Men Who Date Spinners

When was the last time you trolled our website for a skinny hot chick and scored a date (or more)? We’re talking ϋber sexy petites with bangin’ bodies that fit neatly wrapped in your arms. Your personal choice of an independent escort is typically determined by how fast you can spin her or ‘carry’ her from the boudoir to the mini bar to grab another glass of vino – the two of you still intact. With City Girls, you can have your cake (or escort , as it were) and eat it too – no pun intended.


Modern day cult of spinners

Gents, we all know that you’ve earned major bragging rights after you have dated a petite escort. If not for the sheer novelty of her angelic size, maneuverability of her lithe body equals pure ecstasy. It’s just that spinners can do things that other girls cannot. After she consumes you like a professional cowgirl in a rodeo, she revolves around your person in a display of physical talent that blows your masculinity through the roof.

An erotic catharsis

As a man who likes to date spinners you are reborn on a regular basis. It is an intimately spiritual experience to be with an independent escort of the dainty type who naughtily spins like a top as she leads you straight to paradise. But don’t get us wrong. These agile tarts of beauty are bursting with self-confidence (largely due to their physical perfection) and know when it’s time to let you take the lead. Apart from the cuteness factor, they sport well-shaped posteriors from whence all of your other squeezes are measured. Her body is no taller than a minute though her desire for lust is a grand as the day is long. With curves that show signs of serious physical fitness, her ta’s are quite possibly on the smaller side but heck, they’re all natural and a delicious mouthful. Her spinning counterpart may proudly display twins of silicone but with a physique made in heaven, who’s to judge?


Rite of masculine passage

Repeated encounters with a trophy girlfriend of an experience can only lead to a manly metamorphosis of passionate. Her sensually mechanical abilities are far reaching, beginning but not ending with a figure that was meant to sanctify your soul. Whatever baggage you arrive with upon meeting your tiny date will most certainly be transformed into positive energy that re-affirms your manhood by the time the two of you hug goodbye. Don’t let her size fool you. She is a muse of potent sexual power and a universe of intimate prowess whose talent will take you on the ride of your life.

Spinners galore, City Girls style

Now that we’ve fired up your temperature about 200 degrees, isn’t it good to know that so many of our models are petite, compact and built for action? Whether you fancy a blonde, brunette or redhead, our independent escorts are not only gorgeous but brimming with eagerness to please. What a delightful combination! Is it any wonder why so many of our City Girls are spinners? As always, we are here to serve.


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