Is the FBI Reading Your Emails?

If the thought of it makes you weak in the knees, it should. Is it possible that the Federal Bureau of Investigation along with its sidekick the National Security Agency (NSA) is snooping around in your emails to see what you’re up to? If your email client is Yahoo, then the answer is a resounding YES.


Yahoo caved to the U.S. government

When the big kahuna came knocking at Yahoo’s door and demanded that they grant them the authority to scan all of Yahoo’s emails, Yahoo said okay sure, no problem. Yahoo then proceeded to secretly (as in, Yahoo email users didn’t know about it) build a custom software to search all of its customers’ incoming emails. Yikes!

Have all of your hobbying secrets been revealed?

Apparently, Yahoo’s software uses selectors that have the capability to zero in on specific information, keywords or key phrases within emails. According to former government officials and surveillance experts, this is not the first time something like this has happened with U.S. phone and internet companies. But it is the first time that a software or wiretap, if you will, was built to surveille such a broad collection of real time web data. Are you a Yahoo user who has contacted City Girls’ Call Center to book an appointment with any of our lovely independent escorts? The thought is chilling…


So….what are other email providers up to these days?

If former Yahoo employees leaked this troubling information, what will Google and Microsoft do when the NSA comes nipping at their heels? Of course, they say they’d never do that – expose all of our personal information that is contained in our emails. Who knows? At the behest of the U.S. government, anything’s possible.

The Fourth Amendment Right to Privacy says, NO WAY

The implications of the invasion of privacy are alarming. I think we all agree that U.S. intelligence is acting in the name of terrorism. But still. The act of Yahoo divulging millions of private emails tells us that no internet communication is private, the reader’s email included.


What City Girls has done to ensure your privacy

You can take comfort knowing that we tech gurus behind the scenes implemented a system back in 2013 to ensure safety and privacy of your messages when contacting Call Center. Our system safeguards your correspondence ensuring that no trace of it remains in your inbox, trash or even on Yahoo servers (where Yahoo keeps all of your deleted messages as required by law). Here’s how it works:

When you receive email correspondence from Support, you get an email with just a link in it. Only if you click on that link and visit the page can you read the message. That same message is secured by an autodestruction feature which renders the links found in the history of your emails inaccessible after destruction. Heavy sigh on the part of the reader!


As always, City Girls has got your covered

In light of the Yahoo email scandal, we think it fair to mention that communicating with City Girls is a rather invisible action, a fortress of guaranteed safety. We have taken privacy and discretion to a whole new level virtually unknown in the hobbying world. When you couple that with inexplicably gorgeous independent escorts who regularly blow the minds of our VIP members, why go anywhere else?

Screening – The Powerful Method of Employment Verification, Part II

The fact of the matter is that employment verification is an almighty screening method and virtual insurance policy that guarantees safety for both hobbyist and escort. In our first article in a series of three, we learned that nine out of ten gentlemen’s names were either fake or modified. That is a chilling statistic that drove us right into the hands of employment verification and we’ve never looked back.

Honesty and related 3d words including sincerity, believability, integrity, openness, transparency, truth, fairness and other virtues that build your reputation
Honesty and related 3d words including sincerity, believability, integrity, openness, transparency, truth, fairness and other virtues that build your reputation

Why is employment verification so dependable?

Because it requires honesty. When a person is honest, they obey the law. A honest, law-abiding gentlemen is going to be decent. When you have decency, no one gets hurt. When no one gets hurt you have a huge safety net and everyone is happy. It’s that simple.

Employment verification is 99.9% effective

Perfection does not exist except with the deity (if that’s your cup of tea) and of course, our jaw-droppingly gorgeous independent escorts. With employment verification, we do not get bad apples and if we do, well, that companion is not going to vouch for the guy to become a VIP member.

How employment verification works

For starters, we know this man’s true identity. We know where he works and have confirmed legitimacy of the data. His identification is affirmed by the escort at the onset of the date. Now, everyone is standing on a level playing field and we have a nice case of accountability. If the gentleman becomes aggressive and hurts a girl, we know where to find him(this have never happened yet). Because he is aware of this fine detail, he will never think about creating any problems during a date.

Some independent escorts and dating agencies discount the effectiveness of employment verification

It is an enigma that we struggle to understand. Why would any person or entity put their business and livelihood at risk for the sake of a date? Admittedly, the stringent method of employment verification might turn away some potential gentlemen friends, especially in the eyes of many independent escorts who don’t have the backing of say, someone like City Girls. But it certainly sets a high standard that contributes to a solid reputation that your companionship is the real deal.

Get the inside scoop and juicy details about screening

To complete our series of articles about screening, we will explore different verification services, their pros and cons. You won’t want to miss this one!

Secret Life of a Hobbyist

Think of City Girls as a little bird on your shoulder, your guardian angel, if you will. We are here to remind you while you may get caught up in the clouds with a heavenly escort and all the sweet promises that come with your experiences with her, you are still participating in the demi monde. 

Hobbying can bring rewarding and fulfilling experiences with the possibilities of friendship and in some cases even marriage if that’s what you’re into. While your chosen hedonistic lifestyle as a hobbyist may enrich you as a person, it remains a socially unacceptable way of life. If you are not careful, you can destroy all that you’ve built.

Identity is top secret

Companions have it and so should you. It’s called a persona. It’s a good idea to adapt yourself to the hobby with a set of thoughts and ideals that align with the man whom you want escorts to know. In a sense, you are protecting your true identity because life can change on a whisper and one never knows when things can turn south. On the other hand, you might be the kind of person who is more at ease with honesty and choose to reveal your true self to those companions with whom you establish a closer relationship under the guise of the girlfriend experience.

Screening reveals your true identity

Hobbyist screening is big in America, more prevalent than anywhere else in the world. So doesn’t screening nullify adopting and preserving a persona? To some degree, yes. This is all the more reason to scrutinize those escorts whom you choose to see. (By the way, this is one of the major reasons why City Girls goes to painstaking lengths in establishing and maintaining uber high standards for its Club Members.) A proper provider will hold discretion to the highest possible level. Read escort reviews. Even then, get to know her a bit if you choose to see her more than once or twice and decide to get a little more personable. Ask around. It’s almost a paradox, a delicate balance at minimum, establishing trust with a total stranger but that’s what you’ve got to do in the hobby if you care at all about covering your rump.

Getting involved with a GFE can reveal your true self

There are those escorts who deliver a true girlfriend experience and we’re not talking about just one encounter. A true GFE in the psychological sense implies a longer term friendship. A GFE often gets to know a side of the true you that no one else really knows. In some unusual cases she may even get to know members of your family. Hobbyists beware! If you have a wife and small children, the consequences could be fatal. Even if you don’t, at any point things could go awry and adversely impact your career or social circle. That is why upholding a set of pre-determined principles that you yourself establish is paramount to good hobbying practice.

Gossip can threaten your good reputation

Because safety is so scrutinized in the hobbyist/escort world, what you interpret as proper behavior can be misinterpreted as improper behavior by a provider. City Girls knows this better than anyone and that is why it is so critical that you always wear your Sunday best when on a date with a companion. Admittedly, City Girls runs a tight ship when it comes to hobbyist standards and qualification for VIP membership in run by the Golden Rule. One bad comment or action can rock the boat for all of us and turn into gossip which we all know can spread like wildfire. Webster’s defines a gentleman as: “…a well-mannered and considerate man with high standards of proper behavior…” This is your new religion. Stick to it.

Technology is hobbyist’s new best friend

If you only have one cell phone, get an alternate cell phone with a private, undisclosed number before you have another thought about a companion. Do not hobby from your computer unless you have some serious antivirus protection and adopt a stringent habit of clearing the cache after every online hobbying episode. Don’t leave a paper trail of banking habits that can precariously lead to your private endeavors. Don’t be caught in a compromising situation with a provider. Button your lip and keep your encounters to yourself no matter how many times she sent you to heaven. If you must use email as a form of communication at least purchase a private Hush mail account. However, even that email service is not 100% fail safe but it’s better than others.

Careless hobbying can ruin your life if you don’t play your cards right

It’s like riding a motorcycle. If you impetuously jump on for the first time, dying to go for a ride, chances are you’re going to fall and get hurt or worse. We’re not trying to sound negative, guys. The good, the bad, the ugly, hobbying is part of life and that’s what City Girls is here for. Remember, we’re the little bird on your shoulder. Learn the rules of the game and think with the big head. One day you’ll thank us.

A Guide to Safe Hobbying Using Computers, Cell Phones and Email

For most gentlemen, the hobby is a secretive world riddled with risk. Getting into the hobby can be a satisfying and exciting venture and even lead to rewarding friendships and relationships.

As a hobbyist, if you don’t take the necessary precautions, your actions can bring you down. We’re talking significant others, employers, friends or worse whose knowledge of your hobbying actions can trigger the demise of your lifestyle should they find out. City Girls believes in keeping it squeaky clean and you won’t have a thing to think about.

Well, except for your next earth shattering engagement with a supremely attractive City Girls’ club member.

Securitizing your computer while hobbying

I know, I know. You’ve heard it before. But seriously. If you don’t get into a stringent habit of eradicating all trace of hobbying on your computer, not doing so could come back to bite you in the booty and bring you down if discovered by the wrong person. Think of clearing the browsing data on your computer as equivalent to brushing your teeth. It’s something that must (or should) be done frequently. Clearing the browsing data includes:

  1. Clearing browsing history
  2. Clearing download history
  3. Emptying the cache
  4. Deleting cookies and other site data
  5. Clearing saved passwords
  6. Clearing saved auto fill form data

Steps involved in cleaning your computer vary from browser to browser whether you use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari (there are many more of course, but these are the most widely used). Follow these basic steps and you’ll be on the safe track:

  1. Go to your computer’s tool bar and click on ‘tools’
  2. Click on ‘internet tools’
  3. Click on ‘delete files’ and delete all offline content
  4. Click on ‘delete cookies’
  5. Click on ‘clear history’
  6. Click on ‘clear saved passwords’ (otherwise, the next person on your computer could possibly be privy to your user ID and password!)
  7. Click on ‘internet options’
  8. Click on the ‘content’ tab
  9. Go to ‘auto complete’
  10. Click on ‘clear forms’
  11. Click on ‘clear passwords’

Deleting programs on your computer

While there are many programs out there that profess to erase programs from your computer, CC Cleaner works well, is free and shouldn’t slow down your computer’s processor.

Use your corporate email while hobbying and risk falling into a booby trap

Rule of thumb: when hobbying, never correspond using your corporate email account. Consider the IT department of your employer as Big Brother when it comes to monitoring your e-actions. Can you imagine the embarrassment of getting fired for what would be considered unsavory activity?

Don’t get a false sense of safety if you are using a corporate laptop just because you can transport it outside of the office. Laptops can crash just like computers. And if you’re in the middle of some titillating hobbying activity and that puppy goes down, it has to go in to corporate for evaluation and subsequent repair. Imagine getting caught with your pants down.

Establish a separate email account

Would you wear a suit to a foot ball game? Jock shorts and a t-shirt to a corporate meeting? Hardly appropriate. Your regular email account should not be associated with any of your hobbying activity. Period. Hushmail is a secure, web-based, free email service that protects your privacy by adding strong encryption on a web based server. It’s the best way to go.

Negating the suspicious significant other

Naturally, how a gentleman chooses to conduct his private life is just that – private. City Girls turns the other cheek to unethical activity. However, if your significant other suspects and starts snooping, he or she could install hidden software on your computer that captures key strokes and records all that you do, or, uh, type into your computer. Further elaboration on this topic is left to technical gurus but you get the idea.

When you are surfing provider’s sites, for heaven’s sake, don’t add any sites to your list of favorites. Even if you don’t add any favorites manually, check that list frequently as some sites may do it automatically. Think discretion, discretion, discretion!

Now that I’ve gotten you on the right track, do I really need to say this? Okay. Don’t store any incriminating material on your computer such as provider photos, gripping emails or other potentially damaging information that could contribute to your demise. Store them in your heart and memory. Delete the rest.

And then there’s your printer. There’s a good chance that you might print out directions to an exciting engagement that you have planned with a club member from City Girls. It may not matter at the moment, but if your printer runs out of paper, what if there were pages left to print? In your haste, what if you accidentally selected multiple copies? It happens to the best of us, especially when your date is drop dead gorgeous and has left your fingers trembling with anticipation as you hit the print button. There, sitting in your computer lurks evidence of your hobbying activity just awaiting discovery.

Cell phones can be your best friend or your worst enemy

The shadow of a cell phone is its call log. It never goes away. If you use your personal or corporate cell phone to communicate with providers, know that the call log traces all of that activity. Can you imagine if your employer investigated that call log? No, no no. It’s a good idea to have a hobby phone dedicated strictly to the hobby. It goes without saying that the phone should be password protected and that only you have access to the bills or online account. And it should remain invisible. Many verification services require that you call from a phone number that they have registered with you. Worst case scenario, you can always purchase a prepaid cell phone. Just remember to modify the number with those services.

The safest way to secure your privacy

There is a handy little device out there called Ironkey. Ironkey offers the safest USB flash drive imaginable. We will explore Ironkey further in an upcoming article under the category Safety

City Girls believes in transparency

When you start getting caught up in all the fun as a VIP club member you’ll understand why. In the meantime, this article provides you with the homework to safeguard your activity, rendering you armed and dangerous, so to speak. When City Girls’ club members catch on to your savvy behavior, you’ll become highly sought after and your VIP status will soar!