Why City Girls: Part 1- Safety for both provider and hobbyist.

When navigating the world of adult entertainment, safety of well-being should always be top priority as an independent escort and hobbyist. Relying on a false sense of security because someone guarantees your discretion can get you into a host of troubles, to say the least. Complacency or outright reckless hobbying or providing can cost your reputation, marriage, family ties and even your life.

safety first city girls

There are a lot of imposters out there

Whether they be modeling agencies, independent escorts, or undercover agents. The industry of professional dating is an invisible one shrouded in discretion and anonymity. Two people must feel absolutely safe with each other to ensure the integrity of their date. But how do you really know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your privacy and safety will not be jeopardized?

City Girls invented the science of secure adult internet dating

Safety is our middle name; security our mantra by which every daily action of the dating process must pass. The best friend of a safe environment is a user-friendly environment within a seamless screening method required of all providers and hobbyists. Thanks to our appointment processing system, every act of communication is automatically encrypted, minimizing email trails about appointment arrangement details in your email Inbox. No stone is left unturned; no detail is overlooked when it comes to ensuring a smooth meeting arrangement that clears the way for pure, unabashed entertainment.

security science

Why City Girls?

In April, 2016, Geisha Diaries through its affiliate Vertical Kitty interviewed our management team in what turned out to be quite a provocative article. As an icon in the adult industry known worldwide for its pragmatic and often times edgy commentary, Geisha Diaries put the spotlight on the ‘true colors’ of the City Girls business model and the breathtaking and genuine beauty that characterizes our independent escorts, no holds barred. Geisha Diaries noted that equal to the lockdown security measures practiced religiously to ensure CG members’ and providers’ safety is the staggering sexiness of our models that leave our VIP members star-eyed on a regular basis. What is the secret behind City Girls’ sustainability? Read the article in which Geisha Diaries reveals it all.

This is the first in a series of articles

Stay tuned for our next article about Quality and what it means to become a City Girls’ avid follower.

The CG Rating System at its Finest

City Girls has evolved into a one-stop boutique of bombshell escorts designed for pleasure tried and true through our independent rating system of proven accuracy. After only three weeks of implementing this new rating mechanism, we are bubbling over with positive results. Being that every dating hobbyist participates in the CG Rating system, precision results are absolute.


The TER rating system, albeit good in theory, is skewed

Not every dating hobbyist participates. In fact, only about 15% take the time to write escort reviews and that percentage has a low variance. Some actually read the reviews while others make their dating decision based solely upon a number. A rating system weak at best, how do you know if that gorgeous companion behind the ‘9’ is really the one for you?

The CG rating system is unbiased

If that unstoppably sexy blonde vixen rates a ‘9.5’ it is because every hobbyist who has dated her has evaluated his experience. Upon conclusion of each and every one of her dates, these gentlemen’s’ short assessments are calculated in an automated tallying system thereby guaranteeing precision. In short, you’re getting the total picture when you view the City Girls Top Five independent escorts posted for all to see, and all of our independent escorts for that matter. There is no funny business and certainly no politics brewing behind the scenes like some other rating systems we’re familiar with.

Where can I find the City Girls’ escort ratings?

To view the top five City Girls, navigate to the page Independent Escorts. There you will find randomly rotating images of the most incredible sirens who ever walked the face of this earth. No, these five girls do not have a number attached to their images. This is because their dating performance has proven them to be the crème de la sensual crème above all other City Girls. Check back frequently because these ladies can change on a daily basis. The time of your life doesn’t stop here. As a VIP member, you have access to all of our amazingly hot muses who all have ratings, many of whom come a bird’s breath away from ranking in the top five.


The CG rating system is a win-win

And has a powerful effect on our independent models. These irresistible temptresses of desire are incentivized to knock your socks off consistently, time and time again. Performance tends to become very robust when there is competition in the air. On the other hand, if an escort is not measuring up during her tour, we’re going to hear about it. The result? Her tour might get discontinued if that is what’s best for the good of our VIP members.

In the world of adult entertainment, it’s all about survival of the fittest and City Girls stands invincible.

Categorizing the Companion

Whether she refers to herself as an independent escort, companion or courtesan, there are many reasons why a woman chooses to become a provider.

If we were to generalize, we might talk about certain stereotypes as defined by society. In any case, probably the most common threads are the aspiration for a comfortable income and expression of sensuality. Whether or not the reader agrees with the implied ideals at hand, many companions feel good about themselves, not to mention their clients who feel even better.

Very beautiful and sexy working woman wearing a safety or security jacket or vest and a helmet
Very beautiful and sexy working woman wearing
a safety or security jacket or vest and a helmet

The working woman provider

She has a professional career or job. She works as an independent escort for a variety of reasons. At the end of the day, she enjoys her business and the gentlemen with whom she comes in contact. Often, women with day jobs find that they so enjoy their work as independent escorts that some walk away from their conventional employment.

Let's go shopping!
Let’s go shopping!

The materialistic escort

She is the kind of girl who takes an avid interest in designer fashions, fine cars and cuisine and an overall upscale lifestyle. While she exudes sensual talent, her standards for the high life are rigorous. Often, her aspirations extend beyond the physical world to uphold spiritual values and morals.

Fashion photo of young sensual woman in jeans
Fashion photo of young sensual woman in jeans

The sensual escort

She is the companion who happily discovered her niche in the world of adult entertainment. She may be mature. For sure, she loves what she does in the genuine sense. While she may be a bit eccentric, she is emotionally balanced and finds solace in self expression through eroticism.

Rear view of sexy fetish woman in black leather corset
Rear view of sexy fetish woman in black leather corset

The alternative escort

For a combination of various factors, this provider is into alternative measures such as BDSM, Femdom, fetish or other avenues of kink. To what degree she advances her practice is subjective. She could be a glorified provider with an emphasis on subtle domination for kicks and giggles or she could be genuinely into any of the aforementioned. Sensual massage may be her thing and she might even be a Tantrica in the making. All attributes are experienced at the benefit of her client.

Woman and airplane
Woman and airplane

The international companion

She is a natural born courtesan. She is educated, worldly and/or wise, striking in her own way and is an inherent relationship expert. She is a confidante. Her clients flow toward her like water in what typically result in long lasting interactions. Her engagements are generally not less than an entire weekend, week or longer. She tends to travel with her suitors. She is empowered by her profession, yet retains a sense of humbleness. She is uncommon. While we do not promote labeling or generalization, we do acknowledge that there is measured validity in recognizing provider prototypes. As in any profession and life in general, individuality prevails. Every person has their story. Independent escorts and hobbyists are no exception.

Categorizing the Hobbyist

From our perspective, there are all sorts of hobbyists who choose to see independent escorts. Their reasons vary greatly.

They are not necessarily hobbyists though many do fit the ticket. Then of course, there are the exceptions that are not shaped by any mold. We thought it would be interesting to consider the types that City Girls encounters often.

A green nametag sticker with the words Hello I Am New for a rookie, trainee, new staff hire, newbie, beginner or apprentice
A green nametag sticker with the words Hello I Am New for a rookie, trainee, new staff hire, newbie, beginner or apprentice

New girl client

In our case, we see this gentleman often. That’s because many of the independent escorts who are a part of the CG Club fall under the guise of TOFTT (Take One for The Team). They are spectacular and come highly recommended. However, they may still be considered ‘new’ to many men in the world of adult entertainment. Perhaps more common in controlled establishments (City Girls is a private club), new girls may fall victim to the Bottom Fish Client (see below). These hobbyists may attempt to exploit the new girl and even abuse her and endanger her life. Having not been around long enough to get her ‘escort wings’, she’s finished before she’s begun. Naturally, City Girls turns their back on these types of guys. We tend to shield our independent escorts with as much knowledge and guidance as possible.

Cartoon Ball and chain. Just married man with ball and chain
Cartoon Ball and chain. Just married man with ball and chain

Married man

He chooses the company of a companion not because his marriage is happy. Most often, he and his wife co-exist in a glorified roommate situation. The marriage is loveless and totally lacks intimacy. Or, the ties that bind are financial in nature and there might be children involved in a household where divorce is unconscionable. So the marriage dwells in a hapless state. This gentleman seeks emotional, physical and psychological fulfillment from a beautiful provider. She is the best in her field offering intimacy and camaraderie in a genuine capacity. It is common for these male types to be endlessly romantic, seeking the most genuine of girl friend experiences. The lines between a professional arrangement and love relationship are sometimes blurred. While he may not fit the structured definition of a sugar daddy, the relationship may naturally flow into a hybrid version.

Beautiful woman wearing the United States flag bikini holding a football isolated over white background
Beautiful woman wearing the United States flag bikini holding a football isolated over white background

Natural asset lover

This hobbyist seeks the company of an independent escort for sport. Her physical criteria are his primary focus. While he may date only a handful of girls, he remains emotionally detached. Gratification is his main objective. He enjoys her much like he would a football game and drinking a couple of beers. Marital status does not apply.

fetish man

Fetish man

The term fetish is in a class by itself. Though we have written about the topic before, there exists a vast range of unusual interests. It could include a specific fixation on an object, body part or material facilitated by a companion who makes no claim as a fetish expert. Or, it could be a more sophisticated, psychological obsession that requires a highly specialized dominatrix.

Disguised hobbyist reviewer
Disguised hobbyist reviewer

Bottom fish client

Unfortunately, they exist. They are the ones who give the hobby a bad rap. They are the ones who will never grace the presence of City Girls’ Club of independent escorts. At the risk of sounding haughty or negative, these men may be of a belligerent nature, motivated by a desire to exploit a provider. Often, he is a woman-hater with a sketchy or unethical past. He may try to take advantage of her and in the worst case, may hurt her. Inflicting pain is not just limited to the physical. He may falsify a bad review of their encounter, knowing very well that doing so will jeopardize her career. Imposing such vengeance on the reputation of a provider can be the kiss of death and end her career. He knows this.

Businessman in classic vest against row of suits in shop
Businessman in classic vest against row of suits in shop

Perfect client

This type of gentleman is most familiar to courtesans. He seeks true companionship on a higher level. Such a courtesan is acutely aware of who she will and will not spend time with. She will turn down a client if she does not sense a genuine connection. She truly enjoys her profession and usually spends time with a handful of suitors who shower her with utmost respect, gifts and travel excursions. This man is not a hobbyist per say and his is extremely discreet. He tends to maintain his relationship for a long time, sometimes even years. They might become very close friends and he may even assist her in financial endeavors. We have heard of cases where marriage resulted.

City Girls is in no way biased toward any person

We support freedom of individuality. Every hobbyist, independent escort or sugar daddy/baby is totally unique! We recognize the good in folks and encourage that everyone practice higher ethics through virtuous behavior. Do unto others as you would have them do to you!

Many kisses, Chloe xoxo

A Gentleman’s Guide to Purchasing Lingerie

Gentlemen, during this Christmas season giving the gift of lingerie can be risky business. Even in the world of adult entertainment, you never know for sure if you are purchasing the appropriate garment.

Will it fit her? Will the size you choose offend her? Master both challenges during this cozy holiday season and reap the rewards. My masculine friends, City Girls is here to turn your questions into answers!

Brunette tawny lady wearing sensual, black lingerie
Brunette tawny lady wearing sensual, black lingerie

Noir is known to please

Can you say black? It’s about as safe and flattering as it gets. Think passion, drama (the good kind), and contour. Every independent escort loves black lingerie and has at least one piece in her collection. All at once, black is sophisticated, mysterious and sexy. Moreover, black is the best friend of every woman as it enhances shape and perfects size. No woman can ever have too much black lingerie. If your pocketbook allows, look for black silk whether lace or satin. Silk is the platinum of lingerie.

red lingerie

What is red hot?

A sexy cut in the right tone of red equals an irresistibly spicy piece of lingerie. However, not every independent escort is into red. We recommend purchasing red lingerie only to the hobbyist who is familiar with the likes and dislikes of his companion. Whether her style is classic, contemporary or retro, an entire ensemble should be included. One piece of red does not stand on its own so easily. Complete the look with a bra, panty, suspender and stocking combo. Getting overwhelmed, guys? Simplify your shopping with a super silky slip coupled with a pair of matching boudoir mules and be on your way.

Beautiful escort in sexy lingerie over white background
Beautiful escort in sexy lingerie over white background

Dream of a white Christmas

An entire universe separates white and winter white. White is like pure snow while winter white is more like ivory. Not every woman is into white which necessitates a little investigation in advance. Done right, white lingerie can look quite elegant and alluring. Done wrong, it can look cheap and tacky. If white is the way to go, a silk robe or kimono is a safe bet. Include a white silk panty and some matching pom pom mules and you’ll have yourself one sexy angel!

leather lingerie

When to get kinky

If you are a sugar daddy who knows your sugar baby well, you just may qualify to give the gift of kink. For the hobbyist enamored with his companion, look to her wish list for guidance. Latex, leather and themed outfits cross the line that separates convention and fetish. We strongly caution hobbyists against purchasing such unusually specific lingerie gifts without first knowing what a companion is into.

Buy first for her and second for you

It’s time to get selfless, gents. Purchase lingerie motivated by your desires and run the risk of disappointment. As we have discussed in previous articles, visit a small boutique where customer service is the focus and insure her satisfaction. However, if you still not feeling the confidence, take her on a Christmas shopping spree. Target a [high end] boutique and schedule an intimate appointment with a consultant. Complete the afternoon with a lovely champagne-filled lunch and watch her fall all over you.

Only fervent kisses, Chloe xoxo

Quieting Holiday Loneliness with a GFE

Amidst happy lovers bundled arm in arm, Christmas carols resonating throughout the city and holiday shoppers bustling at the mall quietly mingle the lonely souls of many hobbyists

They show us what they want us to see: smiling faces, secure demeanors and professional composure. Yet beneath the surface dwells a state of unfulfillment in their homes. They experience lack of love and intimacy in dormant marriages that have been frozen for years. These hobbyists coexist with their wives in a barren world of monotony, mortgage payments and facades of false happiness. On a darker side, their marriages suffer from arguments or worse, fighting, separation and divorce.

Not all hobbyists are necessarily out to turn a few tricks or on a more perverse note take advantage of women as independent escorts

There are a lot of good men (whether single or not) who dabble in the demimonde of adult entertainment out of yearning for genuine companionship that surpasses the mere physical aspect associated with escorts. Herein lies the reality that shatters the stigma attached to independent escorting. These men have a hunger to satisfy their needs for closeness and understanding in a loving and non judgmental environment offered by gorgeous companions who believe in the girl friend experience.

Silhouette of kissing girl and guy
Silhouette of kissing girl and guy

What exactly is the girlfriend experience?

It means different things to different people. The term has evolved since its origin to the point that some independent escorts do not want to be associated with the acronym or any other label that might pool them with all the rest. Many escorts use it as a marketing tool while others genuinely offer the girlfriend experience. The modern day, successful GFE possesses sophisticated, psychological insight and a charismatic talent for attracting and bonding with her clients. Often times, hobbyist and companion become close friends, blurring the lines between paid companionship and true camaraderie.

When such a relationship reaches this heightened level of intimate stability, it may stabilize into what is known as a sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangement or simply an ongoing tryst.

All alone on Christmas Eve

It doesn’t have to be this way. A hobbyist or gentleman who does not have a conventional girlfriend, close friends or family does not have to suffer in silence with an aching heart during the most sentimental time of year. Whether he chooses to spend one hour with a smoking hot bombshell or a weekend with a tender soul blessed with understanding and total femininity, there are companions out there eager to become the period at the end of his sentence. It is just a matter of defining who she is and finding her.

Check list. Vector illustration EPS version 8.
Check list. Vector illustration EPS version 8.

Make a list and check it twice

If a man wanted to purchase a car, he would eventually develop a ‘needs list’ of the features that the automobile should contain after looking at so many. Before he made the purchase, he would know exactly what he wanted. Do your homework. Start by making a list on paper of the features that define the woman who best suits your personality, needs and desires. Shop around. Read biographies. Look at photos. Get a feel for her style. Inquire with a few (without wasting their time) to get a sense of chemistry. If it fits the budget, one or two pre-requisite dates are highly recommended before spending significant holiday time with a lady to find out the hard way that the two of you may not be suited for each other.

New Year’s Eve is just around the bend

We all know that life slows down to a crawl this time of year. Many ladies are spending time with family and may not be available. Connecting with an independent escort whom you really like is a task that should be pursued well in advance before the actual holiday arrives. Who knows? The two of you might actually take a trip together to ring in the New Year.

Many kisses, Chloe xoxo

How to Marry an Escort

You have met the perfect escort. She is your soul mate, beautiful inside and out. What’s more, the two of you have fallen in love! How do you deal with her job? This week’s article will talk about a plan of action when a gentleman wants to marry an escort.

true love

As a hobbyist, you have fallen in love with an escort. The emotion and physical gratification bestowed upon a gentleman from such feminine perfection can be overwhelming, leaving your emotions in a state of total confusion. If the love is genuine and not coated with infatuation, the two of you will inevitably face decisions on adapting your respective lifestyles to join together in some form of marriage (spiritual, traditional, religious). Though they do exist, successful escort marriages are far and few between that form lasting relationships in which the escort continues to entertain other gentlemen in what would constitute a non-conventional relationship. As a soon-to-be-retired hobbyist, below are a few questions to ask yourself after your heart has riveted your world and taken the lead:

Will she stop escorting?

If your new love does not enjoy her work in the adult entertainment industry, then it will be easier for her to retire. But if she is rather vested in what she does and has a tendency to bond more intimately with friends, it is possible that she will find it a little more difficult to break away permanently.

Is she addicted to a lucrative income and luxurious lifestyle?

A companion who enjoys her career as a professional entertainer may find the lifestyle flattering and rewarding. If you as her new found love can match that comfort level then the strength of transitioning into marriage is strong. Such a situation does not render you a sugar daddy or her a sugar baby for that matter because love forms the foundation.

Is she attached to relationships that define her escort identity?

Many companions form durable friendships with their gentlemen friends that shape their individuality as entertainers and confidantes. Much of their time spent together includes plush entertainment and opulent travel reinforced by gentlemanly attention that nurtures and flatters their egos. While entering into a marriage by two people from any type of background can be challenging in today’s complicated world, doing so by an escort can be rigorous. Marital partners should be prepared to acknowledge awareness of each others’ pasts and be prepared to meet their respective needs to the best of their abilities.

New career, new start concept
New career, new start concept

What will be the direction of her new career, if any?

Assuming she chooses to retire, the independent escort who has outside aspirations will adapt to her new, conventional marriage by pursuing her ambitions. How exciting as her new and true identity takes form! As her husband, you the gentleman should be nothing but supportive (as should she be of you) so as to insulate the transition and ensure peacefulness within the marriage.

Success stories of married escorts who maintain their careers

There are married couples who swing while maintaining open relationships. There are those escorts whose husbands accept continuance of their work with an open mind. In the latter, most at some point do retire if for no other reason than to relieve the strain that escorting can place on a marriage with a man who desires not to share the intimacy of his woman with other men. All being said there are no rules in life except those that work. Dance to your own tune but follow your instinct and find the strength to ask yourself questions addressed in this article.

What Are You Looking for in an Escort?

As a hobbyist, whether you are just getting your feet wet or are a seasoned veteran, it is helpful to understand the different types of escorts when planning your engagements. The world of adult entertainment offers a supermarket of choices that can overwhelm a gentleman yet bestow blessings of enrichment and ethereal beauty before his very eyes where before he had none. Below are basic descriptions of the different types of independent escorts as we know them today.

The girl friend experience

While the phrase has become a bit relaxed these days with interpretation of what GFE actually entails, the traditional experience involves a highly personal interaction between an independent escort and a hobbyist. It is more of a comprehensive experience in an unrushed environment (though time limits still apply) wherein a lady displays all of the ‘nice girl’ behaviors associated with a real life boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. The girlfriend experience often begins with dinner at a nice restaurant followed by desert at her place (or location of choice) and then some.

Profile of a companion

A companion’s services extend beyond that of an escort. She is also confidante and friend. She is highly selective of her clients because their time together is more concentrated with heavy emphasis on repoire. Many of her clients are not actual hobbyists but gentlemen who seek the relaxed company of a lady who invests her valuable insight and understanding of men into their experience. Often, gentlemen who desire to be with a companion come from a variety of backgrounds and desire bonding on different levels.

The porn star experience

Can you say….naughty? The traditional PSE is wild, raw and insatiable with no intimate connection offered such as that through GFE. It is the fast track of sensual entertainment. The porn star experience is not for every hobbyist. Ladies who offer PSE have zero interest in connecting emotionally with their clients. Often, gentlemen looking for such a connection do not desire PSE. PSE is truly a different form of entertainment.

The sugar baby relationship

When a hobbyist discovers an independent escort who simply rocks his world and he cannot live without, he may consider a sugar relationship. Granted and this goes without saying, being a sugar daddy is a financial luxury because sugar babies are not cheap. A sugar relationship can be characterized by any of the above escort descriptions – GFEcompanion or PSE though sugar babies are usually GFE companions.

Whether you are a hobbyist looking to spend one hour with an independent escort or an extended getaway with a companion, City Girls believes that your choices are better made when they are educated. Look for reviews prior to booking your future date to find out if in fact you and your independent escort are a good match. Happy dating!

Finding True Girlfriends in the Escort Industry

There are those women who have a knack for collecting the coolest of girlfriends. However, for many independent escorts, it’s a challenge to find lasting girlfriends – those who withstand the test of time and are there for you through thick and thin, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I’ve heard sad stories from independent escorts how otherescorts screwed them over, dumped them or went psycho on them. Competitiveness and lack of trust seem to lurk in the dark corners of the adult entertainment and we at City Girls find that disheartening.

For some reason, it’s even more difficult to find true girlfriends in the escort industry

It’s one thing to uphold your personal standards when it comes to finding and maintaining girlfriends outside of the world of escorting. It’s quite another when you find yourself immersed in a sensual world of having fun and making good money. One morning you wake up and find yourself lonely with no one to talk to because you don’t have escort girlfriends (or those who are open-minded about your career as an adult entertainer) who understand who you are and what you do. As a woman, I would like to explore some of the principals of female friendships.
If she competes with you, she’s not your friend. Period.

Competition is not limited to just business. Even at City Girls, you are surrounded by other Club Members who are doing the same work as you – escorting. But there’s plenty to go around in life! However, if your escort girlfriend does things behind your back like talk about you or worse, try to sabotage your business, not only is she not a friend but she’s an enemy. Sometimes competition occurs on a more subliminal level. If you go shopping with your escort girlfriend, ask her opinion about a pair of shoes and she doesn’t like them, chances are she’s giving you her honest opinion. But if next week you see her wearing the same exact shoes, chances are she was competing with you because she wanted the shoes for herself. A girlfriend who competes with you is grounds for dismissal. You are better off spending an evening with your cat or going out alone than with a girlfriend who doesn’t understand or value what the word means.

Female energy is contagious

You’ve seen it and experienced it. Two women are standing at the cash register in a department store and strike up a conversation about hair products. They’ve never met. However, one could be fooled into thinking that they are long time girlfriends. That’s the power of feminine energy! On a deeper level, your escort girlfriend should empower you with genuine compliments, support and patience. She should be there for you when you get down or feel sad (though it’s not good to dump on friends on the time). You should be able to trust her. Now, there are varying tiers of friendships in which not every friend is going to be your confidante. Some friends are stronger than others in feeling your pain or praising your successes while others may not have the emotional band with due to their own issues. It’s up to you to gauge this energy and balance those friendships appropriately.

You are who your friends are

As an independent escort, if you are a dynamic woman with many interests, who likes to travel, shop, work hard, make lots of money and who aspires to accomplish things in life, your friends should share some of these similarities. Being an escort does not define who you are just as being a secretary or doctor does not define the person. Character and integrity define the person. So if you look around and find that your friends are problematic, non supportive, only around when you’re happy-go-lucky or mooch off of you because you make good money, time to weed your social garden. Even if you end up with no friends, don’t be afraid to dust the cob webs off your social life because they were never friends to begin with. As an independent escort, the only way you are going to find true girlfriends in the adult entertainment industry is if you are aligned with your true self. One true girlfriend is better than ten fake girlfriends. Don’t be afraid to recognize that they aren’t true girlfriends. You are a bigger person if you do.

Is your escort girlfriend fraught with insecurity?girlfriend escort

Whether she’s an escort, a housewife or a diplomat, if a woman is insecure it is because she does not have the resources within herself to appreciate the beauty and radiance in her girlfriends. An escort who is secure in herself has strength! She feels pretty in her own right, doesn’t feel less than others, loves her ‘sisters’ and finds great happiness in rewarding them with compliments. This is not to say that we all don’t have an insecurity floating around somewhere inside. We do! For example, fear of failure can be considered an insecurity but a huge motivator to succeed. That’s turning an insecurity into a positive!

At City Girls every interaction is a mini relationship

Part of finding happiness and fulfillment in life is achieved through establishing fruitful relationships. As an independent escort, it’s good to have at least one true girlfriend who does what you do. I have met many amazing women in adult entertainment industry who are success powerhouses, have beautiful children, and/or are money-making machines with hearts of gold. One of my best and dearest friends is a courtesan. So ladies, it is quite possible to make true girlfriends in the escort industry. But you must first really get to know yourself and be happy with the person who you are. You will in turn, attract escort girlfriends who compliment you.

Companions as Entrepreneurs Powered by City Girls

“Individual freedom is a right. Limitations are imposed upon us by society. Be influenced or be free.”

Whether you call yourself a courtesan, companion, escort or provider, the objective is the same. You are in the business of modeling and adult entertainment for a reason and it usually has to do with economic survival of you and your family. You are not the type to work a nine to five job. You don’t do well punching a clock or answering to a boss hovering over your shoulder.

It’s about valuing your free time, juggling another simultaneous job or career, studying for a college degree, traveling, raising your children or living out your fantasies of sensuality. No matter what, as an independent escort, you are an entrepreneur at least to some degree, whether you realize it or not.

City Girls believes that it’s all about your perspective – how you see yourself and where you want to take your career as a companion, short or long term. We are here to provide a support system of tools necessary to make your business happen. In turn, many of your dreams can be fueled through the success of your companion business.

Escorting can be a stepping stone to freedom

Think about your talents and where you excel. Consider what you want your job or your career as an escort to produce for you. Match the two with a plan of action to get you there. Take one step at a time. There aren’t many turnkey professions left in this nation that will allow you to set up shop today and start making money tomorrow. However, escorting can give you that secret luxury, especially if you have City Girls behind you.

When life changes, perspectives change 

What was true last week may not be true tomorrow. Keeping an open mind is key to growth and advancement in life, especially nowadays. Maybe two years ago you never considered becoming an escort. Perhaps there was a turn of events that have now caused you to consider the profession as a tool to get you what you want or need. Done right, your new business can be a success.

Companionship can be innate or learned

For many women, the Principles of Escorting are as familiar to them as if they were born with them. For others, learning a few ‘tricks of the trade’ can offset the learning curve onto a path of success. Realizing that your job presents you with a blank palette that you get to define is only part of the fun! It’s a taste of the independence that comes with being an entrepreneur. You get to set the pace and make whatever you want of your business as an escort. 

Take the bull by the horns!

Hate to say it gals, but no one is going to knock on the door and deliver an envelope containing dollars to your success. You must make it happen! It really doesn’t take much; a little planning, a little forethought, a little effort and a dose of dedication. As with any independent business, it’s up to you to make it happen, to seek the knowledge and guidance to get you there. At a minimum, it starts with taking tip top care of yourself because after all, your body is your temple and that’s the way it should always remain. 

Surround yourself with good people 

It’s true in politics, gardening, escorting and any other profession. No woman is an island. City Girls believes that surrounding yourself with like-minded people (or, if you’re into plants, using a great fertilizer!) who lend support will provide the reinforcement you need to help get you there. It’s vital. If you’re a femme fatale independent powerhouse and can do it all on your own – escort marketing, scheduling appointments, sending emails, maintaining wardrobe and physique and oh, uh, the job itself – kudos to you. But if an outfit of professionals is ready, willing and able to help you with your career as an independent escort, why would you say no?

That outfit would be City Girls. Make us your partner and save your energy for a shopping spree.