Decoding the Big Boob Lover

What breed of bouncy breasts gives you a rise? Are you a man with a secret fetish (or with City Girls as your best friend, not so secret) for big bajongas? No matter how you take your honkers, I think we all agree that [almost] every man on this earth loves a set of good-sized chesticles. But what are the pros and cons of real lady lumps versus manmade funbags?


The natural breast also known as pillow heaven

Divinely soft to the touch as they overflow from your hands, sexily squeezable and practically begging for bratwurst, boobies au naturel are right up there next to a fine vintage wine and a Cohiba cigar. When these celestial bowls of jiggle are complemented by a slim torso and a firm derriere the chivalrous man in you transforms into a testosterone driven beast of epic proportion. Generously bestowed from the Maker himself, organic mammories will harness your attention whether their prominent cleavage is revealed through a silky robe, push up bra (seriously not needed), or peek-a-boo blouse.


Incomparably delicious for the man with a gluttonous appetite for shake, wiggle and wobble. Best resting on your chest or gettin’ their groove on cowgirl style, these malleable bags of delight are best experienced in your face.


Really? This is a tough one. But if you like your lady bells a little more on the firm side then pillow puffs are probably not the ones for you (hard to imagine). Depending on her tit to waist ratio, these majestic mounds may not look quite as proportionate in a fitted dress as their silicone counterparts.


The manmade breast known as the most reliable of racks

Aaah, the miracle of science that revolutionizes a woman’s otherwise invisi-ta’s into life-saving devices of ecstasy for the gentleman lucky enough to tour her majestic love mounds. Most independent escorts who opt for silicone love sacks usually take the lead with the fittest of rockin’ bodies. Done properly, pumping up their perkies into generous belles du jour commands attention from every passerby. Of the firm varietal, manmade hooters are most closely akin to that high school bombshell who was the first to sprout D-cups practically overnight. You got a boner every day during biology class staring at their largesse poking through that tight pink t-shirt and we all know what you did in the bathroom with your boy bits.


When paired with a round bum shaped clearly by squats, a chiseled navel and lean legs for days, how can any man resist such perfection? These knockers of resilience stand up to any outfit and defy gravity in a strapless anything. Ask her to wear a tight pink t-shirt because that high school fantasy is about to unveil the R-rated version that you painfully dreamed of during your pubescent years.


Notwithstanding the bounce factor, these steadfast balloons of bliss are simply not as pliable as their organic opposites. Though rather docile when it comes to pounding for pleasure, her suckle knuckles will call your name in ten different languages. Wait. Is that a con?

What’s your preference?

Whether airbags or globes, jugs or zeppelins, large melons are hands down, amazingly awesome. A man cannot function properly without the occasional play with luscious sweater stretchers every now and again.

More curious than anything, we would like to know...what puts the pump in your paradise?

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9 thoughts on “Decoding the Big Boob Lover”

  1. Not really a breast man. If I had to choose. Flat to C are perfect. As long a there is a T to A ratio. I am more of a derriere man.

  2. As Joe Walsh sang….I.L.B.T., I love big tits!!! It doesn’t matter if they are natural or not. If they look like the real thing and feel like the real thing (if they’re man-made) they are fine by me. Natural is great to of course. I love the look of the twins on one of your fine ladies, Nadia!!! They look natural, are they???:-)

  3. Send me updates with real all natural, big and soft breasts, especially latina women with dark hair and mysterious eyes

  4. As a man who loves au natural from A’s through D’s and really does not like man made I would love it if City-Girls added that description (Natural or Implants) as one of the lady’s profile items. Other “clubs” do so and I for one absolutely appreciate that information being available before scheduling. Please consider this request. Thank you!

  5. I am not a Brest man I do like the real ones thought but if she’s a hottie with a nice butt then it don’t really matter it’s not about me it’s about how she feels about her self remember they are hers and she would not have gotten them if she happy so if she is happy then I will be happy too

  6. Most women that I find attractive & sexy have a great overall body…not necessarily large breasts but nice balanced figure,great smile & fun personality. It’s the whole package that attracts me:)

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