Columbus Day Special


Remember that swashbuckling voyager Christopher Columbus who sailed to the Americas in 1492? Though you, oh lover of gorgeous independent escorts, may not have the day off, we’ve decided to extend a very special treat in the name of this historical day. But first, a few morsels of history about this European adventurer and how he happened upon the New World.


Columbus and his contemporaries weren’t aware that the Pacific Ocean existed
But most Europeans knew that the world was round. Backed by Spanish monarchs King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, Chris set sail for China, India and the Spice Islands only to land instead in the Bahamas. Not such a bad thing if you’ve ever been there, translucent turquoise waters and scantily clothed babes running around in the sunshine. Later that month, Columbus discovered Cuba and thought it was China. Sounds like Chris could have used a GPS to better navigate the new terrain but it was a bit early in the century.

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Columbus Day Celebration 2015

Celebrating the indigenous lovers of America

I think we all know that Leif Erikson, swashbuckling Viking from Iceland, was the first European to set foot on what is now American soil. To claim that Chris Columbus was the discoverer of America when he was greeted by native,


American Indians would be admitting a fallacy, a misnomer on a grand scale. But Chris was indeed the bad ass whose voyages made an enormous impact on the development of the Western world. In any case, you, the debonair reader, doer of great things and manly lover of voluptuous dames has probably got the day off. What will you do with yourself?


new world of escorts

No, City Girls does not lay claim to the invention of intimate play for that’s been
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When either of those manliest of men Leif or Chris sank their boots into our soil, they were fit for a glutinous feast. What the history books don’t tell us is what they indulged in after. These adventurous heroes most certainly had high octane testosterone pumping through their veins that demanded never ending banquets of exotic loving.

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