Be Mine Valentine 2017

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’ve never been more in lust with you!

Claimed one of our VIP members spellbound by her dazzling beauty when courting his favorite muse to a Valentine’s Day extravaganza. The science of love was perfected by City Girls and what better time to take full advantage of our generosity that with the CG Valentine’s Day Special? All of our patrons are delighted with our surprises whenever a holiday rolls around. For those of you who are new to the sensual world of City Girls, we like to spoil our VIP friends with incredible discounts every Valentine’s Day.

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What better way to gift your significant other than with an amorous angel who loves to entertain couples? For all of you open minded lovebirds, we are offering the Couples CG Special which allows you to indulge your darlings for $500 per hour. (usually its 600). Feel the love this Valentine’s Day by partaking in a spicy trio with one of our participating independent escorts that will you shower you with affection. Forget-me-nots of elation will drive you wild with desire as your sweetheart muse leaves the two of you moonstruck with bliss. Ménage à trois was never so delicious!

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A rapturous evening of romance awaits your St. Valentine’s Day private passion party with one of our luscious companions. Start fantasizing right now about your red hot date laced in pink silk lingerie for only $250 per hour (that’s a $100 discount off the normal donation). Picture a beloved tryst regaled in little more than the red roses you present to her as she nibbles on chocolates making her kisses that much sweeter. She will decorate the evening with tender accolades of delight as your heart throbs for more and more attention.

Happy valentines day banner

Cupid is shooting arrows of passion your way

Think of the succulent charms that await your Valentine’s Day fling with a bombshell even a saint couldn’t resist. With flames of ecstasy nipping at your heels, run to the phone to book a steamy rendezvous before somebody else beats you to the escort of your dreams. CG specials only fall upon special holidays so schedule now before it’s too late!

How to Stay Calm on Your First Date

Scheduling time with an exceptionally beautiful lady does not preclude a gentleman from feeling nervous. The notion of time spent with such a stunning goddess can hold him back. His stomach may churn if for nothing more than excitement of the unknown. Concerns about making a good first impression on a first date, fear of rejection or even performance anxiety can be a bit intimidating.

date tonight

If you are a hobbyist reading these words, how do you combat ‘gorgeous date anxiety’? We spoke to a few of our top VIP members and this is what we summarized:

Focus on your date

Listen to what you date talks about. Pay attention to her words, body language (well, this one may be obvious), smile and eye contact. Communicate with her. Stay outside of yourself and downplay internal reactions. In other words, try not to get stuck on thoughts or opinions. Make an effort to absorb what she talks about.

Optimistic Word Cloud Concept in red caps with great terms such as hopeful, upbeat, happy and more.
Optimistic Word Cloud Concept in red caps with great terms such as hopeful, upbeat, happy and more.

Be open minded and optimistic

Companions come from all walks of life. Focus on the positive possibilities of your date by suspending judgment and not dwelling on trivial details. Set aside personal assumptions, beliefs and thoughts and allow yourself to enjoy the moment! Be optimistic and open. As a result, you will notice a warm interaction, perhaps exchange a few jokes and opinions.

Identify the positives and opportunities

Independent escorts (and even random strangers) have something unique and interesting from which we can learn. Keep an open mind and take an interest in understanding who she is and where she is coming from.

Practice curiosity

It will remove you from your head and help see the positive aspects of your encounter. You will feel more social, enjoy better conversations and get to know your date just a bit more. Look for ways that will help the two of you connect. The act of exchanging perspectives, experiences and opinions can be a great segway to intimacy especially if you are the nervous type. Identifying a sense of familiarity can go a long way in breaking the ice and lead to a fabulous time together.

Romantic egg couple
Romantic egg couple

Keep in light and flirty

Focus on happy topics of conversation and avoid talking about dramatic, traumatic or negative events. However, if you are a gentleman seeking emotional fulfillment through a true girl friend experience, you may be more inclined to approach deeper subjects and needs. If you sense chemistry, chances are that you will see her again. You can then feel more at ease taking the time to establish a sense of familiarity during your first engagement. Then, your second date will be better than ever! The goal is to be ‘growth oriented’, to play and have both people enjoy time spent together.

Diminish worry and anxiety

No matter the scenario, dating a beautiful escort can be riveting at best, nerve racking at worst. Your encounter should be beneficial, enjoyable and memorable. Beyond the obvious, finding the fun in your date can enrich your experience by volumes! When both hobbyist and independent escort connect, there are no limits to gratification.

Love, Chloe xoxo

Categorizing the Companion

Whether she refers to herself as an independent escort, companion or courtesan, there are many reasons why a woman chooses to become a provider.

If we were to generalize, we might talk about certain stereotypes as defined by society. In any case, probably the most common threads are the aspiration for a comfortable income and expression of sensuality. Whether or not the reader agrees with the implied ideals at hand, many companions feel good about themselves, not to mention their clients who feel even better.

Very beautiful and sexy working woman wearing a safety or security jacket or vest and a helmet
Very beautiful and sexy working woman wearing
a safety or security jacket or vest and a helmet

The working woman provider

She has a professional career or job. She works as an independent escort for a variety of reasons. At the end of the day, she enjoys her business and the gentlemen with whom she comes in contact. Often, women with day jobs find that they so enjoy their work as independent escorts that some walk away from their conventional employment.

Let's go shopping!
Let’s go shopping!

The materialistic escort

She is the kind of girl who takes an avid interest in designer fashions, fine cars and cuisine and an overall upscale lifestyle. While she exudes sensual talent, her standards for the high life are rigorous. Often, her aspirations extend beyond the physical world to uphold spiritual values and morals.

Fashion photo of young sensual woman in jeans
Fashion photo of young sensual woman in jeans

The sensual escort

She is the companion who happily discovered her niche in the world of adult entertainment. She may be mature. For sure, she loves what she does in the genuine sense. While she may be a bit eccentric, she is emotionally balanced and finds solace in self expression through eroticism.

Rear view of sexy fetish woman in black leather corset
Rear view of sexy fetish woman in black leather corset

The alternative escort

For a combination of various factors, this provider is into alternative measures such as BDSM, Femdom, fetish or other avenues of kink. To what degree she advances her practice is subjective. She could be a glorified provider with an emphasis on subtle domination for kicks and giggles or she could be genuinely into any of the aforementioned. Sensual massage may be her thing and she might even be a Tantrica in the making. All attributes are experienced at the benefit of her client.

Woman and airplane
Woman and airplane

The international companion

She is a natural born courtesan. She is educated, worldly and/or wise, striking in her own way and is an inherent relationship expert. She is a confidante. Her clients flow toward her like water in what typically result in long lasting interactions. Her engagements are generally not less than an entire weekend, week or longer. She tends to travel with her suitors. She is empowered by her profession, yet retains a sense of humbleness. She is uncommon. While we do not promote labeling or generalization, we do acknowledge that there is measured validity in recognizing provider prototypes. As in any profession and life in general, individuality prevails. Every person has their story. Independent escorts and hobbyists are no exception.

Connecting Deeply Through the Girlfriend Experience

Ever wonder if there are hobbyists who seek companionship for connection deeper than just a few hours of frolic? Many beautiful relationships are shared between independent escorts and hobbyists who seek meaning that delves beyond skin deep.

Understanding the role of a companion

Many companions serve different roles in diverse capacities. Spending an hour or two with a gentleman to entertain him is probably the most common. But there are companions and independent escorts whose roles in the lives of their hobbyist friends extend far beyond a quick tryst. These ladies are well acquainted with passion. They are confidantes whether gentlemen express their deepest feelings or taboo desires. A courtesan understands the psychological composition of her client. She is nurturing in an emotional aspect. She caters to his physical needs much in the same way a massage therapist ‘feels’ the physiological needs of her patient. No matter her label, a provider is a master of men. Her expert tuition lovingly and compassionately nurtures his physical, emotional and psychological whims according to his needs and requests.

What circumstances lead a gentleman to an escort?

It is true that many men seek the company of an escort because they want to have a good time. Motivation is different from man to man. Perhaps he is single and is looking for a thrill. He may be lonely and desire to confide in a companion who pampers him and takes care of him in many ways. He might come from a troubled marriage and seek healing in total confidentiality. Perhaps his needs are of a fetish nature and he secretly desires to explore them. On a different note, there are women, girlfriends and wives with cravings to explore introduction of another woman into their relationships. In all cases, sensual openness is the main component in assisting ladies and gentlemen to understand and fulfill their needs.

Deep connection
Deep connection

Defining the deep connection

Establishing chemistry moves beyond stunning lingerie, a good time and a few laughs. There is a strong sense of openness, a flame that is ignited, a kindling of the spirits that turns a date into an ongoing affair. It might take two or three encounters to seal this kind of connection. As with any relationship, qualities build from there. As a result, there are those hobbyist/escort interactions that evolve into sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangements. There are also gentlemen who re-discover intimacy with their wives through interacting with an independent escort. They talk about their marriages in a therapeutic form. And there are couples who seek to explore their relationships with the guided hand of a companion.

closeup picture of man and woman's hands with gift box
closeup picture of man and woman’s hands with gift box

The girlfriend experience is a multi-faceted one

It means different things to different people. Just the same, different factors draw hobbyists to independent escorts for different reasons. Most certainly, it is the emotional familiarity of the experience to which they connect and often even nostalgia that men seek. There are many different layers of love. Marriage represents one of them. Some hobbyists fall in love with their companions as a result of the connection. Regardless, intimacy seems to be the missing link in marriages or relationships that lead gentlemen to find the girlfriend experience within the company of an independent escort.

Fervent kisses, Chloe xoxo

Quieting Holiday Loneliness with a GFE

Amidst happy lovers bundled arm in arm, Christmas carols resonating throughout the city and holiday shoppers bustling at the mall quietly mingle the lonely souls of many hobbyists

They show us what they want us to see: smiling faces, secure demeanors and professional composure. Yet beneath the surface dwells a state of unfulfillment in their homes. They experience lack of love and intimacy in dormant marriages that have been frozen for years. These hobbyists coexist with their wives in a barren world of monotony, mortgage payments and facades of false happiness. On a darker side, their marriages suffer from arguments or worse, fighting, separation and divorce.

Not all hobbyists are necessarily out to turn a few tricks or on a more perverse note take advantage of women as independent escorts

There are a lot of good men (whether single or not) who dabble in the demimonde of adult entertainment out of yearning for genuine companionship that surpasses the mere physical aspect associated with escorts. Herein lies the reality that shatters the stigma attached to independent escorting. These men have a hunger to satisfy their needs for closeness and understanding in a loving and non judgmental environment offered by gorgeous companions who believe in the girl friend experience.

Silhouette of kissing girl and guy
Silhouette of kissing girl and guy

What exactly is the girlfriend experience?

It means different things to different people. The term has evolved since its origin to the point that some independent escorts do not want to be associated with the acronym or any other label that might pool them with all the rest. Many escorts use it as a marketing tool while others genuinely offer the girlfriend experience. The modern day, successful GFE possesses sophisticated, psychological insight and a charismatic talent for attracting and bonding with her clients. Often times, hobbyist and companion become close friends, blurring the lines between paid companionship and true camaraderie.

When such a relationship reaches this heightened level of intimate stability, it may stabilize into what is known as a sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangement or simply an ongoing tryst.

All alone on Christmas Eve

It doesn’t have to be this way. A hobbyist or gentleman who does not have a conventional girlfriend, close friends or family does not have to suffer in silence with an aching heart during the most sentimental time of year. Whether he chooses to spend one hour with a smoking hot bombshell or a weekend with a tender soul blessed with understanding and total femininity, there are companions out there eager to become the period at the end of his sentence. It is just a matter of defining who she is and finding her.

Check list. Vector illustration EPS version 8.
Check list. Vector illustration EPS version 8.

Make a list and check it twice

If a man wanted to purchase a car, he would eventually develop a ‘needs list’ of the features that the automobile should contain after looking at so many. Before he made the purchase, he would know exactly what he wanted. Do your homework. Start by making a list on paper of the features that define the woman who best suits your personality, needs and desires. Shop around. Read biographies. Look at photos. Get a feel for her style. Inquire with a few (without wasting their time) to get a sense of chemistry. If it fits the budget, one or two pre-requisite dates are highly recommended before spending significant holiday time with a lady to find out the hard way that the two of you may not be suited for each other.

New Year’s Eve is just around the bend

We all know that life slows down to a crawl this time of year. Many ladies are spending time with family and may not be available. Connecting with an independent escort whom you really like is a task that should be pursued well in advance before the actual holiday arrives. Who knows? The two of you might actually take a trip together to ring in the New Year.

Many kisses, Chloe xoxo

Tolerance in the World of Hobbying

Escorts and Hobbying are no exceptions in a world rich with cultural diversity and individuality. Respecting the opinions and behaviors of others should be an attitude inherent in every situation whether in the hobby, office, family or every day civilian life.

A state of respect

A gentleman should not date any escort (or any woman for that matter) if he cannot show deference toward her. Those men with hateful attitudes who date companions, inflicting their hostility should find another hobby and instead put their dollars toward therapy to improve the health of their psychological dispositions. We at City Girls have heard incredible stories of amazing independent escorts who continue to enrich the lives of their hobbyist friends with kind personalities and generous abilities to restore their senses of self worth.

Heart and Arrow Symbol on computer key
Heart and Arrow Symbol on computer key

A portrait of female humanity

Companionship really can encompass so much. Of course, there are those trite encounters – wam bam, thank you maam – that quench urgent yearnings associated with the company of a beautiful escort. But today’s modern courtesan has the ability to offer depth. There are sugar daddies that enrich the lives of their sugar babies with higher standards of living. But there are also amazing companions who instill not only satisfaction in their friends but confidence, self-worth and reinforcement of their significance as human beings.

She has undeniable cachet

Is it so unusual that a beautiful female with a magnificent body and the ability to drown your desires with ethereal pleasure also be blessed with distinctive qualities unbeknownst to most? Perhaps the main stream would prefer to dispel same but I will shout it out. Seek the woman who meets the aforementioned description and you as a gentleman will pleasantly discover that she exists in shapes and sizes to satisfy every masculine need (and feminine for that matter!).

The archetypal woman

She is a masterpiece of delicate creation, a dichotomy of strength and gentleness. She worships her man yet advocates equal rights for her gender. She cares deeply for her family (not always blood-related) and stands with authority for ethics and values. She dances to her own tune but harbors a sensitive side often overshadowed by her undying vigor. She is profoundly mindful of the temple that is her body and is aware that her presence may intimidate or confuse other females. Her energy is contagious and unwavering but never gets in the way of her relationships. She is a bouquet of pleasure from the most mundane to the most spiritual and erotic of episodes.

Adore the escort who graces your life

The sphere of ladies who entertain and enrich for a living is broad with flavors for every appetite. Select your company with prudence and then indulge in a decathlon of pleasures bestowed upon you. Remember that your memories compose a mental diary forever etched in your mind. Enjoy accordingly.

Defining the Authentic Escort

Independent escorting is all about the art of relationships. Some companions are more talented than others, bestowing gratification that will mildly faze you or better yet, permanently alter your being. Whether your encounter is brief or extended, how can a hobbyist detect which lady is going to make his day verses the one is going to rock his universe?

Fashion portrait of young elegant woman in bed

How genuinely sensual is she?

There are ladies who are born sirens and others who rise to sensual epiphanies due to life circumstances. The truly erotic woman is one who knows how to handle herself and takes her profession seriously. She understands that the objective of her business lies in satisfying clients by calling upon all of their senses. In short, she enjoys being with people on a deeply intimate level. She is intuitive, patient, balanced and oh so physical. She is a ‘therapist’ of sorts, maybe not licensed but her wisdom cuts to the core of humanity as we know it. She is indescribably humane, sharp and shrewd when it comes to whom she will entertain. At City Girls, we know well about that which we speak!

Her bio should tell all

Scanning for a quick fix will land you a little pleasure but probably not nirvana. A sugar daddy is versed in reading the content of a potential sugar baby’s biography because he is interested in taking on a more fulfilling relationship. As a gentleman in the hobby, learning about your companion is part of the deal. Surprisingly, a lot can be learned by absorbing the mood and tonality of what a provider has written in her biography. A tremendous amount of insight can be gained by reading an escort’s bio!

Pictures tell the visual

There are escort photos that are straightforward and undeniably attractive. There are other escort images which are well, beautiful but may cause the viewer to question their authenticity. Photoshop comes to mind. Will you recognize her when you meet? City Girls private club and agencies tend to feature recent images but with independent websites, one must search a bit. The professional escort will most certainly post images that were taken within the last six months. If the descriptions in her escort reviews match what you see in her photos, all is good.

Customer reviews in speech clouds or bubbles for people sharing their review of products or services

To review or not to review

Escort Reviews are like little insurance policies that your investment into time spent with an independent escort will pay off. Nowadays, a trend is growing toward escorts who wish to maintain a sense of anonymity when it comes to clients detailing their encounters. City Girls offers alternatives that equal the same sense of confidence as any review.

City Girls is not about women who choose to escort as a means to an end

Our ladies Club members are authentic entertainers who happen to radiate dazzling beauty and truly enjoy the company of their gentleman counterparts. Independent escorts at City Girls are all about the art of sensuality which is why our ladies are so highly revered.

How to Smell Seductive on Your Date

How important is scent to a woman? Well. Let me tell you, lovers. A captivating scent can make the difference between hitting a home run with an escort and just getting to first base!

Don’t go overboard, guys. Smelling seductive on a date is a fine blend between your pheromones shining through and triggering desire with scent. Leave your lover wanting more!

Taking a shower is super sexy

While this topic may sound redundant to many hobbyists (oh Chloe! We’ve all heard this a thousand times), I guarantee that by the end of this article, you will have a new perspective on how to be sexy! Being attractive is not limited only to an escort. Start by taking a nice, hot shower and wash with a neutral soap or body wash that is not scented. When you are all finished, your body will be a fresh palate upon which you will dab your scent in places that matter.

Use a neutral deodorant

I hate to say it but the only thing worse than a hobbyist that reeks of body odor is one that smells of a pungent, repulsive deodorant. Using an unscented deodorant/antiperspirant combo works great eliminating bacterial odors. If you tend to sweat or perspire a lot, your doctor can prescribe something stronger.

Do not select just any cologne!

Visit a reputable store that excels in customer service and a broad selection of fragrances such as Nordstrom. For those hobbyists comfortable enough with their companions to join them go for it! It always helps to get your partner’s input. The best time to shop is in the morning when your body chemistry is fresh and your sense of smell uncluttered by a day’s worth of contamination by smog, exhaust, restaurants and the like. Before you hit the stores, decide on a few adjectives that best describe your personal style and the scent you would like to exude. Personally, I always select a fragrance that is spicy and earthy. Whether as a hobbyist your style is musky, sweet, grassy or earthy, your description will eliminate many choices and make the clerk’s life much easier! I highly recommend spending a bit more and purchasing a high end fragrance. They are quite pure, more unique and last much longer! An exotic fragrance is a sex magnet for every escort. I do not lie!

How to apply your scent

Is just as important as what scent you select. It is critical not to ‘drown’ yourself. Immediately following your shower when the skin is damp, dab your cologne in target areas. Keep in mind where your companion’s lips may be drawn and do not go there! While an intoxicating scent can be a powerful aphrodisiac, tasting it can be repulsive. Some good areas include behind the ears, the backs of the knees, wrists and a little on the chest. Be cautious about applying or spraying cologne on to your clothing as many scents can stain.

Wear clothing that doesn’t suffocate

Don’t spoil it all by wearing garments that do not breathe. Whether you live in a hot, cold or humid climate, threads matter. For all you hobbyist gents who think that I’m getting complicated, hold onto your shorts! Once you get this knowledge under your belt, your sensual life will become much easier. Cotton blends are the best, especially if your clothing is clingy. Synthetic blends such as polyester do not breathe and may actually promote perspiration. If you live in a cold climate layer your clothing. If you live in a warm climate, beware of linen shirts as they are suckers for [body odor] stain.

Fresh breath is just as important as wearing an expensive cologne

Two words for every hobbyist and every independent escort: avoid garlic. While you may appear like a Greek god, sport deep pockets and drive a car fueled with testosterone, the bubble is sure to burst if your breath smells like a culinary sewer. For any escort, there is simply no greater turn off next to body odor and rudeness for that matter. Obviously, you must adapt a certain level of awareness as it pertains to your diet when considering fresh breath that actually attracts your companion. If the garlic and onions somehow find their way into your diet due to a company dinner, have on hand some good breath supplements which you can pop immediately following that decadent meal (orderable online or purchasable at your local health food store). Fortified with parsley and other effective ingredients, they are sure to do the trick and eradicate that foul breath. Prior to your date, brush well and gargle with mouthwash. Carry a traveler’s pack in your car for spontaneous use. Avoid the following ingredients on your date: garlic, onions and any cuisine that is heavily spiced. Consume plenty of water during your date with your companion. Simply put, smoking is a no no! Ugh. Yuck. Gross.

City Girls wants you to smell like success

Where can hobbyists find lessons in etiquette? Right here at City Girls! If your masculinity is beating at your chest, quell that manly whisper and know that we care about the quality of your love life. Follow our words of wisdom and you will thank us!

Mastering Charisma: How to Make Women Fall For You, Part I

One of the keys to mastering charisma is embracing who you are with grace and acceptance. Every person whether hobbyist or escort is gifted with talents and attributes that support the highest self.

Recognize without criticism or judgment who you are and who you are not. Getting into the habit of reflecting on the beauty within you will create magical results. Falling into the trap of self-criticism is poison to charisma.

I thought it would be fun to touch on just a few factors that play into the development of charisma. This is such a juicy topic I know that there will be a part II for all hobbyists and independent escortswho want to make the most of their interactions.

Find out and like the real you

Identifying your best qualities and capitalizing on them is the first step toward increasing positive energy. When you are able to look in the mirror and view yourself without judgment you are giving yourself a platform from which to grow. No one is perfect and when you accept that you give yourself the freedom to be who you really are.

Who are you at your best?

Self-awareness is critical. Think of when you are your best. Are you calm, confident, clear-minded, outgoing? What are the differences in your behavior? Usually, a person will communicate better on their best day. How do you treat yourself? How does your inner dialogue differ? Compare and contrast your best days and your worst days and focus on traits of the good days.

Learn what your body language is saying

When we were children, some of us may remember when our mothers told us to “keep your chin up”. Your mouth is not the only part of your body that talks. How you carry yourself tells a big story whether subliminal or obvious. Hobbyists who want to impress their companions know that maximizing body language is one of the most important factors. Projecting positive body language starts long before you walk out the door. Worrying about how your clothes fit or the way your hair looks will project an air of anxiety and unfriendliness. Wearing the right clothing and taking the time to care for your hair (and skin) will all exude confidence which play into charisma. As simple as this may sound, always, always stand up straight! I think our mothers told us this millions of times when we were children. How right they were!

Be nice AND interesting

The hobbyist who is nice and interesting will surpass by zillions of miles the hobbyist who feels righteous by being stuck up or arrogant. It takes a much bigger person with humility to be nice. If you feel that you are not interesting, target some objects of interest and study up. Current events, social events, books, sports, philanthropy (a lot of companions are really into this), fashion and culture are just a few. A gentleman who is nice and interesting is one of the sexiest creatures on earth to hisescort friends. Can you think of anything more charismatic?

City Girls wants all of you to radiate charisma!

I could talk about this subject for days! But I think that the topics discussed will give all you hobbyists and independent escorts enough to chew on until the sequel in just a few weeks.

Before Entering a Casual Relationship

Casual relationships are often referred to as “friends with benefits” (FWB). An exciting encounter can be essential to a man’s or a woman’s lifestyle. Casual relationships are no longer enjoyed just by players.

Nowadays, there are many reasons why a companion or hobbyist will seek a casual relationship. But we cannot forget the human element and its need for emotional fulfillment on some level, recognizing that all casual relationships are date stamped. In the meantime, City Girls would like to explore a few tidbits of advice on how you can get the most out of a casual relationship that will flourish with fun and sensual excitement.

Courtesy counts for both the companion and the hobbyist

Just because it’s an FWB relationship doesn’t mean that you are exempt from polite behavior. Friends deserve courtesy just as much as a wives, husbands, elders and bosses. If you must break an engagement, do it with as much advance notice as possible. Make sure that your excuse is valid and doesn’t offend your partner. Excessive cancelations are just unacceptable. If that’s the case, it’s better to be in a relationship with yourself. Whether you are a hobbyist or an independent escort, total disconnect is a great and inconsiderate way to confuse your friend. Communicate your boundaries and stick to them without creating a guessing game otherwise known as drama.

Respect prevails in any type of relationship

We all have needs. Just because it’s a casual relationshipdoesn’t mean that man or woman should treat each other as emotionless sex objects (okay, well maybe you are a mega machine in the sack but you’re still human!) Take heed of yourfriend’s time, feelings and emotions. These actions do not imply that you will automatically merge into a long term relationship(unless that’s what is meant to happen); it just means that you are honoring the boundaries of the FWB interactions. On the other hand, if you remain casual but your partner shows signs of deeper involvement that is known as a conflict of interest. Out of respect for each other, it is time to re-evaluate the relationship. I have never understood why anyone in any sort of relationshipwould fail to respect the other. That is just poor character.

A girlfriend experience may be considered a casual relationship

While I may be venturing off track a bit, I think it is worth mentioning that the definition of the girlfriend experience has broadened to take on a wider array of interpretations as to how a companion will conduct herself. There are those independent escorts (some ladies refer to themselves as elite courtesans) who maintain ongoing relationships with their clients that take on characteristics of a casual relationship. And then there is the sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship which is often casual. Perhaps these types of casual relationships are easier for the partners to remain within their boundaries because each party plays a role: companion and hobbyist (or client).

The casual relationship enjoys its freedom

Freedom is not only about dating as many people as you want although this kind of freedom does fall into the description of most hobbyists. But for many (and especially independent escorts), freedom gained from being in a casual relationship equals the flexibility to devote attention to other areas of your life while having your erotic needs met. Whether for hobbyist or companion, taking on all of the obligations associated with a traditional relationship doesn’t fit into the scope of the lifestyle that a casual relationship satisfies. Void are weekend barbeques with your partner’s family where you must be in your Sunday best; attending work functions when you’d rather be getting your nails done or watching the game or keeping the house clean 24/7.

When does the fun expire?

Every casual relationship has an expiration date. Usually, one partner changes his or her needs or desires or meets someone else. Or, both simply tire of each other and decide to move on. In any case, acknowledging that this is neither a long term relationship nor a one-night booty call will allow FWB to flow with ease. Most of the time, the concept of remaining friends (and I am talking about truefriendship) after a casual relationship has ended is false and unlikely to happen.

So boys and girls, if you are lucky enough to fulfill your physical needs in a spicy, steamy, casual relationship, more power to you. Live in the moment, treat the relationship with the respect it deserves and don’t worry about tomorrow. City Girls will take care of that!