Created with Lust – a Labor Day Celebration

It is time to honor your achievements in a most gratifying way that only City Girls can appreciate. After a year of hard work comes an opportunity to celebrate because you deserve it! We’re not talking your run-of-the-mill festivities, no sir. We are suggesting your own private parade of beauty with a gorgeous being cat walking all around you overflowing with lustful desire. And that’s just the beginning. Isn’t body language the best kind of communication?

Labor Day

While others are tossing back a few brewskies in remembrance of our country’s strength, prosperity and well-being, you should be rewarding your personal interests in a far more intimate manner. With a succulent muse of your choice catering to desires and whims that you didn’t even know you had, what better way to pay tribute to your efforts? There is something totally intoxicating about an open minded young woman who yearns to please all of you. Even better, she is naturally turned on by your satisfaction because it empowers her sensuality.


Labor Day marks the beginning of the baseball season

Contrary to popular belief, America’s favorite pastime is not baseball but red hot loving. You will be the envy of your buddies when entering the party with a sexy muse attached to your arm. She is fresh, natural, a work of art created by nature. Her skin is soft and glowing, her figure succulent with curves begging for your hands. Her hair is softly perfumed and her smile ignites desire in all those around her. It might be difficult to focus on the game with her hand searching your thigh when suddenly a rise demands attention. Even a quickie knows eternity which is why booking an overnight is absolutely essential.

labor day ginger

She’s going to work you over

Seriously, with a body like a forbidden fantasy, she has all of the tools necessary to cause you to forget that you ever worked a day in your life. Go ahead. Just imagine what might happen when she releases her naughty loving all over you. She is angel, vixen, confidante and muse all wrapped up into an evening of sizzling hot pleasure.


Getting back to the ball game, you ask yourself, ‘how long will it take to get to our hotel?’ You know, the suite that waits patiently for your arrival after the party is over and all of your envious buddies have gone home with their boring wives. Inside your car, she is literally all over you, kissing places that just might cause a heart attack (figuratively speaking, of course).


The passion that surrounds you is simply intoxicating. She is too good to be true and better yet, she gets off on your delight. The rest of the evening is history, so-to-speak. The next morning begins with an intimate shower that turns into much, much more. Over breakfast, she in her birthday suit and you in your suit, her bubbly energy lights your fire and the two of you are at it again. Oh my.

Fatigue notwithstanding, you are supercharged with euphoria that carries you through the rest of the year. At the office, partners and employers notice something different about you but you just grin and pass it off as nothing. This, my friend is the way to celebrate Labor Day, wouldn’t you agree? Now, let’s get this party started!


City Girls Celebrates Labor Day With a Gift!

City Girls would like to salute all of you hard working gentlemen with a very special gift. You see, we know all about hard work, awesome customer service and dedication to all of our VIP members and club members.

But before I get into the hot, juicy details, I think it fair to commemorate achievements of all American workers for making this spectacular country what it is today. Hats off to everyone and especially New York City who set the precedent for the first Labor Day celebration back in 1882!


For this week and upcoming weekend, pop a brewski, toast a glass of wine or santé some champagne while remembering that all American (and immigrant!) workers are the backbone of this incredible country. Pat yourself and your buddy on the back for all the days when you sank exhausted into your sofa at the end of a hard day’s work. Sometimes, those days may have felt like none of your actions mattered or that no one cared. Whether you are a CEO and run the show, are a middle manager in the big picture of a corporation or a postal worker getting our mail to us on time, each of your actions symbolizes a tiny tile in the giant mosaic that shapes our democracy as a free country.

Thanks to all of you, the US of A boasts one of the highest standards of living offering unparalleled opportunity to citizens and immigrants from all over the world. There are even those who leave their families behind to come here and achieve legal status to make a  living, sending home almost every dime so that their families can live a decent life.

Here at City Girls, our esprit de corps runs exceptionally high around a holiday. We even get a little sentimental because we really do care about each and every one of our VIP members and club members as though they are all part of a big, happy family. Granted, I might be getting a little mushy and you might even pull out your violins but we are creating our own little virtual parade with a gift that most won’t resist.

Available only on Monday, September 2nd, Labor Day (and on every holiday moving forward) a select number of our indescribably and breathtakingly beautiful models will be offering their company for an exceptional donation of $250 per hour. Woah. We like to call it the “Holiday Special”.

This is a rare opportunity to spend time with a heavenly bombshell that will melt your world and bring new meaning to Labor Day and your manhood. If you are speechless, don’t fret. Pause, catch your breath and give us call.

We can’t wait to hear from you.