Be Mine Valentine 2017

valentines day gift surprise

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’ve never been more in lust with you!

Claimed one of our VIP members spellbound by her dazzling beauty when courting his favorite muse to a Valentine’s Day extravaganza. The science of love was perfected by City Girls and what better time to take full advantage of our generosity that with the CG Valentine’s Day Special? All of our patrons are delighted with our surprises whenever a holiday rolls around. For those of you who are new to the sensual world of City Girls, we like to spoil our VIP friends with incredible discounts every Valentine’s Day.

Triple your pleasure with the couples special!

What better way to gift your significant other than with an amorous angel who loves to entertain couples? For all of you open minded lovebirds, we are offering the Couples CG Special which allows you to indulge your darlings for $500 per hour. (usually its 600). Feel the love this Valentine’s Day by partaking in a spicy trio with one of our participating independent escorts that will you shower you with affection. Forget-me-nots of elation will drive you wild with desire as your sweetheart muse leaves the two of you moonstruck with bliss. Ménage à trois was never so delicious!

Check out our solo engagements special offering

A rapturous evening of romance awaits your St. Valentine’s Day private passion party with one of our luscious companions. Start fantasizing right now about your red hot date laced in pink silk lingerie for only $250 per hour (that’s a $100 discount off the normal donation). Picture a beloved tryst regaled in little more than the red roses you present to her as she nibbles on chocolates making her kisses that much sweeter. She will decorate the evening with tender accolades of delight as your heart throbs for more and more attention.

Happy valentines day banner

Cupid is shooting arrows of passion your way

Think of the succulent charms that await your Valentine’s Day fling with a bombshell even a saint couldn’t resist. With flames of ecstasy nipping at your heels, run to the phone to book a steamy rendezvous before somebody else beats you to the escort of your dreams. CG specials only fall upon special holidays so schedule now before it’s too late!

Be Mine You Sultry Valentine

Happy valentines day banner

February is a month of romance. If you are a hobbyist with a passionate heart who thrives on the girl friend experience then this is the day for you! How do you love her? Let us count the ways! Aristotle said that love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. When you are strongly attracted to someone on an emotional and/or sexual level it is called love. There are many different types of love.

Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age.” Anais Nin

The legend of Saint Valentine

According to the Catholic Church, legend has it that Saint Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II declared that single men made better soldiers than those married with families, he outlawed marriage for young men. Realizing the injustice of the decree, Valentine defied Claudius by performing secret marriages for young lovers. Later, Claudius ordered that Valentine be put to death.

 “Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.” Zora Neale Hurston

sexy valentines gift, rose
sexy valentines gift, rose

What love will do to a person

There are those hobbyists and gentlemen who fall head over heels in love with a companion. We have heard many stories about independent escorts who develop deep feelings as well. When such a situation occurs, a companion may let her emotional guard down and allow herself to be known on a personal and intimate level. She may even retire from her profession and actually marry her client.

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Whether you fancy love, lust or simply the company of a beautiful lady friend, it is best not to wait until she might be unavailable on this very special day. Ask your desired companion to be your valentine as soon as possible, if you have not done so already! What gift will you give to her? If it is red roses, call your local florist and reserve your bouquet as soon as you finish reading this article. Begin the evening by toasting a glass of champagne (ask her for her favorite bubbly or take a bottle of Veuve Clicquot). Build the romance by taking her to dinner at a spectacular restaurant (again, make that reservation as soon as possible). For those hobbyists who really want to create an evening that neither of you will ever forget, plan to spend the entire night together.

valentines day gift surprise
valentines day gift surprise

It’s your party – wear what you want!

If you are a sugar daddy who is feeling exceedingly romantic and wants your sugar baby to shimmer with delight, lingerie is the answer. But not just any lingerie. Agent Provocateur features stunningly seductive, lacey ensembles that are second to none in quality, elegance and originality. What an inspiration for love of epic proportion! Once again, place your order after you have finished reading this article and order overnight delivery. While we have talked about this subject in past articles, selecting red lingerie even in honor of this romantic holiday should be carefully considered. Red is a rather fickle color and does not compliment every independent escort’s figure. Pink is a safe and black is guaranteed!

Emphasize details that bring out the naughty of the night

Chances are very good that she will plan nuances of the evening. As a hobbyist, you can contribute by communicating your plans for the evening, where you will be taking her, what you might desire her to wear, etc. Will your hotel suite feature a fire place? Will there be a balcony? Separate sleeping quarters? Plenty of space that the two of you can explore from top to bottom? Last but by no means least, what will the morning bring? Plan to have toothbrush and mouthwash waiting in the bathroom to leave you minty fresh in preparation to greet her sleepy kiss at daybreak.

Some of the most romantic and memorable experiences are enjoyed between hobbyists and independent escorts

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to give and receive delectable gifts of pleasure. As you create riveting bouts of love and lust remember your friends here at City Girls!

How to Be Mine, You Sweet, Sexy Valentine!

February 14th is a heavenly day for all lovers. It is filled with romance, desire and riveting memories just waiting to be created. Do you have a red hot date with a fiery companion? If you don’t at this very moment, it’s just a matter of time, mi amor.

The very fact that you are reading my words means that Cupid (patron of erotic love here at City Girls) has already pierced your heart with his lustful arrow. Brace yourself, king that you are. I want to chat about a few delicious morsels that will give all hobbyists something to chew on during these next few days before their life-altering engagements on the 14th. When you’re done tasting my words and licking your lips, go ahead and reserve your date for the real feast of affection.

Go ahead. Present her with a little gift!

No matter how dazzling and eager to please City Girls’ independent companions are girls will be girls. A small token of your impending affection will only work in your favor and put a beautiful smile on her pretty face (not to mention a period at the end of your sentence). If you’re not sure where to begin, allow me to hold your hand, my love: a furry little teddy bear is cute and she will giggle; a delicate box Godiva chocolates is a sinful gift which she will crave even if she doesn’t eat chocolate; a glittery trinket from Swarovski grasped between her dainty fingers will score the sensual lottery before even playing. Be prepared for a warm embrace and a smoldering thank you. Don’t forget the presentation! We girls are all about that, you know. A lacy little gift bag or a velvet bow – those details are epic in our diaries.

Please! Don’t stop….

You’ve just gotten going so don’t disrupt the momentum. You’ve got two hands, sweetheart. Why give just one gift? The other hand will get bored. Every companion loves a silky accessory fromVictoria’s Secret or a little gift card from Agent Provocateur (ooh la! la!). Watch her expression animate like that of a child in a toy store for the first time. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration but you’ll be glad you did, anyway!

Cultivate that romance

Whether you will dine at a fine restaurant or snuggle in the privacy of your own world, don’t hesitate to make it special. Call the restaurant ahead of time and request that a red rose is laid on her plate before you arrive. If Cupid’s arrow has really been a success, you’ll deliver that little gift before you arrive and it will be waiting for her at the table. If you spend your evening in seclusion, purchase a few vanilla candles (or some other yummy scent) and toast to a glass of something – the toast is what counts. The moment will naturally progress to the fusion of lips and…well…the rest I wait to hear from you!

Reap the fruits of your efforts

I promise you that February 15th will be just as memorable as Valentine’s Day as you awake with a huge smile on your face and your person tingles with afterglow. You might just think of us here at City Girls as your lady looks at you fresh with morning glow and just like a girlfriend asks, “What’s for breakfast?”