How to Build Confidence When Dating Beautiful Women

As you all know, City Girls takes gorgeousness to a whole new level when it comes to ravishing independent escorts. No matter where you select your next date, if you are the type of gentleman who gets weak at the knees in the face of beauty then this article is for you.

young couple hobbyist and escort at bar counter talking

Your pockets may be deep but your self-esteem is delicate

When it comes to financial net worth, you are a superhero! You are a money-making machine with the Midas touch — except when it comes to that stunner of an escort that you can’t resist dating. For some gents (and this just might be you), Junior does not speak big bucks and thus may opt to ‘take the night off’ just when you need him most. Since the male gender cannot fake performance, there are certain practices that will calm the nerves thus, opening the doors to that libido dying to get out.


Adopt a form of meditation prior to your date

You’d be surprised at the effectiveness of deep breathing before you get out of the car to meet that bombshell blonde. Simply close your eyes, turn off your phone and breathe slowly and deeply with all focus on the breath. Do this for approximately five minutes. Release the mind and tell yourself what a handsome gent you are. The results are profound. If you are the sipping type, toast over a glass of your favorite beverage after greeting your luscious muse, just to break the ice and ease the self. (We don’t condone getting tipsy so it’s best not to get out of hand.)

Accept your physique for what it is

Let’s face it. The average man is not the picture perfect cover boy of Men’s Health Magazine. Keeping long hours at the office and dining out frequently equal junk in the gut. Throw in happy hour every now and then with your colleagues and after some time, you might not like what you see in the mirror. Guys: life gets in the way of the ideals that we formed in our minds ages ago about how perfect we should look. The reality is that no physique is perfect. Women and especially independent escorts tend to be quite accepting of a man’s imperfections. You have permission to accept your body for what it is.

Pump up the hygiene

No matter how many muscles you’ve got (or don’t have), without stellar hygiene, you will be deemed unattractive by your date. This is a no brainer, folks and an area in which you can truly build confidence. Companions are more concerned about your hygiene than your six pack or lack thereof. Here are a few pointers:

• Start with a precision haircut done by an expert;
• Always be freshly showered and clean cut (North and South);
• Don’t wear cheap cologne. Invest in a bottle of designer something – Creed, Tom Ford, Armani, Versace (these high end scents are made with known aphrodisiacs and they work. Your date will climb all over you);
• Get a manicure. Seriously, dude. That succulent escort is going to look at your cuticles;
Brush your teeth and invest in a pack of minty gum to keep those kisses comin’ on.

hobbyist hygiene
Set of different Hobbyists cosmetics

Pay attention to [clothing] detail

The best way to increase your insecurity it to dress is a frumpy manner. If you are one of those gents who doesn’t place too much value in your appearance – news flash: your clothing matters and your self-esteem will sky rocket as a result. If you haven’t got a clue about fashion, visit a department store such as Nordstrom or Saks where customer service is tailored to suit your looks. If you are so inclined, splurge and visit a Gucci, Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren boutique and let them adorn you in manly attire that best matches your personal style. A nice pair of loafers and a neat belt are big assets, much like the ones on your evening tryst that you can’t wait to get your hands on. Thank us later.

Become the consummate gentleman

Aaaah, here we get to talk about the holy grail of your confidence and golden rule of successful dating. No matter how pimped out is your wardrobe, how buffed are your nails or how sizeable is your package, manners are the be-all and end-all of a prized engagement. Every single escort you will ever date looks for this and if you are that consummate gentlemen, she’ll rave about you. Let us turn you on to a few pointers:

• Greet her with a proper salutation – doesn’t have to be mushy or overly formal;
Open and hold the door for her;
• At dinner, when she has to visit the ladies room, stand when she does; when she returns, stand again and pull out her seat before she sits down;
• When strolling down the street, walk on the outside. Companions notice this detail especially;
• After your date ends, send a short text (if you have her mobile) later that evening thanking her for such a splendid evening.

Seek companions who are kind and empathetic

Gold diggers, shiny bimbos with plastic personalities and fakers who can’t wait to finish your date are probably not model escorts for you. You are the kind of man who benefits from a gentle touch from a companion who has compassion for people in general. Find an escort who actually enjoys being with you for the man that you are. When you find this combination, behold the sparks that will fly in the boudoir as your confidence soars to heaven. Again and again.

Happiness and the Art of the GFE

The art of the GFE can be compared to traits of the art of the courtisanerie. In Italy during the Renaissance, the original courtesans were known as cortigiana onesta. These cortigiana were ‘honest courtesans’ in that many were regarded as intellectuals. They were well-educated, worldly and often maintained other careers. A highly refined GFE is an independent companion with traits and characteristics similar to original courtesans.

Psychology of a GFE

There are different layers within the girl friend experience that vary from escort to escort and from culture to culture. A GFE in the truest and deepest sense hones a relationship with her client on a longer term basis. She realizes that contentment is a state of mind out of reach for some gentlemen. Therefore, his happiness becomes her focus. She specializes in all aspects that characterize a true relationship zoning in on the desires and emotional needs of her client.

Young passionate couple of escort and hobbyist holding hand
Young passionate couple of escort and hobbyist holding hand

Is the GFE fantasy or reality?

In most cases, the GFE experience offered by an independent escort is pure fantasy. She spends an hour or two or three with her client and takes him on a euphoric ride to ecstasy. At the conclusion of their engagement, they part ways and he rides a sensual high of fulfillment with memories of her for days to come. He is surrounded of satisfaction, smiling from ear to ear. The GFE experience offered by the companion or courtesan is expressed on a longer term basis. Time spent together spills into reality. She becomes more of a confidante, friend and even travel liaison. He comes to rely on her in certain ways further defining her role as his companion. She fills a void in his life, sometimes many. She completes him, bringing a sense of happiness that in some relationships can last for years. However sacrilegious this may sound to convention, his relationship with her may facilitate the continuation of his marriage and therefore the structure of his inner family.

hobbyist hygiene
Hobbyist washing face with clean water and representing hygiene concept

Where is the art?

A true GFE is refined, intelligent, social, supportive and sensual. She is articulate, often bi- or multi-lingual and might have an alternate or full time career on the side. Her hygiene is impeccable and her physique at its best. Though her attributes and characteristics come natural, she harbors a strong awareness as a courtesan to constantly maintain and improve herself. She cures her image as the ideal companion for upscale gentlemen who seek the company of such a lady. She is sophisticated in the sense that her suitor desires to spend regular and lengthy amounts of time with her. This is because she incites normalcy in his life as the companion that she is by evening out those areas in which he lacks. She instills happiness more as a measured lifestyle rather than a short term burst of excitement. Together, they build meaningful memories. She brings meaning and satisfaction to his life.

Managing Emotions in Escort Dating

What is the true nature of a meeting between a hobbyist and an independent escort? While discretion is paramount, a companion’s emotional warmth should be sincere yet measured within a zone that feels safe to her. Not all providers may agree with this as there are those who keep clients at far more than an arm’s length. All being said, how an escort and a hobbyist choose to manage their emotions is purely subjective.

The decent and trustworthy gentleman who deserves a little more

He is a companion’s best client. He demonstrates his patronage by requesting the pleasure of her company often. He revels in her presence and there is a sense of loyalty about him. She may recognize him as a gem and even a friend. One would suspect that such an ideal hobbyist/provider relationship deserves extra recognition because there is value evident on both sides. Perhaps such a scenario should allow for genuine warmth and a certain amount of trust.

Screening is important
Portrait of the man in a hood against an urbanistic wall – stranger. Screening is Important!

The green provider who ignores her instincts

Independent escorts who are new to the industry should learn to recognize men who take advantage of naïve providers. In this situation, an independent escort who is not backed by a club or agency may be placing herself in harm’s way without properly screening potential clients. In this case, possessing good common sense is critical. Without such, she may override her instincts for the mere sake of scheduling an appointment. Regrettably, there are plenty of providers who exercise poor judgment and place their reputations or even lives in danger as a result.

Where to draw the line with empathy

The genuine girl friend experience illustrates a perfect circumstance. When a hobbyist finds himself in a state of emotional neediness due to divorce or marital problems, he may be vulnerable. An independent escort who feels a sense of kinship and genuine compassion to this man may open the doors to sentiment. Her sincere intentions as well as his unguarded disposition make the recipe for feelings gone awry. She should never lose touch with her professionalism and always keep her focus on the client/provider relationship.

sugar relationship
Male and female legs during a date

Managing a sugar relationship

While neither man nor companion may refer to themselves as sugar daddy or sugar baby respectively, many such interactions take on all the characteristics defined by sugar. It is rare that a married man with ties to his family will leave his household to fully devote himself to his sugar baby. Therefore, a companion turned sugar baby should keep her wits about her and never fail to recognize the relationship for what it really is – one with benefits and boundaries.

The hobby can be richly rewarding or devastatingly damaging

It is not always easy to keep the mind and emotions separate for they often run parallel. Wisdom in navigating the hobby is truly about safety on every level: hygiene, emotion, reputation and even death. Whether you are a hobbyist or a provider, you should always keep your wits about you, never ignoring your instincts. There is always that little voice whispering deep down inside. It generally knows best.

Many kisses, Chloe xoxo

Becoming a Bon Vivant

Becoming a bon vivant is all about the gentleman who pursues the finer luxuries in life. Such a man enjoys fine dining, wines worthy of conversation, culture, traveling, fashionable attire, fresh hygiene and that overused word – class. Being a bon vivant begins with an attitude that does not require you look like Al Pacino.

Beautiful young sexy woman in luxurous dress


What if you are a sneakers and jeans kinda guy or a dude who is clueless about fashion? You harbor secret aspirations to be ‘that guy’, the James Bond of every escort’s dream date. In any case, we have easy solutions to becoming a hobbyist who wants to be a bon viveur (French derivative) starting with just the person you are.

Identify your culinary expectations

While frequenting five-star restaurants is usually a safe bet, a true bon vivant will discover the less known culinary establishments that bring heightened definition to cuisine. Often, the chain or larger establishment restaurants are pleasant or marginal (depending on which city you are in). Many sugar daddies favor smaller bistros or independent restaurants that flatter with personalized attention and culinary art this side of orgasmic. In short, whatever your taste in food whether fried chicken or escargot, make it your passion to find the best.

fine wine

Develop your palette for fine wines

As a general rule of thumb, a good wine is usually not to be purchased at the grocery store. If you aspire to become a vino aficionado, discover a few local boutique wine merchants in your area who host wine tastings. It is quite possible to purchase a bottle of wine for a few dollars with a 10 rating. Such boutique merchants are good sources for such secrets. Wine regions the likes of Tuscany, Piedmont, Barcelona, Madrid, Mendoza, Santiago, Chile, Bordeaux, Loire and Rhone name just a few. Attending wine tastings and getting to know your palette is a fantastic dating option!

Hone your cultural cravings

Are you into classic or modern art, gothic or comedy illustration art? As a hobbyist, do you harbor an artistic niche that captures your attention? Perhaps theater, dance, classic rock or symphony interests you. If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned, expand your lifestyle and get to know your interests.

Miami Vizcaya museum garden view
Miami Vizcaya museum garden view

Travel overseas or in your own backyard

Did you know that Tennessee is home of the Great Smokey Mountains? New York home of the Guggenheim and Museum of Modern Art? Chicago the Briar Street Theater? Miami the Villa Vizcaya? I could go on and on. Take romance to the tenth power with your date to Hawaii, Europe, Latin America or the Orient. Companions who are into the girlfriend experience and are willing to travel will only enhance your encounters.

Close-up of elegance man hands with cufflink over dark background
Close-up of elegance man hands with cufflink over dark background

How to dress fashionably

Looking good in clothes makes a man walk taller. If you are a hobbyist who is wardrobe compromised, the section applies to you. Gentlemen, there is no excuse for being unexposed to fashion. Begin with the style of dress you like to wear and take it to a new level. Plan a shopping day and visit department stores and boutiques who will attend you with customized service. You do not have to spend a million bucks to look good.

Hygiene is second to none

Taking good care of your body extends beyond a shower and washing your hair (which should be well-trimmed and neatly styled). Men, take control of bodily fur by way of shaving or waxing; if the vision of your toes and bottoms of your heals are less than desirable, visit a spa; have your teeth cleaned regularly to curb bad breath; take vitamins and herbal supplements to cleanse from within. You will thank us when your companion is all over you!

A is for attitude, V is for virtue

Locker room lingo should not only be left at home but deleted from your vocabulary. The operative word is ‘genteel’, the man who is respectful with a true admiration for women. He is the same man who treats customer service with respect in public and does not assume an arrogant attitude at any time with anyone. He stands up humbly for that in which he believes.

We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg

Becoming a bon vivant will only enhance your girlfriend experience. Readers, follow these steps closely and be on the lookout for addendums to this article. City Girls is determined to provide you with as much knowledge as you choose to absorb! Happy hobbying

Love, Chloe xoxo

Love Clichés According to Hobbyists & Escorts

Love, if only for a minute, can encapsulate you with desire and reveal incomprehensible delight. Join me in exploring different idioms and sayings that ring true in the intermingling of hobbyists and escorts!

Flaming with lust

Such is the hobbyist who encounters an independent escort blazing with sensual exhilaration. He sees her as the sum of total excitement: clingy dress that hugs her curves; silky hair that falls softly around her shoulders; sweet scent that raptures him; radiant smile that melts his worries.

God is in the details

A consummate companion thinks of every last nicety to please her man. She knows intuitively that paying attention to specifics makes the difference between a great encounter and a fabulous encounter. She is all about the girl friend experience and all that she does is done thoroughly.

Clothes make the man

Like it or not, a lady will quietly assess a gentleman beginning with his manner of dress. His attire is smart and suits his style; his hygiene is fresh and his grooming is neat; he does not wear sneakers to a five-star restaurant.

young man in sneakers

As the actress said to the bishop

Often, the content of an escort’s website is peppered with hidden implications that can be read into by the viewer in a positive manner.

Play the field

One could say that a hobbyist is a man who engages in relationships with many companions. Hopefully, he is genteel and charismatic in his endeavors!

Man of parts

A sugar baby seeks the ideal sugar daddy who is talented in a number of different ways. He is a success in business, a master at treating his lady well, a seasoned traveler and gifted with intelligence. In short, he is a connoisseur of the good life.

Head Over Heels:

Whether it is love, lust or infatuation, an overpowering attraction takes hold of a man’s world and he is smitten with spell binding affection. Many independent escorts possess such carnal abilities that leave hobbyists spinning in desire.

To be hung up on someone

I’m talking about unshakeable memories that linger in the heart and mind of a gentleman who spent time with a ravishing escort. He breathes her perfume; wraps his arms around her in his dreams; tastes her essence with every sip; becomes a prisoner of time freed only by his next encounter with her.

City Girls is in the know

We want to enhance the good times by adding sensual weight to your gravity! Walk with us into a universe that will transform your mundane lifestyle into a sweet paradise where fantasies come true.

Dating Essentials for Every Hobbyist

Women agree that style and demeanor separate the average man from the irresistible gentleman

We’ll dive into demeanor in a future article. Adopting a sense of style can make the difference between an amazing date and one that is turbo charged with sizzling eroticism. But what if you are a hobbyist who hasn’t a clue about style or one who really couldn’t give a hoot? The following tips will set you on the path to making a signature statement that will impress the companions in your life.

Invest in a fabulous pair of jeans

A nice pair of jeans makes a loud statement that you care about your appearance. Whether you dress them up or dress them down you will automatically place yourself at the front of the line in terms of who escorts prefer to date. While nice jeans may not be cheap, they will last for years if you take good care of them. Even if you do not have the physique of an all-star football player (they all have fabulous buns), take the time to add this important staple to your wardrobe. Yes, shopping for a pair of amazing jeans can be daunting because there are

Purchase a notable watch

Sporting a nice watch (one that is not all beat up) does not necessarily mean that you have to break the bank purchasing a Rolex or Omega. I recommend owning two – one that is casual and one that is a little more formal. Of course, there are those hobbyists who own watch collections and pair a different one with every outfit. How sexy is that? Chanel designs some chic, elegant time pieces. Then again, so do Michael Kors, Guess and Fossil and make sure you check our Rado .

Women care about shoes

As a hobbyist, wouldn’t you gasp in horror if your date greeted you wearing a shockingly hot dress and beachy flip flops? Yes, yes you would. You might be a sex god but show up at the door of your date wearing tired shoes fit for the garbage and watch the sparks fade from her eyes. I do not know of any greater turn off next to rudeness. I recommend owning at least four pairs – two pairs for work (black leather and brown leather), a casual pair for the weekends (purchase a neutral tone that goes with all) and a smokin’ hot pair of sneakers (Nike has a style for every personality type as does Addidas; Gucci also designs sneakers for the very fashion-savvy man).

A stylin’ hairstyle speaks volumes

I am not necessarily talking about going to the barber shop. There are a lot of hip barbers these days but my hunch is that a hobbyist will have better results finding a reputable stylist who can envision what cut will work best for his look. Coiffure counts with women. But don’t stop there. If you are a hobbyist with a fuzzy neck, get it manicured and maintain it! For the super furry types, there are those who wax their necks. Ssssh. Don’t tell.

A clean car is a testament to your excellent hygiene

A hobbyist with a Mercedes Cabriolet or Nissan Sentra is the same in my book if both are trashed inside with dirt, debris and paraphernalia. Clean your car and implement some order, gents! Every few months, have it detailed and jazz it up with a little scent (new car smell is nice).

Alluring scent is an aphrodisiac

Old Spice is nice but is totally recognizable and about as common as it gets when it comes to defining some manly style. If you want to turn the heads of women who are drawn to you by your scent, invest an hour of shopping time and a few dollars more to discover an original fragrance that matches your personality. Remember, you get what you pay for. The cheaper scents are diluted with alcohol and do not last. The more expensive ones are pure and will last throughout the evening. Macys and Nordstrom offer a vast selection of men’s fragrances. If you are a hobbyist who would like to take your animal magnetism to the next level, visit your local Aveda store and check out the men’s line. Oh my. You are in for a sensual treat!

Sensual style is not limited to escorts

Here at City Girls, we believe successful dating is a two-way street. While you may be a hobbyist who does not subscribe to that philosophy, we aspire to enhance your dating endeavors by shedding a little insight from which you will greatly benefit. After all, this is the hobby, right?

Chloe, xoxo

Hobbyist Got a Question? We Have an Answer!

“City Girls maintains a high standard of quality and ethics by which its Club Members abide”

City Girls is a club of independent escorts. Independent escorts who join City Girls are called Club Members. Members (also known as hobbyists) are eligible to become VIP Members. By the same token, City Girlsholds its VIP Members to the same standard as VIP status features many rewarding benefits, City Girls wants to ensure that VIP membership is granted to worthy clients.

Question: What are the criterion for becoming a VIP Member?

Answer: City Girls is in the process of developing the CG Loyalty Program to be released in a few months. Here’s what’s involved:

  • A member must have completed a date with one of the City Girls;
  • A member should be well-mannered with good hygiene;
  • A member should be reliable and punctual, not canceling at the last minute or ditching his date;
  • A member should be someone whom his or her date is truly happy to see;
  • A member should ask the City Girls lady (his or her date) to contact City Girls’ and request VIP status;
  • A Club Member should feel comfortable and enthusiastic about letting City Girls know that that her date was a success by revealing all of the positive characteristics of her date.
Question: Okay. I’m now a VIP Member. What are my benefits with City Girls?

Answer: Congratulations! And welcome to the Club. As a VIP Member hobbyist you can:

  • Request appointments with the convenience of not having to submit personal information again;
  • Submit Club Member escort reviews.
Question: Are there any other benefits for VIP Members at City Girls?

Answer: Yes! City Girls is working diligently to unveil more exciting features for its VIP Member hobbyists in the near future such as:

  • Viewing exclusive Club Member content privy only to VIP Members;
  • Viewing Club Member images that are not blurred (by participating ladies);
  • Many more features soon to be released.
Question: Since I’m a VIP Member, can I get a discount when I book a date with a City Girls Club Member?

Answer: City Girls is currently working on developing a discount system to be released in the near future. Discounts will be available exclusively to VIP Member hobbyist by participating Club Members. Discounts will not be available to non VIP Members.

Question: Is City Girls an escort agency?

Answer: No. City Girls is NOT an agency. City Girls is a club of independent escorts. What differentiates City Girls from an escort agency is that Club Members set their own rates and do not share any of their profits with City Girls.