What is Sensual Massage?

Are you a gentleman who is constantly giving, delegating and making decisions? Perhaps you are so boxed into the mold of the daily grind that it is difficult to let go of it all. Of course, spending a few hours with a luscious bombshell of an escort with a body to die for is probably the first thought that pops into your yearning mind. Perhaps there is higher level of pleasure; one that is void of judgments and expectations. Sensual massage takes the luxury of receiving to a heightened level where your erotic sensuality is celebrated.


Enter a suspended state of pleasure

Sensual massage is about losing expectations of a goal so that you may enjoy your body and exist in the moment in ways that are more profound than most can imagine. Nonexistent is the requirement or need to perform. Anxiety is nowhere to be found.

Sensual massage can enhance your love life

When enjoying a full body massage, you articulate the boundaries – where your masseuse will touch you and how far you want her to go. The purpose of sensual touch is to increase spiritual awareness, pleasure, healing and empowerment. It is a total release in which ‘taking care of the other person’ is not required, allowing a sense of freedom to be present in every inch of your body.


The power of touch is remarkable

When you get to express what you want, you will develop a sense of rhythm and pace while tuning into your own sensations and experiencing whole body pleasure. The incredibly soothing yet arousing touch of your masseuse as her capable hands explore your entire body take you to a place of prolonged bliss. It is not an instant release but rather a meditative state of joy and lingering euphoria that leaves you in a trans, finally leading to ecstasy.

Get ready for an intimate environment

Sensual massage is given with a genuine sense of care. If your masseuse is also an independent escort, her mind blowing appearance will evoke feelings of arousal almost immediately. The candle lit room will shroud you in a soft, exotic scent as gentle music wafts through the air. A quiet stillness will begin to melt through stress and anxiety. As you unveil and start to relax, your gorgeous angel will slowly begin the ritual. Warm oil will coat your body as her skilled hands gently search for those areas longing to be set free. Your entire being will be stimulated as she takes you to a place of ethereal, never ending joy. Sensual massage is truly one of the most fulfilling experiences that a person can have.


Sensual massage is nature’s medicine for stress relief

When your masseuse welcomes you into an open, honest environment where it is appropriate to feel aroused, your body and mind will calm in ways that no other method of relaxation can accomplish. As your body becomes more and more sensually aroused, sensory messages transmitting from the skin and erogenous areas reaffirm your mind that you are safe. Hormones release causing muscles to loosen as you fall into a subconscious state. It is during this time that you will fully exist in the moment.

If you are a gentleman who has never experienced a sensual massage, you do not know what you are missing!

What Makes One Escort Better Than Another?

Your zeal for beautiful women has inspired you to date countless independent escorts over the years. Certainly, some have been better than others. All are unmistakably attractive and most have pleasured you at least to a certain degree. But in what sense is one companion superior to another? Let’s take a closer look at some of the qualities that form the ‘total package’ that is a first-rate escort.

She has a rockin’ body that doesn’t quit

It is the type of figure that every woman covets. Naturally, she is big into fitness which lends heavily to those long, lean yet muscular legs and ridiculously firm bubble bum. Her stomach is chiseled to perfection just below bouncy curves that defy gravity. Her feet are perfectly manicured and bring out the fetish in you.. Her body is a showstopper akin to a Victoria’s Secret model and you go out of your mind with desire. Most importantly, she knows what to do with it.


She has illustrious hair and velvety-smooth skin

Two of the best assets on an independent escort are silken skin and long, glorious tresses that your hands cannot get enough of. Whether it’s an evening of romantic dining at your favorite restaurant or a flurry of private matters in the boudoir, both serve as delicious eye candy and you’ve got a major sweet tooth.

Her carnal aptitude is mind blowing

As a natural pleaser, this trophy of an escort spoils you with ground-shaking delight the likes of which you have never experienced. Now, that’s saying a lot being that you’ve been hobbying forever. What separates this lascivious muse from the rest is an animalistic drive that needs to be satiated on a regular basis. Such cravings WOW your intimacy which is why you feel like king of the universe every time you see her. In short, this chick is the real deal.

Guy and girl enjoying eachother's company at a bar

Personalities just don’t get more charismatic

Is she faking it? Moodiness is not a word to describe her starburst disposition. She has a temperament like sunshine that breaks through the clouds after a thunderstorm. Her cheery disposition melts all stress rattling your nerves and all is right with the world. Here is an escort who is chemically balanced and emotionally grounded with a positive outlook on life. If only more women could be like her…

She is witty and smart but not stuck-up

Since you are a gentleman who seeks the girlfriend experience for whatever reasons (only you know what they are) it is quite nice to be able to carry an intelligent conversation. Equal to a woman’s physical splendor is a quick wit and innate wisdom for a combination of appeal that renders her the keeper that you seek. This companion is the sum of such allure and has piqued your interest to no end.

Her psychology is spot on

Quite possibly the summit of all attributes is this escort’s quiet ability to know what you are thinking, feeling and desiring pretty much at all times. She reads your male radar with total precision. More importantly, she gauges what to say and how to say it without going overboard. It is an invisible talent that she uses to the advantage of both of you. In a nutshell, she is a true lady and the highest compliment a man can hope to ask for.

We’d love to get your feedback: About what defines the ideal escort. Let us know your thoughts.

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Why City Girls: Part 1- Safety for both provider and hobbyist.

When navigating the world of adult entertainment, safety of well-being should always be top priority as an independent escort and hobbyist. Relying on a false sense of security because someone guarantees your discretion can get you into a host of troubles, to say the least. Complacency or outright reckless hobbying or providing can cost your reputation, marriage, family ties and even your life.

safety first city girls

There are a lot of imposters out there

Whether they be modeling agencies, independent escorts, or undercover agents. The industry of professional dating is an invisible one shrouded in discretion and anonymity. Two people must feel absolutely safe with each other to ensure the integrity of their date. But how do you really know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your privacy and safety will not be jeopardized?

City Girls invented the science of secure adult internet dating

Safety is our middle name; security our mantra by which every daily action of the dating process must pass. The best friend of a safe environment is a user-friendly environment within a seamless screening method required of all providers and hobbyists. Thanks to our appointment processing system, every act of communication is automatically encrypted, minimizing email trails about appointment arrangement details in your email Inbox. No stone is left unturned; no detail is overlooked when it comes to ensuring a smooth meeting arrangement that clears the way for pure, unabashed entertainment.

security science

Why City Girls?

In April, 2016, Geisha Diaries through its affiliate Vertical Kitty interviewed our management team in what turned out to be quite a provocative article. As an icon in the adult industry known worldwide for its pragmatic and often times edgy commentary, Geisha Diaries put the spotlight on the ‘true colors’ of the City Girls business model and the breathtaking and genuine beauty that characterizes our independent escorts, no holds barred. Geisha Diaries noted that equal to the lockdown security measures practiced religiously to ensure CG members’ and providers’ safety is the staggering sexiness of our models that leave our VIP members star-eyed on a regular basis. What is the secret behind City Girls’ sustainability? Read the article in which Geisha Diaries reveals it all.

This is the first in a series of articles

Stay tuned for our next article about Quality and what it means to become a City Girls’ avid follower.

Happy Sexy Cinco de Mayo!

Hola Papacitas! In Spanish, that’s a warm welcome to all you debonair hobbyists out there trolling our website for a smokin’ hot independent escort on el Cinco de Mayo. Have we got any spicy specials? Si, Claro! But of course! Read on love enthusiasts, read on…

El Cinco de Mayo began in Mexico back in 1862 when the Mexican army triumphantly defeated French forces at the Battle of Puebla. Imagine the curvaceous acompaños (escorts) that awaited General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín to glorify him with their Latina kisses when he arrived home. What will you do to commemorate the fiesta?


Bailando con su fecha

Dancing with your date is a great way to kick off the sensuous festivities that await His Highness. Throwing back a few cervezas with your compadres is certainly well-deserved but where is that passionate mamacita in all of her physical splendor when the Mariachi band begins? Picture her long, shapely legs in mile high stilettos leading up to her bubble derriere beneath a micro mini skirt. She gives new meaning to salsa dancing, twisting that razor thin navel and bouncing those magnificent tetas all around you. Dios Mio! What is an hombre to do?

Hot tamales in barely there lingerie

We’re talking super caliente! Diehard curves, chiches delicious (grande or pequeña – you choose), firm posteriors and angelic features all accented in silky threads of intimate apparel. Most of that sexy attire is nothing more than a ceremonious veiling waiting for your hands to do the honors. What’s your pleasure?


On this joyous, margarita-filled occasion

Careful with the tequila and certainly don’t eat the worm. You’re going to need every ounce of your sobriety to soak up these delectable dolls dripping with desire who aim to please.

Attention! All you bikini bombshell worshipers

In observance of this south of the border holiday, City Girls is honoring its VIP members with a Cinco de Mayo Special you won’t want to miss. For only 250 per hour, you can celebrate the occasion with any of our participating independent escorts who will rock your world on the 5th of May.

Specials at City Girls Abound

Already have plans on el Cinco de Mayo that you just can’t break? Don’t fret, my friend. We are always thinking about our VIP gents which is why you should always check our Specials Page to see what goodies await your indulgence!


Men Who Date Spinners

When was the last time you trolled our website for a skinny hot chick and scored a date (or more)? We’re talking ϋber sexy petites with bangin’ bodies that fit neatly wrapped in your arms. Your personal choice of an independent escort is typically determined by how fast you can spin her or ‘carry’ her from the boudoir to the mini bar to grab another glass of vino – the two of you still intact. With City Girls, you can have your cake (or escort , as it were) and eat it too – no pun intended.


Modern day cult of spinners

Gents, we all know that you’ve earned major bragging rights after you have dated a petite escort. If not for the sheer novelty of her angelic size, maneuverability of her lithe body equals pure ecstasy. It’s just that spinners can do things that other girls cannot. After she consumes you like a professional cowgirl in a rodeo, she revolves around your person in a display of physical talent that blows your masculinity through the roof.

An erotic catharsis

As a man who likes to date spinners you are reborn on a regular basis. It is an intimately spiritual experience to be with an independent escort of the dainty type who naughtily spins like a top as she leads you straight to paradise. But don’t get us wrong. These agile tarts of beauty are bursting with self-confidence (largely due to their physical perfection) and know when it’s time to let you take the lead. Apart from the cuteness factor, they sport well-shaped posteriors from whence all of your other squeezes are measured. Her body is no taller than a minute though her desire for lust is a grand as the day is long. With curves that show signs of serious physical fitness, her ta’s are quite possibly on the smaller side but heck, they’re all natural and a delicious mouthful. Her spinning counterpart may proudly display twins of silicone but with a physique made in heaven, who’s to judge?


Rite of masculine passage

Repeated encounters with a trophy girlfriend of an experience can only lead to a manly metamorphosis of passionate. Her sensually mechanical abilities are far reaching, beginning but not ending with a figure that was meant to sanctify your soul. Whatever baggage you arrive with upon meeting your tiny date will most certainly be transformed into positive energy that re-affirms your manhood by the time the two of you hug goodbye. Don’t let her size fool you. She is a muse of potent sexual power and a universe of intimate prowess whose talent will take you on the ride of your life.

Spinners galore, City Girls style

Now that we’ve fired up your temperature about 200 degrees, isn’t it good to know that so many of our models are petite, compact and built for action? Whether you fancy a blonde, brunette or redhead, our independent escorts are not only gorgeous but brimming with eagerness to please. What a delightful combination! Is it any wonder why so many of our City Girls are spinners? As always, we are here to serve.


Talking About Bikini Zones

How do you like your ladyscape? We are talking below the beauty belt, the most highly coveted of all luxury femme spots. This juicy diameter of sensual real estate is the most highly sought after of all love zones where a man likes to nestle his netherrod as frequently as possible. We’ve heard from hundreds of hobbyists about how they like their vajayjays and this is what they told us:

Completely bare doesn’t grow there

The Brazilian


Also known as the Hollywood or the Sphinx, The Brazilian is the Queen of all waxes. Bagging the bush is definitely the preferred style for the majority of gents who date our velvety-smooth, independent escorts. As soft as a baby’s butt is the resulting texture of a lady’s most Southern region with not a fuzz to be found. Period. The muse that regularly waxes her well-appointed mound and areas found further below bares the most erotic of looks sure to drive her man out of his honey-lovin’ mind.

No lady garden left unattended

Waxing doesn’t exactly tickle and therefore isn’t for the faint of heart. For many escorts, there is an alternative method of maintaining a clean conejo that produces the same delicious sans carpet style that you all love. Shaving has evolved into an art form, an intimate ceremony between a lady and her flower that if ever witnessed by you kitty-obsessed dudes would surely get you off with hardly a stroke. The attention with which she pays her hoo-hee starts with a long soak in a hot bath (just imagine her curves glistening through the suds as she massages herself so as to soften the skin prior to trimming). She then proceeds to groom her fleece until it is no more. She will conclude with yet another massage of perfumed oil to preserve this most succulent of areas in preparation for the fun to follow.


zone types

Trimmed and tidy

Well-manicured muffs

For the man aroused by a subtle shade of au naturel, this is the way to go. Of course, an escort must never style her canyon coiffure without first knowing her final destination. If she is especially creative, she may opt for a heart, floral or triangular shape for some extra added surprise. If she is of the brunette variety, that frisky shape will peek right through her lacy lingerie, beckoning immediate attention from who other than her admirer of the evening.

The Landing Strip

A glimpse of natural womanhood is the theme for this well-intentioned look quite arousing for the gent who loves his independent escort to catwalk in nothing more than her stilettos. It is a calculated groom, angular in nature and requires a mirror for accuracy. To achieve a precision look, many escorts opt for a partial Brazilian wax which implies to her date that she really cares about making a good impression.

Beauty bling for lady bits

Ooh la la! For the poon aficionado who likes his punani sparkling with jewels, the Vajazzle is the macdaddy of looks. Foofed out with a delicate flower, butterfly, heart or the like, her pelvic area is adorned with a delicate decoration that delivers one message to her inamorato: come and get me you big, handsome hunk. What man on this pink mink earth could resist?

pubic hair

How do you like your honey pot?

As you all know, City Girls would not be the Club that it is today if we didn’t poke and probe our VIP members for their valuable opinions. This is why we want to know what your preference is!

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Your Date is Cancelled

What about ‘cancelled’ do you not understand? Well, probably our version of the definition, for starters. No one comprehends better than City Girls what it’s like to take candy from a kid. Fraught with monumental disappointment, the thought of that gorgeous babe of an independent escort not showing up at your door is simply staggering. Go ahead and let it rip. Cry those tears of disillusionment for the child in all of us is salivating to taste the sweet essence that was to have been your date.


It’s not going to happen

That wild flower of a muse was sure to rock your evening starting with her luxuriously curvaceous body feasting on yours in a haze of pleasure. Not. Crushing, we know. Now that you’ve calmed down, we’d like to talk about why your date was cancelled. With your best interest at heart, City Girls maintains clearly defined standards by which your lovely muse did not abide. Whatever the reasons, she was not a good fit for the Club and had to move on. This is not as harsh as it sounds. Though the advantages are many, being a touring independent escort is not for every girl. As we see it, the loss was less than your frustration would have been at the end of the engagement. It is more ethical to save face and your happiness by re-scheduling with another bombshell of an escort.


When a tour is cancelled

For a sneak preview behind the CG scene, a symphony of details must resonate for a tour to happen. When any detail is out of tune, we face the possibility of a cancellation. In the event that a tour is cancelled, most likely another beautiful enchantress will be scheduled to visit your city giving you the possibility to schedule a date with her.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining
When you chose to make friends with City Girls, you accepted our high standards knowing that you’d always be able to rely on us. We stand behind our VIP members, never compromising our commitment to integrity at the expense of your satisfaction. If your date is cancelled, be very happy because another first class independent escort is most certainly coming your way.


TER_ The erotic review
$33 a month membership, or 2 review submissions


The virtual voice of City Girls here again with a jaw-dropping announcement:

Just in case, TER stands for The Erotic Review. Our account has been blocked and we cannot log in. This means that we also cannot post weekly tour advertising of our models which you all look toward and we cannot update profiles of models.

TER login banned theeroticreview.com

Why has City Girls been banned by TER?

Probably, because we featured on our website a special arrangement with BestGFE members to promote TOFTT*, available only to BestGFE members and apparently, TER does not like that.

Membership is FREE. Save $30/month. Join NOW!

What is TOFTT?

TOFTT stands for ‘Take One For the Team’ and offers a special $250 hourly donation: when a gentleman has dated an independent escort who has not yet received any escort reviews. TOFTT protocol is a fair and balanced approach to supporting both hobbyist and independent escort: a win-win situation. He respectfully highlights his encounter with fellow hobbyists within the community whether his experience was off the charts, mediocre or a one-time wonder. In following TOFTT philosophy, he has rated his experience by putting the word out to his fellow hobbyist comrades. In turn, the model receives a review, strengthening her reputation.

Is TER feeling okay?

This past summer of 2015, TER had their chance to participate in our TOFTT program which we so graciously extended. Out of the blue, they voluntarily requested to be excluded from our promotion on the basis of a moral conviction: offering a $50 hourly discount is unethical. Seriously?

TER offers FREE VIP Membership for writing reviews

Hmm. Cat got your tongues, TER moguls? Offering a free VIP membership (a value of approximately $33) for writing two reviews sounds similar to the very TOFTT program which they declined to endorse!

What TOFTT really does for its VIP members

Let’s get real, folks. I think we all know that TOFTT is not a movement to coerce our VIP members or ask our independent escorts to do anything that they wouldn’t do otherwise. About this we have always taken a transparent position.

Membership is FREE. Save $30/month. Join NOW!

The elephant in the room

Could it be that TER is bothered by the fact that BestGFE participates in the very TOFTT arrangement that they declined? A bit psycho, but seems to point to why they have banned us.

A parallel situation occurred with EROS

We used to advertise on EROS and decided to implement a marketing technique that promoted an RS2K (Room Service 2000) special refund granted upon completion of their verification process. On October 29th, 2012 we released a post on our blog talking about this RS2K promotion. Five days later, EROS contacted us announcing that they had removed us from their advertising.

City Girls will NOT be bullied

If TER carries through with the act of banning us from their site, this is a BAD thing and will cast a shadow upon them. We stand on a solid foundation of character and integrity – virtues by which our members have come to rely. Will City Girls quit? Never!!!

TOFTT is Back!

For the past few years, City Girls has offered the TOFTT program to its VIP members. Whether you are a hobbyist versed in its amazing benefits or just getting familiar, below is useful information about the new and improved features of TOFTT.

TOFTT dates are $250 per hr!

TOFTT stands for ‘Take One For the Team’. In the hobbyist world, TOFTT means that a gentleman has dated an independent escort who has not yet received any reviews. Following TOFTT protocol, he respectfully highlights his encounter with fellow hobbyists within the community. His date could have been passionately groundbreaking, intimately memorable or boringly bland. In following TOFTT philosophy, he has scored his experience by putting the word out to his escort dating comrades.

Benefits of a TOFTT date through City Girls

Though they are stunningly gorgeous and unspeakably talented, some of our independent escorts are unknown in the hobbying world and therefore not backed by escort reviews. Our ladies are approved as club members based upon recommendation for their obvious beauty and sensual aptitude. For City Girls, TOFTT reviews solidify ladies’ memberships as independent escorts and strengthen our (already solid) reputation as a club that stands behind its VIP members. When a hobbyist gets to date an exceptionally talented beauty at the discounted TOFTT rate, it’s a win-win situation.

TOFTT Cataleya

Who is eligible for a TOFTT date?

Only VIP members of City Girls backed by a solid reputation of feedback and participation on the BestGFE website qualify. If you are a VIP member of City Girls, you must have participated in a minimum of five BestGFE threads.

How to get approved for TOFTT status

  1. Log in to your VIP account
  2. Click Menu button and Settings.
  3. TOFTT approval Status and if not approved, press Request Approval.4-TOFTT-StatusRequest
  4. Enter your BestGFE username and click Verify.5-TOFTT-BestGFE-Username
  5. Wait a few seconds for approval status to show below the TOFTT approval indicator. If you do not have a history of participating in five threads in a BestGFE forum, you will receive an error message
    If you meet the criteria, you will receive a private message (PM) through BestGFE that includes a PIN code.
    Enter your PIN code to complete the approval process

    Don’t have a BestGFE account?
    No worries! Sign up for your free account at www.BestGFE.com where you will find a wealth of resourceful information and insight about the hobby.