What Makes One Escort Better Than Another?

Your zeal for beautiful women has inspired you to date countless independent escorts over the years. Certainly, some have been better than others. All are unmistakably attractive and most have pleasured you at least to a certain degree. But in what sense is one companion superior to another? Let’s take a closer look at some of the qualities that form the ‘total package’ that is a first-rate escort.

She has a rockin’ body that doesn’t quit

It is the type of figure that every woman covets. Naturally, she is big into fitness which lends heavily to those long, lean yet muscular legs and ridiculously firm bubble bum. Her stomach is chiseled to perfection just below bouncy curves that defy gravity. Her feet are perfectly manicured and bring out the fetish in you.. Her body is a showstopper akin to a Victoria’s Secret model and you go out of your mind with desire. Most importantly, she knows what to do with it.


She has illustrious hair and velvety-smooth skin

Two of the best assets on an independent escort are silken skin and long, glorious tresses that your hands cannot get enough of. Whether it’s an evening of romantic dining at your favorite restaurant or a flurry of private matters in the boudoir, both serve as delicious eye candy and you’ve got a major sweet tooth.

Her carnal aptitude is mind blowing

As a natural pleaser, this trophy of an escort spoils you with ground-shaking delight the likes of which you have never experienced. Now, that’s saying a lot being that you’ve been hobbying forever. What separates this lascivious muse from the rest is an animalistic drive that needs to be satiated on a regular basis. Such cravings WOW your intimacy which is why you feel like king of the universe every time you see her. In short, this chick is the real deal.

Guy and girl enjoying eachother's company at a bar

Personalities just don’t get more charismatic

Is she faking it? Moodiness is not a word to describe her starburst disposition. She has a temperament like sunshine that breaks through the clouds after a thunderstorm. Her cheery disposition melts all stress rattling your nerves and all is right with the world. Here is an escort who is chemically balanced and emotionally grounded with a positive outlook on life. If only more women could be like her…

She is witty and smart but not stuck-up

Since you are a gentleman who seeks the girlfriend experience for whatever reasons (only you know what they are) it is quite nice to be able to carry an intelligent conversation. Equal to a woman’s physical splendor is a quick wit and innate wisdom for a combination of appeal that renders her the keeper that you seek. This companion is the sum of such allure and has piqued your interest to no end.

Her psychology is spot on

Quite possibly the summit of all attributes is this escort’s quiet ability to know what you are thinking, feeling and desiring pretty much at all times. She reads your male radar with total precision. More importantly, she gauges what to say and how to say it without going overboard. It is an invisible talent that she uses to the advantage of both of you. In a nutshell, she is a true lady and the highest compliment a man can hope to ask for.

We’d love to get your feedback: About what defines the ideal escort. Let us know your thoughts.

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Are You an Alpha Male?

“I’m loving like there’s no tomorrow because there isn’t one.” Don Draper, Mad Men

Are you a man who has reached your full potential? Do you want to up your game with women? It is much more than being smooth with the ladies, you know. The alpha male lives inside all men and is only a question of mastery. Becoming an alpha male is one of the highest accomplishments a man can achieve. It’s what puts the ‘m’ in manliness. It is about self-awareness, concern for personal growth and less concern for the opinions of others. City Girls gives you peak experiences that inspire, strengthen and renew your manhood. Let’s take a look at the qualities that characterize an alpha male.

Alpha men lead by example

Let us consider a few wildly successful, bold decision-makers; the financial big dogs, the sexy bad asses of American society with whom we are all familiar:

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Records;
Elon Musk, business magnate and CEO of Tesla Motors (and too many other accomplishments to mention here);
Hank Moody of Californication;
Anthony Hopkins, famous actor; and of course
James Bond.

Retro couple against old car.

Alpha men are self-actualized

What a man can be he must be. Think Albert Einstein, gents. It is the desire for self-fulfillment, a need to reach your full potential. The alpha male must become everything that he is capable of becoming. Recognize any of these traits in your handsome self?

Acceptance and realism – you have realistic acceptance of yourself and the world around you (which are two major reasons why CG independent escorts regularly blow your socks off);
Problem-centering – motivated by ethics, you like to solve problems outside of yourself including helping others and finding solutions to issues in the outside world;
Spontaneity – while you can conform to the norm, you might consider yourself as an unconventionalist and generally let things happen as they may (like when you are the first to respond to the CG Special for that gorgeous muse you’ve been dreaming about and cancel all business meetings that afternoon to hook up with her);
Autonomy and solitude – independence and privacy are at the top on your needs list. You must have that alone time to focus on your individual potential;
Continuous gratitude – even the smallest things in life create wonder and awe in your book. You find inspiration in matters that might seem ordinary to others yet for you are refreshing sources of pleasure; and
Apex encounters – what fills you up are those moments of intense joy and ecstasy that transform you (why City Girls is your holy grail of pleasure because our independent escorts constantly deliver you to the pinnacle of satisfaction).

The alpha male radiates confidence and intelligence

Failure is only a minor setback and never an obstacle. You are optimistic, considering any failure one step closer to success in any endeavor.

Close-up of elegance man hands with cufflink

You are a natural leader and problem solver

As an alpha male, you are neither dominant nor aggressive. You may be a CEO, executive director or perhaps excel in a more ‘behind the scenes’ type of position that facilitates change. No matter your position (you are the alpha, not the job), you are a mover and a shaker when it comes to influencing change.

You are passionate and composed

As an alpha male, you are a cool cat and never lose your composure – which is why you never drink too much and certainly don’t do drugs – especially with the ladies. As a matter of fact, the desire for intense passion is what drives you to City Girls in the first place because you know that CG speaks high-octane pleasure.

Alpha males are physically fit

Doesn’t necessarily mean that you are Arnold Schwarzenegger or that you sport a six-pack. What it does mean is that you take care of your physique and believe that fitness should be an integral part of your life.

Young man exercising in gym

Check your body language

Alpha actions are controlled

You speak in a manner that is measured and deliberate, not rushed or desperate. Your way of speaking commands attention.

Alpha males are excellent communicators

You definitely know how to effectively get your point across and it is done with minimal words because you think things through first. As an alpha male, you are also highly informed which adds to your intelligence. You are not afraid to express yourself with a companion because you understand that doing so will benefit the good of your date.

The alpha male is clever and witty

You’ve got that rascal charm and knightly respect for women the sum of which marks you as a magnet for the ladies (why, as a VIP member, CG adores you). You are adroit at shaking the tension right out of a business meeting or craftily turning the tables during a power negotiation.

Alpha males are important

By that we do not imply arrogance or conceit. As an alpha male, you exude a distinctive significance, the likes of which draw people to you as the leader that you are.

Alpha males manifest strength and stability

You exhibit qualities of bravery, determination and groundedness, a combination that women find irresistibly attractive. Oh, you didn’t know that our hotties secretly love you?

Your social behavior is calculated

Alpha males tend to surround themselves with those who are of equal or greater intelligence. You gets along best with and find value in spending time with other men who are also alpha males. You realize that an integral part of avoiding failure in your endeavors lies in the first-rate friends and colleagues whom you choose as your company.

Sensual couple hobbyist escort

Women are sexually attracted to alpha men

Aaah, here is the true bliss that all alpha males enjoy! With all of that drive, ambition and spearheaded direction, you are nothing less than a masculine sex pot that escorts flock to.

Remember, guys that an alpha male lives in all of you

If you haven’t gotten to know him, understand that he is dying to come out. For all of you other gents who are chuckling at this very moment, kudos to you.

How to Build Confidence When Dating Beautiful Women

As you all know, City Girls takes gorgeousness to a whole new level when it comes to ravishing independent escorts. No matter where you select your next date, if you are the type of gentleman who gets weak at the knees in the face of beauty then this article is for you.

young couple hobbyist and escort at bar counter talking

Your pockets may be deep but your self-esteem is delicate

When it comes to financial net worth, you are a superhero! You are a money-making machine with the Midas touch — except when it comes to that stunner of an escort that you can’t resist dating. For some gents (and this just might be you), Junior does not speak big bucks and thus may opt to ‘take the night off’ just when you need him most. Since the male gender cannot fake performance, there are certain practices that will calm the nerves thus, opening the doors to that libido dying to get out.


Adopt a form of meditation prior to your date

You’d be surprised at the effectiveness of deep breathing before you get out of the car to meet that bombshell blonde. Simply close your eyes, turn off your phone and breathe slowly and deeply with all focus on the breath. Do this for approximately five minutes. Release the mind and tell yourself what a handsome gent you are. The results are profound. If you are the sipping type, toast over a glass of your favorite beverage after greeting your luscious muse, just to break the ice and ease the self. (We don’t condone getting tipsy so it’s best not to get out of hand.)

Accept your physique for what it is

Let’s face it. The average man is not the picture perfect cover boy of Men’s Health Magazine. Keeping long hours at the office and dining out frequently equal junk in the gut. Throw in happy hour every now and then with your colleagues and after some time, you might not like what you see in the mirror. Guys: life gets in the way of the ideals that we formed in our minds ages ago about how perfect we should look. The reality is that no physique is perfect. Women and especially independent escorts tend to be quite accepting of a man’s imperfections. You have permission to accept your body for what it is.

Pump up the hygiene

No matter how many muscles you’ve got (or don’t have), without stellar hygiene, you will be deemed unattractive by your date. This is a no brainer, folks and an area in which you can truly build confidence. Companions are more concerned about your hygiene than your six pack or lack thereof. Here are a few pointers:

• Start with a precision haircut done by an expert;
• Always be freshly showered and clean cut (North and South);
• Don’t wear cheap cologne. Invest in a bottle of designer something – Creed, Tom Ford, Armani, Versace (these high end scents are made with known aphrodisiacs and they work. Your date will climb all over you);
• Get a manicure. Seriously, dude. That succulent escort is going to look at your cuticles;
Brush your teeth and invest in a pack of minty gum to keep those kisses comin’ on.

hobbyist hygiene
Set of different Hobbyists cosmetics

Pay attention to [clothing] detail

The best way to increase your insecurity it to dress is a frumpy manner. If you are one of those gents who doesn’t place too much value in your appearance – news flash: your clothing matters and your self-esteem will sky rocket as a result. If you haven’t got a clue about fashion, visit a department store such as Nordstrom or Saks where customer service is tailored to suit your looks. If you are so inclined, splurge and visit a Gucci, Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren boutique and let them adorn you in manly attire that best matches your personal style. A nice pair of loafers and a neat belt are big assets, much like the ones on your evening tryst that you can’t wait to get your hands on. Thank us later.

Become the consummate gentleman

Aaaah, here we get to talk about the holy grail of your confidence and golden rule of successful dating. No matter how pimped out is your wardrobe, how buffed are your nails or how sizeable is your package, manners are the be-all and end-all of a prized engagement. Every single escort you will ever date looks for this and if you are that consummate gentlemen, she’ll rave about you. Let us turn you on to a few pointers:

• Greet her with a proper salutation – doesn’t have to be mushy or overly formal;
Open and hold the door for her;
• At dinner, when she has to visit the ladies room, stand when she does; when she returns, stand again and pull out her seat before she sits down;
• When strolling down the street, walk on the outside. Companions notice this detail especially;
• After your date ends, send a short text (if you have her mobile) later that evening thanking her for such a splendid evening.

Seek companions who are kind and empathetic

Gold diggers, shiny bimbos with plastic personalities and fakers who can’t wait to finish your date are probably not model escorts for you. You are the kind of man who benefits from a gentle touch from a companion who has compassion for people in general. Find an escort who actually enjoys being with you for the man that you are. When you find this combination, behold the sparks that will fly in the boudoir as your confidence soars to heaven. Again and again.

The Redhead Project

Hey all you ginger-philes! Are you constantly scouting for some redheaded love? If you’ve got a weakness for brilliant goldilocks then this article is for you. But first, some foxy locks trivia:

• Romans kept red-headed slaves at a higher price because they were held in such high esteem in Roman art and culture. Thought to be strong and determined, they were more expensive than other slaves. Let’s read between the lines here: those beasty Roman dudes were turned on by their orange-haired vixens. Period.
• Russia means the ‘Land of Reds’ because the country boasts a high density of gingers in the Kazan region with over 10% of the population being redheads. Suggestion: feel free to voice your desire to the CG powers that be for more agent orange playmates!
• Extensive research has revealed that 40% of Brits carry ‘secret gingers’, meaning that portion of the population holds the mutated MC1R gene responsible for red hair.
• Adolf Hitler purportedly banned ginger marriages for fear of deviant offspring. But of course.


Yes, she is super feisty!

You have to be one helluva confident chick to walk around sporting a ten-alarm fire on your head. You’ll get aroused just spotting her across the room. While she’s not (necessarily) more promiscuous than blondes or brunettes, you can be sure that the spice factor is off the charts for gingers are characterized by their uncontrollably racy libidos.

Defining attributes of goregeousness you studs soooo crave

Some men are terribly turned on by frecklitis and what sexier waif to display them than on your succulent, redheaded date? While most flame-haired beauties have green or hazel eyes, red hair and blue eyes is about the rarest combination in the world. You probably won’t find a lot of tanned gingers since they burn easily when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Redheads cannot absorb sufficient Vitamin D due to low concentrations of eumelanin (pigment that produces brown – the lower the amount, the lighter the hair) in their bodies. Though this may sound like a disadvantage, gingers can actually produce their own vitamin D when exposed to low light conditions. Be informed that strawberry escorts are scientifically proven to carry a higher sensitivity to pain and temperature. While she may want you to fan her face, she may ask you to bundle a blanket around her pretty toes. How endearing is that?

Do all redheads have fire bushes?

While this is never a question to ask upfront – unless of course, she offers – natural redheads most certainly have a matching patch down below, if any at all. Since ginger lovers are drawn to the fiery color and nature of such an escort, chances are good that these gents like their brindys to have at least a landing strip or maybe a bit of soft fur down there. What’s more, often the ‘inner skin tone’ of your redheaded date has a lot of pink in the pigment which some men may consider a tantalizing feast waiting for the taking.


At City Girls, we love red

If you’d like to binge on a salacious redhead, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are an apricot-loving gent or a man with a penchant for amber-headed escorts, we would love to accommodate an evening out with one of our sensual clementines. Take a peek through the pages of the CG site. You are sure to find an arresting red head sure to put the fire in your evening!

It’s National Weed Day!

To those who celebrate the sensual herb, we salute you! To all you ganjapreneurs, we know you partake for the sensual playfulness that it evokes when you go wild for the affection of a hot babe. We trust that you such gents always obey the laws of procurement because showing up stoned for your date is an emphatic no no. But whether or not you partake in the smoking of marijuana, April 20 or 4/20 is recognized by smokers and nonsmokers alike as a national holiday for cannabis culture. We would like to extinguish the hype surrounding just how 420 Day came into existence: it is not a code used by police officers to signal ‘marijuana smoking in progress’ nor is it a tribute to Adolph Hitler’s birthday. The holiday was most likely hailed by a group of brethren who used to gather daily at 4:20pm at a high school in Marin County, California. They were called ‘Waldos’ because they met daily at a certain wall to smoke. One of the members knew the bassist from the Grateful Dead which lead to popularization of the term, so the story goes. One day, Deadheads in Oakland, California passed out flyers inviting folks to smoke at 4:20 and one got into the hands of a former reporter for High Times Magazine and the rest is history. Let us muse further about this allegedly notorious counter-culture.


It’s Cannabis Christmas!

Don’t forget your New York 420 day map when joining thousands of blazed New Yorkers for more than 420 day parties that rival partying festivities anywhere else on the globe (Amsterdam, step aside!). Or maybe you’ll head to the celebration at Washington Square Park where gobs of fellow reefer regulars gather to peacefully protest America’s years’ long pot prohibition. Other hash holiday bashes include the Lebowski Fest NYC where high dudes dress up as their favorite character from the film The Big Lebowski; 1st Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo and the Sound Tribe Sector 9 concert for some chill instrumental rock.


Legalizing marijuana across the board

A great flowering of hemp legalization has occurred over the last 78 years. Despite a worldwide extinction campaign, pot grows both wild and cultivated on every inhabited continent. Since 1969, a growing consensus of American people are now in favor of ganja smoking for recreational use. In the wake of changing attitudes, many states have forged their laws in favor of the green. Among the 24 states where purchasing weed is legal are Colorado, District of Columbia (yes, some of society’s elite politicians are getting high), Alaska, Arizona and of course, California. While we remain neutral on the topic, why not? Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption are legal. Enough said.

What grass is good for

Medical benefits are quite helpful for some including elimination of chronic pain, treating glaucoma, improving lung health from tobacco abuse, controlling epileptic seizures, prevention of cancer-spreading diseases and anxiety reduction, among many others.
• Cannabis use often includes an enhancement of intellectual abilities in the form of pattern recognition and lateral thinking, both key aspects in scientific innovation and discovery.
• A propensity for open communication, non violence and sensual playfulness
• Refinement of the intellect and artistic vision

A drug’s a drug’s a drug

It’s still a drug and bad things can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing. As with anything, moderation is key though we are certainly not condoning the use of marijuana. If you choose to join the worldwide Cannabis culture, smoke at your own risk.

Your Fetish for Exotic Women

Do you fantasize about a woman of foreign origin with strikingly beautiful features, long dark tresses that cascade down her back and brilliant, piercing eyes? Or perhaps she is unusually stunning with creamy, porcelain skin, silky black hair washing down her shoulders surrounding dark, almond-shaped eyes. In either case, her flawless figure was seemingly carved by an artist and you’ve got to be the luckiest man alive. What are your standards for defining exotic beauty?

Strangely beauteous escorts with enticing tongues

Empowered with an erotic accent that fires with arousal, you are finished almost before you begin. If she is an escort of Brazilian or South American descent her thick, colorful voice comes from a history rich with spicy passion. If she is a companion of Indian or Middle Eastern lineage, her native-tinted tongue inflects promises of intense romance. Ebony escorts from the Caribbean, Africa and even Great Britain speak with an infatuating dialect that many men find irresistibly seductive.

porsha ebony escort

Ooh! La La! That tanned skin tone and penetrating eye color

Glowing, caramel-colored skin, electric green eyes and long, midnight locks are a combination to send any gent spiraling over the top. Dark-complected escorts with tight, voluptuous bodies simply scream eroticism. But their fair-colored sisters are not to be taken lightly (pun intended). There is something terribly titillating about a lithe creature with milky white skin, dark sensual eyes and straight satin hair the color of onyx that turns on the man with an affinity for Asian lust. Her body is lean yet shapely and very often spinner-like petite with an air of innocence soon to be shattered by her naughty disposition.

ayka asian doll

Does culture determine an exotic woman’s sexual disposition?

On the outside chance that we are stereotyping, some men distinguish an exotic escort’s lustful appetite and style by her culture. While we all like to believe (mostly affirmative) that all exotic muses are driven by their desire to please, perhaps it is true that Latina playmates are more ambitious while Asian dolls are on more on the subservient side. The Kama Sutra after all, emerged from India which does not explain the dichotomy of why Indian women are viewed as conservative when it comes to intimacy. Here at City Girls, we beg to differ. On the other hand, French escorts breathe sensuality and are quite overt about it, asserting their physical desires as naturally as the day is long.

For some, exotic is akin to kinky

We’ll just glide over the surface on this one for every man has his own idea of kink and what floats his boat. Maybe the voyeur in your would like to play with your exotic date when she is dressed up as a nurse, flight attendant or even a dominatrix for some sinful, spanking fun. For the gentleman whose aphrodisia is evoked by an exotic vixen regaled in threads of glamorous lingerie, the kink is all about real life interaction with a fantasy paramour who otherwise only inhabits his dreams.

What qualifies as exotic in your little black book of beauties?

She appears dramatically stunning, more than any woman you’ve ever known. You are intrigued by her foreign heritage, adorable pronunciation of the English language and uninhibited longing to satisfy. She flaunts her delicious body all around you, simply exploding with seduction. She is the stuff fantasies are made of yet she’s real, oh so very real. If you have experienced one of City Girls’ exotic escorts, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

porsha black escort

The Science Behind Men Who Prefer Blondes

Calling all blonde-worshipping studs! Your woman’s hair color can determine how steamy your sex life is going to be. When you want to give it a tug, how do you like your locks? Research says that blondes really do get more bang for their buck (pun intended) because they do the deed most often. Her eyes may be brilliant blue or mysterious brown but the secret is the same – when it’s time to get a little nasty this superior beauty of an escort is positively scandalous!

blonde escort

What shade of blonde do you fancy?

Alfred Hitchcock was obsessed with blondes and cast only blondes in his movies. From white blonde (platinum) to dark golden blonde (dirty) to strawberry blonde (the rarest of them all), these Playboy centerfold types of independent escorts are considered by many to carry the most seductive power over men. The blondes who do not have creamy light, porcelain skin that screams eroticism have sun kissed golden tans that cause you the admirer to undress them with your eyes even before hello. When coupled with curves that beg for your hands and a bubble derriere the turn on of the century, the gentleman in her presence is in for an evening that will change the way he views women all together.
Cataleya blonde escort

Where did blondes originate?

The word ‘blonde’ is French and comes in masculine (blond) and feminine (blonde) forms.
Science will tell you that blonde hair evolved in sun-deficient climates so that the body could synthesize vitamin D more efficiently. Genetically speaking, a change in the four-letter DNA code, that is, from an ‘A’ to a ‘G’ factors into the blonde equation. This switch in the code reduces the activity of a gene called Kit ligand which is associated with hair color by about 20 percent as compared to brunettes. There are a total of 24 DNA variants that determine hair color. Research tells us that blond hair is not related to any other characteristic which debunks the theory that blondes are not as smart as their darker-haired rivals. Nonetheless, their untarnished beauty speaks of pure youthfulness and sensual prowess which so many men find sexually intoxicating.

blonde escort

Cash in on the high value of blondes

Only about two percent of the world is blonde. Technically, this means that your chances of scoring a night popping with fireworks featuring a fair-headed angel of a muse is slim. However, if you haven’t noticed already, we would like to call your attention to the ‘fair’ amount of blonde independent escorts that frequent the CG Club. We are talking beautiful blonde packages comprised of free-flowing locks, skin like nectar, the firmest of curves, legs that go on forever and personalities that shine. Even if you’ve got a taste for dark and spicy, isn’t it time you put a little champagne, strawberry or honey into your love life? We think so.

Gentlemen, what shade of blonde do you prefer?

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blonde escort

blonde escort


Sexing it up at the Super Bowl

Are you a hobbyist who doubles as a diehard football fan? For you, the sport is religion and having a beautiful escort by your side is sport. Super Bowl Sunday is to be sanctified as the ultimate holiday within the NFL experience. I’m here to talk about how you can hit your own home run during this seasonal occasion.

Calling all football lovers

Appetizers should begin well before kickoff. The two of you should conjoin early enough to taste a sampling without missing the National Anthem performance by world renowned opera singer, Renee Fleming. In other words, quell your craving until half time, big boy. If you will be attending a Super Bowl party amongst a cluster of your stud-like buddies and their faintly attractive ladies, request that she wear something comfortable, sporty and dazzlingly sexy.

super bowl
Chips, football and Six Pack of Beer on a table in front of a big screen TV with a Football field. Great for Super Bowl themed projects. Horizontal format.

Those sexy commercials

Even as I write these words, folks are rallying in New Orleans as they gear up for Sunday’s football festivities. This time around make a sultry selection for a sporty sidekick (otherwise known as an independent escort of the racy type). Even if she is not a football fan, everyone is an avid Super Bowl Sunday commercial lover. These little marketing masterpieces rival their piers aired all other days of the year. And airtime comes at a handsome price!

super bowl
Beautiful young woman wearing American Football attire holding ball before Super Bowl Day

What will she wear?

It is probably best that she dress in layers determined by your local weather. As members of the Mile High Club, most independent escorts maintain figures that are off the charts. She may wear tight jeans and a snug t-shirt that scream volumes about her curves. She might top it off with a cap and a little bling bling, somewhere at least. Her ensemble is sure to draw roaming eyes, causing them to miss a touchdown while fervently fantasizing about the secrets held by her underlying lingerie.

That post Super Bowl party

Let the real fun begin! No matter your favorite team and which will win, the real celebration will present itself post Super Bowl smash. Make plans, my friend. Whether you crack open a bottle of bubbly or opt for a few late night appetizers, set the stage to hit your own home run. It’s fantasy football from here on out. Remember to pace yourself throughout the evening so that you are not seeing double by the time the game ends as your lovely companion is looking for a little attention. If you have planned for an all-nighter, take breakfast into consideration. A lady needs her cappuccino and a little protein in the morning!

Love, Chloe xoxo

Hobbying with a Pure Conscience

Hobbying – why do men seek the company of escorts? The reasons are many. Those women who specialize in professional dating provide a valuable service to gentlemen whose motivations are quite justifiable. Let us take a closer look.

Travelling hobbyist
Travelling hobbyist

The traveling business man with no time to pursue a conventional date

There are those men who travel for business and desire to be with a woman at a specific time and place. They do not have the schedule or tolerance to deal with the hassles or games associated with regular dating. In this case, dating an independent escort makes total sense. If he is paying for her time and company, then he may want her to provide desert after dinner. He can decide how he wants the evening to end. In any case, the encounter is neat, clean and organized and fits within his rigid schedule.

married man
Man removing marriage ring from his finger behind his back isolated on white background.

The married man searching for something more

He has children, family, a mortgage and a circle of close friends. Breaking the marriage is absolutely out of the question for psychological and financial reasons. He may love his wife and they might even be close friends. However, behind closed doors, the marriage suffers from neglect and dissatisfaction. There is a strong element of intimate unhappiness. As an alternative to divorce, it is much more convenient to seek the company of an escort who tailors herself to his needs. Often, the relationship is one based upon companionship and deep intimacy.

The guy who wants a guaranteed good time

He can be a devilishly handsome single man, a successful and distinguished executive or a combination. He prefers to find his companion online according to his list of personal specifications. He is a perfectionist when it comes to women. He expects his date to be splendidly dressed and impeccably manicured. He is aroused not only by her fabulous figure but her gracious and classy demeanor. Behind closed doors, she will do most anything to satisfy his desires. She is the epitome of intimacy and romance. This man realizes that the benefits of dating an escort far exceed that of a conventional date in both time and consideration.

how to flirt

Some men have a hard time closing the dating deal

The gentleman who does not shine in the personality department may seek the company of a companion. Perhaps he has a difficult time approaching women, much less landing a date. Or, his physique may be significantly less than ideal or both. When he dates an escort, his self worth is renewed because she is able to draw forth the best in him. She is the kind of woman who makes him feel like a million bucks. Why should he go anywhere else?

Many couples become close friends and even do business together as entrepreneurs

As a hobbyist, when your intentions are clear, honest and defined, the dating experience is one of spectacular quality. Many providers that begin solely with the intention of professional dating as a source of income come to love their profession. Why? Because they forge memorable relationships with men of gentility and utmost respect.

With only delicious kisses, Chloe xoxo

Categorizing the Companion

Whether she refers to herself as an independent escort, companion or courtesan, there are many reasons why a woman chooses to become a provider.

If we were to generalize, we might talk about certain stereotypes as defined by society. In any case, probably the most common threads are the aspiration for a comfortable income and expression of sensuality. Whether or not the reader agrees with the implied ideals at hand, many companions feel good about themselves, not to mention their clients who feel even better.

Very beautiful and sexy working woman wearing a safety or security jacket or vest and a helmet
Very beautiful and sexy working woman wearing
a safety or security jacket or vest and a helmet

The working woman provider

She has a professional career or job. She works as an independent escort for a variety of reasons. At the end of the day, she enjoys her business and the gentlemen with whom she comes in contact. Often, women with day jobs find that they so enjoy their work as independent escorts that some walk away from their conventional employment.

Let's go shopping!
Let’s go shopping!

The materialistic escort

She is the kind of girl who takes an avid interest in designer fashions, fine cars and cuisine and an overall upscale lifestyle. While she exudes sensual talent, her standards for the high life are rigorous. Often, her aspirations extend beyond the physical world to uphold spiritual values and morals.

Fashion photo of young sensual woman in jeans
Fashion photo of young sensual woman in jeans

The sensual escort

She is the companion who happily discovered her niche in the world of adult entertainment. She may be mature. For sure, she loves what she does in the genuine sense. While she may be a bit eccentric, she is emotionally balanced and finds solace in self expression through eroticism.

Rear view of sexy fetish woman in black leather corset
Rear view of sexy fetish woman in black leather corset

The alternative escort

For a combination of various factors, this provider is into alternative measures such as BDSM, Femdom, fetish or other avenues of kink. To what degree she advances her practice is subjective. She could be a glorified provider with an emphasis on subtle domination for kicks and giggles or she could be genuinely into any of the aforementioned. Sensual massage may be her thing and she might even be a Tantrica in the making. All attributes are experienced at the benefit of her client.

Woman and airplane
Woman and airplane

The international companion

She is a natural born courtesan. She is educated, worldly and/or wise, striking in her own way and is an inherent relationship expert. She is a confidante. Her clients flow toward her like water in what typically result in long lasting interactions. Her engagements are generally not less than an entire weekend, week or longer. She tends to travel with her suitors. She is empowered by her profession, yet retains a sense of humbleness. She is uncommon. While we do not promote labeling or generalization, we do acknowledge that there is measured validity in recognizing provider prototypes. As in any profession and life in general, individuality prevails. Every person has their story. Independent escorts and hobbyists are no exception.