Keeping a Relationship Alive

Marriage has always been praised as a building block of our civilization. If you are married and super lucky, your relationship is happy, enjoyable and full of good loving. That is the ideal.

But for some, today’s modern world acknowledges that this frail institution has evolved and they resort to more colorful tactics to retain happiness, satisfaction, sanity, family, children and pocketbook. A good many independent escorts are married with children or have significant others. Certainly, many hobbyists are married and of course there are those who are living single.

When did marriage modernize?

I believe in the sanctity of marriage wholeheartedly. But nowadays, we are seeing relationships mutate into more intricate forms of compatibility in efforts to avoid the results of costly and hurtful circumstances. Some couples think outside of the box and realize that for their marriage to survive, a more congenial approach must be taken. Otherwise, separation and divorce (watch out for those hungry attorneys!) prevail. The kids suffer and homes are practically cut in half with a knife. There is bloodshed. Ever see War of the Roses?

Today’s marriages are filled with arrangements and understandings

Sometimes spoken and sometimes silent, couples go on sabbatical, realizing that the alternative is far worse than accepting an understanding. One may resort to having an extramarital affair as the other goes about fulfilling goals while the couple retains a deep friendship. Even though this may taste bittersweet, is there anything wrong with it? I guess it depends on your religion. Let’s keep an open mind.

When one party has no interest in intimacy

What if your wife just isn’t into it? You’ve been married for 35 years; the house is paid for and the kids are out of college. You are still good friends but she wants to lunch and travel with her girlfriends and basically gives you card blanch to satisfy those ‘extracurricular’ needs. Hold onto your knickers, handsome! Perhaps spending a weekend with a knee-knocking beauty (with brains) in the form of an independent escort who wants only you for desert could return a glow to your once rosy demeanor. This is where the girlfriend experience really comes into play. Perhaps a newlywed would take offense to this concept but I think we are way beyond that.

When a couple wants to explore the addition of a third party

Tables turned. Your wife is a hotty and can’t get enough. Her neck is twisting when the pool man walks by (or when that cute, busty waitress serves your desert). You’re still the bomb but it’s her fantasies that are bursting apart at the seams. Don’t deny her but play it safe. Allow her to select an independent escort who understands the fragility between a trio and watch your marriage go to the tenth power. Many independent escorts specialize in spending time with couples and actually make great friendships in the process. Seriously.

When a couple realizes that they’ll both benefit from growth apart

There are those who recognize that there is no other way to stay together than by being apart. While the relationship may not be fruitful there is history that just cannot be uprooted. Seeking a relationship or fling outside of the marriage is risky and time consuming. Meeting women at bars, the gym or tennis club – all have strings attached. You really have no idea who you are meeting or dealing with until you’ve spent time and dollars to find out that she’s not the one for you. Whether you decide to get into hobbying or just dip your toes into dating an independent escort, you are more in control of your choices. Compatibility and nurturing your needs are top priority when you spend time with an independent escort. Many independent escorts are amazing women as you just may find your time together develop into something lasting and meaningful.

City Girls is committed to supporting our members

When is anything ever totally straight forward? Everyone has their own, unique circumstances. At City Girls, we take a positive approach when considering the powerful dynamics and happiness that result when our VIP Members and Club Members connect. If you choose to turn a new leaf and think outside of your relationship for whatever reason, we feel that your decision deserves attention. We are here for you.

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