Secret Life of a Hobbyist

Think of City Girls as a little bird on your shoulder, your guardian angel, if you will. We are here to remind you while you may get caught up in the clouds with a heavenly escort and all the sweet promises that come with your experiences with her, you are still participating in the demi monde. 

Hobbying can bring rewarding and fulfilling experiences with the possibilities of friendship and in some cases even marriage if that’s what you’re into. While your chosen hedonistic lifestyle as a hobbyist may enrich you as a person, it remains a socially unacceptable way of life. If you are not careful, you can destroy all that you’ve built.

Identity is top secret

Companions have it and so should you. It’s called a persona. It’s a good idea to adapt yourself to the hobby with a set of thoughts and ideals that align with the man whom you want escorts to know. In a sense, you are protecting your true identity because life can change on a whisper and one never knows when things can turn south. On the other hand, you might be the kind of person who is more at ease with honesty and choose to reveal your true self to those companions with whom you establish a closer relationship under the guise of the girlfriend experience.

Screening reveals your true identity

Hobbyist screening is big in America, more prevalent than anywhere else in the world. So doesn’t screening nullify adopting and preserving a persona? To some degree, yes. This is all the more reason to scrutinize those escorts whom you choose to see. (By the way, this is one of the major reasons why City Girls goes to painstaking lengths in establishing and maintaining uber high standards for its Club Members.) A proper provider will hold discretion to the highest possible level. Read escort reviews. Even then, get to know her a bit if you choose to see her more than once or twice and decide to get a little more personable. Ask around. It’s almost a paradox, a delicate balance at minimum, establishing trust with a total stranger but that’s what you’ve got to do in the hobby if you care at all about covering your rump.

Getting involved with a GFE can reveal your true self

There are those escorts who deliver a true girlfriend experience and we’re not talking about just one encounter. A true GFE in the psychological sense implies a longer term friendship. A GFE often gets to know a side of the true you that no one else really knows. In some unusual cases she may even get to know members of your family. Hobbyists beware! If you have a wife and small children, the consequences could be fatal. Even if you don’t, at any point things could go awry and adversely impact your career or social circle. That is why upholding a set of pre-determined principles that you yourself establish is paramount to good hobbying practice.

Gossip can threaten your good reputation

Because safety is so scrutinized in the hobbyist/escort world, what you interpret as proper behavior can be misinterpreted as improper behavior by a provider. City Girls knows this better than anyone and that is why it is so critical that you always wear your Sunday best when on a date with a companion. Admittedly, City Girls runs a tight ship when it comes to hobbyist standards and qualification for VIP membership in run by the Golden Rule. One bad comment or action can rock the boat for all of us and turn into gossip which we all know can spread like wildfire. Webster’s defines a gentleman as: “…a well-mannered and considerate man with high standards of proper behavior…” This is your new religion. Stick to it.

Technology is hobbyist’s new best friend

If you only have one cell phone, get an alternate cell phone with a private, undisclosed number before you have another thought about a companion. Do not hobby from your computer unless you have some serious antivirus protection and adopt a stringent habit of clearing the cache after every online hobbying episode. Don’t leave a paper trail of banking habits that can precariously lead to your private endeavors. Don’t be caught in a compromising situation with a provider. Button your lip and keep your encounters to yourself no matter how many times she sent you to heaven. If you must use email as a form of communication at least purchase a private Hush mail account. However, even that email service is not 100% fail safe but it’s better than others.

Careless hobbying can ruin your life if you don’t play your cards right

It’s like riding a motorcycle. If you impetuously jump on for the first time, dying to go for a ride, chances are you’re going to fall and get hurt or worse. We’re not trying to sound negative, guys. The good, the bad, the ugly, hobbying is part of life and that’s what City Girls is here for. Remember, we’re the little bird on your shoulder. Learn the rules of the game and think with the big head. One day you’ll thank us.

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