Happy St Patrick’s Day 2017!

The luck of the Irish is in the air and we wish to celebrate with our St. Paddy’s Day Special! There is a pot of gold waiting at the end of your rainbow filled with four-leaf clovers. The first clover stands for faith because our VIP members have total trust that City Girls always delivers; the second stands for hope since you wish ever so dearly that your favorite erotic gem is available to see you; the third stands for lust because of those overwhelming cravings of passion that are keeping you up at night; and the fourth stands for luck because your sexy good fortune is about to smother you with some much needed affection. Isn’t it time for some magical mischief with one of our lusciously decadent independent escorts?

St Patricks day girl

Go for the green with our 250 St. Patrick’s Day Special

Celebrate your own private festival with a mesmerizing brunette whose curves will have your bagpipes in a knot. Her emerald green eyes will seduce you from the start until you are exploding with the kind of ecstasy only an Irishman could appreciate. Or, why not spend the evening with one of our iconic blonde bombshells? Make her your Irish muse adorned in little more than mile-high mules and tiny green Shamrocks covering her mounds. With all of this amazing luck bestowed upon you by the CG Special, your dreams are about to come true for only 250 per hour!

Don’t get yourself in a pinch

Though you won’t be clothed for long, remember to wear a smidgen of green somewhere on your person should those nasty fairy creatures called leprechauns pinch you where it matters most. Your St. Patrick’s Day regalia will bring on a barrage of kisses by your date worshiping the valiant knight that you are.

What to do with your date on the Eve of Saint Patrick’s Day

Start your majestic evening with a fanciful feast of delectable corned beef and cabbage topped off with a bottle of your favorite bubbly. How joyfully arousing is your temperament as this busty babe of desire jiggles around the room during a nightcap of sinful dessert in the privacy of your hotel suite? Her figure is tight and lean with legs for days and just the right amount of softness hidden in the crevices of her femininity. We can think of no better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than with a romantic ritual shimmering with intimacy and our 250 CG Special as the incentive.

St. Patrick’s Day Special!

St. Patrick’s Day Special!

In observance of St. Patrick’s Day, we would like to pay tribute to the patron saint of Ireland by offering a special one-day donation of $250 per hour to our VIP members. Whether you are Irish or Irish-at-heart, now is the time to take advantage of this generous treat by booking a date with any of our lovely independent escorts.

st patricks day girl beer

What began as a religious day of feasting has since become a festive celebration of Irish culture, dancing and indulging. As rivers turn green around the world, so do dream girls of passion dance around their men in flirty threads of green silk and lace. Let’s have a look at what will be happening behind the scenes of this cheerful celebration should you, Mr. VIP Member, be lucky enough to partake:

On the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, greet your lithe-bodied beauty with a lime green chrysanthemum

as a token of your affection. Not only will you impress this lovely companion with your impeccably dashing green regalia (assuming you are of a spirited nature), but you will charm her with your flawless etiquette. Most certainly, a pot of gold awaits on the other side of your rainbow.

Perhaps you and your sexy date will head out for an evening of dining

that includes corned beef, cabbage and a few pints of ale (remaining within your limits, of course) at a local pub. Naturally, she’s a head-turner so don’t get your knickers in a not if a few inebriated patrons pay a bit too much attention. After all, you’re the fine chap who’s going to get lucky at the end of the evening.

She’s bound to show you some green beneath her velvet bodice

as she catwalks in honor of the saint and your good fortune. Jaw droppingly gorgeous, your succulent little leprechaun wears expressions of ‘kiss me’ written all over her face and most certainly green means go. The shamrock in you is now in full form as you rise to the occasion during this private Irish jamboree!

Aaaah, the memories that will resound as you float on romantic clouds of joy

for the months that remain during the rest of this leap year. But wait! Why seal your intimate good fortune by stopping at just one date with one of our beautiful independent escorts? While St. Patrick’s Day will most certainly prove to bless you with boundless pleasure, we have a banquet of tantalizing muses that come in a variety of flavors that will certainly suit your fancy. Get the party started now so that you can warm your jets before the actual St Patty’s day celebration begins.

Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day

In between another green beer and a delicious, scantily clothed escort snuggling in your arms, let us take a moment to reminisce a bit about St. Patrick’s Day.

Legend has it that he chased snakes out of Ireland during a 40-day fast on top of a hill Were the snakes fake? Why yes. Yes they were. The tale is more suggestive of an allegory in that they were linked to heathen practices during that time. Saint Patrick’s dramatic act of snake eradication may actually be a metaphor for his Christianizing influence. Whether snake, lizard or pagan, the creatures did and do not exist in Ireland. According to Irish folklore, Saint Patrick used the three-leaf shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans. By 1996, Saint Patrick’s Day had turned into a 5-day gala of festivities. Fast forward to the present.

St Patricks day girl

What’s your celebration?

Mr. Hobbyist, there is no need for you to spend the rest of this weekend with your lonesome. A lovely handful of independent escorts here at City Girls are waiting with their shamrocks in hand to cook up a sexy storm with you tonight. Chances are excellent that you will have a very difficult time choosing which sensual vixen to grace your presence.

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Why not plan a slumber party?

Even though tomorrow is technically a work day for most of you hobbyists, it will also be a day filled with parades, Irish traditions and decadent brunches. Just imagine waking up to the fresh, floral scent of an erotic angel tangled around you. You might call in sick immediately, put your phone on silent and create a little bed in breakfast of your own.

TOFTT is always living it up at City Girls!

We’ve definitely got the party attitude around here. Always have. That’s why City Girls members are constantly offering specials to VIP members. We live in the land of opportunity here in the States and our TOFTT rates exemplify just


that. If not during this Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, then sometime in the near future select a feminine morsel of TOFTT-participating club members to dazzle your mind and person. But be prepared to come down hard after your date. Erotic excellence is the only way to describe our luscious independent escorts, my friends. These succulent ladies will leave you drunk with bliss. We’re sure of it.

Constantly getting it on… Chloe xoxo

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