Be Mine Valentine 2017

valentines day gift surprise

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’ve never been more in lust with you!

Claimed one of our VIP members spellbound by her dazzling beauty when courting his favorite muse to a Valentine’s Day extravaganza. The science of love was perfected by City Girls and what better time to take full advantage of our generosity that with the CG Valentine’s Day Special? All of our patrons are delighted with our surprises whenever a holiday rolls around. For those of you who are new to the sensual world of City Girls, we like to spoil our VIP friends with incredible discounts every Valentine’s Day.

Triple your pleasure with the couples special!

What better way to gift your significant other than with an amorous angel who loves to entertain couples? For all of you open minded lovebirds, we are offering the Couples CG Special which allows you to indulge your darlings for $500 per hour. (usually its 600). Feel the love this Valentine’s Day by partaking in a spicy trio with one of our participating independent escorts that will you shower you with affection. Forget-me-nots of elation will drive you wild with desire as your sweetheart muse leaves the two of you moonstruck with bliss. Ménage à trois was never so delicious!

Check out our solo engagements special offering

A rapturous evening of romance awaits your St. Valentine’s Day private passion party with one of our luscious companions. Start fantasizing right now about your red hot date laced in pink silk lingerie for only $250 per hour (that’s a $100 discount off the normal donation). Picture a beloved tryst regaled in little more than the red roses you present to her as she nibbles on chocolates making her kisses that much sweeter. She will decorate the evening with tender accolades of delight as your heart throbs for more and more attention.

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Cupid is shooting arrows of passion your way

Think of the succulent charms that await your Valentine’s Day fling with a bombshell even a saint couldn’t resist. With flames of ecstasy nipping at your heels, run to the phone to book a steamy rendezvous before somebody else beats you to the escort of your dreams. CG specials only fall upon special holidays so schedule now before it’s too late!

Are You Getting Attached to Your Escort?

Dating an escort involves casual feelings that should remain light while resisting the emotional realm. But for some hobbyists, that is exactly what happens. What is a gentleman to do when he finds himself desiring to convert his escort into a girlfriend?

You are dating an independent escort, paying for her time to entertain you. The intimacy is phenomenal and you’ve never met another woman quite like her. Moreover, she adores you and the chemistry is electric. You float on cloud nine for days following an encounter with a smile from ear to ear pasted on your face. Thoughts wander into a possible relationship with your escort. Let me pinch you back into reality. Have your forgotten the rules of conduct, boundaries associated with the hobby? Though you have obviously struck a repoire with a goddess of perfection, let’s not forget the premise upon which you made her acquaintance. As a hobbyist, you are paying her for her time to engage you. Hang on to your heart, dear fella. This is a business transaction!

She’s a great listener but does she have long term feelings for you?

Many independent escorts are superbly blessed with genuine talent to sweep a man off his hobbyist feet. She is friend, lover, model and psychologist all brilliantly wrapped in one irresistible package. What man with two heads could deny her? She lavishes you with smoldering attention; she understands and does not judge you. As a man, you feel so open and free that you can tell her just about anything knowing that your words and emotions will be well-received. Somewhere along the way, your heart takes on a mind of its own and fantasy gets confused with reality. You’ve been swept away. In short, you’re a goner. Your focus as a hobbyist is obscured and you long for her to have feelings for you. This is the point where sirens sound and red flags fly up. My dear fellow, you will have lost it entirely and set yourself up for a catastrophic fall flat on your bum for may I remind you that she is a paid escort, not a voluntary partner.

You think of her as your girlfriend

The girlfriend experience is the most sought after of all provider encounters because such engagements are profoundly intimate. However, if as a hobbyist you find her dwelling in your thoughts at all hours of the day and night, chances are that you have fallen off the proverbial deep end of escort dating into a sea of danger. While she may provide you with a superbly authentic girlfriend experience, she is not your girlfriend. Your date begins when you meet her and ends when you say goodbye. Any contact in between taken to the extreme could at any point be considered borderline psycho and finish the otherwise fantastic connection that was forged with your independent escort. Hang on to your huevos and remember that the operative word here is ‘[girlfriend] experience’!

You want to rescue her from her lifestyle as an escort

Jesus Christ is considered a savior in religious circles. You are not he. No matter how colorful her background, your escort made a conscious decision to become an independent escort. Many escorts truly enjoy what they do to which hobbyists can attest. Desiring to ‘save’ one from her job as a professional entertainer and escort is venturing into unchartered territory known as drama. Keep intact the reasons why you are seeing your escort and remain within those boundaries.

What is the norm?

There are those uncommon relationships whether married or committed in which the female is an independent escort or the couple engages in an open agreement that involves swinging. We have also heard stories of escorts who fall in love with clients and retire into wedlock. Statistically speaking, I doubt that is the norm. The best modus operandi is to thoroughly enjoy the experience with your escort while maintaining a separate day-to-day life. If you find the two mingling, take a deep breath and a big step back to regain your focus. Dating an escort is an arranged engagement. It is best to keep it that way.

Why Women Like Other Women

Society used to underscore the notion that a woman could only find satisfaction from a man whether sexual, economic or otherwise. Today, things are different.

Alternative relationships are celebrated and bisexuality is hip. In the world of hobbying, many independent escorts get charged by doubling up with a girlfriend, offering a hobbyist the experience of a lifetime. What is the mystique that one woman finds in another?

Many women are bisexual whether they admit it or not

Despite a common social misconception that providers ‘are only in it for the money’, there are plenty of independent escorts who sincerely enjoy what they do from start to finish. In fact, many escorts are drawn to companionship specifically because they get license to explore that inner part of themselves that longs for expression. They enjoy the company of a man and a woman whether separately or together (threesomes or ménage a tois). When such independent escorts are in the good company of a gentleman (or lady) who appreciates these qualities the sky is the limit!

Can a hobbyist tell if she is faking it?

Unless a provider features her duality or that she will entertain couples, she is probably not into women. There are straight companions who will comply with a hobbyist’s request to bring along one of her girlfriends on their date. Just imagine dining with two sizzling hot beauties! Such a hobbyist would be the envy of every man (and I guarantee you – several women!) But when it gets down to the nitty gritty, how does she perform? Is she hungry for her? Or does she simply tolerate the intensity of the dynamic? In a frenzy of ecstasy, some hobbyists may overlook this falsity, overwhelmed by the realization of their fantasies. But should they? In all her genuineness, the independent escort who loves to taste the art and sensuality that embodies the female form offers an epiphany in the love life of a hobbyist. Now that my friends, is priceless!

Dynamics between two women are different

If you think one woman gives you enough depth, putting two together will catapult your pleasure to the tenth power! Beware: female energy is rich and powerful, intuitive and instinctual. In the case of lesbian relationships or [female] friends with benefits, the bond can be noticeably intense. Women understand each other better. We get being female. Romantic friendships between women are glorious and supercharged with sexual implications whether or not the relationship ever ventures into the physical realm. While each gender brings something different to the table, heterosexual relationships will always be characterized by the ‘men are from Mars, women are from Venus’ phenomenon at some point in the juncture. There are plenty of toys out there for women in same sex relationships that simulate the likeness of a man’s person, enabling the two lovers to find masculine fulfillment in the absence of a man. I believe the reader knows what I am talking about.

Sexuality is more fluid than ever

Ever spot two spectacularly feminine women screaming sexiness while holding hands in public? With all of that bursting cleavage, long flowing hair, lean legs in 4-inch stilettos and mini-skirts, what head wouldn’t rotate? God bless the man who is seated discreetly at a table for the standing ones are sure to pitch prominent tents down South and severely piss of their wives! However, the smart wives will take advantage of that free visual stimulation and capitalize on the obvious fantasies of their husbands and satisfy their own physical needs. Why not!

Women are irresistible to both genders

While she may not admit it, every female at some point in her life has been attracted to another to some degree. Women have the capability to be just that electrifying. When a woman takes care of herself and is confident that she is attractive (both externally and internally), her aura of sexual energy radiates. When that same woman is open minded enough to partake in the company of another woman, together they form a sensual powerhouse defining the essence of why women like other women.

Five Reasons Why Men Turn to Escorts

Asking a man if he has ever been on a date with an independent escort is like asking a house to clean itself. Chances are that you will not get a response and that he will turn ten shades of evasive and change the subject.

While this may not be factual, I would venture to say that the majority of men have contacted a companion at some point in their lives. Love, lust (and other synonyms) have been around since the beginning of time and underscore a thriving industry that caters to the needs of men and hobbyists worldwide. Other than what some readers may consider to be the obvious, why do men seek the company of escorts? This article intends to shatter or at least crack that stigma. Non-escort women, pay attention!

  1. Men who frequent escorts are losers

    This is simply not true. Yes, there are those creepy hobbyists out there with the morals of a bottom fish whose sole intention of dating an independent escort is to demean her. However, I speak for all of us here at City Girls when I say that low grade quality of a man (notice I did not say ‘gentleman’) does not need to be a hobbyist to exist! While it is a subject not talked about, the non hobbyist or non escort doesn’t hear too much about the type of men who frequent escorts. Many are successful professionals. Many are dignified gentlemen from ‘upper echelons’ of society. As most of my readers will confirm, hobbying is not something that is publicized (accept perhaps between fellow hobbyists). It seems that the higher the profile, the more discretion is practiced. In some parts of the world, it is expected for a gentleman to have concubines, girlfriends or even multiple wives. 

  2. Girlfriend versus escort

    Forgive me girlfriends for saying this because I have been one myself, but sometimes men view us as ‘inconvenient’ when compared to the ease associated with dating an escort. A dear non escort friend would probably slap me for saying this but it’s true: dollar for dollar, it’s more economical to date an escort than it is to experience the needs and requirements of a girlfriend. No offense girlfriends! The point is that there are many men who simply prefer to pay for companionship because they are reassured that all of their needs, spoken and unspoken, will be met starting but not ending with the visual. It is simply a chosen lifestyle known as the hobby.

  3. Closing the deal

    Let’s face it. We women can be difficult for some men without even trying. I’m not putting down women but some men have more of a challenge than others finding success with us. While some cannot even land a date, others may not get past dinner to desert and go home with their libidos in knots. It could be due to their lack of Brad-Pitt-type physical attributes, bland, muted personalities or subpar self-confidence. Why should such men go without when they can date beautiful escorts and reap the rewards of dinner, desert and then some? In the process of having a fabulous time, manhood and self-esteem are re-affirmed thus rendering the date a win-win situation.

  4. True companionship at its finest

    When a man seeks the presence of a companion for her fellowship, it is because he shares similar interests and even ideals or professions with her. In many cases, he may see that independent escort on a regular basis, developing a true friendship in the process. She may even become his professional girlfriend (sugar baby).

  5. Guaranteed good time 

    Only in the world of escorting and hobbying can a man or woman truly tailor his or her ideal date starting with physical attributes right down to the type of chocolate that coats the strawberries they share together. That’s what the hobby is all about. A gentleman is welcomed by most escorts to indicate what he would like her to wear. He knows that she is going to do her best to dazzle and entertain him and enjoy herself as well! The only thing he doesn’t get is an insurance policy!

Keeping a Relationship Alive

Marriage has always been praised as a building block of our civilization. If you are married and super lucky, your relationship is happy, enjoyable and full of good loving. That is the ideal.

But for some, today’s modern world acknowledges that this frail institution has evolved and they resort to more colorful tactics to retain happiness, satisfaction, sanity, family, children and pocketbook. A good many independent escorts are married with children or have significant others. Certainly, many hobbyists are married and of course there are those who are living single.

When did marriage modernize?

I believe in the sanctity of marriage wholeheartedly. But nowadays, we are seeing relationships mutate into more intricate forms of compatibility in efforts to avoid the results of costly and hurtful circumstances. Some couples think outside of the box and realize that for their marriage to survive, a more congenial approach must be taken. Otherwise, separation and divorce (watch out for those hungry attorneys!) prevail. The kids suffer and homes are practically cut in half with a knife. There is bloodshed. Ever see War of the Roses?

Today’s marriages are filled with arrangements and understandings

Sometimes spoken and sometimes silent, couples go on sabbatical, realizing that the alternative is far worse than accepting an understanding. One may resort to having an extramarital affair as the other goes about fulfilling goals while the couple retains a deep friendship. Even though this may taste bittersweet, is there anything wrong with it? I guess it depends on your religion. Let’s keep an open mind.

When one party has no interest in intimacy

What if your wife just isn’t into it? You’ve been married for 35 years; the house is paid for and the kids are out of college. You are still good friends but she wants to lunch and travel with her girlfriends and basically gives you card blanch to satisfy those ‘extracurricular’ needs. Hold onto your knickers, handsome! Perhaps spending a weekend with a knee-knocking beauty (with brains) in the form of an independent escort who wants only you for desert could return a glow to your once rosy demeanor. This is where the girlfriend experience really comes into play. Perhaps a newlywed would take offense to this concept but I think we are way beyond that.

When a couple wants to explore the addition of a third party

Tables turned. Your wife is a hotty and can’t get enough. Her neck is twisting when the pool man walks by (or when that cute, busty waitress serves your desert). You’re still the bomb but it’s her fantasies that are bursting apart at the seams. Don’t deny her but play it safe. Allow her to select an independent escort who understands the fragility between a trio and watch your marriage go to the tenth power. Many independent escorts specialize in spending time with couples and actually make great friendships in the process. Seriously.

When a couple realizes that they’ll both benefit from growth apart

There are those who recognize that there is no other way to stay together than by being apart. While the relationship may not be fruitful there is history that just cannot be uprooted. Seeking a relationship or fling outside of the marriage is risky and time consuming. Meeting women at bars, the gym or tennis club – all have strings attached. You really have no idea who you are meeting or dealing with until you’ve spent time and dollars to find out that she’s not the one for you. Whether you decide to get into hobbying or just dip your toes into dating an independent escort, you are more in control of your choices. Compatibility and nurturing your needs are top priority when you spend time with an independent escort. Many independent escorts are amazing women as you just may find your time together develop into something lasting and meaningful.

City Girls is committed to supporting our members

When is anything ever totally straight forward? Everyone has their own, unique circumstances. At City Girls, we take a positive approach when considering the powerful dynamics and happiness that result when our VIP Members and Club Members connect. If you choose to turn a new leaf and think outside of your relationship for whatever reason, we feel that your decision deserves attention. We are here for you.

Dynamics of a Threesome (couple)

The energy between a man and two women can be delicate, especially when the woman is his wife. If you as a couples escort have been approached to spend time with a married couple, City Girls believes that paying careful attention to details and subtle nuances will result in a successful encounter. Let’s explore a few:

When it comes to a trio, the psychological impact that beauty and appearance make on a woman can be quite different than the impact they have on a man. It is your job to ‘read’ your new friends to stay in control of the situation by keeping them comfortable and at ease with you. They contacted you because they found you quite attractive. Most likely, the husband will orchestrate the encounter. When the three of you finally meet, your appearance will make a split second impression. The first words that fall from your mouth will pretty much seal that impression. Never ‘out dress’ or ‘outdo’ the wife. It’s a good idea to communicate with the couple prior to your meeting to determine if the engagement is a good fit (you want positive memories to resound long after your engagement). In doing so, you will gain a good sense of what to wear and how to present yourself, thereby matching the energy of the wife. If not handled elegantly, beauty becomes a liability whereas you’ve always felt it to be an asset. Don’t leave your psychology hat at home! Read on…

Who calls the [emotional] shots?

While this may be a generalization, usually it’s the wife. If the husband is smart, he’ll hang on to his knickers, sit back and allow the two of you to get comfortable. Play into her hands and get on her good side immediately. Get to know her. When she feels in control of the situation, all three will ease into harmony.

Bonding with the wife

As an independent escort, you are a professional entertainer. Whether you go for a walk in the park, attend an affluent social event or meet for cocktails in the intimate setting of a private suite, it is your job to quickly assess and constantly monitor the emotional and psychological dispositions of your clients. On the outside, you are approachable, easy to talk to and emanate a sense of safety about your presence. On the inside, your brain is a machine working a mile a minute. What is she thinking? How is her body language? You can be sure she has summed you up in the first minutes of your meeting. What does she want and need from you? Is she nervous? Does she want you all to herself or did her husband persuade her? The eyes in the back of your head are watching the husband’s behavior all the while. Once you have made these realizations, you can proceed to bond with her. Find her innermost beauty and essence and become best friends if only for the moment. Like her. Win over the wife and you’ve already succeeded. Carry it through to the end of your date and you’ve got repeat clients.

Achieving harmony in the trio

It is critical to pay close attention to the dynamic between you as an escort and the energy that’s crackling between the husband and wife as a couple. It is a balancing act equivalent to juggling 4 beach balls. Always be alert and never let your persona falter. They want you to transform them to another realm not present in their marriage. They are relying on you and despite how things may appear, it is your professional responsibility to take them there and give them the times of their lives.

Make them fall in love with you

When you have mastered your beauty to work to your advantage, determined who the leader in the relationship is, bonded with the wife and achieved harmony between the three of you, this couple who are your clients will fall in love with you. They will reminisce and fantasize about the experience long after the occasion. Your success as an independent escort entertaining a married couple then becomes a magical potion that will stimulate the quality of their marriage.

City Girls believes that the successful escort is one who spends time with her clients with the intention of turning them into long term clients

That is one of the secrets of increasing the stability of your job. When you have repeat clients your time is freed to focus on making new friends. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Couples Escorts: Ménage a Tois – When 2 is Not Enough

Couples escorts: Do you have a gnawing urge that something is lacking in your relationship? Maybe you fantasize about watching your girlfriend with another woman.

Maybe she wants you to watch her and then join in the fun. Perhaps you need to expand your horizon a bit and limited to just two people.

Bedroom therapy can actually strengthen a relationship

Sexual communication between couples should be a very real part of every relationship. In an optimal situation, openness toward one another’s needs is as familiar as talking about what you are going to have for dinner. But not every relationship is optimal. Unfortunately, talking about each other’s erotic and personal needs can be a delicate matter and risk ending in disagreement, misunderstood feelings or worse, an argument. Often, the man will not want to risk offsetting this tender balance with his woman and forego the taboo topic of sexuality all together. But, there’s light at the end of the tunnel! You see, in today’s progressive world of heightened communication, introducing a third party to your relationship can actually be therapeutic, if done properly. But where on this blessed earth can you find such an ideal environment? City Girls has the answer. Go ahead. Read on!

Let a City Girls’ club member coach you on intimacy communication

Let’s talk balance. You and your girl recognize a tingling desire to take your love life to another level. You’ve explored the obvious and gone scouting at bars. It was fun and exciting until one woman came on to you and ignored her, triggering jealousy with which she had to wrestle, throwing off the entire evening. Or, another woman recognized how hot your lady is and came on to her leaving you isolated in the dust. Right off the bat, the two of you can’t even enjoy the sensual dynamic at play because the situation is skewed with contradictory emotions that smolder the moment. You both go home, at least one of you disappointed. In a controlled
environment, things would have played out in a more fruitful manner.

City Girlscouples escorts have a fundamental understanding and specialize in awareness of the tender intricacies that exist between a man and a woman. They will approach your situation neutral, with no hidden agenda (like what you experienced with those other ladies in the bar) and know how to handle all of the subliminal nuances that even you might not recognize. Incorporating a City Girlscouples escorts into your evening might not feel like sensual coaching but that’s the whole idea!

Let your girlfriend have the fun first

We all know that men and women think differently. Whether the idea to introduce a third person into the situation was yours or hers doesn’t matter. Be a good boy, suck it up and let her bask in the attention while you watch. Not only will you get ridiculously turned on but you will reap the rewards and become King in her eyes by letting her take the lead. With a City Girlscouples escort, you’ll get the balance you’ve been seeking which can make for an explosive encore.

Enjoy the sweet nectar that results from nurturing your intimacy

When you and your lady connect with a City Girlscouples escort, things can get as sublime or spicy as you like. All of the City Girls’ couples escorts really look like their photos in person. Whether you personally select a match or do it together with your lady, have fun with it! Your City Girls’ club member is going to be your girlfriend for the evening. When it’s all said and done, you and your lady will feel rich with satisfaction and closer than ever. Who knows? You both might even decide to do it all over again!