Decoding Body Language, part 2

There are folks who light up a room with good energy. There are others who seem surrounded by an invisible dark cloud casting their spiritual heaviness on those around them.

If you are skeptical about the significance of body language, take this into consideration: since 1996, experts from the Pentagon have studied the body language of fifteen different prominent figures. There are even institutions where you can get certified in body language expertise. This article is the second in a series.


The flirtatious femme fatale


It’s pretty obvious when an escort is flirting with a hobbyist. She will make eye contact, lean toward him, laugh and smile constantly. Due to her sensual tension, she may noticeably touch herself in subtle ways including her jewelry, neck and hair. It is quite flattering for a hobbyist when an independent escort flirts with him because she gives him total affirmation that he can ‘move forward’.

lips femme fatale

The lustful paramour

Lust is an amplified version of flirtation. The situation is charged with erotic nuances in which her eye contact becomes overtly direct and her pupils dilate. Sexy movements are pronounced as she arches her back with chest protruding and legs crossed if she is sitting along with lips slightly parted. Her breath will become heavier and she will find reasons to touch him no matter where they are. For the eager hobbyist, this situation is a slam dunk. She’s into him! He should respond to her actions and well, accept what is being offered.

woman expressioning denial

The disinterested escort

Oh dear. This is not a good situation. Without eye contact the date is grim. Further, if she crosses her arms in front of him or shows signs of awkwardness, fidgeting in an uncomfortable way, she’s faking it. If a hobbyist feels that she is subtly resisting his advances when he tries to get cozy, all bets are off that the date is going to be genuine and one that both enjoy.

escort reviews poor experience

The conflicted companion

A lady who does not truly like her profession as an entertainer (or is simply having a ‘bad hair day’) will display body language that is inconsistent from one moment to the next. Whether she is tired, unhappy or in a bad mood, her gestures can make a hobbyist feel very uncomfortable. She may look into his eyes then abruptly turn away; move a little closer then retreat when he reciprocates. She may seem outgoing but act shyly because she is being reserved. Most likely, she is dealing with outside issues that do not have anything to do with her date (unless her date is a jerk). The best a hobbyist can do in this unfortunate situation is to go with the flow, not force the situation and make the most of it. Body language prevails as the unspoken communication
Women often give off a variety of signals that are mixed, making interpretation a bit challenging. However, chances are that a hobbyist will know when an escort is really into him.

Yummy kisses, Chloe

Decoding Body Language

Ever get a vibe from your date that something just isn’t right? You’re a hobbyist who is quite the escort enthusiast. But sometimes, a lady can cause you to feel a certain way that is strongly communicated without words. It’s called body language. Your entire body participates in the business of either concealing or displaying your mental state. In the first article of a series, we will take a look at a few clues that will make your escort dating experience sweeter than ever!

An icon set of doodled cartoon smiley faces in a variety of expressions.
An icon set of doodled cartoon smiley faces in a variety of expressions.

What’s really behind that facial expression?

Emotions are expressed through facial expressions. They are the most universal forms of body language. Facial expressions are tied directly to emotions as expressed vividly by an independent escort through the girl friend experience. They may or may not be accurate, sometimes lending to a sense of false happiness. In the dynamic between an escort and a hobbyist, facial expressions can indicate either a sense of detachment or a genuine desire to connect. Joy, anger, fear, surprise and sadness are among the most common emotions tied to facial expressions.

Portrait of beautiful girl with red lips, red manicure. Close up. frizz
Portrait of beautiful girl with red lips, red manicure. Close up. frizz

Oh, those bedroom eyes

Ever heard the expression, ‘the eyes are windows to the soul’? It is quite true! The eyes can reveal a great deal about what an escort is feeling almost like a sneak preview into her psyche. Pay attention to whether or not she makes direct eye contact or breaks the eye contact. When she looks directly into your eyes, she is interested with full attention! But if her gaze is shifty, she could be feeling distracted, uncomfortable or evasive about her feelings. While blinking is natural, too much blinking can be a sign that an escort is feeling distressed or uncomfortable.

young couple hobbyist and escort at bar counter talking
young couple hobbyist and escort at bar counter talking

Arms and legs tell more than you may realize

You’ve just met and are sipping cocktails in the corner of a piano bar. If she positions her chest and legs in your direction, you know that you are the most meaningful thing to her, at least in the moment! Does she cross her legs away from you? The gesture could be a sign that she is feeling uncomfortable. Crossed arms can be an indication that an escort is feeling defensive, self-protective or closed off.

Interpreting that pretty smile

Probably one of the best at-a-glance indicators of an independent escort’s emotion disposition is whether her mouth is turned slightly up or slightly down. Lips turned slightly up can indicate that she is feeling happy and optimistic. A slightly downturned mouth can be a sign that she is sad, unhappy or frustrated. Covering the mouth can indicate a desire to hide an emotional reaction.

What really is the underlying message?

We all know that when an independent escort dates a hobbyist, her goal is to please. But for the gentleman who seeks more intimacy and genuineness from the dating experience understanding the subtle nuances of body language plays a big roll. On the other hand, deciphering what an escort is saying to a hobbyist with her bodily expressions can be especially challenging for the non emotive type. Most importantly, a gentleman should pay attention to what her overall presence and the total sum of her body language, is saying to him.


How to Stay Calm on Your First Date

Scheduling time with an exceptionally beautiful lady does not preclude a gentleman from feeling nervous. The notion of time spent with such a stunning goddess can hold him back. His stomach may churn if for nothing more than excitement of the unknown. Concerns about making a good first impression on a first date, fear of rejection or even performance anxiety can be a bit intimidating.

date tonight

If you are a hobbyist reading these words, how do you combat ‘gorgeous date anxiety’? We spoke to a few of our top VIP members and this is what we summarized:

Focus on your date

Listen to what you date talks about. Pay attention to her words, body language (well, this one may be obvious), smile and eye contact. Communicate with her. Stay outside of yourself and downplay internal reactions. In other words, try not to get stuck on thoughts or opinions. Make an effort to absorb what she talks about.

Optimistic Word Cloud Concept in red caps with great terms such as hopeful, upbeat, happy and more.
Optimistic Word Cloud Concept in red caps with great terms such as hopeful, upbeat, happy and more.

Be open minded and optimistic

Companions come from all walks of life. Focus on the positive possibilities of your date by suspending judgment and not dwelling on trivial details. Set aside personal assumptions, beliefs and thoughts and allow yourself to enjoy the moment! Be optimistic and open. As a result, you will notice a warm interaction, perhaps exchange a few jokes and opinions.

Identify the positives and opportunities

Independent escorts (and even random strangers) have something unique and interesting from which we can learn. Keep an open mind and take an interest in understanding who she is and where she is coming from.

Practice curiosity

It will remove you from your head and help see the positive aspects of your encounter. You will feel more social, enjoy better conversations and get to know your date just a bit more. Look for ways that will help the two of you connect. The act of exchanging perspectives, experiences and opinions can be a great segway to intimacy especially if you are the nervous type. Identifying a sense of familiarity can go a long way in breaking the ice and lead to a fabulous time together.

Romantic egg couple
Romantic egg couple

Keep in light and flirty

Focus on happy topics of conversation and avoid talking about dramatic, traumatic or negative events. However, if you are a gentleman seeking emotional fulfillment through a true girl friend experience, you may be more inclined to approach deeper subjects and needs. If you sense chemistry, chances are that you will see her again. You can then feel more at ease taking the time to establish a sense of familiarity during your first engagement. Then, your second date will be better than ever! The goal is to be ‘growth oriented’, to play and have both people enjoy time spent together.

Diminish worry and anxiety

No matter the scenario, dating a beautiful escort can be riveting at best, nerve racking at worst. Your encounter should be beneficial, enjoyable and memorable. Beyond the obvious, finding the fun in your date can enrich your experience by volumes! When both hobbyist and independent escort connect, there are no limits to gratification.

Love, Chloe xoxo

It’s Veteran’s Day!

We at City Girls ask our readers and members to join us in taking a moment of silence to honor the heroes our great country, the United States of America. On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918, the armistice ending of World War I went into effect. A year later, President Wilson proclaimed November 11th as the first commemoration of Armistice Day. 36 years later, it was renamed Veteran’s Day to honor those who have served in armed service (not to be confused with Memorial Day, when we remember those men and women who died while serving our country).

Who are our personal heroes here at City Girls? Because our private club is maintained on a foundation of politeness and decency, our motto is simple: those who subscribe to our philosophy become our heroes.

veterans day written in the blank space of a heart sign made with the hands patterned with the colors and the stars of the United States flag
veterans day written in the blank space of a heart sign made with the hands patterned with the colors and the stars of the United States flag

Respect and dignity are paramount

Every human being is equally accountable for their attitudes and actions; nature does not discriminate. Neither the fatness of your pocket book, the magnitude of your muscles nor the grandeur of your notoriety account for much when void of esteemed conduct. Put quite simply, good manners and moral posture are qualities we look for when pairing our hobbyist club members with our independent escort club members.

Politesse separates the gentleman from the man

Do not even think of setting foot in certain countries such as France where minding your Ps and Qs are as essential as the passport that got you there. ‘Please’, ‘thank you’, holding the door for your date, opening the door of the car for her and seating her at the dinner table are just a few gracious gestures that characterize a gentleman.

Live it up but maintain your decorum

While public displays of proper behavior are highly admirable and expected, letting your hair down and cutting loose behind closed doors is something that we expect of our private club members. That is not to say that hobbyist and escort should fall victim to disrespectful or hostile interaction when no one else is around (unless you are both into your own little world of unique fetish role playing).

A demure disposition is important in public

Subtle, understated behavior is the best way to go in the world of hobbying and escorting. Your personal escapades are no one’s business and should forego passersby. Ostentatious displays of affection by a hobbyist with a drop dead gorgeous companion are frowned upon. It is best to reside beneath the radar when hobbyist and escort meet in public places in terms of fashion and body language. Save the enthusiasm for later!

When we think of a hero, we think of you

Whether you are a hobbyist, sugar daddy or gentleman looking for a fabulous date, stand tall with values and respect your lady friends. In this regard, every day is Veteran’s Day for us. But first and foremost, we pay tribute to those veteran’s who helped make this country what it is today.

Boundaries in Relationship with escorts

How can you enjoy the hobby without establishing healthy boundaries? Knowing your limits will allow you to relax and let go!

Good communication skills are essential when asserting your boundaries, lending the tools to communicate likes and dislikes with your partner.

Every interaction is a relationship on some level

Let us first understand the exact definition of a relationship: a connection or association; a particular type of connection existing between people related to or having dealings with each other; a romantic or sexual involvement. A relationship can begin with little more than an interaction or carry on for a lifetime and every integer in between.

Why would anyone facilitate a ‘bad’ relationship? Such behavior invites bad karma. At the risk of sounding cynical, I question the intent of the hobbyist who is disrespectful or at a minimum, unpleasant. Perhaps he should switch his hobby to basketball and shoot a few hoops, instead. When dating independent escorts, defining a clear understanding of your relationships is the premise to setting your boundaries.

The power of non verbal communication

A hobbyist can shout his purpose without words through body language. It is just that powerful. By the same token, a gentleman can convey his boundaries to a companion in the way

that he carries himself. It is all part of the communication. Understanding your boundaries will be reflected in your body language.

Understand the needs and interests of your partner

As a hobbyist, whether you are dating an independent escort for sixty minutes never to see her again or engaging with a longer term companion, you are dealing with another human being. From a purely selfish standpoint, gaining insight into her immediate needs and interests will benefit your overall experience. After all, pleasure is at the root of your enjoyment. When you understand where she is coming from, you will be better able to assess your personal boundaries, setting the relationship in the right direction. At best, when an independent escort also benefits from and enjoys the experience, it is a win-win situation!

Build rapport and trust

One important component of an independent escort’s job is to establish rapport which in turn develops trust. At the same time, she looks for cohesion with a hobbyist, mutual attention and positivity. She immediately sets out to discover her client’s boundaries so that she can proceed with the relationship. If she is all about the girl friend experience, her goals are even more pronounced. All of the above may occur in the first five minutes of your acquaintance or over a period of time. As a hobbyist, when you know your boundaries, you can reciprocate with confidence so that the two of you are synchronized and relate well to each other. The end result is a sense of trust which is the basis for a rewarding escort/hobbyist relationship.

Reap the benefits

Every relationship, even on the most superficial level, is all about give and take. Establishing boundaries will enable a sense of how a hobbyist and independent escort can relate to each other. As a hobbyist, when you assert your personal guidelines or limits, you are letting your companion know what is reasonable, safe and permissible to you. She will respond favorably and within those limits, less likely to step outside of your boundaries.

Dynamics of a Threesome (couple)

The energy between a man and two women can be delicate, especially when the woman is his wife. If you as a couples escort have been approached to spend time with a married couple, City Girls believes that paying careful attention to details and subtle nuances will result in a successful encounter. Let’s explore a few:

When it comes to a trio, the psychological impact that beauty and appearance make on a woman can be quite different than the impact they have on a man. It is your job to ‘read’ your new friends to stay in control of the situation by keeping them comfortable and at ease with you. They contacted you because they found you quite attractive. Most likely, the husband will orchestrate the encounter. When the three of you finally meet, your appearance will make a split second impression. The first words that fall from your mouth will pretty much seal that impression. Never ‘out dress’ or ‘outdo’ the wife. It’s a good idea to communicate with the couple prior to your meeting to determine if the engagement is a good fit (you want positive memories to resound long after your engagement). In doing so, you will gain a good sense of what to wear and how to present yourself, thereby matching the energy of the wife. If not handled elegantly, beauty becomes a liability whereas you’ve always felt it to be an asset. Don’t leave your psychology hat at home! Read on…

Who calls the [emotional] shots?

While this may be a generalization, usually it’s the wife. If the husband is smart, he’ll hang on to his knickers, sit back and allow the two of you to get comfortable. Play into her hands and get on her good side immediately. Get to know her. When she feels in control of the situation, all three will ease into harmony.

Bonding with the wife

As an independent escort, you are a professional entertainer. Whether you go for a walk in the park, attend an affluent social event or meet for cocktails in the intimate setting of a private suite, it is your job to quickly assess and constantly monitor the emotional and psychological dispositions of your clients. On the outside, you are approachable, easy to talk to and emanate a sense of safety about your presence. On the inside, your brain is a machine working a mile a minute. What is she thinking? How is her body language? You can be sure she has summed you up in the first minutes of your meeting. What does she want and need from you? Is she nervous? Does she want you all to herself or did her husband persuade her? The eyes in the back of your head are watching the husband’s behavior all the while. Once you have made these realizations, you can proceed to bond with her. Find her innermost beauty and essence and become best friends if only for the moment. Like her. Win over the wife and you’ve already succeeded. Carry it through to the end of your date and you’ve got repeat clients.

Achieving harmony in the trio

It is critical to pay close attention to the dynamic between you as an escort and the energy that’s crackling between the husband and wife as a couple. It is a balancing act equivalent to juggling 4 beach balls. Always be alert and never let your persona falter. They want you to transform them to another realm not present in their marriage. They are relying on you and despite how things may appear, it is your professional responsibility to take them there and give them the times of their lives.

Make them fall in love with you

When you have mastered your beauty to work to your advantage, determined who the leader in the relationship is, bonded with the wife and achieved harmony between the three of you, this couple who are your clients will fall in love with you. They will reminisce and fantasize about the experience long after the occasion. Your success as an independent escort entertaining a married couple then becomes a magical potion that will stimulate the quality of their marriage.

City Girls believes that the successful escort is one who spends time with her clients with the intention of turning them into long term clients

That is one of the secrets of increasing the stability of your job. When you have repeat clients your time is freed to focus on making new friends. Isn’t that what it’s all about?