Remembering 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, we would like to express our sentiments to all of our hobbyist and independent escort friends. It has been a year of incredible growth and positive experiences that continue to mold and shape City Girls into what it has become today.

Champagne glasses ready to bring in the New Year
Champagne glasses ready to bring in the New Year

We are ever so thankful! New things are on the horizon as well as a continuation of attractive offers with the onset of 2014.

Heading into the New Year, let us remember the things we have learned and the things that we wish not to repeat. Let us all try to set achievable resolutions and strive to make them happen. Whether you resolve to help others, reduce stress, get a better job or save money, remember that good companionship makes it a little easier.

Let us all make a proverbial toast to the New Year! Enjoy and be safe. We will return from holiday on January 21st, after all the festivities have died down.

Happy New Year!

With much love, Chloe xoxo

Categorizing the Hobbyist

From our perspective, there are all sorts of hobbyists who choose to see independent escorts. Their reasons vary greatly.

They are not necessarily hobbyists though many do fit the ticket. Then of course, there are the exceptions that are not shaped by any mold. We thought it would be interesting to consider the types that City Girls encounters often.

A green nametag sticker with the words Hello I Am New for a rookie, trainee, new staff hire, newbie, beginner or apprentice
A green nametag sticker with the words Hello I Am New for a rookie, trainee, new staff hire, newbie, beginner or apprentice

New girl client

In our case, we see this gentleman often. That’s because many of the independent escorts who are a part of the CG Club fall under the guise of TOFTT (Take One for The Team). They are spectacular and come highly recommended. However, they may still be considered ‘new’ to many men in the world of adult entertainment. Perhaps more common in controlled establishments (City Girls is a private club), new girls may fall victim to the Bottom Fish Client (see below). These hobbyists may attempt to exploit the new girl and even abuse her and endanger her life. Having not been around long enough to get her ‘escort wings’, she’s finished before she’s begun. Naturally, City Girls turns their back on these types of guys. We tend to shield our independent escorts with as much knowledge and guidance as possible.

Cartoon Ball and chain. Just married man with ball and chain
Cartoon Ball and chain. Just married man with ball and chain

Married man

He chooses the company of a companion not because his marriage is happy. Most often, he and his wife co-exist in a glorified roommate situation. The marriage is loveless and totally lacks intimacy. Or, the ties that bind are financial in nature and there might be children involved in a household where divorce is unconscionable. So the marriage dwells in a hapless state. This gentleman seeks emotional, physical and psychological fulfillment from a beautiful provider. She is the best in her field offering intimacy and camaraderie in a genuine capacity. It is common for these male types to be endlessly romantic, seeking the most genuine of girl friend experiences. The lines between a professional arrangement and love relationship are sometimes blurred. While he may not fit the structured definition of a sugar daddy, the relationship may naturally flow into a hybrid version.

Beautiful woman wearing the United States flag bikini holding a football isolated over white background
Beautiful woman wearing the United States flag bikini holding a football isolated over white background

Natural asset lover

This hobbyist seeks the company of an independent escort for sport. Her physical criteria are his primary focus. While he may date only a handful of girls, he remains emotionally detached. Gratification is his main objective. He enjoys her much like he would a football game and drinking a couple of beers. Marital status does not apply.

fetish man

Fetish man

The term fetish is in a class by itself. Though we have written about the topic before, there exists a vast range of unusual interests. It could include a specific fixation on an object, body part or material facilitated by a companion who makes no claim as a fetish expert. Or, it could be a more sophisticated, psychological obsession that requires a highly specialized dominatrix.

Disguised hobbyist reviewer
Disguised hobbyist reviewer

Bottom fish client

Unfortunately, they exist. They are the ones who give the hobby a bad rap. They are the ones who will never grace the presence of City Girls’ Club of independent escorts. At the risk of sounding haughty or negative, these men may be of a belligerent nature, motivated by a desire to exploit a provider. Often, he is a woman-hater with a sketchy or unethical past. He may try to take advantage of her and in the worst case, may hurt her. Inflicting pain is not just limited to the physical. He may falsify a bad review of their encounter, knowing very well that doing so will jeopardize her career. Imposing such vengeance on the reputation of a provider can be the kiss of death and end her career. He knows this.

Businessman in classic vest against row of suits in shop
Businessman in classic vest against row of suits in shop

Perfect client

This type of gentleman is most familiar to courtesans. He seeks true companionship on a higher level. Such a courtesan is acutely aware of who she will and will not spend time with. She will turn down a client if she does not sense a genuine connection. She truly enjoys her profession and usually spends time with a handful of suitors who shower her with utmost respect, gifts and travel excursions. This man is not a hobbyist per say and his is extremely discreet. He tends to maintain his relationship for a long time, sometimes even years. They might become very close friends and he may even assist her in financial endeavors. We have heard of cases where marriage resulted.

City Girls is in no way biased toward any person

We support freedom of individuality. Every hobbyist, independent escort or sugar daddy/baby is totally unique! We recognize the good in folks and encourage that everyone practice higher ethics through virtuous behavior. Do unto others as you would have them do to you!

Many kisses, Chloe xoxo

Quieting Holiday Loneliness with a GFE

Amidst happy lovers bundled arm in arm, Christmas carols resonating throughout the city and holiday shoppers bustling at the mall quietly mingle the lonely souls of many hobbyists

They show us what they want us to see: smiling faces, secure demeanors and professional composure. Yet beneath the surface dwells a state of unfulfillment in their homes. They experience lack of love and intimacy in dormant marriages that have been frozen for years. These hobbyists coexist with their wives in a barren world of monotony, mortgage payments and facades of false happiness. On a darker side, their marriages suffer from arguments or worse, fighting, separation and divorce.

Not all hobbyists are necessarily out to turn a few tricks or on a more perverse note take advantage of women as independent escorts

There are a lot of good men (whether single or not) who dabble in the demimonde of adult entertainment out of yearning for genuine companionship that surpasses the mere physical aspect associated with escorts. Herein lies the reality that shatters the stigma attached to independent escorting. These men have a hunger to satisfy their needs for closeness and understanding in a loving and non judgmental environment offered by gorgeous companions who believe in the girl friend experience.

Silhouette of kissing girl and guy
Silhouette of kissing girl and guy

What exactly is the girlfriend experience?

It means different things to different people. The term has evolved since its origin to the point that some independent escorts do not want to be associated with the acronym or any other label that might pool them with all the rest. Many escorts use it as a marketing tool while others genuinely offer the girlfriend experience. The modern day, successful GFE possesses sophisticated, psychological insight and a charismatic talent for attracting and bonding with her clients. Often times, hobbyist and companion become close friends, blurring the lines between paid companionship and true camaraderie.

When such a relationship reaches this heightened level of intimate stability, it may stabilize into what is known as a sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangement or simply an ongoing tryst.

All alone on Christmas Eve

It doesn’t have to be this way. A hobbyist or gentleman who does not have a conventional girlfriend, close friends or family does not have to suffer in silence with an aching heart during the most sentimental time of year. Whether he chooses to spend one hour with a smoking hot bombshell or a weekend with a tender soul blessed with understanding and total femininity, there are companions out there eager to become the period at the end of his sentence. It is just a matter of defining who she is and finding her.

Check list. Vector illustration EPS version 8.
Check list. Vector illustration EPS version 8.

Make a list and check it twice

If a man wanted to purchase a car, he would eventually develop a ‘needs list’ of the features that the automobile should contain after looking at so many. Before he made the purchase, he would know exactly what he wanted. Do your homework. Start by making a list on paper of the features that define the woman who best suits your personality, needs and desires. Shop around. Read biographies. Look at photos. Get a feel for her style. Inquire with a few (without wasting their time) to get a sense of chemistry. If it fits the budget, one or two pre-requisite dates are highly recommended before spending significant holiday time with a lady to find out the hard way that the two of you may not be suited for each other.

New Year’s Eve is just around the bend

We all know that life slows down to a crawl this time of year. Many ladies are spending time with family and may not be available. Connecting with an independent escort whom you really like is a task that should be pursued well in advance before the actual holiday arrives. Who knows? The two of you might actually take a trip together to ring in the New Year.

Many kisses, Chloe xoxo

Thanksgiving and What City Girls is Doing for You

In a world of give and take fraught mostly with taking, we like to give to those in our circle. What better day than on Thanksgiving to celebrate the fruits of the year by giving thanks to our VIP members? This Thursday, November 28th is a day to spend with family, friends and lovers feasting, laughing and watching football or parades.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” In 1863 he declared Thanksgiving as a national holiday, a day of thanksgiving and praise. And that is just what we are offering to our VIP members and hobbyists! Read on, friends…

Thanksgiving holiday, pumpkin still life decoration with candle on the wooden table, greeting card with text space, harvest concept
Thanksgiving holiday, pumpkin still life decoration with candle on the wooden table, greeting card with text space, harvest concept

“Thanks be to our Friends” holiday special

All day long on Thursday, November 28th, City Girls will offer an incredible companionship donation of $250 per hour to spend heavenly time with a gorgeous angel. Give new meaning to your holiday celebration that will leave your friends asking why that smile is plastered on your face from ear to ear! Whether you indulge in turkey and stuffing followed by pumpkin pie or sizzle up some popcorn and crack open a beer, snuggle up by the fire with a lovely independent escort this Thursday, November 28th.


“Black Friday Lover’s Gala” holiday special

This day is the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season. What shopper does not purchase something for himself? All day long City Girls member are offering a super special of pure intimacy spent for $250 per hour. How can you go wrong? The smart hobbyist will avoid mall craze and take advantage of our gift instead!

Black friday 3d crossword puzzle (design element for christmass sales)
Black friday 3d crossword puzzle (design element for christmass sales)

“Blue Monday it is Not” holiday special

Most folks will awake lethargic and depressed at the notion of having to go back to work after a long holiday weekend of over eating. Awake with bells on your toes and count the seconds knowing that you get to binge on one of City Girls’ devoted independent escorts for only $250 per hour. There is simply no better way to welcome the new week!

Cyber monday sale design.
Cyber monday sale design.

Enjoy a side of City Girls with your turkey dinner

Though we regularly celebrate thanksgivings of all sorts, we at City Girls are always drumming up new and creative ways to make your dating experience just a little spicier! We have all kinds of tricks up our sleeves for the remainder of the holiday season so please be sure to check our Specials Page often.

Many kisses, Chloe… xoxo

Reflections of a Hobbyist

The creed of pleasure – We invite seekers of the sweet life for we represent the pinnacle of happiness. The hobbyist who follows his bliss is the one who opens sensual doors that lead to enthralling companionship. Groundbreaking intimacy is experienced by the gentleman who opens his mind, body and soul to the fervent nuances bestowed upon him by a bewitching girlfriend.

Philosophy laid the conceptual groundwork for principles and values that shaped the possibility of world peace – democracy, human rights, justice and equality. For centuries, philosophy has opened doors for new concepts and ideas and creativity across global cultures. World Philosophy Day is a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) initiative created in 2002 and celebrated every November. It draws people around the world to engage in reflection on contemporary issues. We have our own set of beliefs here at City Girls that we would like to share with our readers, namely our VIP friends and hobbyist and independent escort – club member.

A front black car
A front black car

Living the sensuous lifestyle

Such a gentleman knows that his faculties will spiral to heightened levels of ecstasy on a regular basis whenever he revels in the ethereal presence of a lovely, independent escort. He becomes the beneficiary of her love affair with life, lust and spirituality. In turn, he learns to worship her body and what it can do to his. This amplified standard of living is an addiction of sorts, much like the compulsion of driving a luxury automobile or craving of fine cuisine and vintage wine.

vip member
vip member

Ethos of a VIP member

Put quite simply, these gentlemen set the gold standard of hobbying. In exchange, they expect the epitome of independent escorts who are made of erotic dreams hallowing them with pure gratification. Such a man knows that gentility is the cornerstone of character that brings to life all of the juicy confections offered by his independent escort. He believes that anything less than refined conduct will smolder the crackling chemistry that he seeks with his companion.

What are our moral beliefs?

In order to maintain the platinum level of pleasure that is shared between devoted hobbyists and committed companions, we abide by a strict standard of excellence. We care about our VIP members and independent escorts from the first moment we connect right down to the last letter that is typed on our website. Delicious memories that linger in the diary of the mind are intangible bonuses that we strive to exalt upon our members. When this occurs, the dating process has been sanctified and everyone is happy!

Love, Chloe xoxo

Tolerance in the World of Hobbying

Escorts and Hobbying are no exceptions in a world rich with cultural diversity and individuality. Respecting the opinions and behaviors of others should be an attitude inherent in every situation whether in the hobby, office, family or every day civilian life.

A state of respect

A gentleman should not date any escort (or any woman for that matter) if he cannot show deference toward her. Those men with hateful attitudes who date companions, inflicting their hostility should find another hobby and instead put their dollars toward therapy to improve the health of their psychological dispositions. We at City Girls have heard incredible stories of amazing independent escorts who continue to enrich the lives of their hobbyist friends with kind personalities and generous abilities to restore their senses of self worth.

Heart and Arrow Symbol on computer key
Heart and Arrow Symbol on computer key

A portrait of female humanity

Companionship really can encompass so much. Of course, there are those trite encounters – wam bam, thank you maam – that quench urgent yearnings associated with the company of a beautiful escort. But today’s modern courtesan has the ability to offer depth. There are sugar daddies that enrich the lives of their sugar babies with higher standards of living. But there are also amazing companions who instill not only satisfaction in their friends but confidence, self-worth and reinforcement of their significance as human beings.

She has undeniable cachet

Is it so unusual that a beautiful female with a magnificent body and the ability to drown your desires with ethereal pleasure also be blessed with distinctive qualities unbeknownst to most? Perhaps the main stream would prefer to dispel same but I will shout it out. Seek the woman who meets the aforementioned description and you as a gentleman will pleasantly discover that she exists in shapes and sizes to satisfy every masculine need (and feminine for that matter!).

The archetypal woman

She is a masterpiece of delicate creation, a dichotomy of strength and gentleness. She worships her man yet advocates equal rights for her gender. She cares deeply for her family (not always blood-related) and stands with authority for ethics and values. She dances to her own tune but harbors a sensitive side often overshadowed by her undying vigor. She is profoundly mindful of the temple that is her body and is aware that her presence may intimidate or confuse other females. Her energy is contagious and unwavering but never gets in the way of her relationships. She is a bouquet of pleasure from the most mundane to the most spiritual and erotic of episodes.

Adore the escort who graces your life

The sphere of ladies who entertain and enrich for a living is broad with flavors for every appetite. Select your company with prudence and then indulge in a decathlon of pleasures bestowed upon you. Remember that your memories compose a mental diary forever etched in your mind. Enjoy accordingly.

Hobbyist! You KNOW You Want More!

Hobbyists, exploring your sensuality is one thing. Penetrating your fantasies is quite another!

There are independent escorts who understand your manhood like no other women. Want to know more? Read this week’s blog article on City Girls!

Dating a beautiful independent escort is only the beginning. Standing face to face with a breathtaking vixen can with a sensational goddess gives you card blanche to cultivate scorching fantasies where sensuality is sport and erotic fulfillment is plentiful. Let us tap into your psyche for a few sexy moments to trigger your imagination.

Role playing can be saucy and invigorating

Acting a part does not mean that you are participating in a Broadway show wherein your acting talents are on display. Role playing is far more subtle than that. It could mean that your companion acts as your secretary and you as her boss and the rest go from there. Or, she is your patient and you are her doctor and well, you get what I’m saying!

Sensual female domination – give it up to a heart stopping vixen

Many hobbyists with demanding careers ridden with decision-making like to take a little intimate time to relinquish control. Sensual fem dom is a mild approach in which a beautiful woman takes the upper hand. The experience is more along the lines of a girlfriend who likes to be in control with a little softness around the edges. How far you want to take it is up to you! Consider implementing wardrobe and a few toys. If you get really into it, perhaps stage a meeting in a public setting to get the adrenaline pumping!

Pure companionship for the more intimate, personable types

There are many sides to intimacy. The physical is only one of them. Perhaps you need someone to talk to, an exquisite confidante who cares and understands what you are thinking and feeling. What better ambience to share your secrets than in the private world of a luxurious companion whose focus is 100% on you. Many hobbyists and independent escorts develop deep and meaningful friendships on the basis of the girl friend experience.

PSE lovers, let’s get right down to business!

Don’t even talk to me about the girl friend experience! From the moment you set foot in the door, be prepared for a rush of sexy adrenaline as your person is accosted with concentrated lust taken to the tenth power. While physical fitness is not a requirement, please make sure that your heart is healthy as such a vixen will skyrocket your libido to unearthly powers that you’ve never known!

At first, the hobby may seem to be all about trite interaction with breathtaking independent escorts who possess earth shattering beauty

But for many gentlemen it is about self-discovery, re-invention of themselves and in some cases, healing from hurtful life experiences. In these cases, sensual experiences penetrate far deeper than just the physical. At City Girls, we invite all of our VIP members and hobbyist friends to explore their needs and desires and take physical, mental and psychological satisfaction to deeper levels!

Chloe xoxo

Five Reasons Why Men Turn to Escorts

Asking a man if he has ever been on a date with an independent escort is like asking a house to clean itself. Chances are that you will not get a response and that he will turn ten shades of evasive and change the subject.

While this may not be factual, I would venture to say that the majority of men have contacted a companion at some point in their lives. Love, lust (and other synonyms) have been around since the beginning of time and underscore a thriving industry that caters to the needs of men and hobbyists worldwide. Other than what some readers may consider to be the obvious, why do men seek the company of escorts? This article intends to shatter or at least crack that stigma. Non-escort women, pay attention!

  1. Men who frequent escorts are losers

    This is simply not true. Yes, there are those creepy hobbyists out there with the morals of a bottom fish whose sole intention of dating an independent escort is to demean her. However, I speak for all of us here at City Girls when I say that low grade quality of a man (notice I did not say ‘gentleman’) does not need to be a hobbyist to exist! While it is a subject not talked about, the non hobbyist or non escort doesn’t hear too much about the type of men who frequent escorts. Many are successful professionals. Many are dignified gentlemen from ‘upper echelons’ of society. As most of my readers will confirm, hobbying is not something that is publicized (accept perhaps between fellow hobbyists). It seems that the higher the profile, the more discretion is practiced. In some parts of the world, it is expected for a gentleman to have concubines, girlfriends or even multiple wives. 

  2. Girlfriend versus escort

    Forgive me girlfriends for saying this because I have been one myself, but sometimes men view us as ‘inconvenient’ when compared to the ease associated with dating an escort. A dear non escort friend would probably slap me for saying this but it’s true: dollar for dollar, it’s more economical to date an escort than it is to experience the needs and requirements of a girlfriend. No offense girlfriends! The point is that there are many men who simply prefer to pay for companionship because they are reassured that all of their needs, spoken and unspoken, will be met starting but not ending with the visual. It is simply a chosen lifestyle known as the hobby.

  3. Closing the deal

    Let’s face it. We women can be difficult for some men without even trying. I’m not putting down women but some men have more of a challenge than others finding success with us. While some cannot even land a date, others may not get past dinner to desert and go home with their libidos in knots. It could be due to their lack of Brad-Pitt-type physical attributes, bland, muted personalities or subpar self-confidence. Why should such men go without when they can date beautiful escorts and reap the rewards of dinner, desert and then some? In the process of having a fabulous time, manhood and self-esteem are re-affirmed thus rendering the date a win-win situation.

  4. True companionship at its finest

    When a man seeks the presence of a companion for her fellowship, it is because he shares similar interests and even ideals or professions with her. In many cases, he may see that independent escort on a regular basis, developing a true friendship in the process. She may even become his professional girlfriend (sugar baby).

  5. Guaranteed good time 

    Only in the world of escorting and hobbying can a man or woman truly tailor his or her ideal date starting with physical attributes right down to the type of chocolate that coats the strawberries they share together. That’s what the hobby is all about. A gentleman is welcomed by most escorts to indicate what he would like her to wear. He knows that she is going to do her best to dazzle and entertain him and enjoy herself as well! The only thing he doesn’t get is an insurance policy!

A Hobbyist’s Halloween Tryst

History supports a host of evidence suggesting that Halloween originated as a Catholic holiday in the early Middle Ages. Going back further in time, Halloween can be traced to a pagan festival in ancient Ireland.

Just in the last century has ‘trick or treating’ evolved. Here at City Girls, we’d like to focus on the treats and fast forward to the present. We are privy to a magical story of how one hobbyist met the escort and character of his dreams through City Girls at a very recent Halloween gathering. One afternoon while I was answering phones, I received a firsthand annotation from one of our gentleman, who generously gave me permission to talk about his experience. For the sake of confidentiality, he requested that his true identity remain private. Who better than City Girls understands that! For the sake of recounting his story, I shall refer to him as George and his date as Eliza.

George is a reserved man

He works extensive hours which don’t leave much time for going out and meeting eligible partners. His business is quite cerebral in nature so at the end of every long day he is exhausted. Though George is a cautious man he still fits the cultural profile of many men and desires the sensual companionship of a woman.

When George was invited by a close friend to a couple’s Halloween bash, he found himself dateless

After viewing our website, he called City Girls and arranged a date for the evening, even requesting the possibility of extended time, just in case (remember, George is the cautious type). As a VIP Member, he was able to communicate with his date to ensure that along with George, she would be prepared for the evening in full, celebratory regalia. Eliza was quite inquisitive, asking George a rainbow of intimate questions, all the while personable, bubbly and very sultry. George was intrigued by Eliza. She had piqued his curiosity.

George held a private and erotic fascination of women from the 17th century. Since a young man (George was now in his early fifties), he quietly desired to surrender to a woman who flourished with the knowledge of seduction though he had never explored the fantasy.

Little did George know that he was in for the ‘treat’ of a lifetime

When Eliza arrived at the door of George’s home he was overwhelmed with a rush of desire as there stood a breathlessly enchanting modern day Victorian temptress. Eliza stood 5’7” in tall, black, patent leather pumps that glistened in the moonlight. Her chocolate brown hair fell in soft tresses around thin shoulders. Her eyes were captivating, dramatically lined with a deep, smoky shadow and full lips painted brick red. Any etiquette that George’s mother had taught him as a young boy was forgotten as he stared, dumfounded by the poem of timeless beauty that stood before him. Eliza wore an ensemble of black, silk chiffon that hugged her delicious figure as much as he wanted to. A high society collar of abundant lace sprinkled with delicate pearls cascaded between her breasts and stopped at her belted waist. As the candle in the carved pumpkin flickered its tender light on the surreal vision that was Eliza, George’s eyes widened as he observed that Eliza’s gown transparently revealed all of her womanly charms from the shape of her breasts to the ribbon of g-string that hugged her hips beneath her dress. A dream of lace surrounded the hem of her dress that paused at her knees allowing her lean, muscular calves to speak for themselves.

Just as time stopped and George thought he had arrived at the golden gates of heaven, his member awoke with fervor

as Eliza extended a lace trimmed hand to greet him. Almost mechanically, George obliged as Eliza pulled him close to her with a bewitching smile and delivered a slow, hungry kiss, mirroring the evening to come.

What would George’s friends think of her? But Eliza had other plans as she took the lead, taking his hand finding her way to the bedroom. Somehow, she knew what he wanted. George realized that Eliza had already seduced him and gladly succumbed to her feminine authority.

I cannot talk about the juicy details. All I can tell you is that George and Eliza abandoned the outside world, escaping into a universe of erotic fantasy, allowing the discovery of intimate treasures to permeate the evening. According to George, they did finally make it to the party. His friends were enthralled with Eliza’s beauty, warmed by her kind and easy demeanor.

It was a mystical, dream-like evening that George won’t soon forget.

Susanne Brend, Heart to Heart

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Susanne Brend over a cup of coffee on an early Sunday morning. She’s a busy girl! Expecting the glamorous, sex kitten that we’ve all seen in her photos, I was met by a friendly, outgoing girl wearing no makeup and even more beautiful than her pictures.

Susanne Brend stood tall, lean and casual in a light pink terry, sweat outfit with a slightly exposed navel and a peak of cleavage. I couldn’t help but notice heads turn as she approached for very few women can pull off a stunningly fresh and natural look with little effort. She greeted me with a generous hug, emanating a soft confidence surrounded by a light floral perfume, a young lady not afraid to show her true colors. Her genuine smile warmed the mood and we launched into an easy conversation like long lost girlfriends. I was flattered by her candor and the sweet nature of her personality. I had a curious collection of questions which she was eager to answer.

  1. How did you get into the adult industry and become a porn star?
    Susanne Brend: This may sound simple but it’s the way it really happened. A girlfriend invited me to participate in a lesbian sex scene. At first, I was reluctant, but she was so hot and gorgeous that I couldn’t resist. After that episode, I sort of got addicted. I mean, more opportunities came my way and I was having such a good time that the next thing I knew, I kind of fell into becoming a porn star.
  2. What do you like best about what you do as a porn star and as an escort?
    Susanne Brend: Being a porn star is exciting. I just love it! Maybe that sounds weird to some people, but the action, the cameras, the men, they all add up to an unforgettable chapter in my life. Escorting is a little different because I’m not in front of the camera. It is a glamorous and exhilarating way to meet a variety of people from different nationalities and walks of life.
  3. Describe your likes and dislikes.
    Susanne Brend: I’m a bit of a risk taker! I just love a thrill and if I’m going to do something crazy it’s skydiving or driving a fast car. I love music because I can always express myself in a song that reflects my mood and passion. I’m into the arts, especially theatre, because the actors are so raw and performances are uncut. When it comes to cuisine, I have a palette for Latin food with its big, rich flavors. I must confess that I’ve been afraid of lightning since I was a little girl! (She giggles). I know it sounds kind of silly and I don’t know why but anytime there’s a thunder storm I just want to snuggle up under the covers. Forget horror movies. They scare me, too! I’m up for a drama or comedy. And chocolate? Way overrated. Give me a juicy piece of fruit or a creamy sorbet and I’m your friend for life. I’m sure sunrises are beautiful and I’ve seen a few. But you might find me a bit grumpy in the early morning. A girl needs her beauty sleep!
  4. What do you think of the girl friend experience?
    Susanne Brend: I think it provides a nice comfort zone for the man. He has a chance to get to know his partner and form a sort of emotional bond. It creates a more intimate kind ofrelationship, if only for the moment and sometimes longer.
  5. How do you manage your personal life as a porn star and escort?
    Susanne Brend: I don’t really have time for a personal life (Susanne laughs). I have friends to hang out with and my work has never affected my personal life.
  6. Talk about some of the similarities and some of the differences between being a porn star and being an escort.
    Susanne Brend: I mean, I see the whole thing pretty simply. There isn’t too much difference between being a porn star and being an escort. Working in the porn industry is different in that I’m in front of the camera which I love and in front of the world; escorting is all about privacy and discretion.
  7. How does being a porn star affect your job as an escort?
    Susanne Brend: Being a porn star increases the requests that I receive for companionship.
  8. Have you ever gotten attached or involved with any of your clients?
    Susanne Brend: Bringing emotions into escorting would be very unprofessional. While I truly enjoy spending time with my gentleman friends, I never get attached.
  9. What advice would you give to a newbie just entering the scene?
    Susanne Brend: She should try to have a relaxed, friendly attitude along with a somewhat outgoing personality. In the beginning, it might not be easy but will improve with time. She must enjoy the company of men. She needs to be willing to give more of herself because escorting is often about the social time spent with a client. You may be surprised how important this is to most men.