How GFE Can Increase Your Self Image


Intimacy comes in many different flavors beyond the physical. Consider the gentleman who seeks the company of a true GFE escort in an effort to fortify his self perception. It is not a coincidence that many relationships fall apart because they grow apart, leaving identities and feelings of self-worth in the dust. Lack of intimacy can lead to angst, self-doubt and beliefs of inadequacy. Unconscious desires (or conscious, as it were) and emotional needs can in fact drive a man into the arms of an independent escort whose beauty goes beyond skin deep. But why does he choose the strategy of intimacy for hire versus traditional courting?


GFE represents the red pill into sensual wonderland

If a man has had turbulent, unfulfilling or traumatic experiences with women, turning to the company of a GFE for personal validation can be liberating. We are not referring to the fast food of affection, where you’re in and out in an hour. This GFE-inclined man tends to spend more time with the same lady (or maybe a few), one whom he has deliberately sought out because he believes she is a good match for his needs. He seeks those watershed moments that feed his manly worth and deeply enhance what might otherwise be considered bland life occurrences. His companion takes him by the hand and jumps down the proverbial rabbit hole of passion, satiating his security and validating his self-esteem. In the conventional dating world, it might be years before he discovers this same depth of passion and compatibility with another woman and maybe never.

Masculine validation lies at the core of the girlfriend experience

Perhaps his companion does not even refer to herself as a GFE, that overused term to which we are all so accustomed. She is aware that the sum of her intellect, appearance and style will speak to the gentleman looking for a connection that actually goes way beyond what the acronym implies. In the world of companionship, everyone is looking for something. This man is looking for a transformation, one that will boost his mental and emotional dispositions and one that will amplify his love life.

sugar daddy with sugar baby

Losing the emotional baggage through GFE represents a healing encounter

Is it true that engaging in an ongoing affair with a compatible escort can improve a man’s mental health? Depending on his motivations, we tend to think so. Not getting your physical and emotional needs met can cause loneliness, frustration and isolation. A courtesan as gifted with intuition as she is blessed with stunning good looks can be the catalyst for healing gratification that her gentleman friend needs.

Men who seek the girlfriend experience for psychological gratification are more common than you think

Diminishing affection due to lack of attention from the wife who’s got her own story; demands of work which have all but given you a heart attack or physical impairment that leaves you feeling unattractive are just a few of the motivators that inspire men to look to the GFE for pleasure, healing and elation.

When a Hobbyist Wants to Marry an Escort

When a dating engagement is carefully measured, considering all aspects of compatibility, the stage is set for explosive chemistry. Such is the scenario when a hobbyist pursues the company of a companion or courtesan who excels in the girl friend experience. Most likely, he is not looking for permanent love. But if he seeks emotional and/or psychological fulfillment or restoration from loneliness, his heart becomes vulnerable. Factor in his escort’s physical splendor and charismatic personality and he becomes a bulls eye target for amour.

hobbyist marrying an escort

While this may appear as a scary question due to the nature of her work as a companion, what man really knows the difference in the beginning of any love relationship? Romance and matters of the heart involve powerfully blinding emotions that can skew the good judgment of anyone.

Is it really love or just infatuation?

There are no guarantees in any relationship and if there were, insurance companies would bank! There are men and women alike who come from multiple divorces, dysfunctional families, broken homes and even abusive backgrounds. Someone, please reveal the ideal formula for a marriage that does not end. Even childhood sweethearts with storybook families end up divorced. Who is to say that the hobbyist/escort romance cannot tie the knot and prevail indefinitely?

sugra relationship

Is he headed down the sugar daddy path?

There is a chance that if she stops working in order to devote her time exclusively to her man and their relationship, her income will vanish. Both parties must check within themselves for genuineness of their involvement. Further, supporting a partner is a financial and emotional responsibility (regardless of his net worth) which can burden the relationship if not handled openly and with clear intent. However, if hobbyist turned fiancé accepts his role as main breadwinner, they are in love and escort turned future wife agree, then it is not a sugar relationship.


Will she continue working as an independent escort if they marry?

Now here is an interesting twist that defies all convention. Admittedly, there are those marriages in which an escort remains same with knowledge and acceptance of her husband. Are they swingers? Do they have children? Does he fully accept what she does for a living? Personally, I do not know what the divorce rate is of such a unique demographic, but who cares? Even the most conservative couples divorce for a myriad of reasons. Often when an escorting couple divorces, the split is caused by reasons indirectly related to the act of escorting itself.

escort and hobbyist married

Will she sign an annulment?

Doing so may be considered a true test of love. While I understand how a gentleman would want to protect his assets, especially if he has an x-wife who took him to the cleaners during the divorce process, many women find the proposition offensive. Truthfully, two people should marry for nothing but love and a balanced ability of both parties to support each other spiritually, mindfully and psychologically. But that is not the way the world works for most.

Proceed with caution and wisdom

Perhaps the most difficult challenge for the hobbyist who wants to marry his escort is honoring the deepest corners of his integrity. He should remain clear about his true intentions with a sharp eye focused on the fate of his future. In the end, both parties should remember that despite what conventional society has to say, what do they know? If there was a perfect formula for marriage then no one would be divorced.

With boundless kisses, Chloe xoxo

Decoding Your Fantasies

Picture the hobbyist in a tepid marriage where sparks have long disappeared. The kids have flown the nest. He loves his wife and does not believe in cheating yet cannot end the marriage due to the tangled nature of their history (mortgages, finances, friends, relatives, grandchildren, etc.). He finds himself looking at other women in ways he never did.

Fantasies provide a necessary escape from the here and now. As long as we do not become too rigid or mistake our fantasies for reality they can be entertaining, distracting and arousing. Ooh la la! The possibilities are endless, especially in the hobby. Let us explore a few broad topics that touch (no pun intended) upon your innermost secrets.

Sensual couple hobbyist escort

Fantasy of the perfect love

Your days are filled with fantasies of a beautiful woman longing for your attention. You yearn for her company and attention. Rather than risk the complications and potential drama of meeting another woman in a conventional manner, you seek the company of a courtesan. Manifested, this situation is more commonly coined as the girl friend experience (GFE). The perfect love can be realized in the sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship when taken to the extreme between hobbyist and companion. In either scenario, finding that ideal match comes as close as to intimate perfection as humanly possible. While the situation may be frowned upon or even immoral in the eyes of some, your marriage stays intact while your emotional and physical needs are met.

freedoman escort love hobbyist

The secretive, more perverse side of your desires

While City Girlsindependent escorts tend to be deliciously ‘strawberry, vanilla swirl with whipped cream on top’ if you will, there are those gentlemen who seek ‘triple chocolate peanut butter fudge with nuts on top’, if I may. This is a sweet and sassy way of referring to the kinkier thoughts that inhabit the minds of many (yes, many). Light roll playing, perhaps a bit of fetish or dress up might flight your fancy. Now, while City Girls stops short of classic BDSM, there are those spicy independent escorts who love to kick up their heels with some gentle Domination (call her your Domina or Goddess).

Sensuality is mutual meditation

It is perfectly fine to entertain those lascivious thoughts dwelling in the hidden corners of your mind. Exploring your fantasies with a companion who understands and accepts you can actually improve your quality of living. Realizing your fantasies is invigorating and can instill a sense of freedom.

Turning off auto pilot

If you are a hobbyist or gentleman daydreaming of forbidden erotica perhaps it is time to stop procrastinating and do something about them. There is a common misconception that fantasies objectify and distance partners from one another. It is absolutely untrue. Sharing your secret, sensual cravings can actually promote a strong sense of trust and bring you more in touch with yourself. The private self that does not see work or friends deserves just as much attention. You do not have to be quiet. Just be comfortable and confident about what you want. If you are a newbie in terms of exploring your fantasies, start small and work your way up. Express your desires with your companion to make sure that she too is comfortable. Soon, you will discover kinky bliss!

With a multitude of kinky kisses, Chloe

Categorizing the Companion

Whether she refers to herself as an independent escort, companion or courtesan, there are many reasons why a woman chooses to become a provider.

If we were to generalize, we might talk about certain stereotypes as defined by society. In any case, probably the most common threads are the aspiration for a comfortable income and expression of sensuality. Whether or not the reader agrees with the implied ideals at hand, many companions feel good about themselves, not to mention their clients who feel even better.

Very beautiful and sexy working woman wearing a safety or security jacket or vest and a helmet
Very beautiful and sexy working woman wearing
a safety or security jacket or vest and a helmet

The working woman provider

She has a professional career or job. She works as an independent escort for a variety of reasons. At the end of the day, she enjoys her business and the gentlemen with whom she comes in contact. Often, women with day jobs find that they so enjoy their work as independent escorts that some walk away from their conventional employment.

Let's go shopping!
Let’s go shopping!

The materialistic escort

She is the kind of girl who takes an avid interest in designer fashions, fine cars and cuisine and an overall upscale lifestyle. While she exudes sensual talent, her standards for the high life are rigorous. Often, her aspirations extend beyond the physical world to uphold spiritual values and morals.

Fashion photo of young sensual woman in jeans
Fashion photo of young sensual woman in jeans

The sensual escort

She is the companion who happily discovered her niche in the world of adult entertainment. She may be mature. For sure, she loves what she does in the genuine sense. While she may be a bit eccentric, she is emotionally balanced and finds solace in self expression through eroticism.

Rear view of sexy fetish woman in black leather corset
Rear view of sexy fetish woman in black leather corset

The alternative escort

For a combination of various factors, this provider is into alternative measures such as BDSM, Femdom, fetish or other avenues of kink. To what degree she advances her practice is subjective. She could be a glorified provider with an emphasis on subtle domination for kicks and giggles or she could be genuinely into any of the aforementioned. Sensual massage may be her thing and she might even be a Tantrica in the making. All attributes are experienced at the benefit of her client.

Woman and airplane
Woman and airplane

The international companion

She is a natural born courtesan. She is educated, worldly and/or wise, striking in her own way and is an inherent relationship expert. She is a confidante. Her clients flow toward her like water in what typically result in long lasting interactions. Her engagements are generally not less than an entire weekend, week or longer. She tends to travel with her suitors. She is empowered by her profession, yet retains a sense of humbleness. She is uncommon. While we do not promote labeling or generalization, we do acknowledge that there is measured validity in recognizing provider prototypes. As in any profession and life in general, individuality prevails. Every person has their story. Independent escorts and hobbyists are no exception.

Turning a Companion into Your Sugar Baby

The sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship takes the hobbyist/escort interaction to a more integrated level. As a hobbyist, you may not intend to secure an ongoing girlfriend arrangement and it just happens naturally. Or, you may go all out and profile your objective on various sugar websites.

Perhaps you are a man who seeks a ‘bargain’ with an escort to see her for a fixed amount of time on a consistent basis on a discounted consideration structure. Let us explore the different types of sugar babies within the United States.

luxury lifestyle
Brunette woman in sunglasses with champagne sitting in exotic restaurant under palm trees, luxury summer holidays in paradise. (focus on women)

Your basic, several-sugar-daddy sugar baby

There are companions who make it their goal to date several sugar daddies to achieve an elevated lifestyle, meet the expenses of their college educations or support their families. For these ladies, it’s all about the bottom line, a numbers game. How much are you as a sugar daddy willing to compensate her for her company? Her goal is to take on as many sugar daddies as she is able to spend time with while simultaneously meeting her income needs.

The non sugar baby

This lady is more of a courtesan who will never refer to herself as a sugar baby. She is the sophisticated lady whom by passers quietly wonder if she is a kept woman but will never verbalize it because she is simply too classy and demure. She runs in elite circles, is smart and educated with a phenomenal figure, a chic, expensive wardrobe that whispers of sensuality and a presence that will make any man desirous of her. She is the lady who keeps tight, highly confidential relationships with men of stature. She is a lovely confidante who cultivates a deeply influential connection that far surpasses what these men have with their own wives.

beauty young woman in white shirt at home smiling friendly, girl next door
beauty young woman in white shirt at home smiling friendly, girl next door

The organic sugar baby

She is a natural born entertainer who loves her profession. She has a knack for deep, spiritual connections and genuinely revels in the glamour, respect and attention bestowed upon her by gentlemen friends. Her clients do not refer to themselves as sugar daddies but they are looking to spend sincere time with a lady whom they feel has it all. Clear in their intentions, they seek her out, become enamored with her and naturally fall into the sugar daddy pattern. Her work comes easy for her and she is good. She is acutely aware of her charms, intellect and radiant personality the sum of which manifests an air of charisma that radiates about her. This rather mysterious aura acts as a magnet that attracts the esteemed gentleman who falls in an amorous state with her. She embodies perfection but could also be the girl next door, unsuspecting in her role as a sugar baby. In short, you would never guess.

Little Black Leather Locked Diary

Relationships of all sorts

Romance comes in all shapes and sizes. Marriage and conventional relationships are the two most common types that are talked about and accepted in the mainstream. Busy beneath the surface of our society are other types of involvement not talked about. These gentlemen (and even ladies) are driven by needs and desires burning for fulfillment to the degree that they seek and find their sugar babies. The inner workings of these relationships are transparent and confidential, rarely publicized and hardly ever recognized by the average, ignorant eye.

Kisses, Chloe xoxo

Tolerance in the World of Hobbying

Escorts and Hobbying are no exceptions in a world rich with cultural diversity and individuality. Respecting the opinions and behaviors of others should be an attitude inherent in every situation whether in the hobby, office, family or every day civilian life.

A state of respect

A gentleman should not date any escort (or any woman for that matter) if he cannot show deference toward her. Those men with hateful attitudes who date companions, inflicting their hostility should find another hobby and instead put their dollars toward therapy to improve the health of their psychological dispositions. We at City Girls have heard incredible stories of amazing independent escorts who continue to enrich the lives of their hobbyist friends with kind personalities and generous abilities to restore their senses of self worth.

Heart and Arrow Symbol on computer key
Heart and Arrow Symbol on computer key

A portrait of female humanity

Companionship really can encompass so much. Of course, there are those trite encounters – wam bam, thank you maam – that quench urgent yearnings associated with the company of a beautiful escort. But today’s modern courtesan has the ability to offer depth. There are sugar daddies that enrich the lives of their sugar babies with higher standards of living. But there are also amazing companions who instill not only satisfaction in their friends but confidence, self-worth and reinforcement of their significance as human beings.

She has undeniable cachet

Is it so unusual that a beautiful female with a magnificent body and the ability to drown your desires with ethereal pleasure also be blessed with distinctive qualities unbeknownst to most? Perhaps the main stream would prefer to dispel same but I will shout it out. Seek the woman who meets the aforementioned description and you as a gentleman will pleasantly discover that she exists in shapes and sizes to satisfy every masculine need (and feminine for that matter!).

The archetypal woman

She is a masterpiece of delicate creation, a dichotomy of strength and gentleness. She worships her man yet advocates equal rights for her gender. She cares deeply for her family (not always blood-related) and stands with authority for ethics and values. She dances to her own tune but harbors a sensitive side often overshadowed by her undying vigor. She is profoundly mindful of the temple that is her body and is aware that her presence may intimidate or confuse other females. Her energy is contagious and unwavering but never gets in the way of her relationships. She is a bouquet of pleasure from the most mundane to the most spiritual and erotic of episodes.

Adore the escort who graces your life

The sphere of ladies who entertain and enrich for a living is broad with flavors for every appetite. Select your company with prudence and then indulge in a decathlon of pleasures bestowed upon you. Remember that your memories compose a mental diary forever etched in your mind. Enjoy accordingly.

A Hard Look at Why Men Cheat

Science says that men cheat because they want to. But there are logical (though perhaps unacceptable to some) reasons surrounding this ‘impulse’ why a man cheats or chooses to entertain the affections of another woman when he is involved in a marriage or committed relationship. He is not necessarily a hobbyist though his sensual findings may lead him to hone his escapades into a hobby within the world of beautiful escorts. As human beings we are taught from a young age to mate for life. Is this natural given that the divorce rate is so high in the States?

Upset young couple having marital problems or a disagreement lying side by side in bed facing in opposite directions ignoring one another. Interracial couple, Asian woman, Caucasian man.
Upset young couple having marital problems or a disagreement lying side by side in bed facing in opposite directions ignoring one another. Interracial couple, Asian woman, Caucasian man.

She’s not putting out

Often, something happens in a marriage or relationship in which both parties reach a stalemate in terms of sex. It happens often on the woman’s side where she simply looses interest in intimacy with her husband. It could be that she gains weight after mothering their children and feels undesirable, her husband becomes unattractive in her eyes after the newness wears off or the stress and anxiety of daily living withers away at her libido. While a wife may make peace within her sexless marriage, the husband may seek to quell his naturalistic needs with the girlfriend attention of a companion.

testosteron production

Underscoring your manhood

Something happens to a man when he reaches andropause, the change of life for males, the equivalent of menopause in women. In efforts to recapture his zest for life, he seeks to re-discover what once came so naturally in his virile years. There are many companions or courtesans who make a huge impact in the life of a gentleman in replenishing his self-confidence and restoring his old sense of self. Of course, there are always the likes of Viagra, cialis or levitra to aid in testosterone production which complement the sweeter side of bonding behind closed doors that shall remain unmentioned. Sugar daddies, you know who you are.

Won’t divorce until the kids are in college

In the olden days, marriage represented an idealistic notion, the fusion of two souls forever. While there are those couples who continue to perfect this crusade by the grace of God, others not so successful embrace a tangle of family and financial obligations by fulfilling their unmet carnal needs with outside sources known as independent escorts. For many, it is simply a better socioeconomic alternative (sometimes quietly accepted by the Mrs.) to stay in a hapless marriage and seek gratification outside of wedlock until financial or family obligations justify otherwise.

Broken heart
Broken heart

The love is gone

Cast aside cerebral fluff in the aforementioned paragraph. Here we have hard core, ‘there aint no lovin’ left in this relationship’ type situation. What motivates a man to become a hobbyist in such a scenario is an open forum of theories that the reader can entertain on his or her own accord. Perhaps there exists a friendship between husband and wife, a divine roommate arrangement of sorts in which they are tied at the proverbial hip and the notion of divorce is worse than the worst marriage. Plus, it’s draining and can blast a hole in your wallet.

She (or he) had an affair

Well. If your wife or husband had an affair, either she or he is extremely horny, immoral or you as her or his partner are not making the lustful grade. Whatever the reason, none are really defendable because however deteriorated the marriage that led to the wandering is now overshadowed by a seemingly weak and promiscuous nature. Enter a host of insurmountable problems that tarnish any chances of revival. Trust in the foundation of any healthy relationship. Given the complications of life, seeking the outside company of an independent escort is often a soothing solution and in some cases can actually repair a dysfunctional marriage. Whoa.

City Girls, PhD

Not. Exploring the underlying characteristics of why men and women go astray is something not often talked about in the hobby. While we are masters of pleasure (if we may toot our horns as such), we seek to bring an element of familiarity that calls upon little secrets that linger in many minds of hobbyists, wives and independent escorts alike.

Finding True Girlfriends in the Escort Industry

There are those women who have a knack for collecting the coolest of girlfriends. However, for many independent escorts, it’s a challenge to find lasting girlfriends – those who withstand the test of time and are there for you through thick and thin, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I’ve heard sad stories from independent escorts how otherescorts screwed them over, dumped them or went psycho on them. Competitiveness and lack of trust seem to lurk in the dark corners of the adult entertainment and we at City Girls find that disheartening.

For some reason, it’s even more difficult to find true girlfriends in the escort industry

It’s one thing to uphold your personal standards when it comes to finding and maintaining girlfriends outside of the world of escorting. It’s quite another when you find yourself immersed in a sensual world of having fun and making good money. One morning you wake up and find yourself lonely with no one to talk to because you don’t have escort girlfriends (or those who are open-minded about your career as an adult entertainer) who understand who you are and what you do. As a woman, I would like to explore some of the principals of female friendships.
If she competes with you, she’s not your friend. Period.

Competition is not limited to just business. Even at City Girls, you are surrounded by other Club Members who are doing the same work as you – escorting. But there’s plenty to go around in life! However, if your escort girlfriend does things behind your back like talk about you or worse, try to sabotage your business, not only is she not a friend but she’s an enemy. Sometimes competition occurs on a more subliminal level. If you go shopping with your escort girlfriend, ask her opinion about a pair of shoes and she doesn’t like them, chances are she’s giving you her honest opinion. But if next week you see her wearing the same exact shoes, chances are she was competing with you because she wanted the shoes for herself. A girlfriend who competes with you is grounds for dismissal. You are better off spending an evening with your cat or going out alone than with a girlfriend who doesn’t understand or value what the word means.

Female energy is contagious

You’ve seen it and experienced it. Two women are standing at the cash register in a department store and strike up a conversation about hair products. They’ve never met. However, one could be fooled into thinking that they are long time girlfriends. That’s the power of feminine energy! On a deeper level, your escort girlfriend should empower you with genuine compliments, support and patience. She should be there for you when you get down or feel sad (though it’s not good to dump on friends on the time). You should be able to trust her. Now, there are varying tiers of friendships in which not every friend is going to be your confidante. Some friends are stronger than others in feeling your pain or praising your successes while others may not have the emotional band with due to their own issues. It’s up to you to gauge this energy and balance those friendships appropriately.

You are who your friends are

As an independent escort, if you are a dynamic woman with many interests, who likes to travel, shop, work hard, make lots of money and who aspires to accomplish things in life, your friends should share some of these similarities. Being an escort does not define who you are just as being a secretary or doctor does not define the person. Character and integrity define the person. So if you look around and find that your friends are problematic, non supportive, only around when you’re happy-go-lucky or mooch off of you because you make good money, time to weed your social garden. Even if you end up with no friends, don’t be afraid to dust the cob webs off your social life because they were never friends to begin with. As an independent escort, the only way you are going to find true girlfriends in the adult entertainment industry is if you are aligned with your true self. One true girlfriend is better than ten fake girlfriends. Don’t be afraid to recognize that they aren’t true girlfriends. You are a bigger person if you do.

Is your escort girlfriend fraught with insecurity?girlfriend escort

Whether she’s an escort, a housewife or a diplomat, if a woman is insecure it is because she does not have the resources within herself to appreciate the beauty and radiance in her girlfriends. An escort who is secure in herself has strength! She feels pretty in her own right, doesn’t feel less than others, loves her ‘sisters’ and finds great happiness in rewarding them with compliments. This is not to say that we all don’t have an insecurity floating around somewhere inside. We do! For example, fear of failure can be considered an insecurity but a huge motivator to succeed. That’s turning an insecurity into a positive!

At City Girls every interaction is a mini relationship

Part of finding happiness and fulfillment in life is achieved through establishing fruitful relationships. As an independent escort, it’s good to have at least one true girlfriend who does what you do. I have met many amazing women in adult entertainment industry who are success powerhouses, have beautiful children, and/or are money-making machines with hearts of gold. One of my best and dearest friends is a courtesan. So ladies, it is quite possible to make true girlfriends in the escort industry. But you must first really get to know yourself and be happy with the person who you are. You will in turn, attract escort girlfriends who compliment you.