which complement the sweeter side of bonding behind closed doors that shall remain unmentioned. Sugar daddies, you know who you are.

Won’t divorce until the kids are in college

In the olden days, marriage represented an idealistic notion, the fusion of two souls forever. While there are those couples who continue to perfect this crusade by the grace of God, others not so successful embrace a tangle of family and financial obligations by fulfilling their unmet carnal needs with outside sources known as independent escorts. For many, it is simply a better socioeconomic alternative (sometimes quietly accepted by the Mrs.) to stay in a hapless marriage and seek gratification outside of wedlock until financial or family obligations justify otherwise.

Broken heart
Broken heart

The love is gone

Cast aside cerebral fluff in the aforementioned paragraph. Here we have hard core, ‘there aint no lovin’ left in this relationship’ type situation. What motivates a man to become a hobbyist in such a scenario is an open forum of theories that the reader can entertain on his or her own accord. Perhaps there exists a friendship between husband and wife, a divine roommate arrangement of sorts in which they are tied at the proverbial hip and the notion of divorce is worse than the worst marriage. Plus, it’s draining and can blast a hole in your wallet.

She (or he) had an affair

Well. If your wife or husband had an affair, either she or he is extremely horny, immoral or you as her or his partner are not making the lustful grade. Whatever the reason, none are really defendable because however deteriorated the marriage that led to the wandering is now overshadowed by a seemingly weak and promiscuous nature. Enter a host of insurmountable problems that tarnish any chances of revival. Trust in the foundation of any healthy relationship. Given the complications of life, seeking the outside company of an independent escort is often a soothing solution and in some cases can actually repair a dysfunctional marriage. Whoa.

City Girls, PhD

Not. Exploring the underlying characteristics of why men and women go astray is something not often talked about in the hobby. While we are masters of pleasure (if we may toot our horns as such), we seek to bring an element of familiarity that calls upon little secrets that linger in many minds of hobbyists, wives and independent escorts alike.

How to Increase Your Stamina

If you are an average Joe who dates extraordinarily beautiful independent escorts chances are excellent that you are putting your performance capacity on the line every time. Whether your date is 60 minutes or overnight, loosing that spunk after twenty minutes of overwhelming ecstasy can disarm the ego of any man. What is the answer? Increase your stamina!

Young man exercising in gym

Hitting the gym can better your stamina

Weight lifting is your friend when it comes to increasing your sex drive. You do not have to be a body builder to get the benefit of naturally increasing your testosterone through this form of exercise. Throw in some pushups, sit ups and crunches for the perfect libido-enhancing cocktail! If you haven’t been to the gym in years, consider hiring a personal trainer to get your mojo back in action. As a result, your stamina will increase which is excellent toward, well, going the extra round with your companion!

Eat away at your libido

What follows are just a few culinary tidbits (stay tuned for a more expansive future article) that will increase your energy and in turn your libido.

We have all heard that oysters are the aphrodisiacs of sexuality. But there are other culinary gems that trigger desire. Stock up on your celery because it contains androsterone, an odorless hormone released through perspiration that turns women on. Eat it raw, gentleman! Oysters contain a high level of zinc which raises sperm and testosterone production. They also contain dopamine which is a hormone known to strengthen the libido. Munch on a banana chalk full of the enzyme bromelain which is believed to awaken the libido and reverse impotence. These yellow yummies are also great sources of potassium and B vitamins such as riboflavin which will raise your body’s overall energy level. Ever heard of the ‘testical tree’? That would be an avocado tree, gentlemen. Avocados contain high levels of folic acid which help metabolize proteins and give you more energy. They also contain vitamin B6 which increases male hormone production. Almonds are a prime source of essential fatty acids which provide the raw materials for a man’s healthy production of hormones which result in energy. Mind you, eating just one of these food items is not going to work macho magic but incorporating them into a regular diet plan will.

Oysters contain a high level of zinc which raises sperm and testosterone production

Walk in the morning to get the juices stirring

If you are not a morning person, then wee hour workouts may not be your thing. But getting a jump start on your energy is still vital to productivity, especially if you’ve got a hot date waiting for you at the end of a long day. When you awake groggy and grasping for coffee, take first a stroll around the block in your sweats and sneakers. Greet the crispness of the morning with a sleepy welcome and feel the cool air kiss your skin. Not only does an early a.m. walk rejuvenate the soul but it is better at awakening the self than any cup of java. Carry this earthly glow throughout the day and feel the results as they ripple into your evening.

Engage the mind, age-old originator of sexuality

Many hobbyists who need emotional TLC seek the company of independent escorts who specialize in the girlfriend experience often becoming sugar daddies in the process. Other gentlemen shyly seek the attention of GFE companions for their talents in drawing forth and ‘normalizing’ sensual needs considered socially taboo for men. The dance of sexual interaction begins with a tango of the intellect. With the right independent escort, stimulation of the mind can conjure your innermost secrets buried in the mental chambers of shame and convert them into erotic actions of freedom. Release those inhibitions, guys and allow your stamina to soar!

Professional dating should leave little to chance

Strengthening your stamina is a great way to get ‘more bang for your buck’. City Girls provides you with a tool box of tips that when put into practice will bring new meaning to your romantic encounters and a deeper understanding of human sexuality.

Hobbyist! You KNOW You Want More!

Hobbyists, exploring your sensuality is one thing. Penetrating your fantasies is quite another!

There are independent escorts who understand your manhood like no other women. Want to know more? Read this week’s blog article on City Girls!

Dating a beautiful independent escort is only the beginning. Standing face to face with a breathtaking vixen can with a sensational goddess gives you card blanche to cultivate scorching fantasies where sensuality is sport and erotic fulfillment is plentiful. Let us tap into your psyche for a few sexy moments to trigger your imagination.

Role playing can be saucy and invigorating

Acting a part does not mean that you are participating in a Broadway show wherein your acting talents are on display. Role playing is far more subtle than that. It could mean that your companion acts as your secretary and you as her boss and the rest go from there. Or, she is your patient and you are her doctor and well, you get what I’m saying!

Sensual female domination – give it up to a heart stopping vixen

Many hobbyists with demanding careers ridden with decision-making like to take a little intimate time to relinquish control. Sensual fem dom is a mild approach in which a beautiful woman takes the upper hand. The experience is more along the lines of a girlfriend who likes to be in control with a little softness around the edges. How far you want to take it is up to you! Consider implementing wardrobe and a few toys. If you get really into it, perhaps stage a meeting in a public setting to get the adrenaline pumping!

Pure companionship for the more intimate, personable types

There are many sides to intimacy. The physical is only one of them. Perhaps you need someone to talk to, an exquisite confidante who cares and understands what you are thinking and feeling. What better ambience to share your secrets than in the private world of a luxurious companion whose focus is 100% on you. Many hobbyists and independent escorts develop deep and meaningful friendships on the basis of the girl friend experience.

PSE lovers, let’s get right down to business!

Don’t even talk to me about the girl friend experience! From the moment you set foot in the door, be prepared for a rush of sexy adrenaline as your person is accosted with concentrated lust taken to the tenth power. While physical fitness is not a requirement, please make sure that your heart is healthy as such a vixen will skyrocket your libido to unearthly powers that you’ve never known!

At first, the hobby may seem to be all about trite interaction with breathtaking independent escorts who possess earth shattering beauty

But for many gentlemen it is about self-discovery, re-invention of themselves and in some cases, healing from hurtful life experiences. In these cases, sensual experiences penetrate far deeper than just the physical. At City Girls, we invite all of our VIP members and hobbyist friends to explore their needs and desires and take physical, mental and psychological satisfaction to deeper levels!

Chloe xoxo

Increasing Your Intimacy for Hobbyists and Independent Escorts

As a hobbyist, the depth of your intimacy is directly related to the quality of the time you spend with an independent escort.

Sure, you can leave it all in the hands of your companion and chances are (especially at City Girls) that she will outdo herself in showering you with satisfaction. But why leave intimacy to chance when you can double the bang for your buck with a little insight? That’s where we come in.

Wake-up Call Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds, Sun Rays and Sky.

The super sexy wake-up call

Experts say that those who frolic in the morning before going to work are much healthier than those who do not. Spend the night with your date. Get in your head as the two of you are going to bed (probably after a super sensual evening) that you want to surprise her in the morning with your rockin’ a.m.libido. What a fulfilling way to start the day!

Take a shower together

Just imagine rubbing warm oil all over each other! I’m sure your date would be happy to massage you all over with sudsy soap leaving you more than squeaky clean. As most independent escorts at City Girls are blessed with figures that will defy your vision, taking a relaxing shower together will stimulate your attraction simultaneously. What an oxymoron!

Sexy couple together in the shower standing behind the transparent bath curtain

Regulate your drinking

While a little bubbly may fuel the flame of your desires, consuming too much alcohol equals a good thing gone bad. Alcohol consumption can impair your judgment and even cause you to commit actions that you might regret. Certainly do not greet your date intoxicated or high on any other drug for that matter. That is not the mark of a gentleman.

Silence your phone

Silence your phone

As you are moving in for the girl friend-style kiss it is rather interruptive for your phone to ring. It is rude for you to answer it. Silence your phone and better yet, turn it off completely. Life will go on. On the other hand, if you as a hobbyist are awaiting a very important call that cannot be avoided, alert your date from the beginning out of courtesy so that she knows what to expect.
We are talking pure, unadulterated pleasure

Here at City Girls, we believe in the girlfriend-experience, the specialty of all of our club members. GFE is all about closeness, warmth and understanding between a hobbyist and independent escort. Whether you spend one hour with your date or 24, familiarity is key to mutual affection. As a hobbyist, if you seek to develop a fondness with your date or are simply looking for a good time passing through town on a business engagement, increasing your intimacy is a talent beheld by all of our independent escorts.

Chloe xoxo