How to Marry an Escort

You have met the perfect escort. She is your soul mate, beautiful inside and out. What’s more, the two of you have fallen in love! How do you deal with her job? This week’s article will talk about a plan of action when a gentleman wants to marry an escort.

true love

As a hobbyist, you have fallen in love with an escort. The emotion and physical gratification bestowed upon a gentleman from such feminine perfection can be overwhelming, leaving your emotions in a state of total confusion. If the love is genuine and not coated with infatuation, the two of you will inevitably face decisions on adapting your respective lifestyles to join together in some form of marriage (spiritual, traditional, religious). Though they do exist, successful escort marriages are far and few between that form lasting relationships in which the escort continues to entertain other gentlemen in what would constitute a non-conventional relationship. As a soon-to-be-retired hobbyist, below are a few questions to ask yourself after your heart has riveted your world and taken the lead:

Will she stop escorting?

If your new love does not enjoy her work in the adult entertainment industry, then it will be easier for her to retire. But if she is rather vested in what she does and has a tendency to bond more intimately with friends, it is possible that she will find it a little more difficult to break away permanently.

Is she addicted to a lucrative income and luxurious lifestyle?

A companion who enjoys her career as a professional entertainer may find the lifestyle flattering and rewarding. If you as her new found love can match that comfort level then the strength of transitioning into marriage is strong. Such a situation does not render you a sugar daddy or her a sugar baby for that matter because love forms the foundation.

Is she attached to relationships that define her escort identity?

Many companions form durable friendships with their gentlemen friends that shape their individuality as entertainers and confidantes. Much of their time spent together includes plush entertainment and opulent travel reinforced by gentlemanly attention that nurtures and flatters their egos. While entering into a marriage by two people from any type of background can be challenging in today’s complicated world, doing so by an escort can be rigorous. Marital partners should be prepared to acknowledge awareness of each others’ pasts and be prepared to meet their respective needs to the best of their abilities.

New career, new start concept
New career, new start concept

What will be the direction of her new career, if any?

Assuming she chooses to retire, the independent escort who has outside aspirations will adapt to her new, conventional marriage by pursuing her ambitions. How exciting as her new and true identity takes form! As her husband, you the gentleman should be nothing but supportive (as should she be of you) so as to insulate the transition and ensure peacefulness within the marriage.

Success stories of married escorts who maintain their careers

There are married couples who swing while maintaining open relationships. There are those escorts whose husbands accept continuance of their work with an open mind. In the latter, most at some point do retire if for no other reason than to relieve the strain that escorting can place on a marriage with a man who desires not to share the intimacy of his woman with other men. All being said there are no rules in life except those that work. Dance to your own tune but follow your instinct and find the strength to ask yourself questions addressed in this article.

Martina – Iconic Bombshell

When I called Martina to set up an interview, we just happened to be in the same city. Imagine that! This girl is über metropolitan so I had to jump on the opportunity.

After shuffling my schedule a bit, we finally met at a tiny café tucked away on a cozy tree-lined street. You could pick this woman out of a crowd not so much by her striking appearance but by her unmistakably dynamic presence (she’ll probably shy away from that statement!). I hesitate to use a cliché but it really is the best comparison. Martina is like a diamond in the raw: quietly rare, beautiful and near perfect. Such a complete woman can often be the object of jealousy for many of her peers but Martina’s charisma somehow melts right through. And that is part of her power. She exudes a subtle, balanced confidence complimented by an organic sweetness and a touch of sophistication. Male or female, how can you not fall in love with a girl like that? I could tell that she is a charming woman who will go far in life and enrich all who cross her path.

Q: Give a brief background of and description of your personality, your likes and dislikes
I am a 27-year old Russia girl born in a small city close to Saint Petersburg. When I was 18, I moved to Moscow to study economics at the University because I want to have my own business in the future. I have been an escort for 3 years now and I like how it is going. I am an active, easy going person. My horoscope is Aries which makes me a fire sign. At one moment, I am intense and crazy active. The next moment I can become relaxed with a need to have my private space and be alone for a while. I am a very practical person. I always have a 6-month plan, a 1-year plan and even longer. I invest and am always looking toward the future. I really love to travel and have experienced more than 30 countries. I am a big fan of hot weather and nice beaches with soft, white sand like silk carpet. Maybe one day I will live near such a beach. (Martina lets out a gregarious laugh.) I enjoy theater and opera, modern art and museums all around the world. I love my iPhone 5 and all the little gadgets from Apple. Family is important to me and I like parties, nature and animals. The racy side of me gets into fast driving, sports and motorbikes. I appreciate quality and beauty and I have a positive way to see the life. Hmm. What don’t I like? That’s a good question! I would say that I hate onions, slush from melted snow and early flights! What really makes me crazy is that the iPhone 5 changes SIM cards again and now I have to change mine for new NANO version! (She makes a pouty face.)

Q: What do you like best about what you do as an escort?
I love meeting new people and getting to know their deepest wishes. I feel good knowing that their moods are better than before they met me. (Martina smiles sweetly.) 

Q: What caused you to want to become an escort?
The whole idea of courting a gentleman intrigued me. And I love the intimacy. So why not do what I enjoy as a companion?

Q: What is your favorite thing about being an escort?
I can express my sensuality 100% as a woman. And I can do that with total freedom and the ability to travel all around the world. I just love that!

Q: What do you think of the girl friend experience?
I only recently learned of the term GFE. But it is something that comes totally natural to me so it’s no surprise. The closeness, the connection between a man and a woman – that’s how it should be.

Q: Do you lead a separate, private life in addition to your profession as an escort?
Yes and no. I have many clients in different countries where we have established friendships. We share some things about our lives and even advice to each other if we need. It really depends on the energy between two people and you never know when that will happen.

Q: Have you ever gotten attached or involved with any of your clients?
It happened once by accident. It was love from first look, even although I never believed that could happen to me.

Q: What advice would you give to a newbie just entering the scene?
I truly feel that you should only do this job if you like the process. Always share a positive mood with your clients. Make goals and set out to achieve them!

Q: What’s your secret to being an exceptional escort?
It’s really not that profound. It’s pretty simple. I think people feel when your energy and mood is sincere and genuine, you know, when it comes across naturally. So I am just myself and that’s what they like most!

Q: Why do your clients adore you so much?
I guess if I were to put it in a really simple way, it’s my elegant and classy style in the way that I meet a person. I’m kind of a light-hearted, funny girl, and so humor in a relaxed atmosphere comes natural to me. And then there’s the passionate process…Ooo la la! (Martina tosses her hair back and laughs out loud.) Put that together with my motto: my pleasure is your pleasure and things can get pretty explosive!