Turning a Companion into Your Sugar Baby

The sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship takes the hobbyist/escort interaction to a more integrated level. As a hobbyist, you may not intend to secure an ongoing girlfriend arrangement and it just happens naturally. Or, you may go all out and profile your objective on various sugar websites.

Perhaps you are a man who seeks a ‘bargain’ with an escort to see her for a fixed amount of time on a consistent basis on a discounted consideration structure. Let us explore the different types of sugar babies within the United States.

luxury lifestyle
Brunette woman in sunglasses with champagne sitting in exotic restaurant under palm trees, luxury summer holidays in paradise. (focus on women)

Your basic, several-sugar-daddy sugar baby

There are companions who make it their goal to date several sugar daddies to achieve an elevated lifestyle, meet the expenses of their college educations or support their families. For these ladies, it’s all about the bottom line, a numbers game. How much are you as a sugar daddy willing to compensate her for her company? Her goal is to take on as many sugar daddies as she is able to spend time with while simultaneously meeting her income needs.

The non sugar baby

This lady is more of a courtesan who will never refer to herself as a sugar baby. She is the sophisticated lady whom by passers quietly wonder if she is a kept woman but will never verbalize it because she is simply too classy and demure. She runs in elite circles, is smart and educated with a phenomenal figure, a chic, expensive wardrobe that whispers of sensuality and a presence that will make any man desirous of her. She is the lady who keeps tight, highly confidential relationships with men of stature. She is a lovely confidante who cultivates a deeply influential connection that far surpasses what these men have with their own wives.

beauty young woman in white shirt at home smiling friendly, girl next door
beauty young woman in white shirt at home smiling friendly, girl next door

The organic sugar baby

She is a natural born entertainer who loves her profession. She has a knack for deep, spiritual connections and genuinely revels in the glamour, respect and attention bestowed upon her by gentlemen friends. Her clients do not refer to themselves as sugar daddies but they are looking to spend sincere time with a lady whom they feel has it all. Clear in their intentions, they seek her out, become enamored with her and naturally fall into the sugar daddy pattern. Her work comes easy for her and she is good. She is acutely aware of her charms, intellect and radiant personality the sum of which manifests an air of charisma that radiates about her. This rather mysterious aura acts as a magnet that attracts the esteemed gentleman who falls in an amorous state with her. She embodies perfection but could also be the girl next door, unsuspecting in her role as a sugar baby. In short, you would never guess.

Little Black Leather Locked Diary

Relationships of all sorts

Romance comes in all shapes and sizes. Marriage and conventional relationships are the two most common types that are talked about and accepted in the mainstream. Busy beneath the surface of our society are other types of involvement not talked about. These gentlemen (and even ladies) are driven by needs and desires burning for fulfillment to the degree that they seek and find their sugar babies. The inner workings of these relationships are transparent and confidential, rarely publicized and hardly ever recognized by the average, ignorant eye.

Kisses, Chloe xoxo

Quieting Holiday Loneliness with a GFE

Amidst happy lovers bundled arm in arm, Christmas carols resonating throughout the city and holiday shoppers bustling at the mall quietly mingle the lonely souls of many hobbyists

They show us what they want us to see: smiling faces, secure demeanors and professional composure. Yet beneath the surface dwells a state of unfulfillment in their homes. They experience lack of love and intimacy in dormant marriages that have been frozen for years. These hobbyists coexist with their wives in a barren world of monotony, mortgage payments and facades of false happiness. On a darker side, their marriages suffer from arguments or worse, fighting, separation and divorce.

Not all hobbyists are necessarily out to turn a few tricks or on a more perverse note take advantage of women as independent escorts

There are a lot of good men (whether single or not) who dabble in the demimonde of adult entertainment out of yearning for genuine companionship that surpasses the mere physical aspect associated with escorts. Herein lies the reality that shatters the stigma attached to independent escorting. These men have a hunger to satisfy their needs for closeness and understanding in a loving and non judgmental environment offered by gorgeous companions who believe in the girl friend experience.

Silhouette of kissing girl and guy
Silhouette of kissing girl and guy

What exactly is the girlfriend experience?

It means different things to different people. The term has evolved since its origin to the point that some independent escorts do not want to be associated with the acronym or any other label that might pool them with all the rest. Many escorts use it as a marketing tool while others genuinely offer the girlfriend experience. The modern day, successful GFE possesses sophisticated, psychological insight and a charismatic talent for attracting and bonding with her clients. Often times, hobbyist and companion become close friends, blurring the lines between paid companionship and true camaraderie.

When such a relationship reaches this heightened level of intimate stability, it may stabilize into what is known as a sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangement or simply an ongoing tryst.

All alone on Christmas Eve

It doesn’t have to be this way. A hobbyist or gentleman who does not have a conventional girlfriend, close friends or family does not have to suffer in silence with an aching heart during the most sentimental time of year. Whether he chooses to spend one hour with a smoking hot bombshell or a weekend with a tender soul blessed with understanding and total femininity, there are companions out there eager to become the period at the end of his sentence. It is just a matter of defining who she is and finding her.

Check list. Vector illustration EPS version 8.
Check list. Vector illustration EPS version 8.

Make a list and check it twice

If a man wanted to purchase a car, he would eventually develop a ‘needs list’ of the features that the automobile should contain after looking at so many. Before he made the purchase, he would know exactly what he wanted. Do your homework. Start by making a list on paper of the features that define the woman who best suits your personality, needs and desires. Shop around. Read biographies. Look at photos. Get a feel for her style. Inquire with a few (without wasting their time) to get a sense of chemistry. If it fits the budget, one or two pre-requisite dates are highly recommended before spending significant holiday time with a lady to find out the hard way that the two of you may not be suited for each other.

New Year’s Eve is just around the bend

We all know that life slows down to a crawl this time of year. Many ladies are spending time with family and may not be available. Connecting with an independent escort whom you really like is a task that should be pursued well in advance before the actual holiday arrives. Who knows? The two of you might actually take a trip together to ring in the New Year.

Many kisses, Chloe xoxo

Reflections of a Hobbyist

The creed of pleasure – We invite seekers of the sweet life for we represent the pinnacle of happiness. The hobbyist who follows his bliss is the one who opens sensual doors that lead to enthralling companionship. Groundbreaking intimacy is experienced by the gentleman who opens his mind, body and soul to the fervent nuances bestowed upon him by a bewitching girlfriend.

Philosophy laid the conceptual groundwork for principles and values that shaped the possibility of world peace – democracy, human rights, justice and equality. For centuries, philosophy has opened doors for new concepts and ideas and creativity across global cultures. World Philosophy Day is a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) initiative created in 2002 and celebrated every November. It draws people around the world to engage in reflection on contemporary issues. We have our own set of beliefs here at City Girls that we would like to share with our readers, namely our VIP friends and hobbyist and independent escort – club member.

A front black car
A front black car

Living the sensuous lifestyle

Such a gentleman knows that his faculties will spiral to heightened levels of ecstasy on a regular basis whenever he revels in the ethereal presence of a lovely, independent escort. He becomes the beneficiary of her love affair with life, lust and spirituality. In turn, he learns to worship her body and what it can do to his. This amplified standard of living is an addiction of sorts, much like the compulsion of driving a luxury automobile or craving of fine cuisine and vintage wine.

vip member
vip member

Ethos of a VIP member

Put quite simply, these gentlemen set the gold standard of hobbying. In exchange, they expect the epitome of independent escorts who are made of erotic dreams hallowing them with pure gratification. Such a man knows that gentility is the cornerstone of character that brings to life all of the juicy confections offered by his independent escort. He believes that anything less than refined conduct will smolder the crackling chemistry that he seeks with his companion.

What are our moral beliefs?

In order to maintain the platinum level of pleasure that is shared between devoted hobbyists and committed companions, we abide by a strict standard of excellence. We care about our VIP members and independent escorts from the first moment we connect right down to the last letter that is typed on our website. Delicious memories that linger in the diary of the mind are intangible bonuses that we strive to exalt upon our members. When this occurs, the dating process has been sanctified and everyone is happy!

Love, Chloe xoxo

Hobbyist! You KNOW You Want More!

Hobbyists, exploring your sensuality is one thing. Penetrating your fantasies is quite another!

There are independent escorts who understand your manhood like no other women. Want to know more? Read this week’s blog article on City Girls!

Dating a beautiful independent escort is only the beginning. Standing face to face with a breathtaking vixen can with a sensational goddess gives you card blanche to cultivate scorching fantasies where sensuality is sport and erotic fulfillment is plentiful. Let us tap into your psyche for a few sexy moments to trigger your imagination.

Role playing can be saucy and invigorating

Acting a part does not mean that you are participating in a Broadway show wherein your acting talents are on display. Role playing is far more subtle than that. It could mean that your companion acts as your secretary and you as her boss and the rest go from there. Or, she is your patient and you are her doctor and well, you get what I’m saying!

Sensual female domination – give it up to a heart stopping vixen

Many hobbyists with demanding careers ridden with decision-making like to take a little intimate time to relinquish control. Sensual fem dom is a mild approach in which a beautiful woman takes the upper hand. The experience is more along the lines of a girlfriend who likes to be in control with a little softness around the edges. How far you want to take it is up to you! Consider implementing wardrobe and a few toys. If you get really into it, perhaps stage a meeting in a public setting to get the adrenaline pumping!

Pure companionship for the more intimate, personable types

There are many sides to intimacy. The physical is only one of them. Perhaps you need someone to talk to, an exquisite confidante who cares and understands what you are thinking and feeling. What better ambience to share your secrets than in the private world of a luxurious companion whose focus is 100% on you. Many hobbyists and independent escorts develop deep and meaningful friendships on the basis of the girl friend experience.

PSE lovers, let’s get right down to business!

Don’t even talk to me about the girl friend experience! From the moment you set foot in the door, be prepared for a rush of sexy adrenaline as your person is accosted with concentrated lust taken to the tenth power. While physical fitness is not a requirement, please make sure that your heart is healthy as such a vixen will skyrocket your libido to unearthly powers that you’ve never known!

At first, the hobby may seem to be all about trite interaction with breathtaking independent escorts who possess earth shattering beauty

But for many gentlemen it is about self-discovery, re-invention of themselves and in some cases, healing from hurtful life experiences. In these cases, sensual experiences penetrate far deeper than just the physical. At City Girls, we invite all of our VIP members and hobbyist friends to explore their needs and desires and take physical, mental and psychological satisfaction to deeper levels!

Chloe xoxo

Are You Getting Attached to Your Escort?

Dating an escort involves casual feelings that should remain light while resisting the emotional realm. But for some hobbyists, that is exactly what happens. What is a gentleman to do when he finds himself desiring to convert his escort into a girlfriend?

You are dating an independent escort, paying for her time to entertain you. The intimacy is phenomenal and you’ve never met another woman quite like her. Moreover, she adores you and the chemistry is electric. You float on cloud nine for days following an encounter with a smile from ear to ear pasted on your face. Thoughts wander into a possible relationship with your escort. Let me pinch you back into reality. Have your forgotten the rules of conduct, boundaries associated with the hobby? Though you have obviously struck a repoire with a goddess of perfection, let’s not forget the premise upon which you made her acquaintance. As a hobbyist, you are paying her for her time to engage you. Hang on to your heart, dear fella. This is a business transaction!

She’s a great listener but does she have long term feelings for you?

Many independent escorts are superbly blessed with genuine talent to sweep a man off his hobbyist feet. She is friend, lover, model and psychologist all brilliantly wrapped in one irresistible package. What man with two heads could deny her? She lavishes you with smoldering attention; she understands and does not judge you. As a man, you feel so open and free that you can tell her just about anything knowing that your words and emotions will be well-received. Somewhere along the way, your heart takes on a mind of its own and fantasy gets confused with reality. You’ve been swept away. In short, you’re a goner. Your focus as a hobbyist is obscured and you long for her to have feelings for you. This is the point where sirens sound and red flags fly up. My dear fellow, you will have lost it entirely and set yourself up for a catastrophic fall flat on your bum for may I remind you that she is a paid escort, not a voluntary partner.

You think of her as your girlfriend

The girlfriend experience is the most sought after of all provider encounters because such engagements are profoundly intimate. However, if as a hobbyist you find her dwelling in your thoughts at all hours of the day and night, chances are that you have fallen off the proverbial deep end of escort dating into a sea of danger. While she may provide you with a superbly authentic girlfriend experience, she is not your girlfriend. Your date begins when you meet her and ends when you say goodbye. Any contact in between taken to the extreme could at any point be considered borderline psycho and finish the otherwise fantastic connection that was forged with your independent escort. Hang on to your huevos and remember that the operative word here is ‘[girlfriend] experience’!

You want to rescue her from her lifestyle as an escort

Jesus Christ is considered a savior in religious circles. You are not he. No matter how colorful her background, your escort made a conscious decision to become an independent escort. Many escorts truly enjoy what they do to which hobbyists can attest. Desiring to ‘save’ one from her job as a professional entertainer and escort is venturing into unchartered territory known as drama. Keep intact the reasons why you are seeing your escort and remain within those boundaries.

What is the norm?

There are those uncommon relationships whether married or committed in which the female is an independent escort or the couple engages in an open agreement that involves swinging. We have also heard stories of escorts who fall in love with clients and retire into wedlock. Statistically speaking, I doubt that is the norm. The best modus operandi is to thoroughly enjoy the experience with your escort while maintaining a separate day-to-day life. If you find the two mingling, take a deep breath and a big step back to regain your focus. Dating an escort is an arranged engagement. It is best to keep it that way.

Why Women Like Other Women

Society used to underscore the notion that a woman could only find satisfaction from a man whether sexual, economic or otherwise. Today, things are different.

Alternative relationships are celebrated and bisexuality is hip. In the world of hobbying, many independent escorts get charged by doubling up with a girlfriend, offering a hobbyist the experience of a lifetime. What is the mystique that one woman finds in another?

Many women are bisexual whether they admit it or not

Despite a common social misconception that providers ‘are only in it for the money’, there are plenty of independent escorts who sincerely enjoy what they do from start to finish. In fact, many escorts are drawn to companionship specifically because they get license to explore that inner part of themselves that longs for expression. They enjoy the company of a man and a woman whether separately or together (threesomes or ménage a tois). When such independent escorts are in the good company of a gentleman (or lady) who appreciates these qualities the sky is the limit!

Can a hobbyist tell if she is faking it?

Unless a provider features her duality or that she will entertain couples, she is probably not into women. There are straight companions who will comply with a hobbyist’s request to bring along one of her girlfriends on their date. Just imagine dining with two sizzling hot beauties! Such a hobbyist would be the envy of every man (and I guarantee you – several women!) But when it gets down to the nitty gritty, how does she perform? Is she hungry for her? Or does she simply tolerate the intensity of the dynamic? In a frenzy of ecstasy, some hobbyists may overlook this falsity, overwhelmed by the realization of their fantasies. But should they? In all her genuineness, the independent escort who loves to taste the art and sensuality that embodies the female form offers an epiphany in the love life of a hobbyist. Now that my friends, is priceless!

Dynamics between two women are different

If you think one woman gives you enough depth, putting two together will catapult your pleasure to the tenth power! Beware: female energy is rich and powerful, intuitive and instinctual. In the case of lesbian relationships or [female] friends with benefits, the bond can be noticeably intense. Women understand each other better. We get being female. Romantic friendships between women are glorious and supercharged with sexual implications whether or not the relationship ever ventures into the physical realm. While each gender brings something different to the table, heterosexual relationships will always be characterized by the ‘men are from Mars, women are from Venus’ phenomenon at some point in the juncture. There are plenty of toys out there for women in same sex relationships that simulate the likeness of a man’s person, enabling the two lovers to find masculine fulfillment in the absence of a man. I believe the reader knows what I am talking about.

Sexuality is more fluid than ever

Ever spot two spectacularly feminine women screaming sexiness while holding hands in public? With all of that bursting cleavage, long flowing hair, lean legs in 4-inch stilettos and mini-skirts, what head wouldn’t rotate? God bless the man who is seated discreetly at a table for the standing ones are sure to pitch prominent tents down South and severely piss of their wives! However, the smart wives will take advantage of that free visual stimulation and capitalize on the obvious fantasies of their husbands and satisfy their own physical needs. Why not!

Women are irresistible to both genders

While she may not admit it, every female at some point in her life has been attracted to another to some degree. Women have the capability to be just that electrifying. When a woman takes care of herself and is confident that she is attractive (both externally and internally), her aura of sexual energy radiates. When that same woman is open minded enough to partake in the company of another woman, together they form a sensual powerhouse defining the essence of why women like other women.

The Best Places for Intimacy of the Hobbyist

Whether you want to get down and dirty with your lover or cuddle up cozy with your companion, where are the best places to do it? The boudoir is probably the first setting that comes to mind for most hobbyists. A little creativity can really fan your fire  with explosive sensuality! Hobbyists and independent escorts, cultivate the girl friend experience with some of these frisky ideas:

Garages are not limited to parking

Remember the age of excitement when you were twenty one? Just the thought of your girlfriend(much less, any female) would send riveting thoughts through your person. Imagine the foreplay of flirty conversation in shadowy seclusion surrounded by soft music followed by a caress of her lips. This is not the place to manifest your naughty intentions which is exactly why your bodies will noticeably tingle while the car becomes stifling with erotic energy. Sometimes doing the forbidden is best!

The park takes on a new dimension beyond jogging and dog walking

The hobbyist and escort who believe that a little nooky in the bushes is tiptoeing on the edge of risk should think again. There are parks that span for acres where two lovers can all but remove themselves from the public eye. Plan your venture for a mid week afternoon versus a Saturday morning when the average folk is more likely to attend. Organize a picnic with delectable goodies, a bottle of wine, and a large blanket and watch nature run her course!

Restroom occupancy is for more than one

Ever visit a lavish restroom inside a well-appointed restaurant and wonder why you were there all alone? Especially if it is a private lavatory with a door that locks, why leave your date all by her lonesome at the dinner table? A little aperitif of your own concoction between the four walls of a private washroom can jolt your love life about twenty notches.

Airplanes are not always G-rated

I’m sure every hobbyist will chuckle recalling a story or two of the friend and his lady who could not contain their passion before landing time. Why not? If kink is your thing and the plane is rather empty, set free those nasty urges. It’s called fantasy, boys. The accompanying independent escort should wear a flowing dress or skirt to discretely hide your forbidden frolicking. There is no better way to rejuvenate your youth.

City Girls is a firm believer of fantasy turned reality

We have all heard the old age adage, “you only live once”. Perhaps that is why couples around the world allow themselves the liberty of living it up every now and then. I’m sure every independent escort who is into the girlfriend experience will agree. Emancipating your libido is the best medicine we can think of for well being!

How to Be Mine, You Sweet, Sexy Valentine!

February 14th is a heavenly day for all lovers. It is filled with romance, desire and riveting memories just waiting to be created. Do you have a red hot date with a fiery companion? If you don’t at this very moment, it’s just a matter of time, mi amor.

The very fact that you are reading my words means that Cupid (patron of erotic love here at City Girls) has already pierced your heart with his lustful arrow. Brace yourself, king that you are. I want to chat about a few delicious morsels that will give all hobbyists something to chew on during these next few days before their life-altering engagements on the 14th. When you’re done tasting my words and licking your lips, go ahead and reserve your date for the real feast of affection.

Go ahead. Present her with a little gift!

No matter how dazzling and eager to please City Girls’ independent companions are girls will be girls. A small token of your impending affection will only work in your favor and put a beautiful smile on her pretty face (not to mention a period at the end of your sentence). If you’re not sure where to begin, allow me to hold your hand, my love: a furry little teddy bear is cute and she will giggle; a delicate box Godiva chocolates is a sinful gift which she will crave even if she doesn’t eat chocolate; a glittery trinket from Swarovski grasped between her dainty fingers will score the sensual lottery before even playing. Be prepared for a warm embrace and a smoldering thank you. Don’t forget the presentation! We girls are all about that, you know. A lacy little gift bag or a velvet bow – those details are epic in our diaries.

Please! Don’t stop….

You’ve just gotten going so don’t disrupt the momentum. You’ve got two hands, sweetheart. Why give just one gift? The other hand will get bored. Every companion loves a silky accessory fromVictoria’s Secret or a little gift card from Agent Provocateur (ooh la! la!). Watch her expression animate like that of a child in a toy store for the first time. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration but you’ll be glad you did, anyway!

Cultivate that romance

Whether you will dine at a fine restaurant or snuggle in the privacy of your own world, don’t hesitate to make it special. Call the restaurant ahead of time and request that a red rose is laid on her plate before you arrive. If Cupid’s arrow has really been a success, you’ll deliver that little gift before you arrive and it will be waiting for her at the table. If you spend your evening in seclusion, purchase a few vanilla candles (or some other yummy scent) and toast to a glass of something – the toast is what counts. The moment will naturally progress to the fusion of lips and…well…the rest I wait to hear from you!

Reap the fruits of your efforts

I promise you that February 15th will be just as memorable as Valentine’s Day as you awake with a huge smile on your face and your person tingles with afterglow. You might just think of us here at City Girls as your lady looks at you fresh with morning glow and just like a girlfriend asks, “What’s for breakfast?”

Keeping a Relationship Alive

Marriage has always been praised as a building block of our civilization. If you are married and super lucky, your relationship is happy, enjoyable and full of good loving. That is the ideal.

But for some, today’s modern world acknowledges that this frail institution has evolved and they resort to more colorful tactics to retain happiness, satisfaction, sanity, family, children and pocketbook. A good many independent escorts are married with children or have significant others. Certainly, many hobbyists are married and of course there are those who are living single.

When did marriage modernize?

I believe in the sanctity of marriage wholeheartedly. But nowadays, we are seeing relationships mutate into more intricate forms of compatibility in efforts to avoid the results of costly and hurtful circumstances. Some couples think outside of the box and realize that for their marriage to survive, a more congenial approach must be taken. Otherwise, separation and divorce (watch out for those hungry attorneys!) prevail. The kids suffer and homes are practically cut in half with a knife. There is bloodshed. Ever see War of the Roses?

Today’s marriages are filled with arrangements and understandings

Sometimes spoken and sometimes silent, couples go on sabbatical, realizing that the alternative is far worse than accepting an understanding. One may resort to having an extramarital affair as the other goes about fulfilling goals while the couple retains a deep friendship. Even though this may taste bittersweet, is there anything wrong with it? I guess it depends on your religion. Let’s keep an open mind.

When one party has no interest in intimacy

What if your wife just isn’t into it? You’ve been married for 35 years; the house is paid for and the kids are out of college. You are still good friends but she wants to lunch and travel with her girlfriends and basically gives you card blanch to satisfy those ‘extracurricular’ needs. Hold onto your knickers, handsome! Perhaps spending a weekend with a knee-knocking beauty (with brains) in the form of an independent escort who wants only you for desert could return a glow to your once rosy demeanor. This is where the girlfriend experience really comes into play. Perhaps a newlywed would take offense to this concept but I think we are way beyond that.

When a couple wants to explore the addition of a third party

Tables turned. Your wife is a hotty and can’t get enough. Her neck is twisting when the pool man walks by (or when that cute, busty waitress serves your desert). You’re still the bomb but it’s her fantasies that are bursting apart at the seams. Don’t deny her but play it safe. Allow her to select an independent escort who understands the fragility between a trio and watch your marriage go to the tenth power. Many independent escorts specialize in spending time with couples and actually make great friendships in the process. Seriously.

When a couple realizes that they’ll both benefit from growth apart

There are those who recognize that there is no other way to stay together than by being apart. While the relationship may not be fruitful there is history that just cannot be uprooted. Seeking a relationship or fling outside of the marriage is risky and time consuming. Meeting women at bars, the gym or tennis club – all have strings attached. You really have no idea who you are meeting or dealing with until you’ve spent time and dollars to find out that she’s not the one for you. Whether you decide to get into hobbying or just dip your toes into dating an independent escort, you are more in control of your choices. Compatibility and nurturing your needs are top priority when you spend time with an independent escort. Many independent escorts are amazing women as you just may find your time together develop into something lasting and meaningful.

City Girls is committed to supporting our members

When is anything ever totally straight forward? Everyone has their own, unique circumstances. At City Girls, we take a positive approach when considering the powerful dynamics and happiness that result when our VIP Members and Club Members connect. If you choose to turn a new leaf and think outside of your relationship for whatever reason, we feel that your decision deserves attention. We are here for you.

The Confident Hobbyist

Sometimes even the most confident man can be painfully shy. Couple that with being a worrier and the combination spells stress! How does a hobbyist overcome this poisonous combination when he has a beautiful, head-turning escort waiting for his arrival in less than two hours?

Since you deserve to enjoy your time together, we at City Girls personally spoke to several of our lovely ladies and got their feedback. Below is real advice from amazing girlfriends who have experienced firsthand helping their hobbyist friends overcome shyness and increase their confidence in the dating realm.

Truly relaxing will solve half the battle

I know. You’ve heard it a million times. But it’s true. Calming and quieting the mind promote relaxation which in turn dissolves stress and anxiety associated with shyness or lack of confidence. Many of our independent escorts practice yoga on a regular basis and this is what they have shared. While you may not even be able to touch your toes, you do know how to breathe and this is the key. Before leaving for your date, sit down in a quiet room in a relaxed position with the television, radio and cell phone off and out of reach. Close your eyes and focus on long, deep breaths. The second your mind runs away (and this will be the challenge), gently direct your thoughts back to your breath as you slowly inhale and exhale. Do this for about ten minutes or as long as you can. If you’ve got an alarm clock on your cell phone, set it. That way you won’t have to wonder how long you’ve been sitting there breathing. Ten minutes might seem like an eternity if you’re new to this form of meditation. Try.

Dressing and smelling well are major confidence boosters

Don’t get complacent about your wardrobe or the senses. Women love a well-dressed man and that is the overwhelming consensus with all of our City Girlsindependent escorts. This doesn’t mean that you need to blow off $2,000 at Gucci for a pair of loafers and a tie (unless you want to, of course). A neatly dressed, stylish look with well-coordinated accessories will get you bonus points with any escort. If your shirt or pants are baggy and ill-fitting, get them tailored. If your shoes are scuffed or worn, either have them professionally polished or invest in a new pair. Most of all, dress for your date in an ensemble that is known to compliment your looks. If you are stressing because you don’t have a clue about fashion go to the men’s department in Nordstrom and seek the assistance of a *female* employee. Nordstrom has a reputation for stellar customer service. Next stop: the perfume counter. Forget about the cheapy stuff. Ugh. If you want to sign up for charisma, a compelling perfume on a man is a major aphrodisiac for a woman. There are some incredible scents on the market for men. The high end fragrances are pure and resonate so that the scent doesn’t fade. Our ladies guarantee they will be all over their men who smell like heaven, lust and a million bucks all rolled into one!

Bag the physical looks

That’s right. Many of our companions consider looks secondary to all else when it comes to compatibility. That’s just how we women are. In fact, many ladies don’t want their men to be too good looking (that’s subjective, of course). When you are dressed well, scented like the elixir of all mankind and relaxed, you will be transformed into the poster child for the most wanted hobbyist.

Real flattery will get you everywhere

Since all of our independent escorts work hard at maintaining their beauty and physique, most are accustomed to receiving compliments. But flattery goes way beyond, “you look beautiful” or “that dress looks great on you.” It’s about, “that nail polish is a stunning color that goes perfectly with the pink tone of your dress.” Or, “that lipstick really brings out the blue in your eyes. I love it!” Scan your date and make a five-second assessment. You’ll notice those details and paying attention is what any woman really loves. When you deliver a sincere compliment, your date is sure to melt and the ice has been broken! The rest is history and you will be crowned king.

Perhaps your date is shy, too!

Let’s face it. She’s human. Maybe she struggles with shyness though you might not ever know it. Shyness is not a sign that we wear on our backs. In fact, it’s something we try to hide and often blunder in attempting to do so. But it can be painful. The fact is you do not know if she is shy so assume that she may be. Realizing this very real possibility will give you an instant advantage because suddenly you are not alone and will have boosted your confidence by ten notches.

No matter what, chemistry must prevail

At City Girls, we have to acknowledge that the psychology behind dating is a delicate balance. No matter how hard you try (or don’t try) and despite all of your concerted efforts to becoming the genteel hobbyist sought after by all independent escorts, if chemistry doesn’t flow, it’s simply not meant to be. And it’s not your fault. It just means that there is another escort waiting in the wings who is right for you and that is what we are here for.