Managing Emotions in Escort Dating

What is the true nature of a meeting between a hobbyist and an independent escort? While discretion is paramount, a companion’s emotional warmth should be sincere yet measured within a zone that feels safe to her. Not all providers may agree with this as there are those who keep clients at far more than an arm’s length. All being said, how an escort and a hobbyist choose to manage their emotions is purely subjective.

The decent and trustworthy gentleman who deserves a little more

He is a companion’s best client. He demonstrates his patronage by requesting the pleasure of her company often. He revels in her presence and there is a sense of loyalty about him. She may recognize him as a gem and even a friend. One would suspect that such an ideal hobbyist/provider relationship deserves extra recognition because there is value evident on both sides. Perhaps such a scenario should allow for genuine warmth and a certain amount of trust.

Screening is important
Portrait of the man in a hood against an urbanistic wall – stranger. Screening is Important!

The green provider who ignores her instincts

Independent escorts who are new to the industry should learn to recognize men who take advantage of naïve providers. In this situation, an independent escort who is not backed by a club or agency may be placing herself in harm’s way without properly screening potential clients. In this case, possessing good common sense is critical. Without such, she may override her instincts for the mere sake of scheduling an appointment. Regrettably, there are plenty of providers who exercise poor judgment and place their reputations or even lives in danger as a result.

Where to draw the line with empathy

The genuine girl friend experience illustrates a perfect circumstance. When a hobbyist finds himself in a state of emotional neediness due to divorce or marital problems, he may be vulnerable. An independent escort who feels a sense of kinship and genuine compassion to this man may open the doors to sentiment. Her sincere intentions as well as his unguarded disposition make the recipe for feelings gone awry. She should never lose touch with her professionalism and always keep her focus on the client/provider relationship.

sugar relationship
Male and female legs during a date

Managing a sugar relationship

While neither man nor companion may refer to themselves as sugar daddy or sugar baby respectively, many such interactions take on all the characteristics defined by sugar. It is rare that a married man with ties to his family will leave his household to fully devote himself to his sugar baby. Therefore, a companion turned sugar baby should keep her wits about her and never fail to recognize the relationship for what it really is – one with benefits and boundaries.

The hobby can be richly rewarding or devastatingly damaging

It is not always easy to keep the mind and emotions separate for they often run parallel. Wisdom in navigating the hobby is truly about safety on every level: hygiene, emotion, reputation and even death. Whether you are a hobbyist or a provider, you should always keep your wits about you, never ignoring your instincts. There is always that little voice whispering deep down inside. It generally knows best.

Many kisses, Chloe xoxo

Tolerance in the World of Hobbying

Escorts and Hobbying are no exceptions in a world rich with cultural diversity and individuality. Respecting the opinions and behaviors of others should be an attitude inherent in every situation whether in the hobby, office, family or every day civilian life.

A state of respect

A gentleman should not date any escort (or any woman for that matter) if he cannot show deference toward her. Those men with hateful attitudes who date companions, inflicting their hostility should find another hobby and instead put their dollars toward therapy to improve the health of their psychological dispositions. We at City Girls have heard incredible stories of amazing independent escorts who continue to enrich the lives of their hobbyist friends with kind personalities and generous abilities to restore their senses of self worth.

Heart and Arrow Symbol on computer key
Heart and Arrow Symbol on computer key

A portrait of female humanity

Companionship really can encompass so much. Of course, there are those trite encounters – wam bam, thank you maam – that quench urgent yearnings associated with the company of a beautiful escort. But today’s modern courtesan has the ability to offer depth. There are sugar daddies that enrich the lives of their sugar babies with higher standards of living. But there are also amazing companions who instill not only satisfaction in their friends but confidence, self-worth and reinforcement of their significance as human beings.

She has undeniable cachet

Is it so unusual that a beautiful female with a magnificent body and the ability to drown your desires with ethereal pleasure also be blessed with distinctive qualities unbeknownst to most? Perhaps the main stream would prefer to dispel same but I will shout it out. Seek the woman who meets the aforementioned description and you as a gentleman will pleasantly discover that she exists in shapes and sizes to satisfy every masculine need (and feminine for that matter!).

The archetypal woman

She is a masterpiece of delicate creation, a dichotomy of strength and gentleness. She worships her man yet advocates equal rights for her gender. She cares deeply for her family (not always blood-related) and stands with authority for ethics and values. She dances to her own tune but harbors a sensitive side often overshadowed by her undying vigor. She is profoundly mindful of the temple that is her body and is aware that her presence may intimidate or confuse other females. Her energy is contagious and unwavering but never gets in the way of her relationships. She is a bouquet of pleasure from the most mundane to the most spiritual and erotic of episodes.

Adore the escort who graces your life

The sphere of ladies who entertain and enrich for a living is broad with flavors for every appetite. Select your company with prudence and then indulge in a decathlon of pleasures bestowed upon you. Remember that your memories compose a mental diary forever etched in your mind. Enjoy accordingly.

Defining the Authentic Escort

Independent escorting is all about the art of relationships. Some companions are more talented than others, bestowing gratification that will mildly faze you or better yet, permanently alter your being. Whether your encounter is brief or extended, how can a hobbyist detect which lady is going to make his day verses the one is going to rock his universe?

Fashion portrait of young elegant woman in bed

How genuinely sensual is she?

There are ladies who are born sirens and others who rise to sensual epiphanies due to life circumstances. The truly erotic woman is one who knows how to handle herself and takes her profession seriously. She understands that the objective of her business lies in satisfying clients by calling upon all of their senses. In short, she enjoys being with people on a deeply intimate level. She is intuitive, patient, balanced and oh so physical. She is a ‘therapist’ of sorts, maybe not licensed but her wisdom cuts to the core of humanity as we know it. She is indescribably humane, sharp and shrewd when it comes to whom she will entertain. At City Girls, we know well about that which we speak!

Her bio should tell all

Scanning for a quick fix will land you a little pleasure but probably not nirvana. A sugar daddy is versed in reading the content of a potential sugar baby’s biography because he is interested in taking on a more fulfilling relationship. As a gentleman in the hobby, learning about your companion is part of the deal. Surprisingly, a lot can be learned by absorbing the mood and tonality of what a provider has written in her biography. A tremendous amount of insight can be gained by reading an escort’s bio!

Pictures tell the visual

There are escort photos that are straightforward and undeniably attractive. There are other escort images which are well, beautiful but may cause the viewer to question their authenticity. Photoshop comes to mind. Will you recognize her when you meet? City Girls private club and agencies tend to feature recent images but with independent websites, one must search a bit. The professional escort will most certainly post images that were taken within the last six months. If the descriptions in her escort reviews match what you see in her photos, all is good.

Customer reviews in speech clouds or bubbles for people sharing their review of products or services

To review or not to review

Escort Reviews are like little insurance policies that your investment into time spent with an independent escort will pay off. Nowadays, a trend is growing toward escorts who wish to maintain a sense of anonymity when it comes to clients detailing their encounters. City Girls offers alternatives that equal the same sense of confidence as any review.

City Girls is not about women who choose to escort as a means to an end

Our ladies Club members are authentic entertainers who happen to radiate dazzling beauty and truly enjoy the company of their gentleman counterparts. Independent escorts at City Girls are all about the art of sensuality which is why our ladies are so highly revered.

Are You Getting Attached to Your Escort?

Dating an escort involves casual feelings that should remain light while resisting the emotional realm. But for some hobbyists, that is exactly what happens. What is a gentleman to do when he finds himself desiring to convert his escort into a girlfriend?

You are dating an independent escort, paying for her time to entertain you. The intimacy is phenomenal and you’ve never met another woman quite like her. Moreover, she adores you and the chemistry is electric. You float on cloud nine for days following an encounter with a smile from ear to ear pasted on your face. Thoughts wander into a possible relationship with your escort. Let me pinch you back into reality. Have your forgotten the rules of conduct, boundaries associated with the hobby? Though you have obviously struck a repoire with a goddess of perfection, let’s not forget the premise upon which you made her acquaintance. As a hobbyist, you are paying her for her time to engage you. Hang on to your heart, dear fella. This is a business transaction!

She’s a great listener but does she have long term feelings for you?

Many independent escorts are superbly blessed with genuine talent to sweep a man off his hobbyist feet. She is friend, lover, model and psychologist all brilliantly wrapped in one irresistible package. What man with two heads could deny her? She lavishes you with smoldering attention; she understands and does not judge you. As a man, you feel so open and free that you can tell her just about anything knowing that your words and emotions will be well-received. Somewhere along the way, your heart takes on a mind of its own and fantasy gets confused with reality. You’ve been swept away. In short, you’re a goner. Your focus as a hobbyist is obscured and you long for her to have feelings for you. This is the point where sirens sound and red flags fly up. My dear fellow, you will have lost it entirely and set yourself up for a catastrophic fall flat on your bum for may I remind you that she is a paid escort, not a voluntary partner.

You think of her as your girlfriend

The girlfriend experience is the most sought after of all provider encounters because such engagements are profoundly intimate. However, if as a hobbyist you find her dwelling in your thoughts at all hours of the day and night, chances are that you have fallen off the proverbial deep end of escort dating into a sea of danger. While she may provide you with a superbly authentic girlfriend experience, she is not your girlfriend. Your date begins when you meet her and ends when you say goodbye. Any contact in between taken to the extreme could at any point be considered borderline psycho and finish the otherwise fantastic connection that was forged with your independent escort. Hang on to your huevos and remember that the operative word here is ‘[girlfriend] experience’!

You want to rescue her from her lifestyle as an escort

Jesus Christ is considered a savior in religious circles. You are not he. No matter how colorful her background, your escort made a conscious decision to become an independent escort. Many escorts truly enjoy what they do to which hobbyists can attest. Desiring to ‘save’ one from her job as a professional entertainer and escort is venturing into unchartered territory known as drama. Keep intact the reasons why you are seeing your escort and remain within those boundaries.

What is the norm?

There are those uncommon relationships whether married or committed in which the female is an independent escort or the couple engages in an open agreement that involves swinging. We have also heard stories of escorts who fall in love with clients and retire into wedlock. Statistically speaking, I doubt that is the norm. The best modus operandi is to thoroughly enjoy the experience with your escort while maintaining a separate day-to-day life. If you find the two mingling, take a deep breath and a big step back to regain your focus. Dating an escort is an arranged engagement. It is best to keep it that way.

Boundaries in Relationship with escorts

How can you enjoy the hobby without establishing healthy boundaries? Knowing your limits will allow you to relax and let go!

Good communication skills are essential when asserting your boundaries, lending the tools to communicate likes and dislikes with your partner.

Every interaction is a relationship on some level

Let us first understand the exact definition of a relationship: a connection or association; a particular type of connection existing between people related to or having dealings with each other; a romantic or sexual involvement. A relationship can begin with little more than an interaction or carry on for a lifetime and every integer in between.

Why would anyone facilitate a ‘bad’ relationship? Such behavior invites bad karma. At the risk of sounding cynical, I question the intent of the hobbyist who is disrespectful or at a minimum, unpleasant. Perhaps he should switch his hobby to basketball and shoot a few hoops, instead. When dating independent escorts, defining a clear understanding of your relationships is the premise to setting your boundaries.

The power of non verbal communication

A hobbyist can shout his purpose without words through body language. It is just that powerful. By the same token, a gentleman can convey his boundaries to a companion in the way

that he carries himself. It is all part of the communication. Understanding your boundaries will be reflected in your body language.

Understand the needs and interests of your partner

As a hobbyist, whether you are dating an independent escort for sixty minutes never to see her again or engaging with a longer term companion, you are dealing with another human being. From a purely selfish standpoint, gaining insight into her immediate needs and interests will benefit your overall experience. After all, pleasure is at the root of your enjoyment. When you understand where she is coming from, you will be better able to assess your personal boundaries, setting the relationship in the right direction. At best, when an independent escort also benefits from and enjoys the experience, it is a win-win situation!

Build rapport and trust

One important component of an independent escort’s job is to establish rapport which in turn develops trust. At the same time, she looks for cohesion with a hobbyist, mutual attention and positivity. She immediately sets out to discover her client’s boundaries so that she can proceed with the relationship. If she is all about the girl friend experience, her goals are even more pronounced. All of the above may occur in the first five minutes of your acquaintance or over a period of time. As a hobbyist, when you know your boundaries, you can reciprocate with confidence so that the two of you are synchronized and relate well to each other. The end result is a sense of trust which is the basis for a rewarding escort/hobbyist relationship.

Reap the benefits

Every relationship, even on the most superficial level, is all about give and take. Establishing boundaries will enable a sense of how a hobbyist and independent escort can relate to each other. As a hobbyist, when you assert your personal guidelines or limits, you are letting your companion know what is reasonable, safe and permissible to you. She will respond favorably and within those limits, less likely to step outside of your boundaries.