Happy Birthday to City Girls!

Bon anniversaire, Alles gute zum geburtstag and С Днем Рождения!

Whether your language is English, French, German or Russian, September 25th is a time of celebration for all of us here at City Girls! We have gifts for all of our friends because we have graciously earned our rite of passage into the adult world and want to toot our horns! City Girls is recognized as the premier club of stunning independent escorts and VIP hobbyist members with ceremonious customer service that commemorates everyone. Break out the bubbly for we are about to dig in to a scrumptious birthday cake with our luscious ladies and toast to some birthday cheer! http://www.city-girls.com/specials.html

birthday cake

Do we hear the angels of recognition in the wings?

Everywhere you turn in the adult world there is murmur of City Girls and its illustrious reputation for being the preferred club among hobbyists and independent escorts in more than twenty U.S. cities. Life at City Girls has been a birthday party every day when you consider that we have achieved such hard-earned popularity!

Celebrating the peaks and enduring the valleys

As with anyone, we have faced our share of ups and downs. While our attitudes remain rife with chivalry (we write about that a lot, right?) supported by a solid foundation of clear morals and just plain treating people right, sometimes it has felt like we were swimming with sharks. What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger! Folks, if we can share a little token of philosophy during our birthday month, let us shout out: always stand strong behind your beliefs and don’t let the sharks pull you under! If someone tries to steal your thunder, consider it a compliment and sing praise for being as resilient as you are.

Our birthday gift to you

Let us take a grateful bow to all of our clients and friends. Good karma flourishes here at City Girls and we are feeling pretty generous. On our special day, September 25th, we will offer a complimentary bottle of Martini Asti champagne to every hobbyist who books an appointment with one of our stunning, independent escorts. The cost of the bubbly will be subtracted from your donation. The festivities are between us. Be sure to disguise your bottle of bubbly either by placing it in a paper bag or your tote bag when arriving at the ladies location. How you all choose to celebrate is up to you!