What to Look for in an Escort

“Today’s world of escorting is saturated with choices that can be overwhelming. The hobby is more sophisticated than ever, with promises of gratifying experiences far greater for those who know what to look for.”

When selecting an independent escort, City Girls encourages its VIP members to consider more factors than just appealing photos. A VIP club member who has defined a clear profile of the type of escort he wants to see is more likely to enjoy a thoroughly unforgettable experience.

At the same time, a professional escort who is serious about her business should look in the mirror. Who and what does she see? What type of suitor does she want to attract? She needs to fearlessly define her persona before she sets foot into the hobbyist arena. Without a clear footprint, she could draw clients who do not compliment her style and develop burn out very quickly. City Girls helps its club members stay focused on their business while reinforcing their efforts with free marketing and appointment coordination from A to Z.

Hobbyists, profile your ideal escort

Some of the best ideas in the history of time were scribbled on a napkin. It’s a good idea for a hobbyist to literally write down all of the characteristics of his ideal escort before setting out to find her. Every City Girls’ member features a complete profile that provides a well-rounded description along with fabulous photos. When a match is found (and there may be several!) contact Highly Secured Call Center. They will walk you through the process of scheduling your date.

Look carefully at an escort’s photos

Images whether good, mediocre or bad, tell a story. They don’t need to be perfect. But they should reflect her personality and sensuality and provide a decent sense of her physique. A talented photographer who can capture the beauty in female anatomy will position his or her escort to display her most appealing assets. Will she resemble her photos when you meet her? That’s the million dollar question. When viewing photos, look for ones that speak to you.

Donations – today’s escort industry is not the same as it was 3 years ago

There are a few standards of which to be aware. Economic times have changed and escort rates have been duly impacted. When times got tough several years ago, the market became flooded with jobless ladies looking to make a living via escorting and younger ladies looking for a turnkey way to make ends meet. Both invaded the market, crowding the more seasoned, traditional escorts and competition escalated. It’s no longer as simple as categorizing a provider based solely upon her requested donation. Set your budget remembering that a higher donation (unless you’re getting into the realm of elite courtesans) does raise the bar for the experience delivered, but less is not always less. When looking at City Girlsindependent escort profiles, review everything they have to say. Eventually, patterns will emerge that closely resemble the profile that you have defined and you’ll be ready to contact Highly Secured Call Center to schedule an engagement.

Who does an independent escort cater to?

When you go to a department store looking for a new suit (maybe to wear on your next dinner date?), you don’t want the clerk to show you swim trunks, sneakers and blue jeans. You want to see suits and don’t want to waste your time looking at items that are not of interest to you. When viewing a City Girls’ club member profile, look for an overall mood of who she’s catering to. Do you recognize yourself? Does she seem like a good fit? How do her photos appeal to you? City Girls features a variety of club members who are all independent escorts. You are bound to find ladies with whom you are a good fit.

Escort reviews are a two way street

Look for an independent escort who has good escort reviews. They are the bread and butter of her business. All City Girls’ club member profiles feature escort reviews. A hobbyist who is a VIP member can also post tasteful reviews on City Girls’ club member profiles which is a great way to build a good reputation. This is a powerful tool for a club member looking to increase the number of her reviews and therefore business and a great way for a VIP member to build relationships with other escorts whom later may provide personal references for him.

Screening for hobbyists

Screening is kind of like passing through security at the airport. It’s really no big deal but if you resist or have something to hide, you can forget traveling. By the same token, beware of the escort who does not require screening. That says something about her. At City Girls, a hobbyist doesn’t need to worry because Highly Secured Call Center makes sure that the screening process goes smoothly and with total privacy. On the other hand, the hobbyist who resistsscreening is raising a red flag about himself and the word will spread among fellow escortswherever he goes. The hobby is a world where safety, privacy and security comprise the foundation and City Girls upholds that philosophy 100%.


Compatibility between escort and hobbyist

A hobbyist might be looking for true companionship in the form of the girl friend experience or something lighter such as a casual date. After an engagement has been coordinated by Highly Secured Call Center, both escort and hobbyist alike are ready to get to know one another. Both should make very clear to each other their expectations and even talk about boundaries, what makes them comfortable and what makes them uncomfortable. If both see eye to eye, a good match has been made!

Finding the right escort is a lot like regular dating

There might be some sampling as a hobbyist gets familiar with his likes and dislikes. As we all know dating can be a frustrating experience as can be finding the right escort who accommodates your needs. It is a huge


help to have a club like City Girls on your team who understands and facilitates your desires with quality club members.

A hobbyist who is familiar with his own standards is going to be a lot more satisfied than thehobbyist who blindly engages the company of an escort. An escort who knows and makes clear the type of gentleman who


best suits her style is going to be much happier with her business. City Girls is supportive of successful hobbyist/escort relationships, however each choose to define them. City Girls sets a high standard that is easy to achieve making it possible for ladies and gentlemen to successfully connect.

Written by Chloe, City Girls’ Membership Coordinator

Navigating the Hobbyist World

As a hobbyist, familiarizing yourself with the do’s and don’ts of escort/hobbyist etiquette will only improve your reputation as a desirable and sought after gentleman thereby enriching your hobby with priceless experiences and rewarding relationships.


You’ve made a decision to contact an independent escort from City Girls website. Maybe this is your first time or maybe you’re a seasoned hobbyist. You don’t have to be an experienced hobbyist to become a VIP member ofCity Girls. But you do need to prepare yourself for some initial procedures characteristic of meeting an escortanywhere, anytime, not just City Girls. Some hobbyistshave adopted the misconception that it’s all about the girls and what they can do for them. Not true. In the world of hobbying, it’s a two way street and those hobbyists who fail to recognize this ethic are greatly missing out. So even if you’ve been around the bend as a hobbyist and know your stuff, read on. There are at least a few bits of valuable information from which you can benefit.

Hobbyist screening and how it works

Whether or not you are new to the hobby, be prepared to provide qualified verification as standard procedure in the escort world. There are a few methods:

  1. Provider references – having seen other providers who will vouch for you is a great endorsement. But if you don’t have this kind of reference, there are other options;
  2. Employment verification– does that sound scary? It shouldn’t. Independent Escorts and hobbyists alike are equally focused on safety and anonymity. Rest assured, we’re all in the same boat. Highly Secured Call Center performs a discreet and professional employment verification, never disclosing the nature of the call;
  3. Room Service 2000 (RS2K) – you can simplify the whole verification process as a hobbyist once and for all by purchasing a membership with RS2K. In doing so, you will go through the verification process only once. City Girlsupholds an RS2K verification, lending priority to your inquiry. (learn more how to get a FREE RS2K membership when booking with City Girls first time FREE RS2K Membership for New VIP Members)

Even if you are known for providing stellar escort reviews you must still complete the verification process if you want to become a member of City Girls. Even if you have a handle or reviews on any of the boards or forums you must complete the verification process. You must provide your real name because you will be required to show your photo identification at the onset of your appointment with a City Girls escort.

Hobbyist hygiene

In case your mother never mentioned, practicing good hygiene is not only sanitary, but highly appreciated in the eyes of every woman. This doesn’t mean slapping on some cologne to mask the sweaty remnants of a stressful day. Just as your date will tediously prepare herself for your encounter, take the time to shower, shave, groom yourself and dress decently and presentable. Sometimes life gets in the way. Maybe you had to stay late at the office, got caught in traffic or got held up at the airport and have no time to refresh less you miss your appointment. Place a courtesy call to your date. Most of the time, escorts will have a private shower and toiletries available whether at their incall or outcall so that you can take care of business upon your timely arrival and make a shining first impression.

A punctual hobbyist means a successful date

Prior to meeting your date, pace yourself and be conscientious that your schedule can accommodate leaving the office, getting ready, commuting (Highly Secured Call Center will provide you with directions to your location to ensure that you don’t getting lost), traffic and parking. Sometimes fate will have its way and you will be a little late. The kiss of death occurs when a hobbyist either takes timeliness for granted and neglects to place a courtesy call to his date because he doesn’t think it’s important. When scheduling your initial appointment with an independent escort through City GirlsHighly Secured Call Center, adopt the guideline that canceling is not an option. It’s just a good rule of thumb. If you feel a sense of doubt that you won’t be able to keep your appointment, wait. When you are certain of your schedule, call back and set the appointment. You’ll be glad you did. If you really want to get yourself blacklisted not only withCity Girls but in the world of escorting in general, don’t show up at all. That is a major no no. City Girls places great value in respectful and courteous hobbyists whose escort members do the same.

Escorts love gifts

If you want to put a smile on the beautiful face of an escort, arrive with a gift. If you want to enamor her and have her shower you with (even more) attention, bring her a small, discreet gift that fits in your coat pocket or the palm of your hand and doesn’t draw attention to passers by. The last thing you want to do is select an oversized gift, raising the suspicion of hotel employees and creating an awkward awareness of your date during the remainder of her stay. It goes without saying thatgifts are not donations. They are separate. Here’s a little hint: if she has a website, it will usually feature a section of her favorite gifts. Now, you’re really going to get on the good side of your date and City Girls as well!

Hobbyists should always practice discretion

City Girls recommends arriving at the location of your date about 10 minutes prior. Your appointment was scheduled at a specific time for a reason. Escorts have schedules and private lives just like you. Showing up too early (earlier than 10 minutes) is inappropriate and should never cause reason to complain either to your date or City Girls. Doing so will ruin the moment and create an indelible impression. If you happen to beat the traffic and arrive unfashionably early, take advantage. Grab the newspaper, have a seat at the bar and catch up on current events. As you will learn after having contacted City Girls you will need to call Highly Secured Call Center to request the room number of your date. Discreetly slip away, perhaps to the restroom or lobby where you can place a quiet phone call without drawing the attention of nosy neighbors or gawking employees. Better yet, call from your cell phone as you are parking if the timing is right.

City Girls believes in good ethics

You may have heard the expression “you will always catch more bees with honey”. While it may sound silly, the saying can be applied to gentlemen who are respectful, decent and polite toward ladies. A little goes a long way – respectful dialect, courteous manners, opening a door for her, treating her has your equal. If such manners are not something that you normally think about, you will be truly amazed at the higher level of quality of your date. On the other hand, if you are one of those unfortunate men who take pleasure in disrespect, condescension, foul language or hostility in the presence of a lady, City Girls is definitely not the club for you.

By following these simple yet important words of advice, you will gain an immediate grasp as a hobbyist and even an edge over many other hobbyists. Take heed when crafting your reputation as a hobbyist because relationships are everything, just like in any other avenue of life. Hobbyists and escorts alike share a common thread of courtesy, respect, good hygiene and etiquette. This is what City Girls is all about.

Written by Chloė, City Girls’ Membership Coordinator

What Can City Girls Do For You?

As an independent escort, there are many things to think about. You are your own boss running your own business. You work hard for your money.” Author

Chloé, City Girls Membership Coordinator


City Girls understands this by providing a club environment where independent escorts can benefit from many features typically associated only with an agency. City Girls is not an agencywhich means that you keep 100% of your hard-earned money. Becoming a club member of City Girls is free for escorts.

City Girls club members enjoy all the perks of advertising at no cost

Maintaining an attractive website that displays current, professional photos is one of the most important aspects of being an independent escort. How you market your website is crucial to getting your name out there. As an independent escort, paying to promote yourself with advertisements can get expensive. City Girls advertises on all major escort review boards such as TER, Big Doggie, Naughty Reviews and Best GFE as well as major escort malls around the world. City Girls also hosts email marketing geared toward keeping VIP members informed about what’s going on with club members. Joining the club at City Girls is a great way to increase your business without having to reach into your pocket book.

An independent escort must focus on quality clients

There are many hobbyists out there who will want to see you. Hobbyists come in all shapes and sizes from all walks of life. You don’t want to see just anyone who comes your way. An independent escort must look out for herself and always place safety as her number one priority. If you are new to the business, you might still be learning how to select your clientele. If you are an established, independent escort, you recognize the value of clients who suit your style. All of the clients at City Girls must pass a thorough screening process before they are eligible to see any of the club members. As an independent escort, this is a huge advantage! Imagine having all of your clients pre-screened, ensuring your safety, so that you can focus on doing what you do best.

Client screening is essential for the safety of every independent escort

When a hobbyist views your website and contacts you for a date, you must pass him through a screening process. Whatever verification service you use, you must ensure your safety and your client’s authenticity. This is part of your job and should always be a requirement if you intend to stay in business as an independent escort. As a crucial element to the safety of its club members, City Girls has implemented Highly Secured Call Center and it’s amazing how it works. Think of Highly Secured Call Center as your personal assistant. They are behind the scenes making sure that each and every client who wants to see you has passed through the screening process, thereby ensuring your safety. Highly Secured Call Center also understands the importance of a client’s discretion so that all communication is confidential. Highly Secured Call Center interacts between you and your client taking care of all of the details leading up to your date, from start to finish so that you can both relax and enjoy each other’s company.

City Girls takes VIP status to a whole new level. A hobbyist is eligible for VIP membership after his first successful engagement with a City Girls club member. However, VIP status is not for every hobbyist who dates a City Girls club member. To initiate his VIP status, that club member should voluntarily provide a highly favorable recommendation confirming 5-star quality of the date. City Girls recognizes that there are varying tiers of a successful date and delivers red carpet treatment accordingly. In essence, VIP members are in a class by themselves:

  • They get to view exclusive, un-blurred photos of club members who want to expose their faces;
  • Those same photos are copy resistant through a special software used by City Girls;
  • Club members have the option of providing special discounts to VIP members;
  • City Girls treats its VIP members as friends and expects them to reciprocate;
  • Additional benefits are in the works at City Girls.

By the same token, VIP membership can be irrevocably denied should City Girls deem a hobbyista menace to its club members or if he does not measure up to City Girls’ code of ethics.

Good Reviews are the bread and butter of every successful escort

Obtaining quality clients is only half the job. An independent escort must always be thinking where her next client is coming from. She does so by endorsing her business with good escort reviews. As an independent escort, having good escort reviews is the best way to increase your business. City Girls encourages good reviews from its VIP members. Club member profiles feature not only reviews from City Girls’ VIP members but also source links to their escort reviews from other websites such as TER, BestGFE and others.

The City Girls concept

City Girls is a club of independent escorts where you have the freedom to be yourself. City Girlsplaces success as your fingertips while backing you with safety so that you don’t have to worry about your business. Marketing and coordination of appointments are conveniently built into club membership. You can even set your own schedule and request certain types of VIP members. If you love what you do as an independent escort, put City Girls to work for you.