How to Build Confidence When Dating Beautiful Women

As you all know, City Girls takes gorgeousness to a whole new level when it comes to ravishing independent escorts. No matter where you select your next date, if you are the type of gentleman who gets weak at the knees in the face of beauty then this article is for you.

young couple hobbyist and escort at bar counter talking

Your pockets may be deep but your self-esteem is delicate

When it comes to financial net worth, you are a superhero! You are a money-making machine with the Midas touch — except when it comes to that stunner of an escort that you can’t resist dating. For some gents (and this just might be you), Junior does not speak big bucks and thus may opt to ‘take the night off’ just when you need him most. Since the male gender cannot fake performance, there are certain practices that will calm the nerves thus, opening the doors to that libido dying to get out.


Adopt a form of meditation prior to your date

You’d be surprised at the effectiveness of deep breathing before you get out of the car to meet that bombshell blonde. Simply close your eyes, turn off your phone and breathe slowly and deeply with all focus on the breath. Do this for approximately five minutes. Release the mind and tell yourself what a handsome gent you are. The results are profound. If you are the sipping type, toast over a glass of your favorite beverage after greeting your luscious muse, just to break the ice and ease the self. (We don’t condone getting tipsy so it’s best not to get out of hand.)

Accept your physique for what it is

Let’s face it. The average man is not the picture perfect cover boy of Men’s Health Magazine. Keeping long hours at the office and dining out frequently equal junk in the gut. Throw in happy hour every now and then with your colleagues and after some time, you might not like what you see in the mirror. Guys: life gets in the way of the ideals that we formed in our minds ages ago about how perfect we should look. The reality is that no physique is perfect. Women and especially independent escorts tend to be quite accepting of a man’s imperfections. You have permission to accept your body for what it is.

Pump up the hygiene

No matter how many muscles you’ve got (or don’t have), without stellar hygiene, you will be deemed unattractive by your date. This is a no brainer, folks and an area in which you can truly build confidence. Companions are more concerned about your hygiene than your six pack or lack thereof. Here are a few pointers:

• Start with a precision haircut done by an expert;
• Always be freshly showered and clean cut (North and South);
• Don’t wear cheap cologne. Invest in a bottle of designer something – Creed, Tom Ford, Armani, Versace (these high end scents are made with known aphrodisiacs and they work. Your date will climb all over you);
• Get a manicure. Seriously, dude. That succulent escort is going to look at your cuticles;
Brush your teeth and invest in a pack of minty gum to keep those kisses comin’ on.

hobbyist hygiene
Set of different Hobbyists cosmetics

Pay attention to [clothing] detail

The best way to increase your insecurity it to dress is a frumpy manner. If you are one of those gents who doesn’t place too much value in your appearance – news flash: your clothing matters and your self-esteem will sky rocket as a result. If you haven’t got a clue about fashion, visit a department store such as Nordstrom or Saks where customer service is tailored to suit your looks. If you are so inclined, splurge and visit a Gucci, Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren boutique and let them adorn you in manly attire that best matches your personal style. A nice pair of loafers and a neat belt are big assets, much like the ones on your evening tryst that you can’t wait to get your hands on. Thank us later.

Become the consummate gentleman

Aaaah, here we get to talk about the holy grail of your confidence and golden rule of successful dating. No matter how pimped out is your wardrobe, how buffed are your nails or how sizeable is your package, manners are the be-all and end-all of a prized engagement. Every single escort you will ever date looks for this and if you are that consummate gentlemen, she’ll rave about you. Let us turn you on to a few pointers:

• Greet her with a proper salutation – doesn’t have to be mushy or overly formal;
Open and hold the door for her;
• At dinner, when she has to visit the ladies room, stand when she does; when she returns, stand again and pull out her seat before she sits down;
• When strolling down the street, walk on the outside. Companions notice this detail especially;
• After your date ends, send a short text (if you have her mobile) later that evening thanking her for such a splendid evening.

Seek companions who are kind and empathetic

Gold diggers, shiny bimbos with plastic personalities and fakers who can’t wait to finish your date are probably not model escorts for you. You are the kind of man who benefits from a gentle touch from a companion who has compassion for people in general. Find an escort who actually enjoys being with you for the man that you are. When you find this combination, behold the sparks that will fly in the boudoir as your confidence soars to heaven. Again and again.

It’s Veteran’s Day!

We at City Girls ask our readers and members to join us in taking a moment of silence to honor the heroes our great country, the United States of America. On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918, the armistice ending of World War I went into effect. A year later, President Wilson proclaimed November 11th as the first commemoration of Armistice Day. 36 years later, it was renamed Veteran’s Day to honor those who have served in armed service (not to be confused with Memorial Day, when we remember those men and women who died while serving our country).

Who are our personal heroes here at City Girls? Because our private club is maintained on a foundation of politeness and decency, our motto is simple: those who subscribe to our philosophy become our heroes.

veterans day written in the blank space of a heart sign made with the hands patterned with the colors and the stars of the United States flag
veterans day written in the blank space of a heart sign made with the hands patterned with the colors and the stars of the United States flag

Respect and dignity are paramount

Every human being is equally accountable for their attitudes and actions; nature does not discriminate. Neither the fatness of your pocket book, the magnitude of your muscles nor the grandeur of your notoriety account for much when void of esteemed conduct. Put quite simply, good manners and moral posture are qualities we look for when pairing our hobbyist club members with our independent escort club members.

Politesse separates the gentleman from the man

Do not even think of setting foot in certain countries such as France where minding your Ps and Qs are as essential as the passport that got you there. ‘Please’, ‘thank you’, holding the door for your date, opening the door of the car for her and seating her at the dinner table are just a few gracious gestures that characterize a gentleman.

Live it up but maintain your decorum

While public displays of proper behavior are highly admirable and expected, letting your hair down and cutting loose behind closed doors is something that we expect of our private club members. That is not to say that hobbyist and escort should fall victim to disrespectful or hostile interaction when no one else is around (unless you are both into your own little world of unique fetish role playing).

A demure disposition is important in public

Subtle, understated behavior is the best way to go in the world of hobbying and escorting. Your personal escapades are no one’s business and should forego passersby. Ostentatious displays of affection by a hobbyist with a drop dead gorgeous companion are frowned upon. It is best to reside beneath the radar when hobbyist and escort meet in public places in terms of fashion and body language. Save the enthusiasm for later!

When we think of a hero, we think of you

Whether you are a hobbyist, sugar daddy or gentleman looking for a fabulous date, stand tall with values and respect your lady friends. In this regard, every day is Veteran’s Day for us. But first and foremost, we pay tribute to those veteran’s who helped make this country what it is today.

Becoming a Bon Vivant

Becoming a bon vivant is all about the gentleman who pursues the finer luxuries in life. Such a man enjoys fine dining, wines worthy of conversation, culture, traveling, fashionable attire, fresh hygiene and that overused word – class. Being a bon vivant begins with an attitude that does not require you look like Al Pacino.

Beautiful young sexy woman in luxurous dress


What if you are a sneakers and jeans kinda guy or a dude who is clueless about fashion? You harbor secret aspirations to be ‘that guy’, the James Bond of every escort’s dream date. In any case, we have easy solutions to becoming a hobbyist who wants to be a bon viveur (French derivative) starting with just the person you are.

Identify your culinary expectations

While frequenting five-star restaurants is usually a safe bet, a true bon vivant will discover the less known culinary establishments that bring heightened definition to cuisine. Often, the chain or larger establishment restaurants are pleasant or marginal (depending on which city you are in). Many sugar daddies favor smaller bistros or independent restaurants that flatter with personalized attention and culinary art this side of orgasmic. In short, whatever your taste in food whether fried chicken or escargot, make it your passion to find the best.

fine wine

Develop your palette for fine wines

As a general rule of thumb, a good wine is usually not to be purchased at the grocery store. If you aspire to become a vino aficionado, discover a few local boutique wine merchants in your area who host wine tastings. It is quite possible to purchase a bottle of wine for a few dollars with a 10 rating. Such boutique merchants are good sources for such secrets. Wine regions the likes of Tuscany, Piedmont, Barcelona, Madrid, Mendoza, Santiago, Chile, Bordeaux, Loire and Rhone name just a few. Attending wine tastings and getting to know your palette is a fantastic dating option!

Hone your cultural cravings

Are you into classic or modern art, gothic or comedy illustration art? As a hobbyist, do you harbor an artistic niche that captures your attention? Perhaps theater, dance, classic rock or symphony interests you. If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned, expand your lifestyle and get to know your interests.

Miami Vizcaya museum garden view
Miami Vizcaya museum garden view

Travel overseas or in your own backyard

Did you know that Tennessee is home of the Great Smokey Mountains? New York home of the Guggenheim and Museum of Modern Art? Chicago the Briar Street Theater? Miami the Villa Vizcaya? I could go on and on. Take romance to the tenth power with your date to Hawaii, Europe, Latin America or the Orient. Companions who are into the girlfriend experience and are willing to travel will only enhance your encounters.

Close-up of elegance man hands with cufflink over dark background
Close-up of elegance man hands with cufflink over dark background

How to dress fashionably

Looking good in clothes makes a man walk taller. If you are a hobbyist who is wardrobe compromised, the section applies to you. Gentlemen, there is no excuse for being unexposed to fashion. Begin with the style of dress you like to wear and take it to a new level. Plan a shopping day and visit department stores and boutiques who will attend you with customized service. You do not have to spend a million bucks to look good.

Hygiene is second to none

Taking good care of your body extends beyond a shower and washing your hair (which should be well-trimmed and neatly styled). Men, take control of bodily fur by way of shaving or waxing; if the vision of your toes and bottoms of your heals are less than desirable, visit a spa; have your teeth cleaned regularly to curb bad breath; take vitamins and herbal supplements to cleanse from within. You will thank us when your companion is all over you!

A is for attitude, V is for virtue

Locker room lingo should not only be left at home but deleted from your vocabulary. The operative word is ‘genteel’, the man who is respectful with a true admiration for women. He is the same man who treats customer service with respect in public and does not assume an arrogant attitude at any time with anyone. He stands up humbly for that in which he believes.

We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg

Becoming a bon vivant will only enhance your girlfriend experience. Readers, follow these steps closely and be on the lookout for addendums to this article. City Girls is determined to provide you with as much knowledge as you choose to absorb! Happy hobbying

Love, Chloe xoxo

How to Make Yourself More Attractive to Escorts

If you are a hobbyist with secretly low self esteem and feel that you are finished before you’ve read this article, think again.

While you may be compelled to schedule an engagement with a raging hot independent escort, you might quietly find yourself wondering if you are good enough. This article is geared toward every hobbyist who wants to maximize his qualities even if he’s not George Clooney. Read on.

Nice skin on a man is sexy

If skin is the largest organ of the body, why do men neglect it? Just because a man takes care of his skin does not imply that he displays homosexual tendencies or even that he is metro sexual for that matter (which is a cool thing). A man with dry, crepey skin is a direct indication that he does not take care of himself and is not appealing to his companion. There are plenty of spas that offer facials for gentlemen. Getting a facial is a great way to jump start your quest for sultry skin because exfoliation to remove dead skin cells is part of the treatment (not to mention, relaxation equal to massage !). Hobbyists are not the only ones who are attracted to smooth skin. If you are a hobbyist clueless about how to achieve nice skin that an escort’s hands cannot resist, visiting a spa is a great place to start. Your aesthetician may recommend a skin care regime with products formulated just for men. If you’ve got acne scars, inquire about microdermabrasion. Several sessions can actually eliminate those pesky little pits. Nowadays, it is hip for men to treat themselves. If as a hobbyist you are embarrassed to visit a spa, pay a visit to your local Aveda salon. They carry a great line of skin products for men. If you have sensitive skin, try Clinique for men found at every department store or Kiehls found at Neiman Marcus.

Dress for your body type

While it may be a sign of a happy man, a bulging spare tire is not conducive to Versace-esque fashion. In fact, if you’ve got any sort of a bulge (other than the one that an escort must have) better to wear loosely fitted clothing that conceals your extra. Follow your instinct on fashion flare and seek to enhance your style with the assistance of a fashion consultant at a local department store or boutique for men. Never wear clothing that is too tight, unfashionably baggy, too long or too short. Shoes should always look neat and polished, sneakers (if you must) fashionable and not tattered.

Too much bodily hair can be creepy

While chest and leg hair appeal to a lot of women, I don’t know many who get aroused by back and neck hair. The best approach on a budget is to shave those unsightly, furry areas. Better yet, pay a visit to a reputable spa and have those wiry, unsightly patches neatly waxed. As a hobbyist, when was the last time you took a good peak down South? Can an escort hear monkeys swinging from the trees? In other words, is there a massive tangle of jungle-like pubescence screaming of shadowy neglect? Escorts especially appreciate a man who is well groomed. Not to mention, an orderly groin can be quite the turn on.

Above all, be a gentleman!

I know, I’ve said this a million times. But Rome was not invented in a day. If as a hobbyist you are unclear on exactly what it means to be a gentleman, I recommend reading most of the content in our blog here at City Girls. Gentlemanly conduct has become all but a lost art. If you read between those lines, this means that those hobbyists who are proper and polite are quite rare. Holding the door for a lady, waiting until all women have exited the elevator, picking up her purse if she drops it, thanking her for a lovely evening – all are priceless little tokens of etiquette that will take you far beyond what any dollar can buy.

We ladies are wired differently

While bad boys with six packs and men with 6 zeros attached to their annual income may finish first, gentlemen who take care of themselves are rewarded with quality women. Not all escorts are as particular about male physique as men are about women’s figures. If you are a hobbyist who likes to indulge in the girl friend experience, take heed of the topics covered in this article. Not only will you enhance your dating experiences but you just may acquire a stellar reputation of a hobbyist whom escorts desire. Life in the hobby just got easier.

Escort Fashion – Tips on How to Look Like a Million Bucks

Next Let’s talk about some basic guidelines helpful in building and staying up-to-date with your wardrobe.

Be comfortable in your skin

In the escort industry, it is a myth that a companion must conform to a manner of dress that is cheap and revealing. Allow your personal style to shine through clothing that allows you to feel comfortable and at ease. As a GFE, realize that you should dress according to a standard that resembles that of your client and one that is appropriate for the venue. It is not necessary to subscribe to the latest fad or fashion trend. Adding timeless, classic pieces to your wardrobe will last much longer than the time stamped trendy garment.

Dress for the occasion, the person and the location

As a GFE independent escort, you need to invest in a versatile wardrobe that allows you to dress for a variety of occasions at a moment’s notice. Weather plays a huge factor in attire, especially when touring. The dress code of an independent escort who resides in Miami is drastically different than that of the escort who resides in West Virginia or New York City. Familiarize yourself with the fashion code respective to every city where you will tour. Every event will require its own signature look whether you are attending a black tie engagement, joining a hobbyist for an elegant dinner or simply staying in to enjoy your own private party. If you are spending an extended period of time with a hobbyist, meticulously plan every conceivable outfit suitable for the destination.

Wear your own version of classy yet seductive attire

Seductive clothing is not limited to a micro mini dress and 5-inch platform heels. While you may look simply ravishing in such an ensemble, unless you are attending a night club or rockin’ party, chances are excellent that your look will be too conspicuous and that you should wear something more suitable. A companion well put together in a fitted pencil skirt, feminine silk blouse and sleek pumps is undeniably sexy and irresistibly seductive. If you are attending a sporting event, a pair of nice jeans that hug your figure, a playful, slightly revealing blouse and heels will win the heart of your man. Will you accompany your client to a business engagement in Washington, D.C. during the heart of winter? Perhaps a pair of chic, leather boots, fitted wool dress and overcoat will impress him with your stunning appearance.

Hairstyle and makeup can make or break your look

Equal in importance to your fashion statement is your physical presentation. As an independent escort, yourhair should look and feel luxurious and healthy, whether thin, thick, short or long. Dry, damaged hair will compromise any style. Dry hair can be a reflection of poor diet or lack of maintenance or both and make you look less refined. Start with a good cut and conditioner followed by some sort of color treatment, whether it is a cellophane, dye, bleach or highlights. Follow up every six to eight weeks with a trim and touch up. Your complexion should radiate. Familiarize yourself with the best color palette for your skin tone. If you are unsure about how to apply makeup that is most flattering without looking caky and overdone, consult with a makeup artist at the cosmetic counter of a department store.

City Girls gives you the basic building blocks of a fabulous look

With a little research and skillful organization, looking like a million bucks doesn’t take much! And you do not have to break the bank to build a ravishing wardrobe. Do not hesitate to consult with a fashion stylist if shopping overwhelms you. Familiarity with your style complimented by creativity can make the difference between an independent escort who ‘wows’ her client and the one who barely raises his brow!

Mastering Charisma: How to Make Women Fall For You, Part I

One of the keys to mastering charisma is embracing who you are with grace and acceptance. Every person whether hobbyist or escort is gifted with talents and attributes that support the highest self.

Recognize without criticism or judgment who you are and who you are not. Getting into the habit of reflecting on the beauty within you will create magical results. Falling into the trap of self-criticism is poison to charisma.

I thought it would be fun to touch on just a few factors that play into the development of charisma. This is such a juicy topic I know that there will be a part II for all hobbyists and independent escortswho want to make the most of their interactions.

Find out and like the real you

Identifying your best qualities and capitalizing on them is the first step toward increasing positive energy. When you are able to look in the mirror and view yourself without judgment you are giving yourself a platform from which to grow. No one is perfect and when you accept that you give yourself the freedom to be who you really are.

Who are you at your best?

Self-awareness is critical. Think of when you are your best. Are you calm, confident, clear-minded, outgoing? What are the differences in your behavior? Usually, a person will communicate better on their best day. How do you treat yourself? How does your inner dialogue differ? Compare and contrast your best days and your worst days and focus on traits of the good days.

Learn what your body language is saying

When we were children, some of us may remember when our mothers told us to “keep your chin up”. Your mouth is not the only part of your body that talks. How you carry yourself tells a big story whether subliminal or obvious. Hobbyists who want to impress their companions know that maximizing body language is one of the most important factors. Projecting positive body language starts long before you walk out the door. Worrying about how your clothes fit or the way your hair looks will project an air of anxiety and unfriendliness. Wearing the right clothing and taking the time to care for your hair (and skin) will all exude confidence which play into charisma. As simple as this may sound, always, always stand up straight! I think our mothers told us this millions of times when we were children. How right they were!

Be nice AND interesting

The hobbyist who is nice and interesting will surpass by zillions of miles the hobbyist who feels righteous by being stuck up or arrogant. It takes a much bigger person with humility to be nice. If you feel that you are not interesting, target some objects of interest and study up. Current events, social events, books, sports, philanthropy (a lot of companions are really into this), fashion and culture are just a few. A gentleman who is nice and interesting is one of the sexiest creatures on earth to hisescort friends. Can you think of anything more charismatic?

City Girls wants all of you to radiate charisma!

I could talk about this subject for days! But I think that the topics discussed will give all you hobbyists and independent escorts enough to chew on until the sequel in just a few weeks.

Are You a Dandy of a Man?

Know first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.” Epictetus

Who is dandy?

Elegant gentlemen come in all shapes and sizes (no pun intended, guys). A dandy is a man who exudes extreme elegance in his attire and manners and in turn is coveted by all women. Some of you male creatures may be chuckling as you read my words, asking yourself, “Just what does Miss Chloe have up her proverbial sleeve today?”. Well, this is the first in a sequence of articles on how a hobbyist can become a dandy. The topic is just that juicy, stimulating and informative. So…keep reading, lovers. Keep reading.

Just because you are a dandy (or desire to become one simply because you know my advice is sexy and always leads to a sweeter love life), does not mean that you are any less masculine or virile than you already are. And it does not mean that you are gay (unless that is your chosen persuasion).

Proper language is the communication of love

In the language of dandyism, your ability to carry an interesting conversation is equal in importance to the fashion statement that you make. The ability to intrigue or flatter in an elegant manner with a touch of creativity is a key element. As a hobbyist, know that all women (and companions, for that matter) are smitten by a good conversationalist! It is a staple in the world of refinement. Men from all walks of life who can engage their dates with interesting topics to which she relates are those who will become über sexy in the eyes of their women.

Clothing is an essential key for the elegant hobbyist

I’ve talked about it before. Dressing with style doesn’t mean that you have to blast a hole in your pocket book at Neiman Marcus. Depending on your fashion statement (and if you don’t have one, I recommend that you get one, sweetheart), check out retailers such as Brooks Brothers, Nordstrom, Jos A. Bank and yes… Versace if you’ve really got a red hot flare for style! A truedandy focuses on an impeccable ensemble from head to toe no matter where he shops. Mega points await the hobbyist who displays conscious effort in the eyes of his companion. What independent escort is not going to get excited?

Are you a hobbyist who knows how to dance?

You do not have to be Mikhail Baryshnikov to know a few dance steps. Learning just a little rhythm and a few moves can score major points with your companion. For many escorts, a man with displays a little rhythm when the music begins is a walking aphrodisiac. It doesn’t take much! If you’ve got two left feet, maybe consider taking a lesson just to get your groove going.

Cigars are sexy

Mark Twain once said that eating and sleeping are the only activities that should be allowed to interrupt a man’s enjoyment of his cigar. I don’t know about some of my female companionreaders, but I am drawn to a gentleman who smokes a cigar. Somehow, it eludes a sense of class and it’s just plain sexy. For many men it is an art or form of meditation.

There’s more. So much more…

I speak for all of us at City Girls when I say that I believe the hobbyist who defines a signature style is the man who becomes charismatic in the eyes of his date. While I could revel in this topic all day long, it’s time to run along. I will chew on many more ideas about the dandy in my next article.

What Makes a Woman Tick

Every woman wants to look beautiful. More importantly, every woman wants to feel sexy. While our independent escorts definitely have mastered their physical beauty, how can a hobbyist know for sure if an escort truly feels sexy?

Aaah. That is the secret and the answer lies within each independent escort. Learn what makes your woman tick and you’ve discovered the Holy Grail of gratification.

Here at City Girls we are proud to boast that all of our independent escorts look like they stepped right out of a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. You know, the ones where angelic bombshells strut silky nothings in the highest of heels. Truthfully speaking (and I’m a woman, so I get to say it), even if an escort is unsure about her sexiness, you can bet that somewhere inside she longs to be in touch with her ‘inner desire’.

What turns on an escort?

Before you get your knickers in a knot, we’re talking more about psychology here, boys and girls. While I’m not a psychologist, there are a few theories that ring true. Did you know that women’s desire is often referred to as responsive desire? Responsive desire is when a woman reacts to some kind of initiation. Any kind of advance by her man whether it’s a flattering compliment, an enjoyable conversation that triggers a connection, a romantic dinner that builds sensual energy or a soft caress on her cheek can trigger that ‘mode’ inside of her. Response can take more than a minute or two and doesn’t mean that she is nonresponsive if it does take a little longer.

In contrast, a lot of men are more about spontaneous desire. Examples: as a hobbyist, you are in the middle of a business meeting and for no apparent reason an idea pops into your head that you would love to have a little action right about now. Or, you are walking the dog and a thought blocks all others about how amazing it would be to have a beautiful woman in your arms.

Female sexual empowerment is emerging in our culture

Nowadays, women have become more comfortable with having their own income and certainly their independence.Independent escorts are no exception. So why shouldn’t an independent escort feed her desire with actions and triggers that pleasure her most? While every woman has her personal curve of desire, many are taking advantage of sexuality workshops, female enhancement products, toys and even sexy yoga.

When an escort is comfortable she can reach for the stars

Why all this attention about what makes a woman tick?Independent escorts are more self-aware than they have ever been and perhaps are seeking spontaneous ways to express their sensual sides. As a hobbyist and partner, acknowledging and feeding an escort’s sensual expression can only benefit both of you especially when it’s about the girlfriend experience. In other words, stir the pot and watch her grow hungry with desire! Throw in a dash of patience and you’ve got a recipe for an explosive relationship.

The Confident Hobbyist

Sometimes even the most confident man can be painfully shy. Couple that with being a worrier and the combination spells stress! How does a hobbyist overcome this poisonous combination when he has a beautiful, head-turning escort waiting for his arrival in less than two hours?

Since you deserve to enjoy your time together, we at City Girls personally spoke to several of our lovely ladies and got their feedback. Below is real advice from amazing girlfriends who have experienced firsthand helping their hobbyist friends overcome shyness and increase their confidence in the dating realm.

Truly relaxing will solve half the battle

I know. You’ve heard it a million times. But it’s true. Calming and quieting the mind promote relaxation which in turn dissolves stress and anxiety associated with shyness or lack of confidence. Many of our independent escorts practice yoga on a regular basis and this is what they have shared. While you may not even be able to touch your toes, you do know how to breathe and this is the key. Before leaving for your date, sit down in a quiet room in a relaxed position with the television, radio and cell phone off and out of reach. Close your eyes and focus on long, deep breaths. The second your mind runs away (and this will be the challenge), gently direct your thoughts back to your breath as you slowly inhale and exhale. Do this for about ten minutes or as long as you can. If you’ve got an alarm clock on your cell phone, set it. That way you won’t have to wonder how long you’ve been sitting there breathing. Ten minutes might seem like an eternity if you’re new to this form of meditation. Try.

Dressing and smelling well are major confidence boosters

Don’t get complacent about your wardrobe or the senses. Women love a well-dressed man and that is the overwhelming consensus with all of our City Girlsindependent escorts. This doesn’t mean that you need to blow off $2,000 at Gucci for a pair of loafers and a tie (unless you want to, of course). A neatly dressed, stylish look with well-coordinated accessories will get you bonus points with any escort. If your shirt or pants are baggy and ill-fitting, get them tailored. If your shoes are scuffed or worn, either have them professionally polished or invest in a new pair. Most of all, dress for your date in an ensemble that is known to compliment your looks. If you are stressing because you don’t have a clue about fashion go to the men’s department in Nordstrom and seek the assistance of a *female* employee. Nordstrom has a reputation for stellar customer service. Next stop: the perfume counter. Forget about the cheapy stuff. Ugh. If you want to sign up for charisma, a compelling perfume on a man is a major aphrodisiac for a woman. There are some incredible scents on the market for men. The high end fragrances are pure and resonate so that the scent doesn’t fade. Our ladies guarantee they will be all over their men who smell like heaven, lust and a million bucks all rolled into one!

Bag the physical looks

That’s right. Many of our companions consider looks secondary to all else when it comes to compatibility. That’s just how we women are. In fact, many ladies don’t want their men to be too good looking (that’s subjective, of course). When you are dressed well, scented like the elixir of all mankind and relaxed, you will be transformed into the poster child for the most wanted hobbyist.

Real flattery will get you everywhere

Since all of our independent escorts work hard at maintaining their beauty and physique, most are accustomed to receiving compliments. But flattery goes way beyond, “you look beautiful” or “that dress looks great on you.” It’s about, “that nail polish is a stunning color that goes perfectly with the pink tone of your dress.” Or, “that lipstick really brings out the blue in your eyes. I love it!” Scan your date and make a five-second assessment. You’ll notice those details and paying attention is what any woman really loves. When you deliver a sincere compliment, your date is sure to melt and the ice has been broken! The rest is history and you will be crowned king.

Perhaps your date is shy, too!

Let’s face it. She’s human. Maybe she struggles with shyness though you might not ever know it. Shyness is not a sign that we wear on our backs. In fact, it’s something we try to hide and often blunder in attempting to do so. But it can be painful. The fact is you do not know if she is shy so assume that she may be. Realizing this very real possibility will give you an instant advantage because suddenly you are not alone and will have boosted your confidence by ten notches.

No matter what, chemistry must prevail

At City Girls, we have to acknowledge that the psychology behind dating is a delicate balance. No matter how hard you try (or don’t try) and despite all of your concerted efforts to becoming the genteel hobbyist sought after by all independent escorts, if chemistry doesn’t flow, it’s simply not meant to be. And it’s not your fault. It just means that there is another escort waiting in the wings who is right for you and that is what we are here for.