Putting the Sexy Between Hobbyist and Halloween

Halloween is the eve to toss aside all righteousness and honor your appetite for unspeakable desires! Let the spookiest holiday kick off the hottest time of year. If you are a hobbyist with a flaming hot date tonight, don’t fear. We’ve got you covered with a little hocus pocus.

Halloween sexy girl

Last minute Halloween costumes for escorts

It’s the eleventh hour and if you are anindependent escort who hasn’t a clue what to be, we’ve got some ideas for you! Forget resorting to pre-fab drug store costumes. If you are a companion with a flair for originality, we’ve got some tips to add pizzazz to your Hallow’s Eve regalia.

Fashion Art Girl Portrait. Punk Style
Fashion Art Girl Portrait. Punk Style

The instant glamor girl

Most independent escorts have a long gown of sorts hanging in their closets (prom dress, bridesmaid dress or anything formal). If your dress looks like it’s from the 60s (a narrow sheath), go as Audrey Hepburn or Diana Ross.

If it looks like it’s from the 50s (full skirt, tight waist), dress up as Grace Kelly or Dorothy Dandridge. If your gown is black and strapless, dress as Rita Hayworth. If your dress is slinky, go as the 30s star Jean Harlow. If you are curvaceous and your dress is form-fitting, go as Mae West. Pile on the makeup and jewelry and voila! You’ll have a glittering look that will wet the appetite of every gentleman.


There’s nothing naughtier than a female pirate

If you are an escort with some sass and a devilish side, dare to dress as a sexy, female pirate. Most of what they wore was rags sewn together. Wear a nit hat or wrap a bandana around your head. Wear a man’s shirt with a vest on top. Wrap some material around your waist as a sash. Slide a wide leather belt across your torso as a baldric. Wear cropped pants or leggings that come to the knee and white knee socks. Pirates wore flat shoes but we’re suggesting high heel boots that lace up or some chunky heels to add definition to your shapely legs. Pop into a drugstore for a plain black eye patch and cement the look!

Celebrate with the sultry feline in you

If you are a companion with a black body suit and a lithe figure to go with it, you are a pussycat waiting to spring your sly self onto your date. Stuff a long black stocking with cotton or socks and you’ve got yourself a tail. Cut two triangles of black construction paper attached to a headband and you have kitty ears. Don’t hold back on plenty of black eyeliner, thick lashes, whiskers and red lips. Paint your nails black or red. Be prepared to turn plenty of heads!

What to do on Halloween

This holiday is not just for kids. Conjure up a little adult creativity of your own sprinkled with a little imagination. Your date will be impressed and sparks will fly!

Plan a private all-night party fest

If you are staying in for a cozy evening of sensuous loving, go the extra mile and set the mood with haunting romance. Illuminate the room with a plethora of scented black and orange candles. Done right, you won’t need any artificial light. Yummy nibbles, mini pumpkin pies and delicious chocolate morsels are perfect for feeding each other. Serve some spiked apple cider or rum punch and kindle the warmth between you and your date sealed with hot kisses. Share a few horror stories as your date snuggles up next to you for safety. If the two of you haven’t become hopelessly entangled in each other by then, play truth or dare or a fun, flirty game of strip poker!

The outcome of a game of strip poker with women's clothing strewn over a chair and table and a man's shirt on the right side.Two partly full glasses of wine are also on the table.
The outcome of a game of strip poker with women’s clothing strewn over a chair and table and a man’s shirt on the right side.Two partly full glasses of wine are also on the table.

Feast at a frightfully dazzling restaurant

If you are a sugar daddy with a dash of sophistication, wine and dine your sugar baby at an upscale restaurant that is celebrating Halloween with enchanting festivities. Call a few of your favorite culinary hotspots and ask what they are offering. Be sure to let your date know where you are going so that she can adorn herself accordingly. For pre-dessert (because we all know that the two of you plan to have each other as your final course), attend a haunted house tour. The anticipation is sure to incite supernatural ecstasy!

City Girls has your bag of tricks

We host a cauldron of ideas for every hobbyist and independent escort for every occasion. Unearthly pleasure reigns with us. So live it up and trick or treat baby!