It’s National Weed Day!

To those who celebrate the sensual herb, we salute you! To all you ganjapreneurs, we know you partake for the sensual playfulness that it evokes when you go wild for the affection of a hot babe. We trust that you such gents always obey the laws of procurement because showing up stoned for your date is an emphatic no no. But whether or not you partake in the smoking of marijuana, April 20 or 4/20 is recognized by smokers and nonsmokers alike as a national holiday for cannabis culture. We would like to extinguish the hype surrounding just how 420 Day came into existence: it is not a code used by police officers to signal ‘marijuana smoking in progress’ nor is it a tribute to Adolph Hitler’s birthday. The holiday was most likely hailed by a group of brethren who used to gather daily at 4:20pm at a high school in Marin County, California. They were called ‘Waldos’ because they met daily at a certain wall to smoke. One of the members knew the bassist from the Grateful Dead which lead to popularization of the term, so the story goes. One day, Deadheads in Oakland, California passed out flyers inviting folks to smoke at 4:20 and one got into the hands of a former reporter for High Times Magazine and the rest is history. Let us muse further about this allegedly notorious counter-culture.


It’s Cannabis Christmas!

Don’t forget your New York 420 day map when joining thousands of blazed New Yorkers for more than 420 day parties that rival partying festivities anywhere else on the globe (Amsterdam, step aside!). Or maybe you’ll head to the celebration at Washington Square Park where gobs of fellow reefer regulars gather to peacefully protest America’s years’ long pot prohibition. Other hash holiday bashes include the Lebowski Fest NYC where high dudes dress up as their favorite character from the film The Big Lebowski; 1st Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo and the Sound Tribe Sector 9 concert for some chill instrumental rock.


Legalizing marijuana across the board

A great flowering of hemp legalization has occurred over the last 78 years. Despite a worldwide extinction campaign, pot grows both wild and cultivated on every inhabited continent. Since 1969, a growing consensus of American people are now in favor of ganja smoking for recreational use. In the wake of changing attitudes, many states have forged their laws in favor of the green. Among the 24 states where purchasing weed is legal are Colorado, District of Columbia (yes, some of society’s elite politicians are getting high), Alaska, Arizona and of course, California. While we remain neutral on the topic, why not? Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption are legal. Enough said.

What grass is good for

Medical benefits are quite helpful for some including elimination of chronic pain, treating glaucoma, improving lung health from tobacco abuse, controlling epileptic seizures, prevention of cancer-spreading diseases and anxiety reduction, among many others.
• Cannabis use often includes an enhancement of intellectual abilities in the form of pattern recognition and lateral thinking, both key aspects in scientific innovation and discovery.
• A propensity for open communication, non violence and sensual playfulness
• Refinement of the intellect and artistic vision

A drug’s a drug’s a drug

It’s still a drug and bad things can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing. As with anything, moderation is key though we are certainly not condoning the use of marijuana. If you choose to join the worldwide Cannabis culture, smoke at your own risk.