Sexing it up at the Super Bowl

Are you a hobbyist who doubles as a diehard football fan? For you, the sport is religion and having a beautiful escort by your side is sport. Super Bowl Sunday is to be sanctified as the ultimate holiday within the NFL experience. I’m here to talk about how you can hit your own home run during this seasonal occasion.

Calling all football lovers

Appetizers should begin well before kickoff. The two of you should conjoin early enough to taste a sampling without missing the National Anthem performance by world renowned opera singer, Renee Fleming. In other words, quell your craving until half time, big boy. If you will be attending a Super Bowl party amongst a cluster of your stud-like buddies and their faintly attractive ladies, request that she wear something comfortable, sporty and dazzlingly sexy.

super bowl
Chips, football and Six Pack of Beer on a table in front of a big screen TV with a Football field. Great for Super Bowl themed projects. Horizontal format.

Those sexy commercials

Even as I write these words, folks are rallying in New Orleans as they gear up for Sunday’s football festivities. This time around make a sultry selection for a sporty sidekick (otherwise known as an independent escort of the racy type). Even if she is not a football fan, everyone is an avid Super Bowl Sunday commercial lover. These little marketing masterpieces rival their piers aired all other days of the year. And airtime comes at a handsome price!

super bowl
Beautiful young woman wearing American Football attire holding ball before Super Bowl Day

What will she wear?

It is probably best that she dress in layers determined by your local weather. As members of the Mile High Club, most independent escorts maintain figures that are off the charts. She may wear tight jeans and a snug t-shirt that scream volumes about her curves. She might top it off with a cap and a little bling bling, somewhere at least. Her ensemble is sure to draw roaming eyes, causing them to miss a touchdown while fervently fantasizing about the secrets held by her underlying lingerie.

That post Super Bowl party

Let the real fun begin! No matter your favorite team and which will win, the real celebration will present itself post Super Bowl smash. Make plans, my friend. Whether you crack open a bottle of bubbly or opt for a few late night appetizers, set the stage to hit your own home run. It’s fantasy football from here on out. Remember to pace yourself throughout the evening so that you are not seeing double by the time the game ends as your lovely companion is looking for a little attention. If you have planned for an all-nighter, take breakfast into consideration. A lady needs her cappuccino and a little protein in the morning!

Love, Chloe xoxo

Sports Love Beautiful Escorts – Super Bowl

There are only a handful of things that a happy man needs in life and they include a good game of sports, a brewsky and a mouth-watering escort by his side.

Well, perhaps you’re the Hennessy-on-the-rocks or Perrier-with-a-slice-of-lemon type but you catch my drift. Many of our City Girlsindependent escorts are already primping and preparing for the big game and their hot dates.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday here in the wondrous U.S. of America and you can be sure that the aforementioned is a lethal combo being exercised by many of our readers. I’ll admit that I’m somewhat of a girly-girl and watch Super Bowl just for the commercials and an excuse to indulge in salty hot dogs dripping with ketchup. Oh, the joy of decadence!

What really makes a good game?

It could be the teams – the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. Maybe you are the kind of man who loves to throw parties in which case preparation is half the fun. On the other hand, a little visual indulgence as you feast your eyes upon a breath-taking beauty (uh, one of City Girls’ independent escorts) as she makes all of the preparations for you might be a bit more enticing.

How your companion may look on Super Bowl Sunday

Her skin is moist and dewy with a sun-kissed glow. She worked out at the gym this morning so her thigh and calf muscles show lean and long accented by fitted jeans. She’s a health nut so her abdomen is smooth and chiseled and she wants to strut her stuff for you. She’ll sport a tight little jersey featuring your favorite team and other assets that become devilishly apparent. As an escort, she takes good care of herself and today is no exception. Her eyes sparkle with impending joy, luscious lips frame a vivacious smile, her hair bounces with playful locks and her floral scent lingers with promises of extracurricular activities during half time. Good Lord. Who needs football?

Cities are not the only things throbbing with anticipation

Super Bowl Sunday is probably one of the sexiest days of the year and you, handsome guy and hobbyist that you are just might agree. Many independent escorts love football and to live it up on the biggest game day of the year. When it’s all said and done and the popcorn’s gone, who’s sitting by your side ready and willing to create your own private touch down? That’s when the real celebration begins.

When the game’s over, where should you divert your interest?

Hopefully, your team wins. But if it doesn’t (or even if it does!), what’s a hobbyist to do? Nothing beats carrying on in your own private way with a sensual and spicy independent escort. City Girls gets it and we want to be here for you carrying on with lively festivities. That’s what we’re all about!