Decoding Your Fantasies

Picture the hobbyist in a tepid marriage where sparks have long disappeared. The kids have flown the nest. He loves his wife and does not believe in cheating yet cannot end the marriage due to the tangled nature of their history (mortgages, finances, friends, relatives, grandchildren, etc.). He finds himself looking at other women in ways he never did.

Fantasies provide a necessary escape from the here and now. As long as we do not become too rigid or mistake our fantasies for reality they can be entertaining, distracting and arousing. Ooh la la! The possibilities are endless, especially in the hobby. Let us explore a few broad topics that touch (no pun intended) upon your innermost secrets.

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Fantasy of the perfect love

Your days are filled with fantasies of a beautiful woman longing for your attention. You yearn for her company and attention. Rather than risk the complications and potential drama of meeting another woman in a conventional manner, you seek the company of a courtesan. Manifested, this situation is more commonly coined as the girl friend experience (GFE). The perfect love can be realized in the sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship when taken to the extreme between hobbyist and companion. In either scenario, finding that ideal match comes as close as to intimate perfection as humanly possible. While the situation may be frowned upon or even immoral in the eyes of some, your marriage stays intact while your emotional and physical needs are met.

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The secretive, more perverse side of your desires

While City Girlsindependent escorts tend to be deliciously ‘strawberry, vanilla swirl with whipped cream on top’ if you will, there are those gentlemen who seek ‘triple chocolate peanut butter fudge with nuts on top’, if I may. This is a sweet and sassy way of referring to the kinkier thoughts that inhabit the minds of many (yes, many). Light roll playing, perhaps a bit of fetish or dress up might flight your fancy. Now, while City Girls stops short of classic BDSM, there are those spicy independent escorts who love to kick up their heels with some gentle Domination (call her your Domina or Goddess).

Sensuality is mutual meditation

It is perfectly fine to entertain those lascivious thoughts dwelling in the hidden corners of your mind. Exploring your fantasies with a companion who understands and accepts you can actually improve your quality of living. Realizing your fantasies is invigorating and can instill a sense of freedom.

Turning off auto pilot

If you are a hobbyist or gentleman daydreaming of forbidden erotica perhaps it is time to stop procrastinating and do something about them. There is a common misconception that fantasies objectify and distance partners from one another. It is absolutely untrue. Sharing your secret, sensual cravings can actually promote a strong sense of trust and bring you more in touch with yourself. The private self that does not see work or friends deserves just as much attention. You do not have to be quiet. Just be comfortable and confident about what you want. If you are a newbie in terms of exploring your fantasies, start small and work your way up. Express your desires with your companion to make sure that she too is comfortable. Soon, you will discover kinky bliss!

With a multitude of kinky kisses, Chloe

Why Women Like Other Women

Society used to underscore the notion that a woman could only find satisfaction from a man whether sexual, economic or otherwise. Today, things are different.

Alternative relationships are celebrated and bisexuality is hip. In the world of hobbying, many independent escorts get charged by doubling up with a girlfriend, offering a hobbyist the experience of a lifetime. What is the mystique that one woman finds in another?

Many women are bisexual whether they admit it or not

Despite a common social misconception that providers ‘are only in it for the money’, there are plenty of independent escorts who sincerely enjoy what they do from start to finish. In fact, many escorts are drawn to companionship specifically because they get license to explore that inner part of themselves that longs for expression. They enjoy the company of a man and a woman whether separately or together (threesomes or ménage a tois). When such independent escorts are in the good company of a gentleman (or lady) who appreciates these qualities the sky is the limit!

Can a hobbyist tell if she is faking it?

Unless a provider features her duality or that she will entertain couples, she is probably not into women. There are straight companions who will comply with a hobbyist’s request to bring along one of her girlfriends on their date. Just imagine dining with two sizzling hot beauties! Such a hobbyist would be the envy of every man (and I guarantee you – several women!) But when it gets down to the nitty gritty, how does she perform? Is she hungry for her? Or does she simply tolerate the intensity of the dynamic? In a frenzy of ecstasy, some hobbyists may overlook this falsity, overwhelmed by the realization of their fantasies. But should they? In all her genuineness, the independent escort who loves to taste the art and sensuality that embodies the female form offers an epiphany in the love life of a hobbyist. Now that my friends, is priceless!

Dynamics between two women are different

If you think one woman gives you enough depth, putting two together will catapult your pleasure to the tenth power! Beware: female energy is rich and powerful, intuitive and instinctual. In the case of lesbian relationships or [female] friends with benefits, the bond can be noticeably intense. Women understand each other better. We get being female. Romantic friendships between women are glorious and supercharged with sexual implications whether or not the relationship ever ventures into the physical realm. While each gender brings something different to the table, heterosexual relationships will always be characterized by the ‘men are from Mars, women are from Venus’ phenomenon at some point in the juncture. There are plenty of toys out there for women in same sex relationships that simulate the likeness of a man’s person, enabling the two lovers to find masculine fulfillment in the absence of a man. I believe the reader knows what I am talking about.

Sexuality is more fluid than ever

Ever spot two spectacularly feminine women screaming sexiness while holding hands in public? With all of that bursting cleavage, long flowing hair, lean legs in 4-inch stilettos and mini-skirts, what head wouldn’t rotate? God bless the man who is seated discreetly at a table for the standing ones are sure to pitch prominent tents down South and severely piss of their wives! However, the smart wives will take advantage of that free visual stimulation and capitalize on the obvious fantasies of their husbands and satisfy their own physical needs. Why not!

Women are irresistible to both genders

While she may not admit it, every female at some point in her life has been attracted to another to some degree. Women have the capability to be just that electrifying. When a woman takes care of herself and is confident that she is attractive (both externally and internally), her aura of sexual energy radiates. When that same woman is open minded enough to partake in the company of another woman, together they form a sensual powerhouse defining the essence of why women like other women.