Happy St Patrick’s Day 2017!

The luck of the Irish is in the air and we wish to celebrate with our St. Paddy’s Day Special! There is a pot of gold waiting at the end of your rainbow filled with four-leaf clovers. The first clover stands for faith because our VIP members have total trust that City Girls always delivers; the second stands for hope since you wish ever so dearly that your favorite erotic gem is available to see you; the third stands for lust because of those overwhelming cravings of passion that are keeping you up at night; and the fourth stands for luck because your sexy good fortune is about to smother you with some much needed affection. Isn’t it time for some magical mischief with one of our lusciously decadent independent escorts?

St Patricks day girl

Go for the green with our 250 St. Patrick’s Day Special

Celebrate your own private festival with a mesmerizing brunette whose curves will have your bagpipes in a knot. Her emerald green eyes will seduce you from the start until you are exploding with the kind of ecstasy only an Irishman could appreciate. Or, why not spend the evening with one of our iconic blonde bombshells? Make her your Irish muse adorned in little more than mile-high mules and tiny green Shamrocks covering her mounds. With all of this amazing luck bestowed upon you by the CG Special, your dreams are about to come true for only 250 per hour!

Don’t get yourself in a pinch

Though you won’t be clothed for long, remember to wear a smidgen of green somewhere on your person should those nasty fairy creatures called leprechauns pinch you where it matters most. Your St. Patrick’s Day regalia will bring on a barrage of kisses by your date worshiping the valiant knight that you are.

What to do with your date on the Eve of Saint Patrick’s Day

Start your majestic evening with a fanciful feast of delectable corned beef and cabbage topped off with a bottle of your favorite bubbly. How joyfully arousing is your temperament as this busty babe of desire jiggles around the room during a nightcap of sinful dessert in the privacy of your hotel suite? Her figure is tight and lean with legs for days and just the right amount of softness hidden in the crevices of her femininity. We can think of no better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than with a romantic ritual shimmering with intimacy and our 250 CG Special as the incentive.

Be Mine Valentine 2017

valentines day gift surprise

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’ve never been more in lust with you!

Claimed one of our VIP members spellbound by her dazzling beauty when courting his favorite muse to a Valentine’s Day extravaganza. The science of love was perfected by City Girls and what better time to take full advantage of our generosity that with the CG Valentine’s Day Special? All of our patrons are delighted with our surprises whenever a holiday rolls around. For those of you who are new to the sensual world of City Girls, we like to spoil our VIP friends with incredible discounts every Valentine’s Day.

Triple your pleasure with the couples special!

What better way to gift your significant other than with an amorous angel who loves to entertain couples? For all of you open minded lovebirds, we are offering the Couples CG Special which allows you to indulge your darlings for $500 per hour. (usually its 600). Feel the love this Valentine’s Day by partaking in a spicy trio with one of our participating independent escorts that will you shower you with affection. Forget-me-nots of elation will drive you wild with desire as your sweetheart muse leaves the two of you moonstruck with bliss. Ménage à trois was never so delicious!

Check out our solo engagements special offering

A rapturous evening of romance awaits your St. Valentine’s Day private passion party with one of our luscious companions. Start fantasizing right now about your red hot date laced in pink silk lingerie for only $250 per hour (that’s a $100 discount off the normal donation). Picture a beloved tryst regaled in little more than the red roses you present to her as she nibbles on chocolates making her kisses that much sweeter. She will decorate the evening with tender accolades of delight as your heart throbs for more and more attention.

Happy valentines day banner

Cupid is shooting arrows of passion your way

Think of the succulent charms that await your Valentine’s Day fling with a bombshell even a saint couldn’t resist. With flames of ecstasy nipping at your heels, run to the phone to book a steamy rendezvous before somebody else beats you to the escort of your dreams. CG specials only fall upon special holidays so schedule now before it’s too late!

Black Friday Specials 2016

What better way to ring in the Christmas season than with a bit of TLC from one of our ravishing independent escorts? Not only is it Black Friday but it is also the beginning of one of the most festive times of year and City Girls has a special gift just for you.


Why such a dark name for such a special day?

The term ‘Black Friday’ was first used back in 1869 referring to the crash of the U.S. gold market caused by two ruthless Wall Street financiers. As the story goes, the phrase then re-surfaced in Philadelphia in 1961 to represent the day after Thanksgiving when retailers began taking profits from being ‘in the red’ to being ‘in the black’. No matter its meaning, we think black is a terribly sexy color and one of our favorites when it comes to slinky lingerie.

We are feeling the love!

On the busiest shopping day of the year we have a delicacy of a deal that will make your mouth water even before your date begins. For 250 an hour on this day only, make sensual history with any of our most desireable escorts. Just after Thanksgiving has come to a close, the doors of the holiday season are bursting open with scrumptious escorts sweet as candy and naughty as sin.

The CG special is available to all club members

You’ve got the day off and we have an array of captivating muses ready to entertain and indulge you in mega pleasure. Whether you are a new friend or VIP member, take advantage of this fabulous offer as Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

What’s in store for you?

Hands down, City Girls is the baron of buxom beauties with killer bodies and lovely personalities. Whether you are into petite blondes, frisky redheads, passionate brunettes or all three, we have an arresting array of dazzling ladies that will knock your socks off.

tmp_32455-screenshot_2016-11-25-10-52-441382962364For all of our turkey-stuffed club members shopping for bargains
Look no further than City Girls for a bonanza of luscious treasures who specialize in intimacy. Before you descend into the winter holiday splurging on all those gifts for loved ones, why not do something nice for the champion in you? Treat yourself to a provocative prowess that will blow your mind with ecstasy for only 250 per hour. Hurry! Before it’s too late.

Let’s honor our vets come November 11th

This Veteran’s Day you will find your CG team a bit sentimental and filled with generosity which we’d like to express in the form of a holiday special. It always happens to us, the desire to pass along our gratitude to friends in the form of an incentive you won’t want to pass up. But first, let us reflect upon our beloved veterans and commemorate the holiday with a few words of remembrance.


Let’s honor our vets come November 11th

Armistice Day commemorates the signing of the armistice between the Allies and Germany on November 11, 1918 at 11am. The armistice essentially brought an end to World War I. After World War II, many countries changed the name to Remembrance Day while the United States chose to call it Veteran’s Day and made it a federal holiday. Schools, offices and churches across the country pause to partake in a 2-minute silence at 11am and hold services at war memorials.


Why wear a red poppy?

In the spring of 1915, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae was inspired by the sight of red poppies growing in battle-scarred fields and wrote the now famous poem, “In Flanders Fields”. The poem triggered a ‘poppy movement’ and later a poppy factory was founded that gave jobs to disabled former servicemen. The red poppy is regarded as a resilient flower that flourished in fields destroyed by the war.

Display the gentleman in you

When you meet your date, wouldn’t it be lovely to bestow upon her a red poppy to honor our veterans and symbolize a token of your affection? In all her splendor, dazzling beauty and unstoppable curves, such a thoughtful display can only warm her mood with promises of passion. Before you know it, you’ll both be melting with desire as the two of you get lost in conversation that can only lead to undeniable attraction and who knows what else.

Veteran’s Day is day of the 250 special!

On Friday, November 11th only, every glorious hour you spend with any of our gorgeous independent escorts is only 250 per hour. Now, gents. I think we all agree that such an offering is almost too good to be true. All of you VIP members who are regularly blown away by the company of our deliciously sweet and sexy muses can attest to that. But the time is now to plan ahead for your Veteran’s Day celebration by ensuring that your favorite dream girl is available in your area. First come, first served! Upon reading the last word of this article, make a mad dash for your mobile device and be in touch. We wouldn’t want you to end up disappointed because another VIP member beat you to it.

Operators are standing by!

A Halloween Treat for You!

‘Tis near Halloween and we bet you’re gearing up for a wildly fun play party! It is no apparition that our independent escorts are frighteningly gorgeous and definitely the eye candy you want for your treat. Already, spirits are turning in their graves as they shiver with excitement just thinking about these unearthly creatures of the night. Not to fear. We’ve got you covered with a hair-raising deal that just might conjure up a devilishly enchanting evening!

It’s no trick – we’ve got some magic up our sleeve

What better way to set the spooky ambience than with one of our signature CG holiday specials? You heard it straight from the horse’s mouth, superhero. For just 250 per hour, you can rattle your world with some hocus pocus and your favorite feline of pleasure wrapped in your arms.

Our love mavens guarantee a night of sexy thrills

Whether she’s a blonde, brunette or redhead, you can be sure that she will be wickedly sexy and ready to seduce you with her sensual potions. Regaled in ravishing lingerie, she will cast her spell and shower you with screams of delight that will surely wake the dead. Want to play dress-up? All you have to do is ask. No matter what costume she wears, your jaw will drop in the presence of such a wondrously sultry vixen.


It’s time to ring in All Saints’ Day

As the days grow colder and the nights get shorter, bloodcurdling passion awaits all you kings of gratification. Come October 31st, gift yourself a midnight maiden with extraordinary talents of the carnal kind. Why not double your trouble for a delightfully nasty evening of decadent frolic? With our incredible CG Special, it makes killer sense to select two angels of darkness. Our escorts get along very well in the boudoir, especially when it comes to pleasing the prince that you are.

Who gets to indulge in the CG Special?

Why…everyone! VIP members, verified friends and even new gents! Naturally, the verification process still applies. We are feeling terribly generous this year so you’d better get these feminine morsels while they’re still available.

Book your Halloween bash now!

Columbus Day Special


Remember that swashbuckling voyager Christopher Columbus who sailed to the Americas in 1492? Though you, oh lover of gorgeous independent escorts, may not have the day off, we’ve decided to extend a very special treat in the name of this historical day. But first, a few morsels of history about this European adventurer and how he happened upon the New World.


Columbus and his contemporaries weren’t aware that the Pacific Ocean existed
But most Europeans knew that the world was round. Backed by Spanish monarchs King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, Chris set sail for China, India and the Spice Islands only to land instead in the Bahamas. Not such a bad thing if you’ve ever been there, translucent turquoise waters and scantily clothed babes running around in the sunshine. Later that month, Columbus discovered Cuba and thought it was China. Sounds like Chris could have used a GPS to better navigate the new terrain but it was a bit early in the century.

What’s your feminine fancy to commemorate the celebration?

Especially if you are from New York and are Italian or Catholic, you might think of Columbus Day as an incentive to spend an evening with one of our very own City Girls’ succulent muses. We are giving you every reason to say ‘yes’ to a night of festive frolic that will undoubtedly affirm your manhood. Whether your pleasure is a blonde, petite prowess that fits neatly in your arms, a buxom brunette endowed with delicious curves or a daring siren of a redhead, we’ve got an entourage of entertainment just waiting for your attention.


Columbus Day revelries begin with the City Girls holiday special

For a smashing $250 per hour, you can live it up like a bandit and get a little sinful with an electrifying tryst of your choice. You heard right. City Girls gets super generous around the holidays but the special applies only on Columbus Day. So gents, you snooze, you lose! Plan your communion with oneness with your favorite angel of delight before someone else does.

Sensual frontiers are yours for the taking

$250 per hour with a resolutely stunning woman of sheer perfection is almost too good to be true. Even Columbus would have eagerly jaunted across the Atlantic if he knew that one of our spicy flames of perfection was waiting for him with bated breath. When it comes to pleasure, City Girls is your procurer of passion, hands down.

Let’s get this private parade started!

Happy Sexy Fourth of July!

On this Fourth of July, celebrate the red, white and blue with a gorgeous hottie wrapped in your arms for only $250 per hour. Get your groove on with some brisk affection from any of our participating escorts for as long as you like with this special offer. Fireworks are sure to explode as you celebrate your manhood and our Nation’s birthday with this awesome Independence Day special!


“…Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” We take this view, most notably promoted by Abraham Lincoln, as an inspiration to honor our country’s freedom with a few patriotic hotties.

On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed
by the Second Continental Congress freeing the thirteen colonies from the Kingdom of Great Britain. The Declaration justified the independence of the United States. Woo! Hoo! There are plenty of ways to celebrate our liberty, starting with a few gorgeous independent escorts dedicated to your happiness.

Sparkling muses with allegiance to pleasure are waiting for you
On this fine, Fourth of July holiday it is only fitting to mark the occasion with a curvaceous bombshell showing off her American spirit. While you are tossin’ back a few brewskies at the poolside cookout, your illustrious escort will sport a barely-there string bikini, rendering you the envy of all your comrades. Those electrifying curves atop mile-high stilettos are bronzed in Bain de Soleil and you can’t keep your hands to yourself. Temptation reigns as the two of you disappear for an irresistible quickie only to return to the party with smiles from ear to ear.


Give yourself the gift of romance

Drenched in silken threads of red, white and blue, your date is a picture of mouthwatering desire. Already, fireworks are going off and you’ve barely begun. Those mounds have more oomph than you can handle and it is safe to say that her star spangled kitty is hot and bothered. Don’t blame us if you miss out on the festivities all together because you’re busy succumbing to attraction!

This midsummer holiday brings passionate escorts who will do you proud
Radiating lust and longing, this symbol of sensuality will flaunt her assets as the seduction begins. We’re talking about a spirited commemoration that welcomes an evening inspired by ecstasy. Unrelenting gratification will follow, the kind that is fit for a king. Now that’s what we call major fireworks!

A Sensual Memorial Day Celebration

During this fine Memorial Day weekend, why not get your groove on with an intoxicating escort decorated in lacey regalia? She’ll take the meaning of observance to a whole new level! But first, let us take a moment of remembrance to honor our departed comrades.

memorial day

Memorial Day Mementos

Decoration Day (as it used to be called) commemorates all of the wars in which countless fallen soldiers gave their lives fighting for our country. The Civil War claimed more lives than any other conflict in American history and thus, required the establishment of our country’s first national cemeteries. Thanks to New York where the holiday was officially recognized, Memorial Day unofficially marks the beginning of summer and have we got some deals to spice up your weekend!


Last minute deals that put the spark in your Memorial Day celebration
I’m sure our comrades up in Heaven would smile down upon their fellow man who decide to take full advantage of City Girls’ extreme generosity this weekend. If ever there was a weekend to make sure your phone is on, this is the one. Be on the lookout for text messages and emails (whatever your alert preference) announcing those once-in-a-lifetime dates at your beckon call. But first, ensure that you have signed up for the email list in your city so that you will receive the announcements about last minute deals.

Get the City Girls’ Memorial Day Special

Gentlemen, seriously. This is almost too good to be true and our blessed war veterans are turning in their graves. Monday, May 30th is the day that you will be reborn with a drop dead gorgeous, buxom blonde (or ravishing brunette or steamy redhead, as it were). With this City Girls’ Special, you’ll have to pinch yourself during your date just to know that the experience is real. But then, when that lean, tight and shapely vixen dripping with feminine splendor showers you with bliss, all will be right with your world.

Take a national moment of remembrance

No matter how mesmerized you become as your bombshell escort prances around you in hints of lace and lots of skin, 3pm marks the moment when you should get a grasp and pause out of respect for our fallen soldiers. What you choose to do after 3:01pm is your business.

City Girls gifts our hobbyist friends with a proverbial red poppy
It’s tradition, gentlemen and you might want to stop by the florist to grab a bouquet before your date arrives just to start things off on the right foot. You’ll thank us after a spectacularly sensual celebration.

Happy Sexy Cinco de Mayo!

Hola Papacitas! In Spanish, that’s a warm welcome to all you debonair hobbyists out there trolling our website for a smokin’ hot independent escort on el Cinco de Mayo. Have we got any spicy specials? Si, Claro! But of course! Read on love enthusiasts, read on…

El Cinco de Mayo began in Mexico back in 1862 when the Mexican army triumphantly defeated French forces at the Battle of Puebla. Imagine the curvaceous acompaños (escorts) that awaited General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín to glorify him with their Latina kisses when he arrived home. What will you do to commemorate the fiesta?


Bailando con su fecha

Dancing with your date is a great way to kick off the sensuous festivities that await His Highness. Throwing back a few cervezas with your compadres is certainly well-deserved but where is that passionate mamacita in all of her physical splendor when the Mariachi band begins? Picture her long, shapely legs in mile high stilettos leading up to her bubble derriere beneath a micro mini skirt. She gives new meaning to salsa dancing, twisting that razor thin navel and bouncing those magnificent tetas all around you. Dios Mio! What is an hombre to do?

Hot tamales in barely there lingerie

We’re talking super caliente! Diehard curves, chiches delicious (grande or pequeña – you choose), firm posteriors and angelic features all accented in silky threads of intimate apparel. Most of that sexy attire is nothing more than a ceremonious veiling waiting for your hands to do the honors. What’s your pleasure?


On this joyous, margarita-filled occasion

Careful with the tequila and certainly don’t eat the worm. You’re going to need every ounce of your sobriety to soak up these delectable dolls dripping with desire who aim to please.

Attention! All you bikini bombshell worshipers

In observance of this south of the border holiday, City Girls is honoring its VIP members with a Cinco de Mayo Special you won’t want to miss. For only 250 per hour, you can celebrate the occasion with any of our participating independent escorts who will rock your world on the 5th of May.

Specials at City Girls Abound

Already have plans on el Cinco de Mayo that you just can’t break? Don’t fret, my friend. We are always thinking about our VIP gents which is why you should always check our Specials Page to see what goodies await your indulgence!


It’s National Weed Day!

To those who celebrate the sensual herb, we salute you! To all you ganjapreneurs, we know you partake for the sensual playfulness that it evokes when you go wild for the affection of a hot babe. We trust that you such gents always obey the laws of procurement because showing up stoned for your date is an emphatic no no. But whether or not you partake in the smoking of marijuana, April 20 or 4/20 is recognized by smokers and nonsmokers alike as a national holiday for cannabis culture. We would like to extinguish the hype surrounding just how 420 Day came into existence: it is not a code used by police officers to signal ‘marijuana smoking in progress’ nor is it a tribute to Adolph Hitler’s birthday. The holiday was most likely hailed by a group of brethren who used to gather daily at 4:20pm at a high school in Marin County, California. They were called ‘Waldos’ because they met daily at a certain wall to smoke. One of the members knew the bassist from the Grateful Dead which lead to popularization of the term, so the story goes. One day, Deadheads in Oakland, California passed out flyers inviting folks to smoke at 4:20 and one got into the hands of a former reporter for High Times Magazine and the rest is history. Let us muse further about this allegedly notorious counter-culture.


It’s Cannabis Christmas!

Don’t forget your New York 420 day map when joining thousands of blazed New Yorkers for more than 420 day parties that rival partying festivities anywhere else on the globe (Amsterdam, step aside!). Or maybe you’ll head to the celebration at Washington Square Park where gobs of fellow reefer regulars gather to peacefully protest America’s years’ long pot prohibition. Other hash holiday bashes include the Lebowski Fest NYC where high dudes dress up as their favorite character from the film The Big Lebowski; 1st Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo and the Sound Tribe Sector 9 concert for some chill instrumental rock.


Legalizing marijuana across the board

A great flowering of hemp legalization has occurred over the last 78 years. Despite a worldwide extinction campaign, pot grows both wild and cultivated on every inhabited continent. Since 1969, a growing consensus of American people are now in favor of ganja smoking for recreational use. In the wake of changing attitudes, many states have forged their laws in favor of the green. Among the 24 states where purchasing weed is legal are Colorado, District of Columbia (yes, some of society’s elite politicians are getting high), Alaska, Arizona and of course, California. While we remain neutral on the topic, why not? Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption are legal. Enough said.

What grass is good for

Medical benefits are quite helpful for some including elimination of chronic pain, treating glaucoma, improving lung health from tobacco abuse, controlling epileptic seizures, prevention of cancer-spreading diseases and anxiety reduction, among many others.
• Cannabis use often includes an enhancement of intellectual abilities in the form of pattern recognition and lateral thinking, both key aspects in scientific innovation and discovery.
• A propensity for open communication, non violence and sensual playfulness
• Refinement of the intellect and artistic vision

A drug’s a drug’s a drug

It’s still a drug and bad things can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing. As with anything, moderation is key though we are certainly not condoning the use of marijuana. If you choose to join the worldwide Cannabis culture, smoke at your own risk.