Screening – The Powerful Method of Employment Verification, Part II

The fact of the matter is that employment verification is an almighty screening method and virtual insurance policy that guarantees safety for both hobbyist and escort. In our first article in a series of three, we learned that nine out of ten gentlemen’s names were either fake or modified. That is a chilling statistic that drove us right into the hands of employment verification and we’ve never looked back.

Honesty and related 3d words including sincerity, believability, integrity, openness, transparency, truth, fairness and other virtues that build your reputation
Honesty and related 3d words including sincerity, believability, integrity, openness, transparency, truth, fairness and other virtues that build your reputation

Why is employment verification so dependable?

Because it requires honesty. When a person is honest, they obey the law. A honest, law-abiding gentlemen is going to be decent. When you have decency, no one gets hurt. When no one gets hurt you have a huge safety net and everyone is happy. It’s that simple.

Employment verification is 99.9% effective

Perfection does not exist except with the deity (if that’s your cup of tea) and of course, our jaw-droppingly gorgeous independent escorts. With employment verification, we do not get bad apples and if we do, well, that companion is not going to vouch for the guy to become a VIP member.

How employment verification works

For starters, we know this man’s true identity. We know where he works and have confirmed legitimacy of the data. His identification is affirmed by the escort at the onset of the date. Now, everyone is standing on a level playing field and we have a nice case of accountability. If the gentleman becomes aggressive and hurts a girl, we know where to find him(this have never happened yet). Because he is aware of this fine detail, he will never think about creating any problems during a date.

Some independent escorts and dating agencies discount the effectiveness of employment verification

It is an enigma that we struggle to understand. Why would any person or entity put their business and livelihood at risk for the sake of a date? Admittedly, the stringent method of employment verification might turn away some potential gentlemen friends, especially in the eyes of many independent escorts who don’t have the backing of say, someone like City Girls. But it certainly sets a high standard that contributes to a solid reputation that your companionship is the real deal.

Get the inside scoop and juicy details about screening

To complete our series of articles about screening, we will explore different verification services, their pros and cons. You won’t want to miss this one!

A Hobbyist’s Halloween Tryst

History supports a host of evidence suggesting that Halloween originated as a Catholic holiday in the early Middle Ages. Going back further in time, Halloween can be traced to a pagan festival in ancient Ireland.

Just in the last century has ‘trick or treating’ evolved. Here at City Girls, we’d like to focus on the treats and fast forward to the present. We are privy to a magical story of how one hobbyist met the escort and character of his dreams through City Girls at a very recent Halloween gathering. One afternoon while I was answering phones, I received a firsthand annotation from one of our gentleman, who generously gave me permission to talk about his experience. For the sake of confidentiality, he requested that his true identity remain private. Who better than City Girls understands that! For the sake of recounting his story, I shall refer to him as George and his date as Eliza.

George is a reserved man

He works extensive hours which don’t leave much time for going out and meeting eligible partners. His business is quite cerebral in nature so at the end of every long day he is exhausted. Though George is a cautious man he still fits the cultural profile of many men and desires the sensual companionship of a woman.

When George was invited by a close friend to a couple’s Halloween bash, he found himself dateless

After viewing our website, he called City Girls and arranged a date for the evening, even requesting the possibility of extended time, just in case (remember, George is the cautious type). As a VIP Member, he was able to communicate with his date to ensure that along with George, she would be prepared for the evening in full, celebratory regalia. Eliza was quite inquisitive, asking George a rainbow of intimate questions, all the while personable, bubbly and very sultry. George was intrigued by Eliza. She had piqued his curiosity.

George held a private and erotic fascination of women from the 17th century. Since a young man (George was now in his early fifties), he quietly desired to surrender to a woman who flourished with the knowledge of seduction though he had never explored the fantasy.

Little did George know that he was in for the ‘treat’ of a lifetime

When Eliza arrived at the door of George’s home he was overwhelmed with a rush of desire as there stood a breathlessly enchanting modern day Victorian temptress. Eliza stood 5’7” in tall, black, patent leather pumps that glistened in the moonlight. Her chocolate brown hair fell in soft tresses around thin shoulders. Her eyes were captivating, dramatically lined with a deep, smoky shadow and full lips painted brick red. Any etiquette that George’s mother had taught him as a young boy was forgotten as he stared, dumfounded by the poem of timeless beauty that stood before him. Eliza wore an ensemble of black, silk chiffon that hugged her delicious figure as much as he wanted to. A high society collar of abundant lace sprinkled with delicate pearls cascaded between her breasts and stopped at her belted waist. As the candle in the carved pumpkin flickered its tender light on the surreal vision that was Eliza, George’s eyes widened as he observed that Eliza’s gown transparently revealed all of her womanly charms from the shape of her breasts to the ribbon of g-string that hugged her hips beneath her dress. A dream of lace surrounded the hem of her dress that paused at her knees allowing her lean, muscular calves to speak for themselves.

Just as time stopped and George thought he had arrived at the golden gates of heaven, his member awoke with fervor

as Eliza extended a lace trimmed hand to greet him. Almost mechanically, George obliged as Eliza pulled him close to her with a bewitching smile and delivered a slow, hungry kiss, mirroring the evening to come.

What would George’s friends think of her? But Eliza had other plans as she took the lead, taking his hand finding her way to the bedroom. Somehow, she knew what he wanted. George realized that Eliza had already seduced him and gladly succumbed to her feminine authority.

I cannot talk about the juicy details. All I can tell you is that George and Eliza abandoned the outside world, escaping into a universe of erotic fantasy, allowing the discovery of intimate treasures to permeate the evening. According to George, they did finally make it to the party. His friends were enthralled with Eliza’s beauty, warmed by her kind and easy demeanor.

It was a mystical, dream-like evening that George won’t soon forget.