The CG Rating System at its Finest

City Girls has evolved into a one-stop boutique of bombshell escorts designed for pleasure tried and true through our independent rating system of proven accuracy. After only three weeks of implementing this new rating mechanism, we are bubbling over with positive results. Being that every dating hobbyist participates in the CG Rating system, precision results are absolute.


The TER rating system, albeit good in theory, is skewed

Not every dating hobbyist participates. In fact, only about 15% take the time to write escort reviews and that percentage has a low variance. Some actually read the reviews while others make their dating decision based solely upon a number. A rating system weak at best, how do you know if that gorgeous companion behind the ‘9’ is really the one for you?

The CG rating system is unbiased

If that unstoppably sexy blonde vixen rates a ‘9.5’ it is because every hobbyist who has dated her has evaluated his experience. Upon conclusion of each and every one of her dates, these gentlemen’s’ short assessments are calculated in an automated tallying system thereby guaranteeing precision. In short, you’re getting the total picture when you view the City Girls Top Five independent escorts posted for all to see, and all of our independent escorts for that matter. There is no funny business and certainly no politics brewing behind the scenes like some other rating systems we’re familiar with.

Where can I find the City Girls’ escort ratings?

To view the top five City Girls, navigate to the page Independent Escorts. There you will find randomly rotating images of the most incredible sirens who ever walked the face of this earth. No, these five girls do not have a number attached to their images. This is because their dating performance has proven them to be the crème de la sensual crème above all other City Girls. Check back frequently because these ladies can change on a daily basis. The time of your life doesn’t stop here. As a VIP member, you have access to all of our amazingly hot muses who all have ratings, many of whom come a bird’s breath away from ranking in the top five.


The CG rating system is a win-win

And has a powerful effect on our independent models. These irresistible temptresses of desire are incentivized to knock your socks off consistently, time and time again. Performance tends to become very robust when there is competition in the air. On the other hand, if an escort is not measuring up during her tour, we’re going to hear about it. The result? Her tour might get discontinued if that is what’s best for the good of our VIP members.

In the world of adult entertainment, it’s all about survival of the fittest and City Girls stands invincible.

How to Stimulate Your Stamina

Male testosterone is that mythical wonder that turns a memorable date into one exploding with stamina. You know testosterone, that good ol’ T that makes a man a man? The holy grail of male hormones, testosterone peaks around age 20, then gradually reduces by about one percent a year starting around age 30-40. If you are into dating resilient escorts with gym-sculpted bodies, keeping up performance-wise can only optimize your experience. There are heaps of things you can do to up the intensity of your T.

testosteron production

Lift the heavy stuff

Working out your body’s biggest muscles – the glutes and legs – packs a huge hormone hit. For heaven’s sake, get your hobbying butt in the gym and start lifting weights. For added motivation, picture that dynamite independent escort prettying herself for a delightful evening of intimate entertainment just for you. The thought will certainly put the incentive in your workout and may even add a few extra reps to your squat set. Don’t forget your cardio and use those kettle bells to strengthen the much needed core. Still lacking motivation? Hire a trainer of the blonde, bodacious type. She’ll get your gym shorts in a roar.

Fatten it up

Diets with higher amounts of monounsaturated and saturated fats have higher testosterone levels. We are not talking fried chicken, 40-ounce porterhouse steak or pizza. Check it out:
Monounsaturated – olive oil, almonds, avocados, peanut butter
Saturated – red meat, coconut oil, egg yolks, cheese

Young man exercising in gym
Young man exercising in gym

Get more sleep

Are you burning the midnight oil? Dealing with long days at the office or extended business trips in which you didn’t sleep a wink because of that passionate brunette with her curvaceous body wrapped around yours? Either way, lack of zz’s will tweak your T and you don’t want to fall asleep in the arms of that gorgeous creature, now do you!

Include these super foods in your diet

Maybe you’re a meat and potatoes man or perhaps even a vegetarian (in which case you’ll want to rule out animal proteins) but these yummy food items should become testosterone staples in your diet: bananas, mushrooms, black beans and acerola cherries.

Don’t believe the cholesterol myth

Did you know that testosterone is derived from cholesterol? There is a strong correlation between HDL cholesterol (the good one) and free testosterone (the one considered bioavailable, unbound to proteins and absorbable by tissue). Incorporating whole eggs into your diet can improve the lipoprotein profile for increased HDL cholesterol (and also improve or contribute to preventing a host of other health issues including heart disease). When you awake with a sleeping angel in your arms, pound a few poached eggs before you burst into morning recreation.


Sugar is the devil

Calling all sweetaholics – you know who you are! Research has found that sugar ingestion can cause a man’s testosterone to drop by up to twenty five percent. This is not good for performance when you have an epic evening planned with a gorgeous muse and you just chowed down on a candy bar driving to meet her. Keep in mind that sweet liqueurs are also loaded with sugar so when you go for that nightcap, think again. Are we getting the picture?

Ingest natural herbs and supplements to treat low T

While some of us are into homeopathy, the results are not always conclusive. On the other hand, ingesting natural, organic Chinese herbs can yield powerful results. If you are a man who wants to go the extra mile by increasing your libido and enhancing your performance, the following herbs are known throughout indigenous cultures around the world to increase testosterone levels: Fenugreek, horny goat weed (pun intended), Malaysian ginseng, puncturevine, Ashwagandha, yohimbe, DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), pine bark extract, arginine, zinc, vitamin D (go on…do some pool time!), D-aspartic acid, garlic (in pill form, will not taint your minty breath), Korean red ginseng, Chrysin, saw palmetto (every man with a prostate over the age of 40 should be taking this, no questions asked). Hold off on buying the silly stuff – proprietary blends that feature words such as ‘Extreme’ or ‘XXX’. If you’re not into doing the research, see a Chinese herbalist. They’ll hook you up with the right herbs that will have your libido doing summersaults in no time. Your date will thank you.

City Girls is all about the power of your testosterone

Impaired sexual function is not something that a man needs for reasons we all are aware of. Let’s not even go there. Combine our tips and put them into practice because if you do, the fruits of your efforts will blow your testosterone off the manly map and all of our delectable dames will be asking for dates with you!

How to Give Gifts to an Escort

Many hobbyists find the notion of giving gifts to their escorts quite romantic. It could be on the first date or several dates after they have established a sense of familiarity with the same lady.

Naturally, a polite and well-mannered companion will be content with the mere gesture of receiving a man’s token of affection no matter his gift of choice. We have come up with some helpful tips and guidelines for gift-giving guys to follow in hopes of brightening their dates and the smiles of many beautiful ladies who adorn them with their presence.

champagne flowers gift for escorts

How mundane are flowers, champagne and wine?

Although they are considered your average and most obvious gifts of choice, any one or combination is sure to please. Unless you know specifically what type of flower she favors, stick with classic and elegant red roses and champagne. Every woman loves flowers and will be thrilled to toast to a sip of champagne even if she does not drink the entire glass. Some independent escorts are more particular about what flowers they like (orchids, tulips, lilies, etc.

escorts gift lingerie

Dare to get a bit more intimate!

Giving lingerie is always an exciting prospect which every woman can put to good use (always to the visual benefit of the gift giver himself!). However, it might be a wise and safe decision to wait until after you have seen her a few times and gotten a flavor for what she likes and the sizes that she wears. Unless she informs you otherwise, black is a safe bet. Unless she clearly educates you on such lacy details, stay away from risky colors such as red, brown, burgundy, turquoise, pink and white until you know her better. Certain colors may clash with her skin tone or she simply may not favor your choice. Keep the styles simple and do your best to select sizes that you believe will fit her (um, spy on her bra and panty size when she’s not looking).

Go out on a limb with something really practical

Many independent escorts feature well-prepared wish lists on their personal websites that put to rest any question about the ideal gift that will make her day. Without that lifesaver of a guideline, what’s a gentleman to do? For starters, take note of her obvious personal belongings (without prying, of course) such as her computer, cellular phone, interest in music, favorite day spa, preferred destination, frequently flown airlines and the list goes on. Because so many ladies rely solely on their livelihood as independent escorts, they prefer to receive practical gifts. This is where gift certificates carry a lot of weight. Does she like to shop at Whole Foods? Would she get excited by a household shopping spree at Bed, Bath and Beyond? How about a year’s supply of special pet food for her dog or cat? Some ladies are thrilled when their gentlemen friends contribute to a charitable organization of their choice.

gift certificate present for escort

How pricey can you get?

For the truly enamored suitor, there is always Agent Provocateur, a top-of-the-line lingerie retailer. This sophisticated, glamorous boutique may be accessed online for discreet selection. Obviously, you have to purchase in advance with a destination and delivery date in mind. The world of AP has a gentleman’s best interest in mind with their virtual, personal shopper to ensure the perfect purchase with delicious hints of fantasy to add savoir faire to your date. AP is not for the financially faint hearted so have your pocket book ready. For the financially well-endowed sugar daddy who feels confident about his relationship with his sugar baby, perhaps a new car or investment in her entrepreneurial venture becomes you. We’ve heard of such occurrences on several occasions!

Everyone loves receiving gifts

At the end of the day, even a small box of chocolates will tug at the hearts of most companions. Women are just that way though many independent escorts tend to be a wee bit extravagant. Perhaps the thrill of a dainty necklace ‘accidentally’ nestled between succulent truffles isn’t a bad idea!

Scrumptious kisses, Chloe xoxo

Hobbying with a Pure Conscience

Hobbying – why do men seek the company of escorts? The reasons are many. Those women who specialize in professional dating provide a valuable service to gentlemen whose motivations are quite justifiable. Let us take a closer look.

Travelling hobbyist
Travelling hobbyist

The traveling business man with no time to pursue a conventional date

There are those men who travel for business and desire to be with a woman at a specific time and place. They do not have the schedule or tolerance to deal with the hassles or games associated with regular dating. In this case, dating an independent escort makes total sense. If he is paying for her time and company, then he may want her to provide desert after dinner. He can decide how he wants the evening to end. In any case, the encounter is neat, clean and organized and fits within his rigid schedule.

married man
Man removing marriage ring from his finger behind his back isolated on white background.

The married man searching for something more

He has children, family, a mortgage and a circle of close friends. Breaking the marriage is absolutely out of the question for psychological and financial reasons. He may love his wife and they might even be close friends. However, behind closed doors, the marriage suffers from neglect and dissatisfaction. There is a strong element of intimate unhappiness. As an alternative to divorce, it is much more convenient to seek the company of an escort who tailors herself to his needs. Often, the relationship is one based upon companionship and deep intimacy.

The guy who wants a guaranteed good time

He can be a devilishly handsome single man, a successful and distinguished executive or a combination. He prefers to find his companion online according to his list of personal specifications. He is a perfectionist when it comes to women. He expects his date to be splendidly dressed and impeccably manicured. He is aroused not only by her fabulous figure but her gracious and classy demeanor. Behind closed doors, she will do most anything to satisfy his desires. She is the epitome of intimacy and romance. This man realizes that the benefits of dating an escort far exceed that of a conventional date in both time and consideration.

how to flirt

Some men have a hard time closing the dating deal

The gentleman who does not shine in the personality department may seek the company of a companion. Perhaps he has a difficult time approaching women, much less landing a date. Or, his physique may be significantly less than ideal or both. When he dates an escort, his self worth is renewed because she is able to draw forth the best in him. She is the kind of woman who makes him feel like a million bucks. Why should he go anywhere else?

Many couples become close friends and even do business together as entrepreneurs

As a hobbyist, when your intentions are clear, honest and defined, the dating experience is one of spectacular quality. Many providers that begin solely with the intention of professional dating as a source of income come to love their profession. Why? Because they forge memorable relationships with men of gentility and utmost respect.

With only delicious kisses, Chloe xoxo

Putting the Sexy Between Hobbyist and Halloween

Halloween is the eve to toss aside all righteousness and honor your appetite for unspeakable desires! Let the spookiest holiday kick off the hottest time of year. If you are a hobbyist with a flaming hot date tonight, don’t fear. We’ve got you covered with a little hocus pocus.

Halloween sexy girl

Last minute Halloween costumes for escorts

It’s the eleventh hour and if you are anindependent escort who hasn’t a clue what to be, we’ve got some ideas for you! Forget resorting to pre-fab drug store costumes. If you are a companion with a flair for originality, we’ve got some tips to add pizzazz to your Hallow’s Eve regalia.

Fashion Art Girl Portrait. Punk Style
Fashion Art Girl Portrait. Punk Style

The instant glamor girl

Most independent escorts have a long gown of sorts hanging in their closets (prom dress, bridesmaid dress or anything formal). If your dress looks like it’s from the 60s (a narrow sheath), go as Audrey Hepburn or Diana Ross.

If it looks like it’s from the 50s (full skirt, tight waist), dress up as Grace Kelly or Dorothy Dandridge. If your gown is black and strapless, dress as Rita Hayworth. If your dress is slinky, go as the 30s star Jean Harlow. If you are curvaceous and your dress is form-fitting, go as Mae West. Pile on the makeup and jewelry and voila! You’ll have a glittering look that will wet the appetite of every gentleman.


There’s nothing naughtier than a female pirate

If you are an escort with some sass and a devilish side, dare to dress as a sexy, female pirate. Most of what they wore was rags sewn together. Wear a nit hat or wrap a bandana around your head. Wear a man’s shirt with a vest on top. Wrap some material around your waist as a sash. Slide a wide leather belt across your torso as a baldric. Wear cropped pants or leggings that come to the knee and white knee socks. Pirates wore flat shoes but we’re suggesting high heel boots that lace up or some chunky heels to add definition to your shapely legs. Pop into a drugstore for a plain black eye patch and cement the look!

Celebrate with the sultry feline in you

If you are a companion with a black body suit and a lithe figure to go with it, you are a pussycat waiting to spring your sly self onto your date. Stuff a long black stocking with cotton or socks and you’ve got yourself a tail. Cut two triangles of black construction paper attached to a headband and you have kitty ears. Don’t hold back on plenty of black eyeliner, thick lashes, whiskers and red lips. Paint your nails black or red. Be prepared to turn plenty of heads!

What to do on Halloween

This holiday is not just for kids. Conjure up a little adult creativity of your own sprinkled with a little imagination. Your date will be impressed and sparks will fly!

Plan a private all-night party fest

If you are staying in for a cozy evening of sensuous loving, go the extra mile and set the mood with haunting romance. Illuminate the room with a plethora of scented black and orange candles. Done right, you won’t need any artificial light. Yummy nibbles, mini pumpkin pies and delicious chocolate morsels are perfect for feeding each other. Serve some spiked apple cider or rum punch and kindle the warmth between you and your date sealed with hot kisses. Share a few horror stories as your date snuggles up next to you for safety. If the two of you haven’t become hopelessly entangled in each other by then, play truth or dare or a fun, flirty game of strip poker!

The outcome of a game of strip poker with women's clothing strewn over a chair and table and a man's shirt on the right side.Two partly full glasses of wine are also on the table.
The outcome of a game of strip poker with women’s clothing strewn over a chair and table and a man’s shirt on the right side.Two partly full glasses of wine are also on the table.

Feast at a frightfully dazzling restaurant

If you are a sugar daddy with a dash of sophistication, wine and dine your sugar baby at an upscale restaurant that is celebrating Halloween with enchanting festivities. Call a few of your favorite culinary hotspots and ask what they are offering. Be sure to let your date know where you are going so that she can adorn herself accordingly. For pre-dessert (because we all know that the two of you plan to have each other as your final course), attend a haunted house tour. The anticipation is sure to incite supernatural ecstasy!

City Girls has your bag of tricks

We host a cauldron of ideas for every hobbyist and independent escort for every occasion. Unearthly pleasure reigns with us. So live it up and trick or treat baby!

Love Clichés According to Hobbyists & Escorts

Love, if only for a minute, can encapsulate you with desire and reveal incomprehensible delight. Join me in exploring different idioms and sayings that ring true in the intermingling of hobbyists and escorts!

Flaming with lust

Such is the hobbyist who encounters an independent escort blazing with sensual exhilaration. He sees her as the sum of total excitement: clingy dress that hugs her curves; silky hair that falls softly around her shoulders; sweet scent that raptures him; radiant smile that melts his worries.

God is in the details

A consummate companion thinks of every last nicety to please her man. She knows intuitively that paying attention to specifics makes the difference between a great encounter and a fabulous encounter. She is all about the girl friend experience and all that she does is done thoroughly.

Clothes make the man

Like it or not, a lady will quietly assess a gentleman beginning with his manner of dress. His attire is smart and suits his style; his hygiene is fresh and his grooming is neat; he does not wear sneakers to a five-star restaurant.

young man in sneakers

As the actress said to the bishop

Often, the content of an escort’s website is peppered with hidden implications that can be read into by the viewer in a positive manner.

Play the field

One could say that a hobbyist is a man who engages in relationships with many companions. Hopefully, he is genteel and charismatic in his endeavors!

Man of parts

A sugar baby seeks the ideal sugar daddy who is talented in a number of different ways. He is a success in business, a master at treating his lady well, a seasoned traveler and gifted with intelligence. In short, he is a connoisseur of the good life.

Head Over Heels:

Whether it is love, lust or infatuation, an overpowering attraction takes hold of a man’s world and he is smitten with spell binding affection. Many independent escorts possess such carnal abilities that leave hobbyists spinning in desire.

To be hung up on someone

I’m talking about unshakeable memories that linger in the heart and mind of a gentleman who spent time with a ravishing escort. He breathes her perfume; wraps his arms around her in his dreams; tastes her essence with every sip; becomes a prisoner of time freed only by his next encounter with her.

City Girls is in the know

We want to enhance the good times by adding sensual weight to your gravity! Walk with us into a universe that will transform your mundane lifestyle into a sweet paradise where fantasies come true.

How Hot Escorts Mess With Your Mind

Something happens when a man gets in front of a supremely gorgeous independent escort whom he has met for the very first time. Almost unconsciously, his composure turns to jello and his behavior and opinions conform to that of his date. Wherein lies the truth?

How Hot Escorts Mess With Your Mind

The reader should note that I do not speak for all hobbyists, naturally. But there is a good chance that a companion’s beauty can stifle his brain and skew the truthfulness of his remarks. Perhaps this is a candy-coated manner of saying that lies may come forth in an effort to impress his date.

Dishonesty confuses the truth

As a hobbyist, the more you lie the more your brain accepts those lies as fact. Honesty rules! Women (and independent escorts, for that matter) find men far more interesting and physically attractive when they are forthright. Do not confuse dishonesty with your memory of truth.

Honesty and related 3d words including sincerity, believability, integrity, openness, transparency, truth, fairness and other virtues that build your reputation
Honesty and related 3d words including sincerity, believability, integrity, openness, transparency, truth, fairness and other virtues that build your reputation

Honesty increases physical attraction

A hobbyist or sugar daddy can ensure his credibility and attraction when he is honest with his escort, especially if she is all about the girlfriend experience. Women find honest men much more attractive when they tell the truth. Consider honesty an insurance policy!

Build your reputation as a sought after hobbyist

No matter your stature, if you are a gentleman who displays honesty you also show an empathetic side which is undeniably attractive to escorts. Women find such traits terribly appealing and attractive. This is in fact, the hobby and anything a man can do to increase his allure will be in his favor.

Luscious escorts are people, too

Independent escorts are ladies who are often not only sensuous but compassionate, intelligent and ambitious in their business endeavors. Do not let their exceptional physical blessings deceive you into thinking that they are trite, superficial or lacking in intelligence.

Always remember that every person and every escort has a story. Listen up, guys! Do not be overcome by devastatingly dashing good looks!

What Are You Looking for in an Escort?

As a hobbyist, whether you are just getting your feet wet or are a seasoned veteran, it is helpful to understand the different types of escorts when planning your engagements. The world of adult entertainment offers a supermarket of choices that can overwhelm a gentleman yet bestow blessings of enrichment and ethereal beauty before his very eyes where before he had none. Below are basic descriptions of the different types of independent escorts as we know them today.

The girl friend experience

While the phrase has become a bit relaxed these days with interpretation of what GFE actually entails, the traditional experience involves a highly personal interaction between an independent escort and a hobbyist. It is more of a comprehensive experience in an unrushed environment (though time limits still apply) wherein a lady displays all of the ‘nice girl’ behaviors associated with a real life boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. The girlfriend experience often begins with dinner at a nice restaurant followed by desert at her place (or location of choice) and then some.

Profile of a companion

A companion’s services extend beyond that of an escort. She is also confidante and friend. She is highly selective of her clients because their time together is more concentrated with heavy emphasis on repoire. Many of her clients are not actual hobbyists but gentlemen who seek the relaxed company of a lady who invests her valuable insight and understanding of men into their experience. Often, gentlemen who desire to be with a companion come from a variety of backgrounds and desire bonding on different levels.

The porn star experience

Can you say….naughty? The traditional PSE is wild, raw and insatiable with no intimate connection offered such as that through GFE. It is the fast track of sensual entertainment. The porn star experience is not for every hobbyist. Ladies who offer PSE have zero interest in connecting emotionally with their clients. Often, gentlemen looking for such a connection do not desire PSE. PSE is truly a different form of entertainment.

The sugar baby relationship

When a hobbyist discovers an independent escort who simply rocks his world and he cannot live without, he may consider a sugar relationship. Granted and this goes without saying, being a sugar daddy is a financial luxury because sugar babies are not cheap. A sugar relationship can be characterized by any of the above escort descriptions – GFEcompanion or PSE though sugar babies are usually GFE companions.

Whether you are a hobbyist looking to spend one hour with an independent escort or an extended getaway with a companion, City Girls believes that your choices are better made when they are educated. Look for reviews prior to booking your future date to find out if in fact you and your independent escort are a good match. Happy dating!

Before Entering a Casual Relationship

Casual relationships are often referred to as “friends with benefits” (FWB). An exciting encounter can be essential to a man’s or a woman’s lifestyle. Casual relationships are no longer enjoyed just by players.

Nowadays, there are many reasons why a companion or hobbyist will seek a casual relationship. But we cannot forget the human element and its need for emotional fulfillment on some level, recognizing that all casual relationships are date stamped. In the meantime, City Girls would like to explore a few tidbits of advice on how you can get the most out of a casual relationship that will flourish with fun and sensual excitement.

Courtesy counts for both the companion and the hobbyist

Just because it’s an FWB relationship doesn’t mean that you are exempt from polite behavior. Friends deserve courtesy just as much as a wives, husbands, elders and bosses. If you must break an engagement, do it with as much advance notice as possible. Make sure that your excuse is valid and doesn’t offend your partner. Excessive cancelations are just unacceptable. If that’s the case, it’s better to be in a relationship with yourself. Whether you are a hobbyist or an independent escort, total disconnect is a great and inconsiderate way to confuse your friend. Communicate your boundaries and stick to them without creating a guessing game otherwise known as drama.

Respect prevails in any type of relationship

We all have needs. Just because it’s a casual relationshipdoesn’t mean that man or woman should treat each other as emotionless sex objects (okay, well maybe you are a mega machine in the sack but you’re still human!) Take heed of yourfriend’s time, feelings and emotions. These actions do not imply that you will automatically merge into a long term relationship(unless that’s what is meant to happen); it just means that you are honoring the boundaries of the FWB interactions. On the other hand, if you remain casual but your partner shows signs of deeper involvement that is known as a conflict of interest. Out of respect for each other, it is time to re-evaluate the relationship. I have never understood why anyone in any sort of relationshipwould fail to respect the other. That is just poor character.

A girlfriend experience may be considered a casual relationship

While I may be venturing off track a bit, I think it is worth mentioning that the definition of the girlfriend experience has broadened to take on a wider array of interpretations as to how a companion will conduct herself. There are those independent escorts (some ladies refer to themselves as elite courtesans) who maintain ongoing relationships with their clients that take on characteristics of a casual relationship. And then there is the sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship which is often casual. Perhaps these types of casual relationships are easier for the partners to remain within their boundaries because each party plays a role: companion and hobbyist (or client).

The casual relationship enjoys its freedom

Freedom is not only about dating as many people as you want although this kind of freedom does fall into the description of most hobbyists. But for many (and especially independent escorts), freedom gained from being in a casual relationship equals the flexibility to devote attention to other areas of your life while having your erotic needs met. Whether for hobbyist or companion, taking on all of the obligations associated with a traditional relationship doesn’t fit into the scope of the lifestyle that a casual relationship satisfies. Void are weekend barbeques with your partner’s family where you must be in your Sunday best; attending work functions when you’d rather be getting your nails done or watching the game or keeping the house clean 24/7.

When does the fun expire?

Every casual relationship has an expiration date. Usually, one partner changes his or her needs or desires or meets someone else. Or, both simply tire of each other and decide to move on. In any case, acknowledging that this is neither a long term relationship nor a one-night booty call will allow FWB to flow with ease. Most of the time, the concept of remaining friends (and I am talking about truefriendship) after a casual relationship has ended is false and unlikely to happen.

So boys and girls, if you are lucky enough to fulfill your physical needs in a spicy, steamy, casual relationship, more power to you. Live in the moment, treat the relationship with the respect it deserves and don’t worry about tomorrow. City Girls will take care of that!

Men are Visual

City Girls in the Media! – Wouldn’t you rather hear about the goings on of City Girls from a breathtaking bombshell of an independent escort seductively delivering tour dates and other tidbits right through your computer screen or mobile device? She’ll talk to you just as though she was sitting in your lap delivering the news, one-on-one.

Just imagine the fragrant scent of her skin against yours and that electric smile as she tells you who’s going to be in your city over the weekend. Well, you just might get all hot and bothered but we think it’s a great way to stay up-to-date in addition to tuning into our website!

We all know it. The physical matters

You hobbyists are visually tempted by a woman’s beauty. So we want to give you a ‘visual rolodex’, a weekly ‘who’s where’ of our independent escorts here at City Girls. You will find us in various media such as You Tube and other commercials which are in the works.

Visual temptation for men is constant just as sure as the air we breathe

Even the most saintly man who does not have a wandering eye will register the image of a sexy woman, tempting him at a later date. Devils that you are, men care about women’s appearance!

Looking at beautiful women improves your health

Studies have shown that visual stimulation increases relaxation, reduces stress and blood pressure, relieves tension headaches, improves chronic pain and relieves insomnia. When that visual stimulation leads to activation of the other senses (taste, feel, smell, sound, touch) it is safe to say City Girlsindependent escorts will add years to your life!

Your brain is not the only thing that gets massaged

Vision is probably the most developed of all human senses followed by hearing. City Girls wants to appeal to these two senses by broadcasting our latest tour dates and other delicacies delivered by a glittering beauty in her sinfully sweet tone of voice. She will leave you in a trance faster than your mouse can click to our website to schedule an engagement for the weekend.

Is your body shaking with anticipation?

It should be. City Girls is taking pleasure and satisfaction of the hobbyist to unrivaled levels of stimulation never heard of before in this carnal world of play. All because we love you. While I may be taunting you with a few yummy bites, brace yourself, big fella. The beast in you is about to get even bigger.

Kisses, Chloe