All Blondes are FREE Today!

HumYou got that right. But you must read this entire article to qualify. Lately, we’ve had such incredible demand for brunettes that our magnificent blonde independent escorts are getting bored and frisky. We know our brunette ladies are smokin’ hot but with all of their delicious curves, unstoppable legs and fine-looking features, why have our blonde bombshells gone by the wayside? We weren’t sure what to do about it but realized that we really needed to jumpstart their love lives. So we spoke to a few of our (usually) top blonde girls about offering a SPECIAL and they said, ‘We’d love to!’ How’s that for desire on demand?!

TOFTT Cataleya

Zip, zero, zilch

Save your dollars, gents and revel in an hour of pure, free debauchery of the most respectful kind. We feel confident in this most generous offer of a lifetime because we know that drenching yourself in free, blonde lust will not be a one time thing. You’ll be back for more, that we can guarantee.

Two for the price of one

Since we promise that your desire for more will get the best of you expect an uncontrollable urge to see your chosen blonde escort at least once again. If you crunch the numbers, isn’t that two dates for the investment of one? That’s a lot of ‘me’ time, now isn’t it!

Power play date

Just imagine the rise you’ll get when you lay eyes on your lady toy of a blonde vixen dripping with desire. Think of coming face-to-face with her prominent twin mounds that lead into a tight, narrow abdomen on down to lean, muscular legs that don’t quit. Her soft scent is unforgettable and her smooth, satin skin is irresistible. What’s more, her luscious lips can’t wait to lock with yours and the rest we leave up to you.

Wake up and smell the roses

Because if you are still reading this article and naturally salivating (who knows what else you’re doing), then you have honestly forgotten the date and we’ve got an announcement: