An Easter Special – Celebrate with Us!


During this season of reflection, we are celebrating a new life as the winter chill melts into Spring. It is a time of rebirth, an invigorating new beginning of the continuation of our success and we’re passing along a tidbit to you.

An eggs-tra special day!

We salute our models and hobbyist friends who plan to indulge in this year’s moveable feast with a token of our affection. For VIP members, tucked inside your proverbial Easter basket is an exclusive City Girls Special — that is — $250 per hour on Sunday, March 27th only!

Hot chicks struttin’ down the bunny trail

Whatever your plans for Easter Sunday, make time for some private festivities with one of our luscious independent escorts. Select from a host of gorgeous creatures with an abundance of charms certain to arouse the King in you. Oh the thrill of a springtime goddess in all her show stopping splendor as her unrelenting naughtiness entices you is almost too much to fathom.

Sport your Sunday best

In the spirit of Easter, dress to impress, gents. Regale yourself in fine linens and perhaps bestow a sweet treat upon your lovely date to set the evening off to a hoppin’ start. You can be sure that she will be full of surprises beneath her joyous ensemble. Beyond a shower of hypnotizing caresses to initiate the greeting, your 24-carot enchantress will reveal an intoxicating display of curve-kissing lingerie that will undoubtedly get your jelly beans in a knot.

Some bunny loves you

That’s only the initiation into a sensual Spring celebration. You see, Easter symbolizes new life and in this case, total rejuvenation of your manhood. A lovely muse of monumental beauty will wash over you with trinkets of affection, consuming all of your senses while seducing you in the most luxurious of ways. In her zeal to please, she’ll set off your siren a multitude of times in soft hues of passion until you can take no more. Now that’s what we call an Easter extravaganza!

Egg hunt, anyone?

Now that your buns are all hot crossed and bothered, it’s time to pick up the phone and let your desire do the talking. Easter is a hop and skip away and you deserve to have your pick of the chicks. Schedule your date now before someone else does!

The Easter Bunny Wants to Entertain You!

For many of us, Easter is a time that carries sacred connotations. For others, spending moments with loved ones or frolicking on an egg hunt with the kids is what the holiday is all about. But we are talking about a different kind of Easter bunny.

We all have secular interests as well, right? Beyond the traditional, we think the new spring season is a time to partake in some erotic intimacy glittering with lots of laughter and good times.

City Girls is rife with soft, sexy bunnies

In our world, pleasure is wild and sweet. Who needs a holiday to celebrate? Just imagine your own private gala with a prized jewel of a woman regaled in luxurious lingerie and sinfully high heels. Think of a lavish evening of living life to the hilt with a sumptuous independent escort! What hobbyistwould not gain 10 years of vivacious living?

Sweet, sassy or naughty knockouts – take your pick!

Velvet kisses, flirtatious banter and scorching good looks will leave you drenched in ecstasy and deliriously wondering if you are still on this earth. Independent escorts at City Girls are well endowed with captivating beauty that empowers every man with a pulse.

hobbyist are visual easter bunnyWhere does a hobbyist go to find an abundance of vibrant beauties?

Coming to City Girls is like walking into a gourmet chocolate boutique when you have an addiction to chocolate! Everyindependent escort is like Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day wrapped all into one succulent package. After you have visually tasted them all, you just might come full circle and still be unable to make a decision! Shucks, guys. Make your life easy. If you are a first time hobbyist, just call City Girls and let them arrange a date for you!

Bliss is a beautiful, attainable thing

When business must stop and leisure must prevail, heaven and harmony are aphrodisiacs at your fingertips. If you think that my words drip with sounds of a summer romance novel, then you obviously haven’t contacted City Girls for all will come true. Lust, romance and passion are nourishing necessities especially if your love life is negative to the left. Spring is bursting with blossoms and luscious interludes just waiting for you.