What is Sensual Massage?

Are you a gentleman who is constantly giving, delegating and making decisions? Perhaps you are so boxed into the mold of the daily grind that it is difficult to let go of it all. Of course, spending a few hours with a luscious bombshell of an escort with a body to die for is probably the first thought that pops into your yearning mind. Perhaps there is higher level of pleasure; one that is void of judgments and expectations. Sensual massage takes the luxury of receiving to a heightened level where your erotic sensuality is celebrated.


Enter a suspended state of pleasure

Sensual massage is about losing expectations of a goal so that you may enjoy your body and exist in the moment in ways that are more profound than most can imagine. Nonexistent is the requirement or need to perform. Anxiety is nowhere to be found.

Sensual massage can enhance your love life

When enjoying a full body massage, you articulate the boundaries – where your masseuse will touch you and how far you want her to go. The purpose of sensual touch is to increase spiritual awareness, pleasure, healing and empowerment. It is a total release in which ‘taking care of the other person’ is not required, allowing a sense of freedom to be present in every inch of your body.


The power of touch is remarkable

When you get to express what you want, you will develop a sense of rhythm and pace while tuning into your own sensations and experiencing whole body pleasure. The incredibly soothing yet arousing touch of your masseuse as her capable hands explore your entire body take you to a place of prolonged bliss. It is not an instant release but rather a meditative state of joy and lingering euphoria that leaves you in a trans, finally leading to ecstasy.

Get ready for an intimate environment

Sensual massage is given with a genuine sense of care. If your masseuse is also an independent escort, her mind blowing appearance will evoke feelings of arousal almost immediately. The candle lit room will shroud you in a soft, exotic scent as gentle music wafts through the air. A quiet stillness will begin to melt through stress and anxiety. As you unveil and start to relax, your gorgeous angel will slowly begin the ritual. Warm oil will coat your body as her skilled hands gently search for those areas longing to be set free. Your entire being will be stimulated as she takes you to a place of ethereal, never ending joy. Sensual massage is truly one of the most fulfilling experiences that a person can have.


Sensual massage is nature’s medicine for stress relief

When your masseuse welcomes you into an open, honest environment where it is appropriate to feel aroused, your body and mind will calm in ways that no other method of relaxation can accomplish. As your body becomes more and more sensually aroused, sensory messages transmitting from the skin and erogenous areas reaffirm your mind that you are safe. Hormones release causing muscles to loosen as you fall into a subconscious state. It is during this time that you will fully exist in the moment.

If you are a gentleman who has never experienced a sensual massage, you do not know what you are missing!

Happy Birthday to Us!

Get the CG Celebration Special

City Girls is turning five! We are so excited and have a very special promotion that we’d like to share with our members. But first, we want to extend a huge thank you to all of our loyal VIP members and heavenly bombshell escorts for making City Girls the go-to Club for extraordinary dating. We are honored by your patronage and could not have achieved such phenomenal growth and success without you all!

with gift box

A very special gift for you

On September 25th any of our participating City Girls’ independent escorts for only 250 per hour. Yes, you read right. You see, it’s not the support staff behind the scenes whose birthday we are celebrating but rather the beautiful angels who represent our amazing club. If it weren’t for these luscious muses, what would City Girls be? It is their birthday. Time to bring on the gifts, gents!


How to gift the birthday date

She’s your favorite siren of all time and holy smokes! Is that woman gorgeous? Or what! We bet that you’re aching to know what she wants for her birthday. The best way to find out is to visit her profile page here on our website. Perhaps a bottle of her favorite perfume (Chanel, maybe?); or a gift card to her favorite boutique (Victoria’s Secret?). Oh heck, if you cannot decide she’ll be just as thrilled receiving a Vanilla Visa gift card, we’re sure.

Just imagine her dazzling smile beaming from ear to ear when you present that beautifully wrapped token of your affection. She’ll jump up and down with those well-endowed curves bouncing about and shroud you with a delicious thank you. Who knows what will happen next but we’re pretty certain that gift will keep on giving.

Gents’ you’ve got $50 to spend!

To get this incredible 250 per hour birthday deal, put 50 toward a gift for your birthday date (250 per hour 50 to purchase your birthday gift). Yes, this is the condition because we want our lovely treasures to be celebrated. After you have selected your diamond of a date and scheduled your engagement with the folks at City Girls, make a mad dash to the mall to purchase your gift. And don’t forget to tie it with a big, silky bow!

Dating Essentials for Every Hobbyist

Women agree that style and demeanor separate the average man from the irresistible gentleman

We’ll dive into demeanor in a future article. Adopting a sense of style can make the difference between an amazing date and one that is turbo charged with sizzling eroticism. But what if you are a hobbyist who hasn’t a clue about style or one who really couldn’t give a hoot? The following tips will set you on the path to making a signature statement that will impress the companions in your life.

Invest in a fabulous pair of jeans

A nice pair of jeans makes a loud statement that you care about your appearance. Whether you dress them up or dress them down you will automatically place yourself at the front of the line in terms of who escorts prefer to date. While nice jeans may not be cheap, they will last for years if you take good care of them. Even if you do not have the physique of an all-star football player (they all have fabulous buns), take the time to add this important staple to your wardrobe. Yes, shopping for a pair of amazing jeans can be daunting because there are

Purchase a notable watch

Sporting a nice watch (one that is not all beat up) does not necessarily mean that you have to break the bank purchasing a Rolex or Omega. I recommend owning two – one that is casual and one that is a little more formal. Of course, there are those hobbyists who own watch collections and pair a different one with every outfit. How sexy is that? Chanel designs some chic, elegant time pieces. Then again, so do Michael Kors, Guess and Fossil and make sure you check our Rado .

Women care about shoes

As a hobbyist, wouldn’t you gasp in horror if your date greeted you wearing a shockingly hot dress and beachy flip flops? Yes, yes you would. You might be a sex god but show up at the door of your date wearing tired shoes fit for the garbage and watch the sparks fade from her eyes. I do not know of any greater turn off next to rudeness. I recommend owning at least four pairs – two pairs for work (black leather and brown leather), a casual pair for the weekends (purchase a neutral tone that goes with all) and a smokin’ hot pair of sneakers (Nike has a style for every personality type as does Addidas; Gucci also designs sneakers for the very fashion-savvy man).

A stylin’ hairstyle speaks volumes

I am not necessarily talking about going to the barber shop. There are a lot of hip barbers these days but my hunch is that a hobbyist will have better results finding a reputable stylist who can envision what cut will work best for his look. Coiffure counts with women. But don’t stop there. If you are a hobbyist with a fuzzy neck, get it manicured and maintain it! For the super furry types, there are those who wax their necks. Ssssh. Don’t tell.

A clean car is a testament to your excellent hygiene

A hobbyist with a Mercedes Cabriolet or Nissan Sentra is the same in my book if both are trashed inside with dirt, debris and paraphernalia. Clean your car and implement some order, gents! Every few months, have it detailed and jazz it up with a little scent (new car smell is nice).

Alluring scent is an aphrodisiac

Old Spice is nice but is totally recognizable and about as common as it gets when it comes to defining some manly style. If you want to turn the heads of women who are drawn to you by your scent, invest an hour of shopping time and a few dollars more to discover an original fragrance that matches your personality. Remember, you get what you pay for. The cheaper scents are diluted with alcohol and do not last. The more expensive ones are pure and will last throughout the evening. Macys and Nordstrom offer a vast selection of men’s fragrances. If you are a hobbyist who would like to take your animal magnetism to the next level, visit your local Aveda store and check out the men’s line. Oh my. You are in for a sensual treat!

Sensual style is not limited to escorts

Here at City Girls, we believe successful dating is a two-way street. While you may be a hobbyist who does not subscribe to that philosophy, we aspire to enhance your dating endeavors by shedding a little insight from which you will greatly benefit. After all, this is the hobby, right?

Chloe, xoxo

Women Who Like Porn

Pornography has been around since the prehistoric Paleolithic period when nude women and crude vulvas were inscribed on stone walls. Pornography includes writings, images and films that evoke sexual excitement.

Whether or not those mediums merit artistry is subjective to the viewer or reader. That being said, most women would be turned on if exposed to an avenue of porn that agrees with their style. What about the women, namely, independent escorts, who are really into porn films? What do they like and why do they watch it?

Pick your porn

A woman will not get turned on by a film that abuses or degrades a woman. She will be offended and turned off. A lot of porn features the male actor exploiting the female actress with rough treatment, disrespect and virtual disregard for her feelings, both physically and psychologically. However, there are those movies where it is obvious that the actors are enjoying themselves and the pleasure is mutual. If you are a man and/or hobbyist who aspires to select a film to spice up your date, select a movie that takes into consideration the feelings of women. Such approach may be a departure from what style of porn normally attracts you.

What kind of porn films do women like?

If an independent escort is bisexual or at a minimum, sexually intrigued by women, she will get aroused by a lesbian or ménage a tois video. With such tendencies, she may even fantasize about personal encounters when she is satisfying herself in private. Regardless of sexual tendencies, there are many independent escorts who get off watching male-on-male videos (or even live, for that matter!). While the heterosexual hobbyist may be repulsed by such subject matter, there are plenty of bisexual hobbyists who would appreciate this twist on porn. Fetish films that explore BDSM play more on the psyche of the viewer and participant. Many folks take great pleasure indulging in such realms. Fetish films range from subtle role playing and fem-dom to extreme actions such as bondage, reverse role playing and torture.

Women get aroused by everything

Though we may not like to admit, spotting a man with a nice derriere, a woman with perky breasts or a sensual couple with the freedom to openly display their affection arouse us. On a softer note, television series such as Red Shoe Diaries might appeal to the timid woman who finds explicit porn overwhelming. Porn actresses tend to have very sexy bodies that we women find appealing. The great thing about porn is that there are figure types to attract every type of viewer. Ladies (even independent escorts) might feel threatened by certain female figure types. For example, if she does not feel good about her physique, the porn actress with a rockin’ hard body might pose a threat to her. On the other hand, a voluptuous actress who celebrates her body in confidence might turn her on. The bottom line is that women are quite sexual.

What type of porn should you include during your date?

If you are a hobbyist who would like your companion to include porn to your date, ask what she likes in advance! Though she will be inclined to appeal to your needs exclusively, you can really spice things up by acknowledging her desires as well. Visual stimulation that excites both parties will only serve to deepen your intimacy and ultimately, your connection.

Coping with Rejection

Rejection is a fear as real as the day. Fear is not something you can see and even if you rationalize will always return to haunt you. Fear limits our thoughts, behavior and actions. Fear motivates success and prevents failure. Fear can skew life decisions and ruin relationships. Fear is no joke and we all have it.

The key then becomes managing your fears. City Girls acknowledges the unspoken: you are about to fork out a healthy chunk of change to spend time with an angelic creature screaming perfection and you are afraid of rejection. Well, for goodness sake. Aren’t you the one in control here? She’s depending on your chunk of change to pay this month’s rent. While that may be true, fear chuckles and whispers, “Maybe you’re not good enough for her”. Ouch. Enter a torrent of eroding thoughts, the co-conspirators of fear and you’re in need of a double martini before your date (even if you don’t drink martinis). Relax. Take a deep breath. There are instantaneous and very effective ways of dealing with fear and putting it in its place. Let’s talk:

Losing Approval from others may be the most common fear

When balanced, fear of rejection can actually work in your favor and even protect you from the fear itself. Too much fear can actually cause you to lose the very thing you fear losing.

Why would she reject me?

You’ve spent quite some time carefully selecting whom you believe to be the ideal lady for you. She’s beautiful, fresh and you imagine that the two of you will hit it off. Oh, but wait. What if she doesn’t like me? What if we have nothing to talk about? Worse, what if I don’t satisfy her? Fear will deceive you into believing that these fears are real. Fear thrives on ‘end of the world’ thinking. When fear has gained your trust, you’ve got the perfect storm, so to speak and you’re finished before you begin. You feel rejected even before you’ve met!

Do not empower fear

Think through these fears and even write them down. That’s called FACING your fears and this action alone will build confidence. You’re a good guy with a good reputation and a lot to offer. Chances are excellent she’s not going to reject you because that’s your fear talking, not her. Establishing this mindset will reduce those insecurities and guess what? You will probably have an awesome time on that date! If and when you date a lady where sparks didn’t fly and the heavens didn’t part to release chariots of fire, it just means that the chemistry wasn’t there. When you abandon that ‘end of world’ thinking, fear is extinguished allowing confidence to flourish. Women find confidence very attractive.

Where do we seek reassurance?

I know what you’re thinking and I’ll admit that it’s true. Insecurity is not a light switch that can be turned off simply because you don’t want it anymore. Fears and insecurities (they’re identical twins) generally took a long time to develop, hiding out in the corners of your mind whispering negative thoughts for many years, even since childhood. Hate to say it, but reassurance doesn’t grow on trees. You simply are not going to get it from another person, a book or a therapist. You get it from you. Keep reading.

There’s nothing to fear but fear itself

Fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy. That is, fear is a false prediction that becomes true because you believe it and therefore it is. City Girls believes this wholeheartedly! Believing that your date might reject you triggers a downfall of other behaviors and emotions such as anxiety, unease, defensiveness and even anger. Approaching your encounter from a positive attitude could cause the situation to turn out completely different!

Think about how you want to feel

Come up for air. Instead of thinking about how you don’t want to feel or how you don’t want your date to see you, think about how you want to feel. Sometimes in life we miss the obvious. It’s easy to do! While this may sound silly, as a child you didn’t learn how to jump rope by telling yourself that you couldn’t do it. You wanted to do it. Think about how you want to be with future dates: relaxed, self-assured, sexy, and confident. Yeah, baby!

Distrust your own opinion

I once watched a Seinfeld episode (my ATF!) in which George (king of insecurities) decided to do the opposite in everything he did in order to attract women. It worked! Part of confidence includes being a little less sure that you know what is going to happen. It’s a kind of release. People who never question their assumptions tend to have a harder time at life. If you are SO sure that your date may not approve of you, then how come that confidence has not won you the lottery? Let go. Relax. Enjoy your date, exactly no knowing what will happen! This is the essence of life.

You have to want it

If you really want to release your fear, you will. But you must want it. Don’t let fear of rejection bury your true desires. Decide that you want to have mind bending experiences with your dates and you will see a transformation in the quality of your encounters. It really is that simple.

While these basic principles are universal, it’s nice to get an occasional reminder to untangle us from the complications of daily life. If as a hobbyist you’ve ever experience a less-than-favorable date, ask yourself why. Often, the surrounding issues go unspoken or you may abandon the dilemma all together, chalking it up as a bad date. City Girls understands these intricacies. We care about our VIP Members and want all of our members to maximize their time together for an unforgettable experience. That’s what we’re here for.

Rebuilding a Broken Man

A close friend of mine recently went through a divorce. Even an amicable breakup is fraught with transitions and painful on some level (been there, done that). After 22 years of marriage, my friend and his wife decided it was time to part ways.

The kids had completed college. The romance had long ago dried up and the only things left were the mortgage on the second home and severing investment accounts. While his ex-wife gleefully went about her new life traveling and having tea with her female friends, Tomás found himself lonely and incomplete from a life that seemed to have dumped him at the side of a curb in a foreign city.

Ongoing demands of his business absorbed his attention but evenings and weekends settled in with loud silence mocking his new independence

Tomás grew to dread his solitude, parched for attention, longing for a woman’s appreciation. But how to meet someone new? He felt handicapped by expired dating skills, not having been ‘on the scene’ for decades and a little emotionally awkward.

One Saturday, Tomás called me, nervously tripping over his words as he inquired about what I do (which he already knew). I sensed where he was going with the question so I carefully suggested that perhaps he should consider scheduling a date with one of the escorts at City Girls. Relieved by my proposal, he agreed.

Two weeks and three dates later, Tomás and I met for coffee after the gym. I didn’t recognize the man. He was smiling with a glow on his face and practically bouncing with a light and easy demeanor. Gone was the heaviness that had consumed him following the divorce. Tomás knows he can talk to me about anything. Our friendship is that solid. We don’t judge each other. Over espresso, he recounted the story of Anna as I sat in awe at the resurrection of a broken man. He granted me permission to share some of the details with my readers. I am giddy with excitement.

Tomás perused the City Girls website and came across the profile of a woman who appealed to his physical tastes and he hoped his intellectual preferences. For sure, she had to be a consummate GFE for Tomás needed emotional nurturing and reinforcement of his manhood.

Good Lord in heaven, the man had been revived!

Tomás was transformed, re-invented with a new lease on life. Anna’s womanly skills as a friend, lover and confidante had renewed Tomás with assurance I hadn’t seen in years. Not to mention, he recited in vivid detail aspects of her beauty, positively sensual figure and nonstop erotic energy. Their physical escapades called upon Tomás’ stamina from years of working out. But I really think more than anything her fresh, candid personality returned youthfulness to Tomás which had waned throughout the demise of his marriage.

The time Tomás spends with Anna is totally private

He is a kind and generous person with utmost respect for women. A modest man, he prefers to keep his affairs under his hat. I think he is planning to take Anna to the Bahamas soon for a weekend getaway. Has Tomás become a hobbyist? He’s the type who will probably see Anna extensively over a long period of time so it remains to be seen. I wouldn’t exactly call him a sugar daddy either. He did become a VIP Member of City Girls, inspired by Anna. In any event, I am thrilled for him and pleased that I could be there as a friend to share his happiness.

City Girls Summer Vacation 2012

Our presence has advanced at a phenomenal rate and who do we have to thank? Our VIP members and Club members of City Girls, of course! It’s been an incredible time of growth.


We are just tickled to announce that in the last eight months City Girls has blossomed throughout major U.S. cities in the escort industry. We would like to make a toast to all of the gentlemen and hobbyists who have given us their support and helped City Girls grow. We’d also like to take a bow to all of our lovely Club members and independent escorts for their professionalism, punctuality and high ethical standards that we love so much at City Girls. Really, we couldn’t have done it without all of you! Now, summer is just around the corner and it’s time to catch our breath, take a break and rejuvenate. City Girls will be on vacation and closed for business from June 2nd to September 1st.

Behind closed doors at City Girls

I know what you’re all thinking. Just because summer is here doesn’t mean that some of us are not working to make the CG experience better than ever. Our amazing IT team will be diligently plugging away upgrading the City Girls website. Come September, VIP members and Club members will benefit from many exciting improvements on the website.

City Girls rolls out the proverbial red carpet

Discreet is our middle name. An experience with City Girls is always just that – private, smooth and easy. We believe that each and every one of our members are special. The Club at City Girls was built on a foundation of solid ethics and standards. That philosophy is consistently reflected through highly attentive support to all of our VIP members and Club members. With City Girls, you’re always an individual and never a digit. Admit it. That’s why you love us!

Independent escorts who want to join City Girls

Even though City Girls will be on summer vacation, we understand that the show must go on for many independent escorts. Don’t worry. We won’t leave you hanging because that’s not our way. For those ladies who want to join the Club at City Girls, now is the time. Summer will pass quickly and we can get planning in advance with organization of your bookings, screening and advertising. That way, you’ll be poised to hit the ground running in September.

City Girls will be expanding

It gets even better. If you love City Girls now, you’re going to become addicted later. Just imagine the current website but with many more choices. In response to demand by both hobbyists and independent escorts, we are thinking about exploring new areas such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas and too many more to mention here.

Join the party at City Girls!

One would never guess that our summer vacation begins in less than 30 days. Our Club members are vivacious, beautiful and alive! They are meeting VIP club members like there is no tomorrow. If you are a hobbyist interested in joining the Club, right now is the time to get acquainted with one of our Club members. If you are already a VIP member, reach out to connect with one of your favorite Club members to hold you over the summer. You’ll be glad you did!