Passion is What Women Like Most

Like all women, we know that independent escorts like shoes, shopping and money. But what do we like most in our men? Concentrated into one word, passion sums it up.

Passion denotes different things to different folks. It is about strong emotion that motivates one to do something. Let us explore what this seemingly tired word really means to women as it relates to men and discover that its definitions are not as exhausted as we may think.

Strong sexual desire is a huge turn on

It is fairly safe to say that all men like sex. But true passion encompasses more than lust or a biological need to copulate. A woman intuitively senses when her man is genuinely enthusiastic with an intense desire to please her. What a compliment to her!

The epicurean man is ultra sexy

He is the hobbyist who dines luxuriously, savoring the succulence of cuisine while meditating in the meditating of the experience; who is drawn to a tiny, inexpensive café bursting with voluptuous flavors equal to or greater than that of the obvious five star restaurant; who loves to travel and embrace foreign culture; who appreciates an incredible bottle of wine whether it costs $10 or $100; who lingers over a cup of fragrant, Japanese green tea. Life is full of little luxuries that do not need to break the pocket book to relish. The gentleman with a taste for these little indulgences is most certainly passionate!

Intellectual passion is deliciously attractive

Whether it is problem solving, fixing things, creative writing, helping others or collecting and reading comic books, intellectual passion can be more enticing than physical passion. Intellectual passion is not shaped by looks or physique. The mind is a powerful aphrodisiac!

The profession that defines a man is quietly alluring

When a gentleman is passionate about his occupation, he is motivated and tends to be successful. This does not mean that he is a workaholic. When he is passionate about his work, he enjoys what he does and is motivated. When the job done is merely to accommodate others, he is not as satisfied. The man who is passionate about his profession may tend to work long hours. It is important that he strike a balance between devoting his time to work and family and friends.

Passion comes from richness of the soul

And cannot be learned from reading a book or taking a seminar. It is about believing in yourself, identifying what you love and channeling that energy. A woman finds irresistible the man who is devoted to such intense feelings. Have you discovered your passions?

Five Reasons Why Men Turn to Escorts

Asking a man if he has ever been on a date with an independent escort is like asking a house to clean itself. Chances are that you will not get a response and that he will turn ten shades of evasive and change the subject.

While this may not be factual, I would venture to say that the majority of men have contacted a companion at some point in their lives. Love, lust (and other synonyms) have been around since the beginning of time and underscore a thriving industry that caters to the needs of men and hobbyists worldwide. Other than what some readers may consider to be the obvious, why do men seek the company of escorts? This article intends to shatter or at least crack that stigma. Non-escort women, pay attention!

  1. Men who frequent escorts are losers

    This is simply not true. Yes, there are those creepy hobbyists out there with the morals of a bottom fish whose sole intention of dating an independent escort is to demean her. However, I speak for all of us here at City Girls when I say that low grade quality of a man (notice I did not say ‘gentleman’) does not need to be a hobbyist to exist! While it is a subject not talked about, the non hobbyist or non escort doesn’t hear too much about the type of men who frequent escorts. Many are successful professionals. Many are dignified gentlemen from ‘upper echelons’ of society. As most of my readers will confirm, hobbying is not something that is publicized (accept perhaps between fellow hobbyists). It seems that the higher the profile, the more discretion is practiced. In some parts of the world, it is expected for a gentleman to have concubines, girlfriends or even multiple wives. 

  2. Girlfriend versus escort

    Forgive me girlfriends for saying this because I have been one myself, but sometimes men view us as ‘inconvenient’ when compared to the ease associated with dating an escort. A dear non escort friend would probably slap me for saying this but it’s true: dollar for dollar, it’s more economical to date an escort than it is to experience the needs and requirements of a girlfriend. No offense girlfriends! The point is that there are many men who simply prefer to pay for companionship because they are reassured that all of their needs, spoken and unspoken, will be met starting but not ending with the visual. It is simply a chosen lifestyle known as the hobby.

  3. Closing the deal

    Let’s face it. We women can be difficult for some men without even trying. I’m not putting down women but some men have more of a challenge than others finding success with us. While some cannot even land a date, others may not get past dinner to desert and go home with their libidos in knots. It could be due to their lack of Brad-Pitt-type physical attributes, bland, muted personalities or subpar self-confidence. Why should such men go without when they can date beautiful escorts and reap the rewards of dinner, desert and then some? In the process of having a fabulous time, manhood and self-esteem are re-affirmed thus rendering the date a win-win situation.

  4. True companionship at its finest

    When a man seeks the presence of a companion for her fellowship, it is because he shares similar interests and even ideals or professions with her. In many cases, he may see that independent escort on a regular basis, developing a true friendship in the process. She may even become his professional girlfriend (sugar baby).

  5. Guaranteed good time 

    Only in the world of escorting and hobbying can a man or woman truly tailor his or her ideal date starting with physical attributes right down to the type of chocolate that coats the strawberries they share together. That’s what the hobby is all about. A gentleman is welcomed by most escorts to indicate what he would like her to wear. He knows that she is going to do her best to dazzle and entertain him and enjoy herself as well! The only thing he doesn’t get is an insurance policy!

The Value in Being a Gentleman Hobbyist

Nowadays, gentlemanly conduct seems to contradict respect of women’s equality. Hobbyists, don’t shy away because nothing could be further from the truth!

True gentlemen are rare these days and quietly desired by all women, feminists or not, independent escorts included. The chivalrous hobbyist will always glow in the eyes of his companion sweetening his sensual interaction like that of a rich aphrodisiac. The male society seems to have lost its perspective on what defines a gentleman perhaps due to lack of role models and the behavior that draws them to women. We believe in the girl friend experience and are here to help!

The hobbyist with less has more

Developing notable gentlemanly habits are priceless ways to increase your popularity in the eyes of independent escorts that will carry over into all aspects of dating in general. Showing your attentiveness, respect and good manners are subdued gestures in turning on a woman and getting her to respond to your advances in a genuine way. Whether or not you decide that your first date is the last, wouldn’t it be flattering to know that you are at the top of your companion’s list of guys to see? And when it comes to recommendations, your reputation will be sealed with a golden kiss!

Cultivation of good manners is priceless

Guys, the idea is to get your woman to fall head over heels for you in whatever capacity you desire (as an independent escort, girlfriend, wife, etc.). Who will reap the benefits? You! When walking outside, position yourself flush with the street with her walking on the inside of the sidewalk. You will be protecting her from traffic, stormy weather and petty thieves. She will get it and be flattered! If the weather is cold, offer your jacket as she may be dressed to impress without forethought for the elements. If you get cold, suck it up and grit your teeth. When you arrive at the restaurant, pull out her chair and let her sit down first whether you are at Burger King for a late night munchy or a five-star restaurant after attending the theater. A dollar amount cannot be placed on good manners. Men and especially hobbyists with these attributes far exceed those with deep pockets without such integrity.

Gauge your language and don’t show off

In short, curb your tongue. While an escort who is a lady may not show it, she will cringe in offense inside if you express yourself with fowl verbiage. It is simply not attractive. Pride yourself on being expressive without the need for trashy vocabulary (unless you are between the sheets which can be fun!).

Purchase an umbrella

I’m not necessarily talking from your local drug store. If the sky decides to shower you with its beautiful drops, you don’t want your cheapy umbrella to bend and break, ruining her hair and makeup and embarrassing you in the process. Purchase something good quality and be prepared to shield her with umbrella in hand if the sky looks menacing.

City Girls believes in the Ps and Qs of dating on any level

There are women haters out there that require a lot more than our words to be favorably impacted. We speak to hobbyists who are receptive to any bit of advice to the advantage of the dating process. As a result, we feel confident that the initial goodbye kiss will seal indelible memories that weaken the knees and then some. Make sense?

Skills of Manliness – What Impresses Women

Whether he says it openly or not, every hobbyist wants to feel that he truly turns on his companion and that he satisfies her in more ways than one. However, it can be frustrating that every woman differs in what she finds masculine and attractive.

There are some basic skills that a hobbyist can adopt if he is willing to try. In the end, a happy date means that both parties are satisfied!

Learn to be a great conversationalist

In addition to just talking, being a good listener and genuinely paying attention to your date are traits that make the good conversationalist a skill irresistible by women. Displaying confidence and showing empathy is a learned practice that will bring any hobbyist immeasurable results with his woman. However, a gentleman must remember that he is talking to a woman, not one of his buddies or colleagues. The hobbyist who knows how to clearly express himself will become hugely attractive to any independent escort.

Dancing oozes sexiness

It’s not that dancing is so difficult. As long as you move to the rhythm of the music even just a little, not much skill is required. The trick is not feeling shy but easygoing and having the confidence all at once. The hobbyist who is even slightly skilled in dancing is one who is open and approachable to his date. Watch the sparks fly!

Speaking more than one language is a huge plus

There are tons of resources available on You Tube and on the internet that provide free or paid language learning programs. Time is the biggest investment. But even being slightly conversational in a language other than your native tongue is a sign that a hobbyist is dedicated and worldly. Just watch an independent escort respond. How sexy is that?

Jet setters tend to attract elite courtesans

Most independent escorts love to travel. Elite courtesans are drawn to extended dates with gentlemen who travel regularly. They are generally quite skilled and fashionable when interacting in impromptu situations, sure to make the traveling hobbyist confident and proud in her presence.

City Girls is looking out for you

While you may be the kind of hobbyist who simply leaves everything up to the independent escort, we believe that making the most of whom and what you are will only ensure synchronicity and more pleasure in the end. Whether or not you choose to follow any of our tips, show a bit of your softer side as a man and your dates will flourish. You can thank us later.

What Women Want – Tips for Hobbyists

Most hobbyists would agree that truly turning on an independent escort has everything to do with how attractive she finds you.

But when you get to know your companion and ‘what makes her tick’, you can be the least attractive man and still turn her on. No matter how detached or in touch you may be, knowing what women want and how to satisfy them matters.

Ask her what she wants

As a hobbyist and gentleman, do you assume that every woman likes or wants the same thing? There is no general rule that applies to every woman whether she is an independent escort or not. Any man who is eager to please is a turn on in itself and unless you are a mind reader there is only one way to find out. It is okay to ask what turns her on.

Be hands on

Keep an open mind when preparing for intimacy. If you are the kind of hobbyist who is looking for a quickie, skip this paragraph. But if you are the kind who wants to see your date more than once, increase your experience by priming her with an introduction that puts all other hellos to shame. Know where to put your hands and go slow because time is what you make of it.

Kiss like you mean it

There is something to be said for the girl friend experience. It all starts with kissing. Forget the peck on the cheek greeting. Meet and kiss your date like you want to rip her clothes off because…don’t you? Look, guys. When a man much less a hobbyist knows how to kiss a woman, he can make her weak at the knees and suddenly your experience together multiplies times ten. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Size does not matter

Wisdom, knowledge and mindfulness supersede all else. No matter what you’ve got to offer, an independent escort responds favorably to a gentleman who knows how, when and where to caress her with attention and that prevails. For some hobbyists, this can be a huge advantage.

It’s up to you as a hobbyist to find out

Most importantly, when you invite and encourage an independent escort’s comfort level, you are ensuring her ease and optimizing your time together. I do not need to say what this means for you as a hobbyist. Though you may not think it is necessary, do yourself some justice by getting to know what women really want and watch your dating experiences flourish. Who knows? Maybe you will learn a thing or two!

Looks or Personality? The Most Important Factors in Escorting, Part I

In the competitive industry of independent escorting, flaming hot good looks will attract hobbyists to you. A bright and charismatic personality coupled with talents inherent in an independent escort will draw repeat clients. This is the winning combination crucial for the independent escort who wants to be successful!

Attraction encompasses much more than just the physical

Here’s a silly analogy but you will get the idea: imagine receiving a beautiful gift for your birthday ornately wrapped and tied with a silk bow. When you open the box in sheer anticipation, it is empty. How disappointed would you be? As an independent escort, if the box is your physique and the content is your personality, a hobbyist is going to be disappointed if he is left with nothing. You will hear hobbyists talk about ‘how beautiful’ or ‘how hot’ she was. But you will also hear comments about how engaging, interesting or genuine she was. Good looks will get your foot in the door with a gentleman. Your sparkling personality will cause him to want to see you again and again.

The world is saturated with beautiful women

If you are just starting out as an independent escort, you may get by for a while on just your ravishing looks. But there is more dimension to a successful escort than just her physical charm. With so many beautiful women in the world from which a hobbyist can choose, what sets you apart from the rest? At the end of the day, the world will not stop for your mouth-watering looks. Humble yourself and ask, “how can I better myself?”

Create repeat clients with your personality

When a hobbyist is at ease, he is more likely to relax and reveal his desires to you. Accommodate your client with the charisma of your personality. When you yourself are relaxed, inviting, engaging and understanding, you provide a sanctuary of comfort which is exactly what a gentleman is looking for.

Learn how to ‘read’ the needs and desires of a hobbyist

Evaluation of your client may present somewhat of a challenge that eventually you will master if you set your mind to it. Flexibility and intelligence play a big role in ‘reading’ or interpreting his fantasies. Is he a casual guy looking for fun? Is he a corporate figure stressed who needs to unwind? Is he entangled in a troubled relationship and needs your understanding? Always be polite and never uptight. Smile and maintain your sunny disposition. It is your job to move him into your comfort zone. Regardless, you can be sure that he will make the most of your time together. But it is your job to give him more. Give him an experience that will resound in his memory causing him to want to see you again and again.

All that glitters is not always gold

Independent escorting is not a mindless job. There is a psychological element to escorting and those companions who ‘get it’ are the ones who prevail with success. Hobbyists seek the girl friend experience from an independent escort who is understanding and talented. Set your mind to these tasks and you will succeed! Stay tuned for part two of this topic. There is so much more to talk about!

Boundaries in Relationship with escorts

How can you enjoy the hobby without establishing healthy boundaries? Knowing your limits will allow you to relax and let go!

Good communication skills are essential when asserting your boundaries, lending the tools to communicate likes and dislikes with your partner.

Every interaction is a relationship on some level

Let us first understand the exact definition of a relationship: a connection or association; a particular type of connection existing between people related to or having dealings with each other; a romantic or sexual involvement. A relationship can begin with little more than an interaction or carry on for a lifetime and every integer in between.

Why would anyone facilitate a ‘bad’ relationship? Such behavior invites bad karma. At the risk of sounding cynical, I question the intent of the hobbyist who is disrespectful or at a minimum, unpleasant. Perhaps he should switch his hobby to basketball and shoot a few hoops, instead. When dating independent escorts, defining a clear understanding of your relationships is the premise to setting your boundaries.

The power of non verbal communication

A hobbyist can shout his purpose without words through body language. It is just that powerful. By the same token, a gentleman can convey his boundaries to a companion in the way

that he carries himself. It is all part of the communication. Understanding your boundaries will be reflected in your body language.

Understand the needs and interests of your partner

As a hobbyist, whether you are dating an independent escort for sixty minutes never to see her again or engaging with a longer term companion, you are dealing with another human being. From a purely selfish standpoint, gaining insight into her immediate needs and interests will benefit your overall experience. After all, pleasure is at the root of your enjoyment. When you understand where she is coming from, you will be better able to assess your personal boundaries, setting the relationship in the right direction. At best, when an independent escort also benefits from and enjoys the experience, it is a win-win situation!

Build rapport and trust

One important component of an independent escort’s job is to establish rapport which in turn develops trust. At the same time, she looks for cohesion with a hobbyist, mutual attention and positivity. She immediately sets out to discover her client’s boundaries so that she can proceed with the relationship. If she is all about the girl friend experience, her goals are even more pronounced. All of the above may occur in the first five minutes of your acquaintance or over a period of time. As a hobbyist, when you know your boundaries, you can reciprocate with confidence so that the two of you are synchronized and relate well to each other. The end result is a sense of trust which is the basis for a rewarding escort/hobbyist relationship.

Reap the benefits

Every relationship, even on the most superficial level, is all about give and take. Establishing boundaries will enable a sense of how a hobbyist and independent escort can relate to each other. As a hobbyist, when you assert your personal guidelines or limits, you are letting your companion know what is reasonable, safe and permissible to you. She will respond favorably and within those limits, less likely to step outside of your boundaries.